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This is a list of television series produced, distributed or owned by Paramount Television and Viacom Media Networks; for shows produced by the original Paramount Television, see List of CBS Television Studios programs.

Paramount Television[edit]

Title Network Years Notes
Minority Report Fox 2015 Based on the 2002 movie by DreamWorks Pictures.
with Amblin Television and 20th Century Fox Television
Vinyl HBO 2016 with Jagged Productions, Sikelia Productions and Cold Front Productions
School of Rock Nickelodeon 2016–2018 Based on the 2003 movie.
First Paramount Television series produced for Nickelodeon.
with Armogida Brothers Productions and Passable Entertainment
Berlin Station Epix 2016–present with Third State, Harbor Men Pictures, Vanessa Productions, LTD. and Anonymous Content
Shooter USA Network 2016–2018 Based on the 2007 movie.
Originally was set up at TNT before the project was put on turnaround.
with Leverage Entertainment, Closest to the Hole Productions and Universal Cable Productions
A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix 2017–2019 Based on the book of the same name
with Sonnenfeld Productions, Inc. and What is the Question?
13 Reasons Why Netflix 2017–present Based on the book of the same name[1]
with July Moon Productions, Kicked to the Curb Productions, and Anonymous Content
The Alienist[2] TNT 2018 Co-produced with Anonymous Content and Studio T
Maniac Netflix 2018[3] Co-produced with Anonymous Content
Condor[4] Audience 2018-present Inspired by Sydney Pollack’s 1975 political thriller Three Days of the Condor. Co-production with Skydance Media and MGM Television
Jack Ryan Amazon Prime Video 2018-present Co-produced with Skydance Media and Amazon Studios
The Haunting[5] Netflix 2018-present Based on the 1959 book The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. Co-produced with Amblin Television
Boomerang BET 2019-present Co-produced with Hilman Grad Productions
Wonder Park[6] Nickelodeon 2019 Co-produced with Nickelodeon Animation Studio, Ilion Animation Studios and Paramount Animation. Second Paramount Television series for Nickelodeon. First television series from Paramount Animation. Based on the 2019 film of the same name.
All the Single Ladies[7] TBA TBA Based on the book All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation by Rebecca Traister. Co-produced with Anonymous Content.
American Gigolo[8] Showtime TBA Co-produced with Jerry Bruckheimer Television, based on the 1980 film of the same name
Ashecliffe[9] HBO TBA Based on the 2010 film Shutter Island
Avatar: The Last Airbender[10] Netflix TBA Based on the 2005 series of the same name.
Battlefield[11] TBA TBA Co-produced with Anonymous Content
Based on the Game series published by Electronic Arts
Bettyville[12] TBA TBA Based on the memoir by George Hodgman. Co-produced with Archer-Gray.
Black Viking[13] TBA TBA Based on the novel of the same name. Co-produced with Anonymous Content.
Catch-22[14] Hulu TBA Based on the novel of the same name. Co-produced with Anonymous Content.
Cazadores[15] TBA TBA Co-produced with Telefe
Christodora[16] TBA TBA Based on the novel of the same name by Tim Murphy
Galaxy Quest[17] Amazon Studios TBA Based on the 1999 movie. Co-produced with Gran Via Productions and Amazon Studios.
Girls Code[18] Freeform TBA Co-produced with Feigco Entertainment and Anonymous Content
Ghost[19] TBA TBA Based on the 1990 film of the same name
Heels[20] Starz TBA Co-produced with LBI Entertainment
Legbreakers[21] TBA TBA Based on the Swedish drama Torpederna. Co-produced with Anonymous Content.
Lindbergh[22] TBA TBA Based on A. Scott Berg’s Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of the same name.
Looking for Alaska[23] Hulu TBA Based on the book by John Green. Co-produced with Fake Empire Productions.
Narc[24] TBA TBA Based on the 2002 movie
Pendergast[25] Paramount Network TBA Based on the 2002 novel The Cabinet of Curiosities by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Co-produced with Universal Cable Productions and Valhalla Entertainment
Raven Rock[26] NBC TBA Based on the novel of the same name by Garrett Graff. Co-produced with Landscape Entertainment, Compari Entertainment and Entertainment One Television.
Re Jane[27] TV Land TBA Co-produced with Anonymous Content, based on the novel of the same name by Patricia Park
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes & Other Lessons From The Crematory[28] TBA TBA Based on the book of the same name by Caitlin Doughty
Co-produced by Anonymous Content.
Snow Crash[29] Amazon Studios TBA Based on the book of the same name by Neal Stephenson
Co-produced by The Kennedy/Marshall Company and Amazon Studios
Spoonbenders[30] TBA TBA Based on the book of the same name by Daryl Gregory. Co-produced with Anonymous Content.
Stranger In A Strange Land[31] Syfy TBA Based on the 1961 novel of the same name by Robert Heinlein. Co-produced with Universal Cable Productions, Mythology Entertainment, Scott Rudin Productions and Vecchio Entertainment.
Telex from Cuba[32] TBA TBA Co-produced with Anonymous Content, based on the novel by Rachel Kushner
The Fermata[33] TBA TBA Inspired by Nicholson Baker’s best-selling novel of the same name. Co-produced with Compari Entertainment.
The Italian Job[34] NBC TBA Inspired by the 1969 film and it's 2003 remake
The Spy Who Came In From The Cold[35] AMC TBA Co-produced with The Ink Factory and Character 7, based on the book of the same name by John le Carré
The Truman Show[36] TBA TBA Based on the 1998 film of the same name
The Vampire Chronicles[37] TBA TBA Based on the series of novels of the same name by Anne Rice. Co-produced with Anonymous Content
The Village[38] TBA TBA Based on the BBC series of the same name created by Peter Moffat. Co-produced with Sundance Productions and All3Media.
The Warriors Hulu TBA Based on the 1979 film
The Windfall[39] TBA TBA Based on the novel of the same name by Diksha Basu. Co-produced with Anonymous Content
Magic Hour[40] Apple Inc. TBA Based on the book series by Hilde Lysiak. Co-produced with Anonymous Content.
When the Street Lights Go On[41] TBA TBA Co-produced with Anonymous Content. The pilot however was screened at the Sundance Film Festival

