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Bisexuality is a sexual orientation that refers to the romantic and/or sexual attraction towards people of more than one gender (historically towards men and women). Throughout history numerous bisexual characters have appeared in television series, including cartoons, anime and web series.

Having been created as a radio program in 1937 and transitioning to television in 1952, Guiding Light is the oldest television series in the world to feature bisexual characters; Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera Aitoro. Olivia was introduced in 1999 and Natalia in 2007, with the two women realizing they are bisexual and beginning a relationship in 2008.[1] In 1990, L.A. Law became the first primetime television series to introduce a recurring bisexual character; C.J. Lamb.[2][3] In 2015, during The 100's second season, the protagonist Clarke Griffin kissed Lexa, making the series the first in America belonging to one of the "Big Five" networks with a bisexual lead.[4]

This list places the series in chronological order by year; in instances where more than one series premiered on the same year, their premiere date is taken into consideration.

Television series[edit]

Premiered before 1990[edit]

Duration Title Bisexual character(s) Notes
1937 – 2009 Guiding Light Olivia Spencer
Natalia Rivera Aitoro
Originally, Olivia and Natalia were enemies and fighting over Gus Aitoro. Olivia, who is suffering from a fatal heart condition, gets Gus' heart following his death. Following the heart transplant, the two women grow closer and end up becoming girlfriends.[1]
1963 – present General Hospital Kristina Davis Kristina is exploring different labels and has not yet decided which applies to her. Previously having only been attracted to men, she is now attracted to a woman. She wonders aloud how her father will react to learning that "one daughter is bisexual" and later refers to her sexuality as "fluid".[5][6][7]
1963 – present Doctor Who Captain Jack Harkness
River Song
Clara Oswin Oswald
Both Jack[8] and River[9] are from the 51st century where pansexuality is the norm. Clara has been in a relationship with a man and talks about having kissed women.[10]
1970 – 2013 All My Children Lena Kundera Lena was the first recurring bisexual character in daytime television. Maggie dated and had sex with several men before committing herself to Bianca Montgomery.[11][2]
1972 – present Emmerdale Charity Dingle
Debbie Dingle
Robert Sugden
Charity marries Chris Tate and later has an affair with his sister, Zoe. Charity's daughter Debbie has had many relationships with men but becomes serious involved with friend Jasmine Thomas. Robert begins an affair with Aaron Dingle while engaged to Chrissie White. Although it was unconfirmed whether he was gay or bisexual for a long time, the character has since opened up about his bisexuality and that he is attracted to both, women and men.
1981 – 1989 Dynasty Steven Carrington Over the course of the series, Steven has relationships with men and women, but he eventually identifies as gay.[12]
1982 – 2003 Brookside Lindsey Corkhill Has three marriages on the show, but has a long-term affair with friend Shelley Bower.
1984 – 2010 The Bill Juliet Becker
Debbie McAllister
Detective Constable Juliet Becker sets a precedent with the rest of the force after she reveals that she is bisexual. She reveals that she recently had an affair with a married woman, whose husband reacted violently upon finding out. Juliet eventually begins a relationship with fellow officer Detective Sergeant Debbie McAllister, following the events of McAllister's marriage to the cold Superintendent Tom Chandler.
1985 – present EastEnders Sonia Fowler
Tony Hills
Danny Pennant
Steven Beale
Diane Butcher
Sonia leaves the show in a happy relationship with a man (with whom she has a daughter), but had sexual relations with a woman beforehand. Tony has an ongoing relationship with Simon Raymond but has a number of affairs with women during that time. Danny has sexual relationships with both men and women. The buildup to Steven's exit involved in a bisexual love triangle storyline among him, Stacey, and Christian Clarke (John Partridge), who is Jane's gay brother.[13][14] Diane has had relationships with men and women.
1986 – 1994 L.A. Law C.J. Lamb C.J. was the first regular bisexual character on a primetime TV show. Her kiss with Abby Perkins in the season five episode, "He's a Crowd", was also the first kiss between women on a primetime television series.[2]
1988 – present Home and Away Charlie Buckton Has a relationship with Joey Collins and later with Angelo Rosetta.
1988 – 1997 Roseanne Nancy Bartlett
Beverly Harris
Nancy is Roseanne's friends and after coming out as bisexual is shown having relationships with both men and women.[15]
1988 – 1991 Midnight Caller Mike Barnes The episode "After It Happened" deals with Mike Barnes, a bisexual man, delibarately spreading AIDS to heterosexual women.[16]

