List of tallest structures in Iceland

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An incomplete list of the tallest structures in Iceland. This list contains all types of structures.

Structure Year


Structural type Town Pinnacle height (m) Pinnacle height (ft) Remarks
Longwave radio mast Hellissandur 1963 Guyed Mast Hellissandur 412 m 1350 ft was used until December 31, 1994 for LORAN-C, and is now used for longwave broadcasting on 189 kHz. Tallest structure in Western Europe. Insulated against ground
NRTF Grindavik, Mast 1 1993 Guyed Mast Grindavik 304.8 m 1000 ft used for military LF transmission
NRTF Grindavik, Mast 1 (old) ? Guyed Mast Grindavik 243.8 m 800 ft used for military LF transmission, dismantled in 1993
Longwave radio mast Eiðar 1999 Guyed Mast Eiðar 221 m 725 ft Has been used since November 18, 1999 for longwave radio broadcasting on 207 kHz.
Kárahnjúkar Dam 2006 Dam Kárahnjúkar 198 m 650 ft
NRTF Grindavik, Mast 2 1983 Guyed Mast Grindavik 182.88 m 600 ft used for military LF transmission
Old LORAN-C Mast Hellissandur (no longer standing) 1959 Guyed Mast Hellissandur 190 m 625 ft Used for LORAN-C transmission, until the 412m mast at Hellissandur was built in 1963. Dismantled in 1963. Insulated against ground.

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