DreamWorks Television[edit]

Title Years Network Notes
Champs 1996 ABC
High Incident 1996–1997 ABC
Majority Rules 1996–1997 NBC
Spin City 1996–2002 ABC with Ubu Productions and LotteryHill Entertainment
Ink 1996–1997 CBS
Arsenio 1997 ABC
Toonsylvania 1998 Fox Kids produced by DreamWorks Television Animation
Invasion America 1998 The WB produced by DreamWorks Television Animation
Anna Says 1998 N/A TV pilot
It's Like, You Know... 1999–2000 ABC
The Duplex 1999 N/A TV pilot
Sugar Hill 1999 N/A TV pilot
Freaks and Geeks 1999–2000 NBC with Apatow Productions
The Others 2000 NBC with NBC Studios and Delusional Films
Battery Park 2000 NBC with Ubu Productions
The Job 2001–2002 ABC co-production with The Cloudland Company, Apostle and Touchstone Television
Rights co-owned with ABC Studios
Band of Brothers 2001 HBO miniseries; co-production with HBO and Playtone
Rights owned by HBO
Alienators: Evolution Continues 2001–2002 Fox Kids produced by DreamWorks Television Animation with DIC Entertainment, Columbia TriStar Television and The Montecito Picture Company
Rights co-owned with DHX Media and DreamWorks Animation
Undeclared 2001–2002 FOX co-production with Apatow Productions
Off Centre 2001–2002 The WB with Weitz, Weitz & Zuker and Warner Bros. Television
Rights owned by Warner Bros. Television
Boomtown 2002–2003 NBC with Nemo Films and NBC Studios
Rights co-owned with NBCUniversal Television Distribution (distributed outside of the U.S. by MGM Television)
Taken 2002 Sci Fi miniseries
Oliver Beene 2003–2004 FOX with Steven Levitan Productions, ge.wirtz Films and Twentieth Century Fox Television
Rights co-owned with 20th Century Fox Television
Las Vegas 2003–2008 NBC with Gary Scott Thompson Productions and NBC Studios, later NBC Universal Television Studio and later Universal Media Studios
Rights owned by NBCUniversal Television Distribution (distributed outside of the U.S. by MGM Television)
Line of Fire 2003–2004 ABC with Battle Plan Productions, Steven Bochco Productions and Touchstone Television
Rights owned by Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution
Rescue Me 2004–2011 FX with The Cloudland Company, Apostle and Sony Pictures Television
Rights owned by Sony Pictures Television
Father of the Pride 2004–2005 NBC produced by DreamWorks Animation
Rights owned by NBCUniversal Television Distribution
The Contender 2005–2008 NBC
Into the West 2005 TNT miniseries
Miracle Workers 2006 ABC with MedMiracle Productions
Rights now owned by Entertainment One
Dog Bites Man 2006 Comedy Central with Comedy Central
On the Lot 2007 FOX with Amblin Entertainment and Mark Burnett Productions
Carpoolers 2007–2008 ABC with T.R.O.R.T., 3 Arts Entertainment and ABC Studios
Rights owned by Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution

Paramount Digital Entertainment[edit]

Title Years Network
The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers 2010–2011 Hulu
The Hotwives 2014–2015 Hulu
Resident Advisors 2015 Hulu
Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ 2016–present Seeso

Insurge Pictures[edit]

Title Airdate Network Notes
Burning Love 2012–2013 Yahoo Screen/E! co-production with Red Hour Films, Abominable Pictures and Dancing Workfriend

Viacom Media Networks[edit]