Premiered during 1990 – 1999[edit]

Duration Title Bisexual character(s) Notes
1992 – present Shortland Street Caroline Buxton Caroline has had a long running romance with badboy Greg Feeney. She also had a relationship with Laura Hall.
1993 – 1999 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Jadzia Dax
Kira Nerys (alternate universe)
Ezri Dax
Elim Garak.
Jadzia and Ezri Dax's relationships with females portrayed as related to previous existence as a male, alternate-universe Kira portrayed as a hedonistic tyrant. Garak was originally intended as omnisexual by the actor, and many fans still consider him as such, although he never engages in an 'official' relationship throughout the seasons.
1993 – 1999 Homicide: Life on the Street Tim Bayliss Explores bisexuality in later seasons of the show. In the first episode concerning his bisexuality, Bayliss flatly stated he was "not gay" and did not formally come out until season 7, but even then he did not want to be deemed "a crusader" on the matter.
1993 – 1998 Babylon 5 Susan Ivanova Had romantic relationships with Marcus (male) and Talia (female; more implied than explicit on screen but later confirmed).
1995 – 2001 Xena: Warrior Princess Xena
Xena and Gabrielle are possibly lovers; implied from middle of the series to its end. Hints that Xena may have been sexually intimate with two women before Gabrielle are also present.
1995 – 1996 Neon Genesis Evangelion Shinji Ikari Falls in love with another boy, Kaworu Nagisa
1995 – present Hollyoaks Craig Dean
Kris Fisher
Ravi Roy
Sarah Barnes
Craig is depicted as straight until he starts an affair with best friend John Paul McQueen, who is gay. Kris is a self-identified bisexual cross-dresser and has had affairs with both genders, through primarily females. Ravi begins a relationship with Nancy but then sleeps with Kris, both of whom were having an affair themselves, causing the three of them to form a short-lived 'love triangle'. When asked about her character's sexuality, Loui Batley discussed Sarah possibly being bisexual.[17]
1996 – 1997 This Life Ferdy
1997 – 2005 Family Affairs Adam Sheldrake
Karen Ellis
Brendan Boulter
Adam Sheldrake is engaged to Gabby Johnson but later has a fling with friend Clive Starr. Karen is engaged to long-time boyfriend Matt who she marries but later leaves him to have a relationship with Kelly Hurst. After Kelly dies, Karen reconciles with Matt. Brendan Boulter dates Becky Scott and Melanie Costello, who he eventually marries but has affairs with Sean Steel and a man named Jason.
1997 – 2003 Oz Chris Keller
Tobias Beecher
Keller is a homicidal sociopath; Beecher previously married but falls in love and engages in sexual relationship with Keller.
1998 – 2004 Sex and the City Samantha Jones
1998 – 2006 Will & Grace Karen Walker Karen has shown attraction to both women and men.
1999 – 2003 Farscape Chiana Sexuality portrayed as fluid.
1999 – present Family Guy Lois Griffin
Stewie Griffin
Lois at one point reveals she had same-sex relations when she was younger, but eventually lost interest. Stewie's orientation is left ambiguous, with many hints indicating he is either bi or gay.
1999 – present Holby City Bernie Wolfe Had a long term marriage to a man, they split when she is found working at Holby City hospital by a woman she previously had an affair with during her army days.

Serena Campbell Has had relationships with men but is in a relationship with Bernie Wolfe

Premiered during 2000 – 2009[edit]

