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Springfield, Massachusetts, United States, features relatively few skyscrapers compared its peer cities, due to a 1908 Massachusetts state law limiting the city's building height to 125', which remained in effect until 1970. In 1907-08, the construction of 1200 Main Street caused such an outcry in both Springfield and Boston that the Massachusetts State Legislature passed a law limiting commercial building height in Springfield to 125' – the height of the steeple of Springfield's Old First Church (the fourth incarnation of which had been constructed in 1819). As a consequence, Springfield did not develop a modern skyline in the pre-World War II styles of art deco or neo-classicism; however, many 'human-scale' versions of both styles exist in Springfield.[1]

Springfield's height limit was broached purposely in 1970, after the U.S. government had closed the Springfield Armory and many residents began to complain that Springfield looked too Victorian, architecturally. The Baystate West tower (now known as Tower Square, bearing MassMutual's name), standing 371', was designed that year in the brutalist International style by renowned architect Pietro Belluschi. Several major downtown projects followed in the 1970s and 1980s, creating an impressive modern skyline accented by the Campanile tower of 1913 (the one building which was allowed to breach the height law imposed on Springfield by Massachusetts).[2]

Tallest buildings and structures in Springfield, Massachusetts
Rank Name Image Height Floors Use Built
1 Monarch Place 401 ft 26 Commercial office 1987
2 Tower Square 371 ft 29 Commercial office 1970
3 Springfield Municipal Group Campanile 300 ft n/a Campanile 1913
4 Chestnut Park 289 ft 34 Apartment building 1977
5 One Financial Plaza 230 ft 17 Commercial office 1983
6 295 Worthington Street 142 ft 8 Commercial office 1926
7 1200 Main Street 125 ft 12 Commercial office 1907-08
8 95 State Street 125 ft 10 Commercial office 1930
9 People's Bank 125 ft 10 Bank 1915
10 Old First Church at Court Square 125 ft n/a Church 1816
11 The Kimball Towers 92 ft 10 Condominium 1910


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