Title Years Network Notes
PostModern MTV 1980s–1990s MTV
Profiles in Rock 1982 MTV
Headbangers Ball 1987–1995
Remote Control 1987–1990 MTV
MTV Unplugged 1989–present MTV
Liquid Television 1991–1994 MTV
co-production with Colossal Pictures, BIG Pictures, and Noyes & Laybourne
Real World 1992–present MTV co-production with Bunim/Murray Productions
Beavis and Butt-Head 1993–1997
The Jon Stewart Show 1993–1995 MTV/Syndication co-production with Busboy Productions and Paramount Television
Rights owned by CBS Television Studios
The Brothers Grunt 1994–1995 MTV
MTV's Oddities 1994–1996 MTV Featured The Head and The Maxx
Æon Flux 1995 MTV co-production with Colossal Pictures
Singled Out 1995–1998 MTV
VH1 Storytellers 1996–present VH1
Daria 1997–2002 MTV
The Jenny McCarthy Show 1997 MTV
Behind the Music 1997–present VH1
Cartoon Sushi 1997–1998 MTV
Jenny 1997–1998 NBC co-production with Paramount Television and Mark & Howard Productions
Rights owned by CBS Television Studios
BIOrhythm 1998 MTV
True Life 1998–present MTV
Celebrity Deathmatch 1998–2002
The Challenge 1998–present MTV
Total Request Live 1998–2008
Station Zero 1999 MTV
Downtown 1999 MTV
Making the Band 2000–2009 ABC (2000–01)
MTV (2002–09)
co-production with Bunim/Murray Productions
Spy Groove 2000–2002 MTV
Jackass 2000–2002 MTV co-production with Dickhouse Productions
Undergrads 2001 MTV produced by MTV Animation, Decode Entertainment, Click Productions, and Helix Animation
Clone High 2002–2003 MTV
co-production with Nelvana, Touchstone Television, Lord Miller Productions, Doozer, and Teletoon
3 South 2002–2003 MTV co-production with Warner Bros. Animation
ALF's Hit Talk Show 2004 TV Land co-production with Get Real Entertainment and Paul Fusco Productions
Living In TV Land 2004–2006 TV Land
Video Mods 2004–2005 MTV2
My Super Sweet 16 2005–2008
Wonder Showzen 2005–2006 MTV2 co-production with PFFR and USA Cable Entertainment (season 1)
Chasing Farrah 2005 TV Land
Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out 2005–2007
Sit Down Comedy with David Steinberg 2005–2007 TV Land co-production with Dark Light Pictures
Where My Dogs At? 2006 MTV2
My First Time 2006 TV Land
TV Land: Myths and Legends 2007–2008 TV Land
Human Giant 2007–2008 MTV co-production with 3 Arts Entertainment
The Big Gay Sketch Show 2007–2010 Logo co-production with Oh Really! Productions
Friday: The Animated Series 2007 MTV2 co-production with New Line Television and Cubevision
I Hate My 30's 2007 VH1 co-production with Drama 3/4 Productions
The Pickup Artist 2007–2008 VH1 co-production with 3Ball Productions
Pageant Place 2007 MTV
I Know My Kid's a Star 2008 VH1
The Big 4-0 2008 TV Land
The Paper 2008 MTV
She's Got the Look 2008–2010 TV Land
Queen Bees 2008 The N co-production with Endemol USA
Outsiders Inn 2008 CMT
Paris Hilton's My New BFF 2008–2009 MTV co-production with Ish Entertainment
How's Your News? 2009 MTV co-production with AM/FM Pictures
16 and Pregnant 2009–2014 MTV co-production with 11th Street Productions
DJ & the Fro 2009 MTV
Make My Day 2009 TV Land
My Antonio 2009 VH1 co-production with Ish Entertainment
Popzilla 2009 MTV co-production with Animax Entertainment
Teen Mom OG 2009–present MTV
My Life as Liz 2010–2011 MTV
The Buried Life 2010 MTV co-production with Reveille Productions
First Love, Second Chance 2010 TV Land
Basketball Wives 2010–present VH1
Hot in Cleveland 2010–2015 TV Land
Harry Loves Lisa 2010 TV Land
My Big Friggin' Wedding 2010 VH1 co-production with 495 Productions
Teen Mom 2 2011–present MTV
Retired at 35 2011–2012 TV Land
Love & Hip Hop: New York 2011–present VH1
Big Morning Buzz Live 2011–2015 VH1
Teen Wolf 2011–2017 MTV co-production with Adelstein Productions, DiGa Vision, First Cause, Inc., Lost Marbles Television, MGM Television, and Siesta Productions
Happily Divorced 2011–2013 TV Land
Awkward. 2011–2016 MTV co-production with Remote Productions, Mosquito Productions, and Crazy Cat Lady Productions
I Just Want My Pants Back 2011–2012 MTV co-production with Universal Cable Productions and Hypnotic
Ridiculousness 2011–present MTV
Good Vibes 2011 MTV
Guy Code 2011–2015 MTV2
The Exes 2011–2015 TV Land
T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle 2011–2017 VH1
Forever Young 2011 TV Land co-production with 3 Ball Productions and Katalyst Films
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta 2012–present VH1
The Soul Man 2012–2016 TV Land
Catfish: The TV Show 2012–present MTV co-production with Catfish Picture Company and Relativity Media
Buckwild 2013 MTV co-production with Parallel Entertainment and Zoo Productions
Black Ink Crew 2013–present VH1
The Jenny McCarthy Show 2013 VH1 co-production with Embassy Row
Kirstie 2013–2014 TV Land co-production with Marco Pennete Productions
Are You the One? 2014–present MTV
Jennifer Falls 2014 TV Land
I Heart Nick Carter 2014 VH1
Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood 2014–present VH1
Broke Ass Game Show 2015–2016 MTV co-production with B-17 Entertainment
Barely Famous 2015–2016 VH1 co-production with Good Clean Fun and 3 Arts Entertainment
Younger 2015–present TV Land
The Jim Gaffigan Show 2015–2016 TV Land
Impastor 2015–2016 TV Land
Black Ink Crew: Chicago 2015–present VH1
Teachers 2016–present TV Land
Greatest Party Story Ever 2016 MTV
Lopez 2016–2017 TV Land
VH1 Live! 2016 VH1 co-production with Embassy Row
Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party 2016–present VH1
Sweet/Vicious 2016–2017 MTV
Nobodies 2017–present TV Land
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 2017–present MTV
Daytime Divas 2017 VH1 co-production with Osprey Productions, De Passe Jones Entertainment, and Sony Pictures Television
Baller Wives 2017–present VH1
90's House 2017 MTV2

