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Downtown El Paso

This list of tallest buildings in El Paso ranks skyscrapers and high-rises in the U.S. city of El Paso, Texas by height. The tallest building in the city is the 21-story Wells Fargo Plaza, which rises 296 feet (90 m) and was completed in 1971.[1] The second-tallest building in the city is One San Jacinto Plaza, which rises 280 feet (85 m).[2]

The history of skyscrapers in El Paso began with the completion of the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Office Building in 1907, this building is still standing and is now known as 416 N. Stanton St. or BBVA Compass Tower, the structure's height is 104 feet (32 m) and has seven floors.[3] The Anson Mills Building, which is considered to be one of the city's first skyscraper, was completed in 1911.[4] This 12-floor, 145-foot (44 m) structure stood as the tallest in El Paso until 1921.[5] The city went through a building boom in the 1960s and 1970s, during which El Paso saw the completion of most of its tallest buildings, including the Wells Fargo Plaza and One San Jacinto Plaza. The city is going through another major building boom and many revitalization projects have been completed recently or are currently in progress in downtown.[6] However, no El Paso buildings are among the tallest in the United States.

The most recently completed skyscraper in El Paso is the Albert Armendariz Sr. U.S. Federal Courthouse, which rises 205 feet (62 m) and has 9 floors.[7]

Tallest buildings[edit]

This list ranks El Paso highrise buildings that stand at least 130 feet (40 m) tall, based on standard height measurement. Only completed buildings and under construction buildings that have been topped out are included.

Rank Name Image Height
ft / m
Floors Year Notes
1 Wells Fargo Plaza Wells Fargo building1.jpeg 296 ft (90 m) 21 1971 Has been the tallest building in El Paso since 1971, originally the State National Bank Plaza.[8] Tallest building constructed in El Paso in the 1970s.[9][10] Previously known as the Norwest Plaza prior to the merger of Norwest Corporation and Wells Fargo.
2 One San Jacinto Plaza One San Jacinto Plaza Tower.jpg 280 ft (85 m) 20 1962 Originally the El Paso National Bank building, renamed in the 1980's to the Texas Commerce Bank Tower, and up until recently it was known as the Chase Tower.[2][11]
3 Stanton Tower 260 ft (79 m) 18 1982 Completed in March 1982 and originally known as the Kayser Building[12]
4 Plaza Hotel Plaza Hotel, El Paso.jpg 239 ft (73 m) 19 1930 The Plaza is a Hilton high-rise hotel built by Conrad Hilton in 1930.[13]
5 Hotel Paso del Norte Tower 230 ft (70 m) 17 1986 The original 10-story hotel opened on November 26, 1912, was designed by Trost & Trost and stood at 151 ft high.[14] The 17-story tower addition to the hotel was built in 1986. The hotel is currently undergoing a $70 million major renovation with plans to re-open in 2020 as The Hotel Paso del Norte, Autograph Collection by Marriot.[15][16]
6 El Paso County Courthouse 230 ft (70 m) 14 1991 Completed in 1991, this modern-style courthouse uses sky-blue reflective glass in its design.[17]
7 Blue Flame Building 230 ft (70 m) 18 1954 Has a tall dormant weather beacon on its roof. The height of the building goes up to 270ft if the beacon's height is included. [18] The Housing Authority of the City of El Paso recently purchased the building. The building is currently undergoing a $55.3 million major renovation and the mixed-use project will include office and retail space, and 120 low-income apartments[19]
8 Aloft Hotel Bassett Tower.jpg 217 ft (66 m) 15 1930 Completed in 1930 as the O. T. Bassett Tower and was one of the last buildings designed by famed architect, Henry Trost. Recently, underwent a $10 million renovation that was finished in May 2018 and opened up as an 89-room Aloft Hotel.[20]
9 Albert Armendariz Sr. U.S. Federal Courthouse EP Federal Courthouse.jpg 205 ft (62 m) 9 2010 El Paso's newest skyscraper. Opened in 2010, El Paso's federal courthouse was named in honor of the late El Paso judge and civil rights leader Albert Armendariz Sr. The final construction cost was $95.8 million.[7]
10 One Texas Tower First Mortgage El Paso architect rendering.jpg 200 ft (61 m) 15 1921 Completed in 1921 as the First Mortgage Company Building and was the first building to reach a height of over 200ft in El Paso.[5]
11 El Paso Children's Hospital 190 ft (58 m) 10 2012
12 El Paso County Detention Facility 180 ft (55 m) 9 1983
13 DoubleTree Hotel DoubleTree Hotel El Paso.jpg 168 ft (51 m) 17 1970 Originally built in 1970 as a Holiday Inn hotel. After several years of neglect, in 2009 the hotel went through an estimated $20-million renovation and was reopened as a DoubleTree Hotel[21]
14 300 East Main 161 ft (49 m) 13 1964
15 Cortez Building 160 ft (49 m) 11 1926
16 Mills Building 157 ft (48 m) 12 1911
17 Coronado Tower 150 ft (46 m) 12 1964
18 Hotel Indigo 148 ft (45 m) 12 1964 Underwent a complete renovation in 2016[22]
19 William Beaumont Army Medical Hospital 140 ft (43 m) 10 1972
20 Popular Building / Fallas Paredes 135 ft (41 m) 7 1911

Under construction[edit]

This list includes skyscrapers that are currently under construction in El Paso.

Name Type Height
ft (m)
Floors Completion Year (est.) Notes
West Star Tower Office 314 (95) 19 2020 Construction on this skyscraper began in June 2018 and is expected to be completed by Summer 2020. This will be El Paso's first office skyscraper to be built in almost 40 years. The WestStar Tower will also become El Paso's tallest building, surpassing the Wells Fargo Plaza Tower.[23]


This list includes skyscrapers that are either Proposed or actively Under Design Review in El Paso.

Name Type Height
ft (m)
Floors Year Status Notes
300 North Campbell Hospitality & Residential 287 (87) 26 - Approved. According to City documents, initial plans include a total of 180 hotel rooms spread out over eight floors, while 180 apartments will occupy the top 16 floors.[24][25]


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