List of tallest structures in the Commonwealth of Nations

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This is a list of the tallest structures in The Commonwealth.


  1. CN Tower, 553m, Toronto, Ontario,  Canada (the tallest free-standing structure in the world until 2007)
  2. Large masts of INS Kattabomman, 471m, Vijayanarayanapuram,  India
  3. Petronas Twin Towers, 452m, Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia (the world's tallest twin buildings)
  4. Omega Navigational Mast Woodside, 427m, Woodside, Victoria,  Australia (collapsed in 2015)
  5. Kuala Lumpur Tower, 421m, Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia
  6. Cape Race LORAN-C transmitter, 412m, Cape Race,  Canada (collapsed in 1993)
  7. CKX-TV Craig broadcasting tower, 412m, Hayfeild, Manitoba,  Canada (collapsed in 1983 replaced by tower of same height)
  8. Naval Communication System Tower Zero, 389m, Exmouth, Western Australia,  Australia
  9. Belmont Transmitter, 387.75m, Donington on Bain,  United Kingdom
  10. Inco Superstack, 380m, Sudbury, Ontario,  Canada
  11. CBC Tower, 371m, Shawinigan ( demolished in 2002, replaced by new tower of possible same height)
  12. VLF Transmitter Skelton, 365m, Skelton, Cumbria,  United Kingdom
  13. Naval Communication Station, 364m, Exmouth, Western Australia,  Australia
  14. CHCH Television Tower, 357m, Hamilton, Ontario,  Canada
  15. First Canadian Place, 355m, Toronto, Ontario,  Canada
  16. Emley Moor transmitting station, 331m, Emley Moor,  United Kingdom
  17. Sky Tower, 328m, Auckland,  New Zealand
  18. Q1 Tower, 323m, Gold Coast,  Australia
  19. Waltham Mast, 315 m, Melton Mowbray,  United Kingdom
  20. Arfon Mast, 314 m, Gwynedd,  United Kingdom
  21. Menara Telekom, 312m, Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia
  22. Winter Hill Mast, 309 m, Belmont,  United Kingdom
  23. Bilsdale Mast, 309 m, Helmsley,  United Kingdom
  24. Black Hill Mast, 307 m, Airdrie,  United Kingdom
  25. Durris Mast, 307 m, Stonehaven,  United Kingdom
  26. Strabane Mast, 306 m, Strabane,  United Kingdom
  27. Mendlesham Mast, 305 m, Mendlesham,  United Kingdom
  28. Lichfield Mast, 305 m, Tamworth,  United Kingdom
  29. Mendip Mast, 305 m, Wells,  United Kingdom
  30. Fazilka TV Tower 305m, Fazilka,  India
  31. AMP Tower, 309m, Sydney,  Australia
  32. CKVR Television Tower, 304m, Barrie, Ontario,  Canada
  33. Mumbai TV Tower, 300m, Mumbai,  India
  34. Central mast of INS Kattabomman, Vijayanarayanapuram, 300m,  India

Time series[edit]

  • Since 1976 - CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario,  Canada