Nickelodeon Group[edit]

Title Years Notes
Pinwheel 1977–1984
America Goes Bananaz 1979–1980
Nickel Flicks 1979–1980
By the Way 1979–1980
Hocus Focus 1979–1980
Video Comic Book 1979–1981
Livewire 1980–1985
Kids' Writes 1981–1983 co-production with Embassy Television
Rights now owned by Sony Pictures Television
Against the Odds 1982–1984
Standby...Lights! Camera! Action! 1982–1987
You Can't Do That on Television 1982–1990
Mr. Wizard's World 1983–1990
Going Great 1983–1984
Nick Rocks 1984–1989
Out of Control 1984–1985
Turkey Television 1985–1986
Double Dare 1986–1993
Rated K: For Kids, By Kids 1986–1988
Finders Keepers 1987–1988
Kids' Court 1988–1989
Don't Just Sit There 1988–1991
Total Panic 1989–1990
Think Fast! 1989–1991
Make the Grade 1989–1991
Hey Dude 1989–1991
Eureeka's Castle 1989–1992 co-production with Noyes & Laybourne
On the Television 1990–1991
SK8-TV 1990
Wild & Crazy Kids 1990–1992
co-production with Woody Fraser Productions and Reeves Entertainment
Outta Here! 1990–1991
Fifteen 1991–1993 Rights now owned by the Peter Rodgers Organization
Welcome Freshman 1991–1993
The Adventures of Pete & Pete 1991–1996
Clarissa Explains It All 1991–1994
Salute Your Shorts 1991–1992
Hi Honey, I'm Home! 1991–1992 produced by Nick at Nite and RiPe Productions
Doug 1991–1994 co-production with Jumbo Pictures and Ellipse Programmé
Rugrats 1991–2004 co-production with Klasky Csupo
The Ren & Stimpy Show 1991–1996 co-production with Spümcø (seasons 1 and 2)
What Would You Do? 1991–1993 co-production with Reeves Entertainment
Nickelodeon Launch Box 1991–1994 co-production with NASA and Astronauts Memorial Foundation
Nick Jr. Rocks 1991 interstitial series
Nickelodeon Arcade 1992 co-production with Bethea-Miteff Productions, Inc.
Nick News with Linda Ellerbee 1992–2015 co-production with Lucky Duck Productions
Roundhouse 1992–1995 co-production with Rebel Entertainment
Are You Afraid of the Dark? 1992–1996
co-production with Cinar
Rights owned by DHX Media
Nickelodeon Guts 1992–1996 co-production with Chauncey Street Productions
Weinerville 1993–1996
Legends of the Hidden Temple 1993–1995 co-production with Stone Stanley Entertainment
Rocko's Modern Life 1993–1996 co-production with Joe Murray Productions
Gullah Gullah Island 1994–1998
Allegra's Window 1994–1996 co-production with Jumbo Pictures
U to U 1994–1995
The Secret World of Alex Mack 1994–1998 co-production with Hallmark Entertainment
Rights co-owned with Sonar Entertainment
All That 1994–2005 co-production with Tollin/Robbins Productions and Schneider's Bakery (season 10)
My Brother and Me 1994–1995
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters 1994–1997 co-production with Klasky Csupo
Nick in the Afternoon 1995–1998 interstitial series
Little Bear 1995–2001 co-production with Nelvana
Rights owned by Nelvana
Space Cases 1996–1997 co-production with Cinar
Rights owned by DHX Media
The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo 1996–1998 co-production with Out of My Mind Productions and Cinar (season 4)
Rights owned by DHX Media
Kenan & Kel 1996–2000 co-production with Tollin/Robbins Productions
Blue's Clues 1996–2004
Hey Arnold! 1996–2002 co-production with Snee-Oosh, Inc.
KaBlam! 1996–2000 co-production with Flying Mallet, Inc. (season 4)
The Angry Beavers 1997–2001 co-production with Gunther-Wahl Productions, Inc.
Figure It Out 1997–1999
The Journey of Allen Strange 1997–2000 co-production with Lynch Entertainment
Binyah Binyah! 1998
CatDog 1998–2000 co-production with Peter Hannan Productions
Oh Yeah! Cartoons 1998–2001 co-production with Frederator Incorporated
You're On! 1998–1999
Cousin Skeeter 1998–2001 co-production with Tollin/Robbins Productions
The Wild Thornberrys 1998–2004 co-production with Klasky Csupo
Animorphs 1998–1999 co-production with
SpongeBob SquarePants 1999–present co-production with United Plankton Pictures
Phred on Your Head Show 1999–2000
Rocket Power 1999–2004 co-production with Klasky Csupo
100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd 1999–2002 co-production with Lynch Entertainment, Fireworks Entertainment, and Lincoln Field Productions
Currently distributed by Kew Media Group
The Amanda Show 1999–2002 co-production with Tollin/Robbins Productions
Little Bill 1999–2004
ChalkZone 1999–2000
Double Dare 2000 2000
Slime Time Live 2000–2003
Caitlin's Way 2000–2002 co-production with Riverwood Productions, Fireworks Entertainment, and Lynch Entertainment
Currently distributed by Kew Media Group
