List of tallest buildings and structures in Blackpool

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This list ranks the tallest buildings and structures in Blackpool, United Kingdom by height. Blackpool is a popular tourist resort on the north west coast of England, and many tall structures in the town are associated with the local tourism industry. Since the late 19th century, the tallest structure in Blackpool has been the 518 ft Blackpool Tower, which is also the 16th tallest free-standing structure in the UK.[1] There are no planned developments in the town which will take the 115+ year title from the Blackpool Tower.

Walter Robinson court demolished 31/7 /2016

Tallest buildings and structures[edit]

An equal sign (=) following a rank indicates the same height between two or more buildings. Only structures taller than 150 ft are listed.

Rank Name Use Height (m) Height (ft) Floors Year Notes Image
1 Blackpool Tower Observation Tower 158 518 6 1894 [2]
BlackpoolTower OwlofDoom.jpg
2 Pepsi Max Big One Rollercoaster 65 213 N/A 1994 [3]
Pepsi BM.JPG
3= Walter Robinson Court Residential 64 210 22 1972

Demolished 31/7/2016

Walter Robinson Court 236.JPG
3= Ice Blast freefall ride 64 210 N/A 1997 [5]
Ice Blast Blackpool.jpg
5= Elizabeth Court Residential 46 150 16 1964

Demolished 31/7/2016

Elizabeth Court 240.JPG
5= Churchill Court Residential 46 150 16 1965

Demolished 31/7/2016

Churchill Court 238.JPG