List of tallest structures in Turkmenistan

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A list of the tallest structures (over 95 m) in Turkmenistan. This list contains all types of structures.

Name Pinnacle height Image Location Year built Structural type Coordinates Remarks
Turkmenistan Tower 211 m (692 ft)[1] Ashgabat 2011 Tower
Monument to the Constitution 185 m (607 ft)[2] Ashgabat 2011 Monument
Independence Monument 118 m (387 ft) Ashgabat 2001 Monument
Yyldyz Hotel 107 m (351 ft)[3] Ashgabat 2013 Hotel
The Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources of Turkmenistan 103 m (338 ft) Ashgabat 2003 Ministry
The Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan 103 m (338 ft) Ashgabat 2008 Ministry
Neutrality Monument 95 m (312 ft) Ashgabat 1998 Arch

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