A Walk In Your Shoes 2000–2004 co-production with Dancing Toad Productions
The Brothers García 2000–2004
Dora the Explorer 2000–2014
Pelswick 2000–2002 co-production with Nelvana and Hong Ying Animation
Rights owned by Nelvana
Noah Knows Best 2000–2001
As Told by Ginger 2000–2004 co-production with Klasky Csupo
Taina 2001–2002 co-production with Dorado Productions
Distributed outside of the USA by Nelvana
The Fairly OddParents 2001–2017 co-production with Frederator Studios and Billionfold Inc. (2008–17)
Seasons 1–4 distributed outside of the USA by Nelvana
Invader Zim 2001–2004
Oswald 2001–2003 co-production with HIT Entertainment
The URL with Phred Show 2001–2002
Action League Now! 2001–2002 co-production with Flying Mallet, Inc
The Nick Cannon Show 2002–2003 co-production with Tollin/Robbins Productions
Play with Me Sesame 2002–2007 co-production with Sesame Workshop
Rights owned by Sesame Workshop
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius 2002–2006 co-production with O Entertainment and DNA Productions
Nickelodeon Robot Wars 2002 co-production with Mentorn
U-Pick Live 2002–2005
Scaredy Camp 2002–2003
Yakkity Yak 2002–2003 co-production with Studio B Productions, Kapow Pictures, Teletoon, and MTV Networks International
Rights owned by DHX Media
Max & Ruby 2002—present co-production with
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003–2009 produced by Mirage Studios, 4Kids Entertainment, and Dong Woo Animation
Acquired by Viacom International in 2010
Moose and Zee 2003–2012 interstitial series
Oobi 2003–2005 co-production with Little Airplane Productions
Miffy and Friends 2003–2007 co-production with Big Tent Entertainment
Rights owned by m4e AG
All Grown Up! 2003–2008 co-production with Klasky Csupo
My Life as a Teenage Robot 2003–2007 co-production with Frederator Studios
Romeo! 2003–2006 co-production with Tom Lynch Company and P. Miller Collection
Whoopi's Littleburg 2004 co-production with Lil' Whoop Productions
Drake & Josh 2004–2008
Nickelodeon Splat! 2004
Danny Phantom 2004–2007 co-production with Billionfold Inc.
Peppa Pig 2004–present co-production with Astley Baker Davies, Entertainment One, and Channel 5
Rights owned by Entertainment One
Fatherhood 2004–2005
Blue's Room 2004–2007
LazyTown 2004–2007 produced by LazyTown Entertainment, Truenorth Production, and Les Enterprises Le Gué
Rights owned by Turner Broadcasting System
Curious Buddies 2004–2005 co-production with Spiffy Pictures
The Backyardigans 2004–2010 co-production with Nelvana
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends 2004–2008 co-production with Nelvana and Callaway Arts & Entertainment
Rights owned by Nelvana
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide 2004–2007
Unfabulous 2004–2007
Family Face Off: Hollywood 2004
Zoey 101 2005–2008 co-production with Schneider's Bakery
Avatar: The Last Airbender 2005–2008
The Search For The Funniest Mom In America 2005–2007
Catscratch 2005–2007
Rugrats Pre-School Daze 2005
Hi-Jinks 2005–2006
Friday Night Slimetime 2005–2006
Go, Diego, Go! 2005–2011
Jack's Big Music Show 2005–2008 co-production with Spiffy Pictures
South of Nowhere 2005–2008 co-production with Tom Lynch Company
The X's 2005–2006
Mr. Meaty 2005–2009 co-production with 3J's Productions
Kappa Mikey 2006–2008 co-production with Animation Collective
Rights owned by Larry Schwarz
Wonder Pets! 2006–2013 co-production with Little Airplane Productions
Just for Kicks 2006
Pinky Dinky Doo 2006–2011 co-production with Sesame Workshop and Cartoon Pizza
Rights now owned by Sesame Workshop
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! 2006–2010 produced by Frederator Studios, Bolder Media, Film Roman and IDT Entertainment/Starz Media
Rights owned by Lionsgate Television
The Upside Down Show 2006–2007 co-production with Blink Films and Sesame Workshop
At the Poocharelli's 2006
Random! Cartoons 2006–2007 co-production with Frederator Incorporated
Just Jordan 2007–2008
The Naked Brothers Band 2007–2009
Let's Just Play Go Healthy Challenge 2007
Wayside 2007–2008 co-production with Nelvana and Teletoon
Rights owned by Nelvana
El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera 2007–2008 co-production with Mexopolis
Yo Gabba Gabba! 2007–2015 produced by The Magic Store and WildBrain
Rights owned by DHX Media
Tak and the Power of Juju 2007–2009
Back at the Barnyard 2007–2011 co-production with Omation
iCarly 2007–2012 co-production with Schneider's Bakery
Bet The House 2007–2008
