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This is a comparison of various aspects of software offering system dynamics features:

Due to concerns over commercial postings on the system dynamics main topic, commercial hyperlinks are specifically NOT active on this list.

Table of system dynamics software[edit]

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Package name Licensing Implementation language Last update (year) Contact More info
AMESim Proprietary, commercial  ? 2017 Distributed by Siemens.
Analytica Proprietary, commercial, free limited version C++ 2016 Supports system dynamics, Monte Carlo simulation, array abstraction, linear and non-linear optimization. Uses influence diagrams to define, navigate, and document models.
AnyLogic Proprietary, commercial, free Personal Learning Edition (PLE) for education, formal or not Java 2017 Supports system dynamics, agent based and discrete event modeling, allows making hybrid models.
ASCEND Free, GNU General Public License (GPL) C 2012 For solving small to very large mathematical models, systems of non-linear equations, linear and nonlinear optimisation problems, dynamic systems expressed as differential-algebraic equations.
Berkeley Madonna Proprietary, shareware C++, Java 2016 Developed on Berkeley campus under sponsorship of NSF and NIH, used by academic and commercial institutions to build mathematical models for research and teaching. Solves ordinary differential equations (initial conditions and boundary value problems), difference equations (initial conditions and boundary value problems), multi-dimensional transcendental algebraic equation roots, discrete simulations using conveyors, ovens, and queues. Suitable for large-scale systems, boundary value problems, Monte Carlo models, curve fitting, root finding, batch processes, parameter plots, stiff systems, etc.
Consideo Proprietary, commercial 2012 Combines different methods, concept maps, system dynamics.
Dynamic Applications dna license (Freeware, Pay-what-you-want, Revenue sharing) C#, Desire 2017 Combines System Dynamics with Business Model Theory, creating simple, interactive Startup Planners in SD. Agile, Growth Hacking approach, starting from crap, frequently publishing free simulation models in turns with improving the software platform. No data gathering. Focussing on simplicity, reduction, participation, eLearning, usability and beauty. Public Idea and Roadmap voting, with 250000 Followers on SocialMedia (08/2017). Closed Source platform, Open Source simulation models. Supports Load and Save in XMILE. Target Business Model: Market Maker.
DYNAMO Proprietary, no longer distributed commercially AED, Pascal 1986 N/A Historic DYNAMO models are often available at the MIT system dynamics website. DYNAMO software for microcomputers may be available via eBay or other resale sites.
Dynaplan Smia Proprietary, commercial C++ 2013 System dynamics, causal loops, multi-dimensional arrays, hierarchical models, reusable components, scripted functions, stochastic and sensitivity analysis, optimization, scenarios.
Forio Simulations Proprietary, commercial 2016 Web-based system dynamics software, hosts models in a variety of languages including Vensim, Julia, R and Python
GoldSim Proprietary, commercial C++ 2016 Differs from traditional system dynamics approaches in that 1) it puts much greater emphasis on probabilistic simulation techniques to support representation of uncertain and/or stochastic systems; and 2) it provides a wide variety of specialized model objects (beyond stocks, flows and converters) in order to make models less abstract (and hence more transparent) and help represent processes and events that cannot easily be represented using a traditional system dynamics approach. These differences are due to the fact that GoldSim is primarily used for engineering and scientific applications where quantitative probabilistic predictions of future performance are required.
Insight Maker Free, Insight Maker Public LicenseL JavaScript 2017 Web based, multi-user, supports causal loop diagrams, rich pictures, dialogue mapping, mind mapping, stock & flow simulation models, and agent-based modeling.
JDynSim Free, GPL Java 2010 System dynamics framework for Java.
MapleSim Proprietary, commercial Java (GUI), C, Maple (engine) 2017 Modelica-based system-level modeling tool. Leverages symbolic computing via tight integration with Maple.
Mapsim Free, GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) .NET Framework 2013
