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This list of tallest buildings in Bangladesh ranks skyscrapers in Bangladesh based on official height. Most of the high-rise buildings in Bangladesh are in the capital Dhaka. More than 1000 high-rise buildings are already constructed in Bangladesh.[1] Most high-rises exists in capital city Dhaka. Chittagong is undergoing a massive construction boom, with hundreds of high-rises under construction. Sylhet is also an emerging skyscraper city, it has many high- rises building and many are under construction. Bangladesh has the 2nd most high-rises buildings after china comparing the size of the country.[2]

Tallest Buildings[edit]

  Was the world's tallest building upon completion
Rank Name Location Height
ft (m)
Floors Year Notes
1 Chittagong City Center Agrabad 01.0670 (204.2) 51 2017 Completed in 2017 (Date Unknown) and for now the tallest building of Bangladesh and it is constructed in Agrabad a commercial place of Chittagong, Bangladesh.
2 City Centre Bangladesh Motijheel
23°43′46″N 90°25′3″E / 23.72944°N 90.41750°E / 23.72944; 90.41750
01.0561 (171) 37 2012 Completed in 31 December 2012 and became the former tallest building of Bangladesh. The tower is constructed in heart of Motijheel, the central business district of Dhaka.[3] With a whooping 171 meters, City center is the tallest Skyscraper in Bangladesh.It also covers a massive floor area of .48million sq ft.

The building itself has 37 floors with ten devoted to parking and is the first building in Bangladesh to offer multistory car parking. Considering the acute shortage of parking space in the city.

It is earthquake resistant and fully equipped with fire fighting equipment.

3 Citi Bank Tower Gulshan,Dhaka 01.0501


34 2006 Located in Gulshan,Dhaka this iconic building is the country Head office of the international company Citi Group.

With a height of 153 meters (501 ft) this building is currently the second tallest skyscraper in the country.It is also one of the most beautiful buildings of the country.

4 Bangladesh Bank Building Motijheel
23°43′36″N 90°25′24″E / 23.7266°N 90.42323°E / 23.7266; 90.42323
01.0377 (115) 31 1985 It is a skyscraper located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is located in Motijheel, the central business district. It rises to a height of 115 metres (377 ft) and has 31 floors. It houses the headquarters of Bangladesh Bank the central bank of Bangladesh. The building is one of the earliest high-rises in the city. Built in 1985, it was the tallest building in Bangladesh until City Centre topped out at 137 metres (450 ft). Currently, it is the third tallest skyscraper in Bangladesh.
5 BRAC University Mohakhali
23°46′49″N 90°24′26″E / 23.7802°N 90.4072°E / 23.7802; 90.4072
01.0328 (100) 23 2012 It is a private university in Bangladesh. The university was established in 2001 by the Private University Act, 1992. The building was established in the year: 2012

At 100meters (328 ft) and with 23 Floors this is one of the tallest buildings in the country.

Recently BRAC University has taken a ground breaking initiative to start research on the latest cutting edge technology “Space Science and Nano-Satellite Technology”. As a part of this research and development Project

6 Dhaka Westin Gulshan
23°47′36″N 90°24′53″E / 23.7933°N 90.4146°E / 23.7933; 90.4146
01.0317 (97) 25 2006 It is a Westin Hotel located at Gulshan Avenue in Dhaka. At 96.70 m (317 ft), it is the tallest hotel in Bangladesh, and one of the tallest hotels in South Asia. It has 24 floors. It was completed in 2006. In its original form the hotel incorporated five restaurants and no less than 235 rooms.Its currently managed by Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide
7 Doreen Tower Gulshan
23°47′40″N 90°24′50″E / 23.7944°N 90.4138°E / 23.7944; 90.4138
01.0302 (92) 25 2014 A building complex centered in Gulshan Thana of Dhaka North City Corporation . Developed by Doreen Developments Ltd. The 25-story building is topped-out with a height of 92meters (302 feet), and is one of the tallest buildings in Bangladesh.

However it provides less than a third of the required parking, and lacks mandatory fire safety measures, including a fire-protected emergency staircase, fire fighting lift, and shelter space.

8 World Trade Center Chittagong Agrabad
23°28′25″N 90°14′30″E / 23.4737°N 90.2418°E / 23.4737; 90.2418
01.0298 (91) 20 2016 The World Trade Center Chittagong is a 90.70 meters (297.6 feet), 21-floor complex located in Agrabad Commercial Area, Chittagong.[5] Equipped with all modern facilities, the trade centre helps to attain the country’s overall business activities, including imports and exports, at international standard.completed in July 2013, and later opened in 2016. This is the first World Trade Center in Bangladesh
9 EFCUIB Motijheel
23°43′59″N 90°25′02″E / 23.732972°N 90.417231°E / 23.732972; 90.417231
01.0285 (87) 27 1972 Eastern Federal Credit Union Insurance Building

Opened in 1972 Eastern Federal Credit Union Insurance Building is a tall building located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Located in Motijheel this building is one of the oldest skyscrapers in dhaka . It rises to a height of 87.82 metres and comprises a total of 27 floors.

10 Jiban Bima Tower Motijheel
23°43′38″N 90°24′56″E / 23.727146°N 90.415559°E / 23.727146; 90.415559
01.0278 (85) 21 1971 Jiban Bima Bhaban is a tall high-rise located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is located in Matijheel, the central business district of the metropolis. It rises up to a height of 84.62 m (278 ft) and comprises a total of 21 floors. Currently the Head office of Jiban Bima Corporation Bangladesh is in this building along with several banks and other offices.
11 Concord Grand Shantinagar, Dhaka
01.0263 (80.3) 25 2009 Concord Grand is a mixed-use building located at Shantinagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is one of the tallest buildings in Dhaka with a height of 80.39 m (263.74 feet) constructed by ConcordGroup. The building has 25 floors, which are used for commercial and residential purposes.
12 Janata Bank Bhaban Motijheel
23°43′44″N 90°25′02″E / 23.7289°N 90.4171°E / 23.7289; 90.4171
01.0254 (78) 24 1985
13 Awal Centre Banani
23°28′25″N 90°14′30″E / 23.4737°N 90.2418°E / 23.4737; 90.2418
01.0251 (76) 24 2014
14 Navana Tower Gulshan
23°46′50″N 90°24′59″E / 23.7806°N 90.4163°E / 23.7806; 90.4163
01.0243 (74) 23 2004

Under construction or Approved[edit]

This lists ranks buildings in Bangladesh that are proposed and approved, or under construction, that are planned to stand at least 120 metres (390 ft) tall, based on standard height measurement.

  Under Construction
Rank Name City Height Floors Building Type Notes
1 Grand Iconic Tower Central Business District 734 metres (2,408 ft) 142 Commercial Approved by Dhaka Development Authority.
2 Iconic Tower One Central Business District 400 metres (1,312 ft) 71 Residential
3 Iconic Tower Two Central Business District 400 metres (1,312 ft) 71 Residential
4 Bank Asia Headquarters Karwan Bazar 202 metres (663 ft) 46 Commercial
5 Red Crescent Karwan Bazar 160 metres (525 ft) 45 Residential
6 A. K. Khan Tower Agrabad 137 metres (449 ft) 46 Residential
7 Westin South Park Gulshan 135 metres (443 ft) 35 Commercial
8 Unique Acropolis Gulshan 126 metres (413 ft) 36 Commercial
9 Tower 71 Agrabad 116 metres (381 ft) 25 Commercial

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