Ni Hao, Kai-Lan 2007–2011
Dance on Sunset 2008–2009
The Mighty B! 2008–2011 co-production with Paper Kite Productions and Polka Dot Pictures
My Family's Got Guts 2008–2009 co-production with Worldwide Biggies and Five Alts Productions, LLC.
Making Fiends 2008
True Jackson, VP 2008–2011
The Penguins of Madagascar 2008–2013 co-production with DreamWorks Animation
Glenn Martin, DDS 2009–2011 co-production with The Tornante Company and Cuppa Coffee Studios
The Fresh Beat Band 2009–2013
The Troop 2009–2013 co-production with Tom Lynch Company Studios
BrainSurge 2009–2012 co-production with Stone & Company Entertainment and 310 Entertainment
Fanboy & Chum Chum 2009–2012 co-production with Frederator Studios
Big Time Rush 2009–2013
Team Umizoomi 2010–2015 co-production with Curious Pictures
Victorious 2010–2013 co-production with Schneider's Bakery
T.U.F.F. Puppy 2010–2014 co-production with Billionfold Inc.
Planet Sheen 2010–2013 co-production with Omation
House of Anubis 2011–2013 co-production with Studio 100 and Lime Pictures
Bubble Guppies 2011–2016 co-production with WildBrain (season 1) and Nelvana (seasons 2–4)
Supah Ninjas 2011–2013 co-production with Varsity Pictures
Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures 2011–2012 co-production with Tom Lynch Company Studios and Bugliari/McLaughlin Productions
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness 2011–2015 co-production with DreamWorks Animation
Hollywood Heights 2012 co-production with Sony Pictures Television and Televisa
The Legend of Korra 2012–2014 co-production with Ginormous Madman and Studio Mir
Robot and Monster 2012–2015 co-production with Smasho! Productions and Lowbar Productions
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012–2017 co-production with Mirage Studios and Lowbar Productions
See Dad Run 2012–2015
How to Rock 2012
Wendell & Vinnie 2013 co-production with Passable Entertainment and Kapital Entertainment
Nick Studio 10 2013 interstitial series
Monsters vs. Aliens 2013–2014 co-production with DreamWorks Animation
Sanjay and Craig 2013–2016 co-production with Forest City Rockers
Sam & Cat 2013–2014
AwesomenessTV 2013–2015
The Haunted Hathaways 2013–2015
Rabbids Invasion 2013–2017 co-production with Ubisoft Motion Pictures and TeamTO
Rights owned by France Télévisions and Ubisoft Motion Pictures
PAW Patrol 2013–present
Instant Mom 2013–2015 co-production with Stockholm Syndrome and Kapital Entertainment
The Thundermans 2013–2018
Wallykazam! 2014–2017
Every Witch Way 2014–2015
Breadwinners 2014–2016
Webheads 2014–2015 co-production with Ryan Seacrest Productions
Dora and Friends: Into the City! 2014–2017
Henry Danger 2014–present co-production with Schneider's Bakery
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn 2014–2018
Blaze and the Monster Machines 2014–present
100 Things to Do Before High School 2014–2016
Bella and the Bulldogs 2015–2016
School of Rock 2015–2018
Harvey Beaks 2015–2017
Fresh Beat Band of Spies 2015–2017
Mutt & Stuff 2015–2017
Pig Goat Banana Cricket 2015–2017
Shimmer and Shine 2015–present
Game Shakers 2015–present co-production with Schneider's Bakery
WITS Academy 2015
The Loud House 2015–present
The HALO Effect 2016
Paradise Run 2016–present
Crashletes 2016–2017 co-production with Superjacket Productions
Legendary Dudas 2016
All In with Cam Newton 2016
Digby Dragon 2016–present produced by Blue-Zoo Productions
Distributed by Aardman Animations
Jagger Eaton's Mega Life 2016–2017 co-production with Superjacket Productions
Ride 2016–2017 co-production with Breakthrough Entertainment and Buccaneer Media
Rights owned by 9 Story Media Group
Rusty Rivets 2016–present
Pinky Malinky 2016–present
Bunsen Is a Beast 2017–2018 co-production with Billionfold Inc.
Nella the Princess Knight 2017–present
Hunter Street 2017–present
The Dude Perfect Show 2017–present
Welcome to the Wayne 2017–present co-production with Yowza! Animation
Sunny Day 2017–present
I Am Frankie 2017–present
Lip Sync Battle Shorties 2017–present
Top Wing 2017–present
The Adventures of Kid Danger 2018–present co-production with Powerhouse Animation Studios and Schneider's Bakery
Zoofari 2018
Knight Squad 2018–present
Keep It Spotless 2018–present
Double Dare 2018–present co-production with FremantleMedia North America
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2018–present co-production with Mirage Studios and Flying Bark Productions
Butterbean's Café 2018—present
Cousins for Life 2018—present
Abby Hatcher 2018—present

