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Systems biology is a biological study field that focuses on the systematic study of complex interactions in biological systems, thus using a new perspective (integration instead of reduction) to study them. Particularly from year 2000 onwards, the term is used widely in the biosciences.

The field has generated interest among scientists, resulting in regular and one-time conferences and meetings. Below is a partial list.

Date Meeting City Country URL
23 June 2017 byteMAL Conference Maastricht Netherlands
4-7 September 2017 2017 Whole-Cell Modeling Summer School Barcelona Spain
29 August - 2 September 2016 2nd International Conference "Mathematical Modeling and High-Performance Computing in Bioinformatics, Biomedicine and Biotechnology" Novosibirsk Russia
2-4 August 2016 2nd International Summer Symposium on Systems Biology (IS3B) Mexico City Mexico
8-14 July 2016 2016 SSBSS 3rd Int. Synthetic & Systems Biology Summer School Volterra Italy
9 July 2016 First SysMod ISMB SIG Orlando United States
6-8 April 2016 2016 Systems Biologgy of Mammalien Cells (SBMC) Munich Germany
3-8 April 2016 2016 Whole-Cell Modeling Summer School Barcelona Spain
9-10 December 2015 2015 The first Pearl Seiden International meeting in Life Sciences: From synthetic biology to discovery and applications Haifa Israel
22-25 June 2015 7th Young Scientists School “Bioinformatics and systems biology” SBB-2015 Novosibirsk Russia
Annually; Alternates between US and Germany. 17–19 June 2014. Systems Biology of Human Disease (SBHD) Boston
United States
23-28 June 2014 9th International Conference on Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure\System Biology BGRS\SB-2014 Novosibirsk Russia
23-28 June 2014 6th Young Scientists School “Bioinformatics and systems biology” SBB-2014 Novosibirsk Russia
06-10 April 2014 The third international conference “Genetics of aging and longevity” Sochi Russia
21-25 July 2013 International Conference on NextGeneration Sequencing Novosibirsk Russia
23 - 27 June 2013 Systems Biology of Infection Symposium Ascona Switzerland
Annually around November International Conference on Computational Systems-Biology and Bioinformatics (CSBio) varies varies
21–24 September 2010 Frontiers of Multidisciplinary Research: Mathematics, Engineering and Biology Exeter United Kingdom
Yearly, second week of August International q-bio Conference Santa Fe United States
16-20 September 2016 International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB) varies varies
1968 "Systems Theory and Biology" symposium [Case] United States
Every two years, since 1989 International Conference on Molecular Systems Biology (ICMSB) varies varies In 2015, it will take place in Japan, TBD.
Every two years. 15–18 August 2010. International Workshop on Systems Biology (IWSB) Maynooth Ireland
Annually, end of January Southern California Systems Biology Conference (SCSB) Irvine United States