Duration Title Bisexual character(s) Notes
2000 – 2004 Coupling (UK) Jane Claims to have slept with fifteen women, but seems to be pretending for the attention.
2000 – 2005 Queer as Folk (US) Hunter
Sexuality portrayed as fluid, but can be socially problematic.
2001 – 2005 Six Feet Under Russel
Keith Charles
Billy Chenowith
Russel is confused; Keith is primarily gay; Billy is primarily straight.
2001 Bob & Rose Bob Identifies as gay, though finds the only female he's attracted to is Rose.
2001 – 2011 Law & Order: Criminal Intent Nicole Wallace Arch-nemesis of Detective Robert Goren. Appears in episodes "Anti-Thesis", "A Person of Interest", "Great Barrier", and "Grow". Referred to in episodes "Pas de Deux", "Slither", and "Renewal".
2001 – 2010 Scrubs The Todd
Elliot Reid
Bob Kelso
In "My Lucky Charm" he begins to hit on men, stating 'The Todd appreciates hot, regardless of gender'. Through the series, Elliot shows strong signs of being bisexual. Kelso often speaks of times in his past and hints he may have been with another man.
2001 – 2015 Degrassi: The Next Generation Paige Michalchuk
Miles Hollingsworth
Paige has dated many guys, and one lesbian. She started to question her sexuality when she became attracted to her female friend Alex.[18] Miles has dated many girls, and shows interest in one guy. He started to question his sexuality when he realized he was attracted to Tristan.
2001 – 2010 24 Mandy Mandy is a terrorist who appeared sporadically during the show's first, second and fourth seasons. She was shown having a girlfriend during the first season and a boyfriend in the fourth.[19]
2002 – 2006 Footballers' Wives Conrad Gates Discreetly bisexual, Conrad had many female partners but had an affair with struggling gay character, Noah.
2002 Firefly Inara Takes a female client in the episode "War Stories" and mentions having done so in the past occasionally.
2002 – 2004 Wild West Mary Trewednack
Angela Phillips
They are a lesbian couple and then decide that the romance has left the relationship and start to date men.
2003 – 2010 Nip/Tuck Quentin Costa
Julia McNamara
Kimber Henry
Christian Troy
Matt McNamara
2003 – 2007 The O.C. Alex Kelly
Marissa Cooper
Had a casual romance during a part of the series second season.
2003 – 2015 Peep Show Jeremy Osbourne While he usually is seen engaging in opposite sex liaisons, Jeremy starts a relationship with another man in the final season. He also claims he's had sex with more men than Sophie (four).
2003 – 2012 One Tree Hill Anna Taggaro Anna was initially in a relationship with Lucas but after they broke up she kissed Peyton. It's later revealed that the reason she and her family moved to Tree Hill in the first place was to escape the harassment she faced. Anna was the first recurring bisexual character of color on television.
2003 – present Arrested Development GOB Bluth GOB has hinted at having sex with both men and women throughout the course of the show. Two of his most significant romantic relationships in the show thus far have been with Lucille 2 (Liza Minnelli) and, in Season 4, Tony Wonder (Ben Stiller).
2004 – 2009 The L Word[20] Alice Pieszecki
Jenny Schecter
Phyllis Kroll
Tina Kennard
Sexuality portrayed as fluid, but can be socially problematic. Often shown as a phase.
2004 – 2006 Joey Gina Tribbiani In the Season 2 episode "Joey and the Holding Hands", it is implied that Gina may be bisexual.
2004 – 2012 Desperate Housewives Katherine Mayfair Katherine has a sexual attraction to men, and later for a woman.
2004 – 2009 Battlestar Galactica (2004)[21] Number Six
Number Three / D'Anna Biers
Felix Gaeta
Number Three, Number Six and Gaius Baltar have a polyamorous relationship in Season 3. Felix Gaeta's sexuality was addressed in online "webisodes", in which he is shown dating Lt. Hoshi (male) and had a past relationship with a female Cylon.
2004 – 2007 Drawn Together[8] Foxxy Love, Captain Hero Foxxy is bisexual with a preference for men; Captain Hero comically displays sexual attraction to most things, but is secretive about his romantic attraction to men.
2004 – 2012 House Dr. Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley Openly bisexual, she was seen having casual sex with women and having a serious romantic relationship with main character Eric Foreman, and after they broke up, she then entered into a serious romantic relationship with a woman at one point.
2005 – present American Dad! Roger
Avery Bullock
Principal Lewis
A bisexual alien, Stan's bisexual boss at the CIA, and Steve's Principal who has a "prison wife" whom he's seen outside of prison with a few times as well as being known as a lady's man.
2005 Casanova Giacomo Casanova Tries to sleep with a man, only to discover she's a woman and sleep with her anyway.
2005 – present Grey's Anatomy Callie Torres Married to George O'Malley for a brief time. Has a sexual relationship with a male doctor before embarking on two consecutive relationships with women. Identified as bisexual in season 11, episode 5.
2005 – 2006 Sugar Rush Sugar
2005 – present Prison Break Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell T-Bag is a pedophile and rapist. As stated by his actor Robert Knepper. "he'd [sleep with] anything".[22]
2005 – 2017 Bones Angela Montenegro Married to a man, but had at least one serious relationship with a woman that was rekindled during the course of the show.
2005 – present Supernatural Chuck Shurley / Carver Edlund / God He explicitly states that he has had some girlfriends and a few boyfriends.
2005 – 2014 How I Met Your Mother Lily Aldrin Displays several erotic dreams involving her friend Robin.
2005 – 2009 My Name Is Earl Stuart Daniels Became long-term lover of Kenny James, but demonstrated strong attraction to women as well several times throughout the series.