Black Entertainment Television[edit]

Title Years Notes
Soul Train 1971–2006 produced by Don Cornelius Productions
Acquired by BET Networks in 2016
Bobby Jones Gospel 1980–2016
Video Soul 1981–1996
Video Vibrations 1984–1997
Teen Summit 1989–2002
Screen Scene 1990–1997
Story Porch 1992–1996
ComicView 1992–2008
Planet Groove 1996–1999
Jam Zone/Cita's World 1997–2003
106 & Park 2000–2014
College Hill 2004–2009
BET Style 2004–2006
Hotwyred 2006–2007
The Black Carpet 2006–2008
Baldwin Hills 2007–2009 co-production with C4 Pictures
Sunday Best 2007–2015
Frankie & Neffe 2009
Let's Stay Together 2011–2014 co-production with Curiously Bright Entertainment and Five & Dime Productions
Keyshia & Daniel: Family First 2012 co-production with DuBose Entertainment
Real Husbands of Hollywood 2013–2016 co-production with HartBeat Productions, JSR Productions, and 3 Arts Entertainment
Being Mary Jane 2013–present
Nellyville 2014–2015 co-production with Entertainment One
DeSean Jackson: Home Team 2015
Keyshia Cole: All In 2015
It's A Mann's World 2015–2016
The BET Life Of... 2015–present
About The Business 2016
Criminals at Work 2016
Chasing Destiny 2016
Ink, Paper, Scissors 2016
Zoe Ever After 2016
Joyful Noise 2016–2017
From the Bottom Up 2016–present
The Comedy Get Down 2017–present
The Quad 2017–2018 co-production with Rainforest Entertainment, WaterWalk Productions, and Capital Arts Entertainment
Rebel 2017–present
The Rundown with Robin Thede 2017–2018
In Contempt 2018–present

Comedy Partners[edit]

Title Years Notes
Mystery Science Theater 3000 1989–1996 co-production with Best Brains and HBO Downtown Productions
Rights owned by Shout! Factory
Afterdrive 1990–1991
Access America 1990–1991 co-production with Reeves Entertainment
Women Aloud 1992–1993 co-production with HBO Downtown Productions
Two Drink Minimum 1993–1994 co-production with HBO Downtown Productions
Politically Incorrect 1993–2002 co-production with HBO Downtown Productions
Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist 1995–2002 co-production with HBO Downtown Productions, Popular Arts Entertainment and Tom Snyder Productions
The Daily Show 1996–present co-production with Mad Cow Productions, Busboy Productions and Ark Angel
Pulp Comics 1996–2000
Canned Ham 1996–2002
Viva Variety 1997–1999
South Park 1997–present co-production with South Park Studios
Distributed in syndication by Debmar-Mercury and 20th Television
Premium Blend 1997–2005
Upright Citizens Brigade 1998–2000
Comedy Central Presents 1998–2011
The Man Show 1999–2004 co-production with Stone Stanley Entertainment
Rights owned by Stone & Company Entertainment
Strangers with Candy 1999–2000
Turn Ben Stein On 1999–2001
VS. 1999
BattleBots 2000–2002 later aired on the ABC and the Discovery Channel
Strip Mall 2000–2001
TV Funhouse 2000–2001
The Chris Wylde Show Starring Chris Wylde 2001
Insomniac with Dave Attell 2001–2004
Let's Bowl 2001–2002
Primetime Glick 2001–2003
That's My Bush! 2001
Beat the Geeks 2001–2002
Comic Groove 2002
Contest Searchlight 2002
Crank Yankers 2002–2005; 2007
Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn 2002–2004
Chappelle's Show 2003–2006
Comedy Central Roast 2003–present
I'm With Busey 2003
Reno 911! 2003–2009
Kid Notorious 2003
Crossballs 2004
The Graham Norton Effect 2004 U.S. version
Jump Cuts 2004
Shorties Watchin' Shorties 2004
Wanda Does It 2004
The World Stands Up 2004
Drawn Together 2004–2007
Con 2005
The Hollow Men 2005
Stella 2005
Too Late with Adam Carolla 2005
Weekends at the D.L. 2005
Distraction 2005–2006 U.S. version
The Showbiz Show with David Spade 2005–2007
Mind of Mencia 2005–2008
The Colbert Report 2005–2014
Dog Bites Man 2006
Live at Gotham 2006–2009
American Body Shop 2007
Halfway Home 2007
Lil' Bush 2007–2008
The Sarah Silverman Program 2007–2010
Chocolate News 2008
The Gong Show with Dave Attell 2008 co-production with Happy Madison Productions and Sony Pictures Television
Lewis Black's Root of All Evil 2008
Reality Bites Back 2008
Atom TV 2008–2010
The Jeff Dunham Show 2009
Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire 2009
Michael & Michael Have Issues 2009
Important Things with Demetri Martin 2009–2010
Secret Girlfriend 2009
Tosh.0 2009–present
Russell Simmons Presents: Stand-Up at the El Rey 2010
Nick Swardson's Pretend Time 2010–2011 co-production with Culver Entertainment, Happy Madison Productions, and Sony Pictures Television
Ugly Americans 2010–2012
John Oliver's New York Stand Up Show 2010–2013
Jon Benjamin Has a Van 2011
Onion SportsDome 2011
Russell Simmons Presents: The Ruckus 2011
Sports Show with Norm Macdonald 2011
Workaholics 2011–2017
Mash Up 2012
The Burn with Jeff Ross 2012–2013
Brickleberry 2012–2015
Key & Peele 2012–2015
The Ben Show 2013
The Jeselnik Offensive 2013
Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! 2013–2014
Kroll Show 2013–2015
Adam DeVine's House Party 2013–2016
Inside Amy Schumer 2013–2016
@midnight with Chris Hardwick 2013–2017
Nathan for You 2013–present
Drunk History 2013–present
Comedy Underground with Dave Attell 2014
The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail 2014–2016
TripTank 2014–2016
Review 2014–2017
Broad City 2014–present
Big Time in Hollywood, FL 2015
Moonbeam City 2015
Why? with Hannibal Buress 2015
Another Period 2015–present
This Is Not Happening 2015–present
Not Safe with Nikki Glaser 2016
Legends of Chamberlain Heights 2016–2017
Idiotsitter 2016–present
The High Court with Doug Benson 2017
Jeff & Some Aliens 2017
Detroiters 2017–present
Hood Adjacent with James Davis 2017–present
The Jim Jefferies Show 2017–present
The Opposition with Jordan Klepper 2017–present
The President Show 2017–present
Corporate 2018–present

