List of tallest oil platforms

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This is a list of the tallest oil platforms over 380 m (1,247 ft) in height. The current highest oil platform is the Petronius platform operated by Chevron Corporation and Marathon Oil in the Gulf of Mexico, 210 km southeast of New Orleans, United States.


Name Height Location
Petronius platform 609 m (1,998 ft) Gulf of Mexico
Baldpate platform 579 m (1,900 ft) Coast of Louisiana
Bullwinkle platform 529 m (1,736 ft) Gulf of Mexico
Pompano Platform 477 m (1,565 ft) Gulf of Mexico
Troll A platform 472 m (1,549 ft) North Sea
BBLT platform 390 m (1,280 ft) Coast of Angola
Gullfaks C 380 m (1,247 ft) North Sea