2005 – 2008 South of Nowhere Ashley Davies Displayed a romantic/sexual attraction to ex-boyfriend Aiden Dennison on more than one occasion, but often identifies as a lesbian.
2006 – 2010 Heroes Claire Bennet
Gretchen Berg
Claire is portrayed as straight, kissing three guys over the course of the first three seasons of the show and having one serious boyfriend, but then in season 4, after being kissed by her female roommate Gretchen, begins to consider that her sexuality might be more fluid than she once thought. She accepts holding Gretchen's hand and starts to do it herself willingly before season 4 ends. The show was canceled before Claire's sexuality was fully explored, though.
2006 – 2011 Torchwood[8] Captain Jack Harkness
Toshiko Sato
Ianto Jones
Owen Harper
Captain John Hart
All main characters sexualities intended to remain fluid.Gwen's sexuality remains ambiguous. Jack and John embody pansexuality to varying degrees, whereas Ianto, Owen and Tosh more realistically depict 21st century bisexuals. Tosh has sexual and romantic relationships with men and women, and Owen has sexual relationships with both too. Ianto explicitly acknowledges that he identifies as bisexual in the Torchwood novel Twilight Streets. Also, the actor who played Ianto, Gareth David-Lloyd, stated, "He doesn’t quite strike me as a labelist anyway, but if he were a labelist, he’d probably be bisexual."[23]
2007 – 2008 Dirt Leo Spiller
Julia Mallory
Leo possibly in denial of homosexuality; Julia "only when stoned".
2007 – 2013 Skins Tony Stonem
Cassie Ainsworth
Naomi Campbell
Mini McGuinness
Tony's sexual behavior is primarily towards women, but he has a one-night stand with Maxxie; it is later revealed through his subconscious that Tony is polysexual. Cassie begins sexual relations with both men and women to spite her boyfriend. In series 3 and 4, Naomi displays attraction to men and women, though her primary relationships are with women. In the later half of series 5, Mini's attraction towards Franky implies she is bisexual, though this attraction is short-lived and has no relevance in series 6.
2007 Saul of the Mole Men Nathaniel Baltimore
2007 – 2010 The Tudors George Boleyn
Thomas Tallis
2007 – 2012 Gossip Girl Chuck Bass
Olivia Burke
Chuck, while primarily portrayed as a promiscuous womanizer, has admitted to kissing guys before. Elliot states explicitly that he likes boys and girls, and begins a relationship with Eric, who is gay. Olivia Burke kisses Vanessa more than once during their threesome with Dan Humphrey.
2007 – 2011 Secret Diary of a Call Girl Belle/Hannah
2008 – present Murdoch Mysteries Dr Emily Grace Became lover of fellow suffragette Lillian Moss, whom she planned to move to london with to join the women's suffrage movement there. In previous seasons was in romantic relationship with two other men, plus one other prior to her first appearance on the show. Confirmed by showrunner.
2008 – 2010 Legend of the Seeker Cara Mason Cara is shown in relationships with both men and women.
2008 – 2010 Survivors Anya
2009 – 2011 Being Erica Ivan
Ivan identifies as gay, but then says he feels "put in a box" and comments that he thinks gay people also, sometimes, can be 10% straight, and while he is attracted to big, hairy dudes most of the time, he also sometimes finds himself attracted to slender, blonde women. He marries a man on the series but also has always wondered what breasts feel like to touch and Julianne lets him touch hers. Erica experiments with bisexuality briefly in one episode, attempting a sexual relationship with her lesbian roommate, Cassidy, but ultimately Erica decides she is straight and her feelings for Cassidy are just feelings of friendship. Julianne mentions that she kissed a girl once, but seems to identify as straight.
2009 – 2015 Glee[24] Brittany Pierce Brittany has been described on the show as "fluid" and "bicurious," and in season 5 Santana describes Brittany as "bisexual". The fall 2011 GLAAD report listed her as bisexual.[25] Brittany has kissed most of the boys and girls in school as well as her best friend Santana Lopez, and has had serious romantic relationships with Sam Evans, Artie Abrams and Santana. By season four, she is comfortable saying she would date men or women. In season six she and Santana get married.
2009 – 2012 Make It or Break It Max Spencer In episode "What Lies Beneath," Max reveals his bisexuality to Austin and worries about how his female love interest, Payson, would respond.
2009 – 2014 Warehouse 13 Helena "H.G." Wells The character explicitly states, "Many of my lovers were men." Another character mentions that H.G.'s relationship with a man ended and that she is dating a woman.
2009 Melrose Place (2009) Ella Simms Ella has sex with both men and women throughout the series.
2009 – present Archer Pam Poovey
Spirodon Skorpio
Ray Gillette
Pam regularly expresses interest in both genders. Skorpio is the main antagonist in the episode Skorpio, he has a threesome involving chocolate with Lana Kane and Sterling Archer. Ray identifies as gay, but given the opportunity to have sex with co-worker Lana he says, "Nobody's that gay."; was once married to a lesbian as part of a "pray away the gay" program.
2009 – 2016 The Good Wife Kalinda Sharma She describes herself as "flexible", the actress who portrays her calls her bisexual, and Cary, a man she is sexually involved with in season 5, calls her bisexual to correct Alicia's confusion when Alicia says "I thought she was a lesbian". Alicia asks Kalinda back at the end of season 1 if she's gay, and Kalinda answers "I'm private". Kalinda has had sex with multiple men and women on the series as well as flirtations and discusses how the difference between sex with men and sex with women is like choosing Thai or Italian food; they're both good, just different.