Minsky Free, LGPL C++ 2017 Graphic wiring interface. Specialist economic modeling.
NetLogo Free, GPLv2 Java, Scala 2015 Agent-based modeling environment in LOGO; supports system dynamics models as a secondary feature.
OptiSim Free, for education. Copyright 2009-2010 by Tomasz Zawadzki. All rights reserved. Java 2010 Web-based system dynamics software for education. Project appears inactive. Code is inaccessible.
Powersim Studio Proprietary, commercial, free trial 30 days C++ 2015 System dynamics and discrete event modeling. Features include sensitivity analysis, optimization, GUI builder. Many license formats including SDK, academic, commercial and a free Studio Express
Pyndamics Free, MIT License Python 2013 Numerical dynamics software, supports simple syntax for writing differential equations.
PySD Free, MIT Python 2016 Translate and run models in Python. Designed for integration with Python data analytics stack.
RecurDyn Proprietary, commercial, free trial 30 days C++ 2013 Offers multibody dynamic abilities with an integrated powerful nonlinear finite element method called Multi Flexible Body Dynamics (MFBD). Gives precise dynamic motion results including stress analysis in one simulation. Features flexible body contacts and nonlinear deformations.
Simantics System Dynamics Free, Eclipse Public License (EPL) Java, Modelica 2015 Free and open source system dynamics modelling software with stock and flow modelling, hierarchical models and array variables.
Simile Proprietary, commercial C++, Prolog, Tcl 2013 System dynamics software with object-based concepts: hierarchical (nested) models, associations between models. Models may be pure system dynamics. Discrete event-based modelling. Free evaluation license limited to 25 model elements not by time or function.
Simulink Proprietary, commercial  ? 2015 Tight integration with MATLAB
Simplorer Proprietary, commercial  ? 2017 Tight integration with ANSYS 3D Physics. Supports multiple modeling languages and formats (VHDL-AMS, Modelica, SML, SPICE, C/C++)
Sphinx SD Tools Free, Apache License (ASL), version 2.0 Java 2013
Stella, iThink Proprietary, commercial 2012 Model builder based on intuitive icon-based graphical interface
Sysdea Proprietary, commercial 2013 Browser-based modeling tool for a monthly fee
SystemDynamics Free, GPL Java 2009
Temporal Reasoning Universal Elaboration (TRUE) Proprietary, freeware, copyright 2002-2014 True-World, all rights reserved WLanguage Windev 2014 System dynamics + 3D modeling (3D rendering using OpenGL graphics library) + procedural animation
Vensim Proprietary, commercial, free Personal Learning Edition (PLE) for education and personal use C 2016 Continuous simulation with stocks and flows, some discrete delay and discrete event functionality. Flexible array syntax with mapping among dimensions. Extensive support for time series data import and export, with calibration optimization and Markov chain Monte Carlo for estimation. Monte Carlo and other sensitivity simulation methods. Graphical model construction and interfaces. External functions and compiled simulation.
Ventity Proprietary, commercial, free Personal Learning Edition (PLE) for education and personal use C 2017 Continuous simulation with stocks and flows, discrete events for changes of state and system structure. Structure encapsulated in modular, object oriented entities, with dynamic creation and deletion. Extensive support for time series and initialization data, with strict model-data separation and support for sparse matrices and ad hoc relational data lists. Optimization and sensitivity simulation methods. Graphical model construction and configurable IDE, no programming required.
VisSim Proprietary, commercial C 2011 Accredited education institutions are allowed to site license VisSim v3.0 for free. The latest versions, and add-ons, are available to students and academic institutions at reduced pricing. A read-only version of the software, VisSim Viewer is available for free and provides a way for unlicensed users to run VisSim models.
Wolfram SystemModeler Proprietary, commercial 2014 Supports system dynamics, discrete event modeling, external C-functions, hierarchical models, and the Modelica modeling language with tight integration with Mathematica. Models can be exported to run as standalone applications for users without SystemModeler.
L.^ Graphing library MxGraph is licensed separately under paid commercial licence

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