List of tallest structures in South America

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This is an incomplete list of the tallest (pinnacle height > 200 metres) man-made structures of any kind that exist or existed in South America.


Structure Country Town Height (m) Height (ft) Year built Type Remarks
Trelew Omega Tower Argentina Trelew 366 m 1201 ft 1976 Guyed mast (insulated against ground) Demolished in 1998
Amazon Tall Tower Observatory Brazil 160 km NE of Manaus 325 m 1066 ft 2015 Guyed mast Tower for atmospheric science
Gran Torre Santiago Chile Santiago 300 m 984 ft 2013 Skyscraper
Amazonas Crossing of Tucuruí transmission line Brazil Almeirim 295 m[1] 968 ft 2013 Lattice tower
(Electricity pylons)
2 towers
Buenos Aires Radio Rivadavia AM Broadcasting Mast Argentina Bella Vista 252 m 827 ft  ? Guyed mast Insulated against ground
CX-6 Radio Mast Uruguay Santiago Vázquez 245 m 804 ft  ? Guyed mast Insulated against ground
Orinoco River Crossing Venezuela Caroní 240 m 787 ft 1990 Lattice tower
(Electricity pylons)
3 pylons
Santa Fe Canal 13 TV Mast Argentina Santa Fe 236 m 774 ft 1965 Guyed mast
Bonaire TWR transmitter Bonaire Tera Kora 231.6 m 760 ft  ? Guyed mast Insulated against ground
Eldorado Do Sul RBS Radio Mast Brazil Eldorado Do Sul 230 m 755 ft 1986 Guyed mast Insulated against ground
Torre Espacial Argentina Buenos Aires 228 m 748 ft 1997 Additionally guyed tower
Parque Central Torre Este Venezuela Caracas 225 m 738 ft 1979 Skyscraper
Parque Central Torre Oeste Venezuela Caracas 225 m 738 ft 1984 Skyscraper
Brasilia TV Tower Brazil Brasilia 224 m 735 ft 1967 Lattice tower
San Juan Radio Colón transmitter Argentina San Juan 216 m 709 ft 1942 Guyed mast
General Pacheco Radio Nacional Radio Masts Argentina Buenos Aires 215 m 705 ft  ? Guyed mast
Torre TV Bandeirantes Brazil São Paulo 212 m 696 ft 1995 Lattice tower
Mast of Radio 10 Argentina Buenos aires 211 m 693 ft  ? Guyed mast Insulated against ground
Cali Tower Colombia Cali 211 m[2] 689 ft 1997 Skyscraper
Torre de la Escollera Colombia Cartagena 206 m 676 ft 2007 Skyscraper Never finished, demolished
Rosario Telefe TV Mast Argentina Rosarios 202 m 663 ft 2009 Guyed mast
Chimney of Candiota III Generating Station (pt) Brazil Candiota 200 m 656 ft 2010 Chimney