List of tallest buildings in Richmond, Virginia

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View of Downtown Richmond from the James River

This is a list of tallest buildings in Richmond, Virginia. Presently, the tallest building in Richmond is the 29-story James Monroe Building. Standing at 449 ft (137m) it was the tallest building in Virginia from the time of its completion in 1981 until 2007, when the 38-story Westin Tower in Virginia Beach opened in downtown Virginia Beach. The next three tallest skyscrapers in the city each have 26 stories within the structure, although they vary in height. The SunTrust Plaza stands at 400 ft (120 m), while the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, which also has 26 stories stands at 394 ft (119 m). The third tallest building is the Bank of America Center which stands at 331 ft (101 m).

View of Downtown Richmond at night

Typically, the first high-rise in Richmond history is often considered to be the 19-story BB&T Bank Building, which was completed in 1913. The structure stands at 262 ft (80 m) and is located in Downtown Richmond.

The newest high rises in Richmond include Brandt Hall, a 17-story college dorm on the Monroe Park campus of Virginia Commonwealth University, which was completed in 2005, along the Vistas on the James, which were completed that same year. Additionally, in downtown, the 12-story MWV Building was completed in 2010. The 23-story Central National Bank Building, built in 1930, is being converted into apartments after being left abandoned for over 20 years.[1] Currently, a new 18-story office building, Gateway Plaza, is being constructed downtown for the McGuire Woods law firm. It is scheduled for completion in December, 2015.[2]

Tallest buildings[edit]

Name Stories Height (Feet) City Year Built
James Monroe Building 29 449 feet (137 m) Richmond 1981
SunTrust Plaza 26 400 feet (120 m) Richmond 1983
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond 26 394 feet (120 m) Richmond 1978
Bank of America Center (Richmond) 26 331 feet (101 m) Richmond 1974
Richmond City Hall 19 315 feet (96 m) Richmond 1971
Riverfront Plaza East 20 312 feet (95 m) Richmond 1990
Riverfront Plaza West 20 312 feet (95 m) Richmond 1990
One James River Plaza 22 308 feet (94 m) Richmond 1978
Main Street Centre 23 305 feet (93 m) Richmond 1986
Two James Center 21 299 feet (91 m) Richmond 1987
One James Center 21 295 feet (90 m) Richmond 1985
Eighth & Main Building 20 289 feet (88 m) Richmond 1975
Central National Bank 22 282 feet (86 m) Richmond 1930
BB&T Bank Building 19 262 feet (80 m) Richmond 1913
One Capitol Square 23 262 feet (80 m) Richmond 1964
John Tyler Building 11 240 feet (73 m) Richmond 1991
Virginia War Memorial Carillon 8 226 feet (69 m) Richmond 1932
West Hospital 17 210 feet (64 m) Richmond 1941
Riverside on the James 15 203 feet (62 m) Richmond 2005
James Madison Building 15 200 feet (61 m) Richmond 1964
Thomas Jefferson Building 15 200 feet (61 m) Richmond 1956

Tallest under construction, approved and proposed[edit]

This lists buildings that are under construction, approved for construction or proposed for construction in Richmond and are planned to rise at least 200 feet (61 m), but are not yet completed structures. Under construction buildings that have already been topped out are also included.

Name Height*
ft (m)
Floors* Year*
Status Notes
Gateway Plaza 240.31 feet (73 m) 18 December 2015 Under Construction May increase to 19 floors

* Table entries with dashes (—) indicate that information regarding building heights, floor counts, or dates of completion has not yet been released.