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As Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) is Hong Kong's largest television station, the television programmes it broadcasts form a major part of popular culture in Hong Kong. TVB programmes have major social and culture effects on the Hong Kong populace, influencing fashion, hairstyles, speech patterns and public attitudes. Its programmes have been and continue to be exported to many Chinese-speaking communities around the world; such as Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, United States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, India and most of Europe (including England), via satellite, video cassettes and now VCDs and DVDs.

TV drama series[edit]

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Live-Action TV shows[edit]

Chinese Live-Action[edit]

Japanese Live-Action[edit]

American Live-Action[edit]

Australian Live-Action[edit]

British Live-Action[edit]

Canadian Live-Action[edit]

Filipino Live-Action[edit]

Indian Live-Action[edit]

Korean Live-Action[edit]

Taiwanese Live-Action[edit]


(This is a complete list.)

  • Behind the Beauty 孽海狂花
  • Behind the Mask 後窗驚魂
  • The Bird of Prey 天降橫財心驚驚
  • The Black Bird 黑鳥
  • BoBoiBoy The Movie 將博伊男孩這部電影
  • Burden of Proof 天涯追兇
  • Can't Stop Loving You 愛到盡頭
  • Class of Disobedience 飛越校園
  • Cul-De-Sac 親子大綁架
  • The Dare Devils 特技雙雄
  • Dark Shadow 懸案追兇
  • Dead End
  • Deadly Lovers 奪命情人
  • Deadly Showdown 滅罪先鋒
  • Deadly String 妒火線
  • Death Trap 咫尺疑魂
  • Dismayed Patriot - The Qu Tuan 屈原
  • Double Crossing 親密殺機
  • Double or Nothing 千影神偷
  • Edge of Justice 律政皇庭
  • Fatal Assignment
  • The Final Shot 熱血狙擊
  • The Fugitives 末路狂奔
  • The Healing Spirit 冥約
  • The Heavenly Swordsman and the Spoiled 聖劍天嬌
  • Iron Butterfly I, II 特警 90
  • Killer's Code 殺手風雷
  • The Knight and the Concubine
  • The Last Conflict 刑警本色
  • Left Alone 歷劫驚濤
  • The Mamasan 霓紅姊妹花
  • Man on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown 都市風暴
  • Mary's Choice 瑪莉的抉擇
  • Out on a Limb 殺之戀
  • The Quick Step of Passion 紅杏劫
  • A Secret Mission 熱浪迷情
  • The Set Up 越柙飛龍
  • Sharpshooters 廉政英雌
  • She was Married to the Mob
  • Special Duties Unit 飛虎雄風
  • Special Duties Unit 1996 飛虎雄風 II 之搶灘行動
  • Story of Nam 難民營風暴
  • A Story of Two Drifters 末路危情
  • Taxi 810 的士810 I, II, III
  • Those Were the Days 歲月情真
  • The Thief 賊至尊
  • The Thief of Time 群星會
  • The Threat 血殺
  • Till Death, Us Do Part 魅影迷情
  • Tulips In August 八月鬱金香
  • Unbearable Heights 鐵翼驚情
  • The Undercover 越柙飛龍II - 虎穴潛龍
  • Unusual Revenge 殲滅行動
  • Where's my Gun? 失鎗四十八小時


Hong Kong cartoons[edit]

Japanese anime and tokusatsu[edit]

American cartoons[edit]

Australian cartoons[edit]

Belgian cartoons[edit]

British cartoons[edit]

Canadian cartoons[edit]

Dutch cartoons[edit]

French cartoons[edit]

Finnish cartoons[edit]

German cartoons[edit]

Chinese cartoons[edit]

Korean cartoons[edit]

Indian cartoons[edit]

  • Motu Patlu (Jade) 摩都伯德祿
  • Raju the Rickshaw (Pearl)

Italian cartoons[edit]

Irish cartoons[edit]

Japanese cartoons (Non-anime)[edit]

Kenyan cartoons[edit]

Malaysian cartoons[edit]

Mexican cartoons[edit]

New Zealand cartoons[edit]

Russian cartoons[edit]

Scottish cartoons[edit]

Spanish cartoons[edit]

Swedish cartoons[edit]

Welsh cartoons[edit]

Jamboree shows[edit]

TV charity shows[edit]

Major jamboree shows[edit]

Variety shows[edit]

Game shows[edit]

  • Weakest Link 一筆 OUT 消 - Cantonese version of the quiz programme asking general knowledge questions to participants, with their majority evicting themselves out one by one until two are left to answer questions, determining who's the winner out of the two; hosted by Carol Cheng.
  • Minutes to Fame 殘酷一叮 - a game show that give time to the participants for their show; the longer time they keep, the more chance to win. This game is similar to Pop Idol and American Idol and is hosted by Hacken Lee and Joey Leung.
  • Justice For All 百法百眾 - a game show that gives two documents about the laws of Hong Kong to the participants, and ask them questions about the document; they can choose in two answers. Hosted by Carol Cheng.
  • 15/16
  • Deal or No Deal 一擲千金
  • Identity 亮相
  • Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? 係咪小兒科 (2008)
  • Outsmart 財智達人 - a game show that shoot with high-definition technology. Hosted by Carol Cheng.(2009、2012)
  • Checkerboard Jackpot 逐格鬥 - a game show that shoot with high-definition technology. Hosted by Carol Cheng.(2010)
  • The Law Society of Hong Kong Law Week Specials 知法守法 - a game show that shoot with high-definition technology, content surrounding the laws of Hong Kong. Hosted by Carol Cheng.(2011)
  • Treasure Hunt At Double Cove 迎海尋珍奪寶 - a game show that shoot with high-definition technology. Hosted by Carol Cheng.(2012)

News programmes[edit]

Information programmes[edit]

Sports programmes[edit]

Entertainment programmes[edit]

Discontinued/cancelled programmes

Currently on-air programmes

Music shows[edit]

  • 360 Boundless Music (360° 音樂無邊)
  • Children's Song Awards Presentation (兒歌金曲頒獎典禮)
  • Children's Song Corner (兒歌通訊站)
  • Global Rhythm (無間音樂)
  • Gold Disc Awards Presentation (金唱片頒獎典禮) - awards the top 30 selling gold and platinum artists, according to sales figures
  • Jade Solid Gold (勁歌金曲) - features live performances from various artists and the countdown of the top 25 or 20 albums sold during the week
  • Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation (十大勁歌金曲頒獎典禮)
  • Jade Solid Gold Song Video Corner (金曲挑戰站) - features music videos from various artists' top-selling albums and/or singles
  • Minutes to Fame - a show where people sing to get money; they can get HK$100 every second
  • Music@GIV (音樂潮@giv) - music videos, live performance from various artist and viewer shoutouts and feedback in a half-hour live programme
  • Ultimate Jade Solid Gold (勁歌推介) - features the best music videos of the best top-selling albums and/or singles
  • The Voice (超級巨聲) - a reality show type singing competition that eliminates contestants slowly until a winner is declared at the end of each season

Kids' shows[edit]


American movies[edit]

Australian movies[edit]

Japanese movies[edit]

Malaysian movies[edit]

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