Paramount Network[edit]

Title Years Notes
Cops 1989-present co-production with Langley Productions
First 25 seasons are owned and distributed by 20th Century Fox Television.
MXC 2003-2007
Gary the Rat 2003
Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" 2003
Stripperella 2003–2004
Spike TV's 52 Favorite Cars 2004
This Just In! 2004
GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley 2005–2013
Pros vs. Joes 2006–2010
I Bet You Will 2008
DEA 2008–2009
1000 Ways to Die 2008–2012
4th and Long 2009
Jesse James Is a Dead Man 2009
Surviving Disaster 2009
Deadliest Warrior 2009–2011
Permanent Mark 2010
Scrappers 2010
Auction Hunters 2010–2015
Coal 2011
Phowned! 2011
Flip Men 2011–2012
Repo Games 2011–2012
Bar Rescue 2011–present
Big Easy Justice 2012
Diamond Divers 2012
Rat Bastards 2012
Undercover Stings 2012
American Digger/Savage Family Diggers 2012–2013
World's Worst Tenants 2012–2013
Tattoo Nightmares 2012–2015
Ink Master 2012–present
Car Lot Rescue 2013
Criss Angel BeLIEve 2013
Tattoo Rescue 2013
Urban Tarzan 2013
Frankenfood 2014
Gym Rescue 2014
Hungry Investors 2014
Tattoo Nightmares: Miami 2014
Catch a Contractor 2014–2015
Coaching Bad 2015
Framework 2015
Sweat Inc. 2015
Lip Sync Battle 2015–present
Waco 2018
It Was Him: The Many Murders of Ed Edwards 2018
American Woman 2018
Yellowstone 2018–present

Country Music Television[edit]

Title Years Notes
CMT Crossroads 2002–present
Cowboy U 2003–2007
CMT Insider 2004–2012
Trick My Truck 2005–2009 co-production with Varuna Entertainment
Country Fried Home Videos 2006–2009
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 2006–present
CMT Comedy Stage 2007
My Big Redneck Wedding 2008–2011
Can You Duet 2008–2009
The World's Strictest Parents 2009–2010
Working Class 2011
Redneck Island 2012–present
Chainsaw Gang 2012–2016
CMT Hot 20 Countdown 2013–present
Dog and Beth: On the Hunt 2013–2015
Guntucky 2013–2014
Party Down South 2014–2016
Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge 2014–present
The Josh Wolf Show 2015
I Love Kellie Pickler 2015–2017
Sun Records 2017


Television films and specials[edit]

Paramount Television[edit]

Title Airdate Network Notes
Grease: Live January 31, 2016 Fox Live TV special based on the 1978 movie by Paramount Pictures. Co-produced with Marc Platt Productions.

DreamWorks Television[edit]

  • The Secret World of "Antz" (1998)
  • When You Believe: Music From "The Prince of Egypt" (1998)
  • Galaxy Quest: 20th Anniversary: The Journey Continues (1999)
  • The Hatching of "Chicken Run" (2000)
  • Gladiator Games: The Roman Bloodsport (2000)
  • We Stand Alone Together (2001)
  • What Lies Beneath: Constructing the Perfect Thriller (2001)
  • Woody Allen: A Life in Film (2002)

Nickelodeon Group[edit]

Comedy Partners[edit]



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