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This is a list of techno-thriller novels, novel series, and collections of linked short stories.

Significant techno-thriller authors and works[edit]

Author Title(s)
Arquette, Brett
  • Operation Hail Storm (Hail 1) - Published 2017 - an industrial billionaire,who lost his family in a terrorist attack, becomes the world's most effective predator.
  • Hail Warning (Hail 2) - Published 2017 - continuation of Marshall Hail tracking down and killing another terrorist using his drone technology.
  • Hail Strike (Hail 3) - Published 2018 - continuation of Marshall Hail backing up the CIA agent, Kara Ramey, as she goes off for her own revenge
  • Hail Damage (Hail 4) - Published 2018 - continuation of Hail and Ramey accepting a mission from Washington that will almost undo them.
  • Hail Fury (Hail 5) - Published 2019 - continuation of Hail pursuing a terrorist that killed his family and was being held in an underground CIA detention facility.

Bond, Larry
  • Red Phoenix — a speculative military fiction novel about a second war in Korea, as told from the differing points of view of various American servicemen.
  • Vortex — a South African war that spreads to neighboring nations and ultimately involves Cuba and the United States.
  • Cauldron — a French and German led European Confederation go to war with the US, Great Britain and several Eastern European countries over the Polish, Czech and others refusal to join the European Confederation - satellite weapons, military aircraft and nuclear weapons.
Boush, Sam
Brown, Dale
Brown, Dan
Buff, Joe
  • Deep Sound Channel
  • Thunder in the Deep
  • Crush Depth
  • Tidal Rip
  • Straits of Power
  • Seas of Crisis — all of the above novels feature advanced, ceramic-hulled submarine battles including nuclear-tipped torpedoes and cruise missiles
Carr, Caleb
Condon, Richard
Preston, Douglas and Child, Lincoln
Clancy, Tom
Coonts, Stephen
Coyle, Harold
Crichton, Michael
Len Deighton
DeSmedt, Bill
Doctorow, Cory
Gardner, John
Harry, Eric
  • Arc Light — a third world war including a large-scale nuclear exchange and the limited use of chemical and biological weapons.
  • Invasion — a conventional Chinese invasion of the United States, infantry warfare.
  • Protect and Defend (1999 Novel) World war 3 novel
Hamilton, Peter
Jenkins, Geoffrey
  • Hunter-Killer
Kerr, Philip
Ludlum, Robert
Mayberry, Jonathan
MacLean, Alistair
Nylund, Eric
Patten, J.T.
Pavlou, Stel
Peters, Ralph
Phelan, James Clancy
Prasad, Clark
Prescott, James D.
  • Extinction Codegene editing, alien technology
  • Extinction Countdowngene editing, alien technology
Reilly, Matthew
Robinson, Patrick
Rollins, James
  • The Judas Strain
  • Black Order
  • Map of Bones
  • Sandstorm
  • Ice Hunt
  • Amazonia
  • 'Deep Fathom
  • Excavation
  • Subterranean
Schätzing, Frank
Stephenson, Neal
Suarez, Daniel
Thomas, Craig
Wager, Walter
Ari, Robert
  • SuperCOIL — B-2 bomber with laser weaponry that can shoot down planes. Available on Amazon


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