Premiered after 2009[edit]

Duration Title Bisexual character(s) Notes
2010 Caprica Clarice Willow Clarice is a member of a group marriage involving two husbands and several wives.
2010 – 2013 Spartacus Lucretia
Depicts the Ancient Roman approach to sexual orientation; people have certain social obligations depending on class (e.g. free citizens expected to marry and have children), but the gender of a person's sexual partners is not seen as particularly notable.
2010 – 2015 Parenthood Haddie Braverman Has two serious boyfriends over the first three seasons of the show, and is sexually active with the second of them starting at the end of season 2. She clearly feels strong feelings for both of her boyfriends. She isn't on the show for most of seasons 4 or 5 because she's moved across the country to attend college, but when she returns in the season 5 finale, she brings her "super awesome best friend" with her, whom she actually is kissing and dating. Her younger brother wonders if kissing a girl makes her a lesbian. She "comes out" to her mother as having fallen for this girl, Lauren, but her specific sexual orientation is never mentioned.
2010 – present Pretty Little Liars Maya St. Germain
Alison DiLaurentis
Maya believed to be a lesbian, until she admitted dating a boy at the camp 'True North'. Alison is shown to have had many brief romantic trysts with various men, but was revealed to have kissed her friend Emily several times in the past, as well as saying to Emily in season 5 "I always made you think your feelings for me were totally one-sided, that wasn't true."
2010 – 2016 Rizzoli & Isles Maura Isles Says she has never been with a Frenchwoman, implying she's been with other women.
2010 – 2013 Him & Her Paul Nearly leaves his wife, Laura, for his lover, Graham.
2010 – 2015 Lost Girl[26] Bo
Because she feeds off of sexual energy, Bo is involved with many human and Fae characters throughout the show. Her 3 long-term relationships are with 2 Fae men and a human woman, though in each season she has many sexual partners both female and male. In her character description, Tamsin is described as bisexual. Also seen throughout the series as being attracted to both males and females, including her male police partner and the lead, Bo.
2010 – 2012 Lip Service Frankie Alan
2011 – present Bob's Burgers Bob Belcher Although married to Linda, he is prone to homoerotic situations and has expressed interest in males had he not been married. In the episode Turkey in a Can, Bob tells the cashier: "I'm straight. I mean, I'm mostly straight."
2011 – present Shameless Monica Gallagher
Svetlana Fisher
Veronica Fisher
Interested in men like Frank and Walter, and also had sex with Clayton Gallagher. However, she also has been in a committed relationship with Roberta, a woman, and had a fling with another woman while committed to the hospital after her suicide attempt. Monica is bipolar and her bisexuality may be a problematic example of representation because of how it is treated as sort of a symptom of her mental illness. Svetlana has sex/relantionships with both men, and women. Veronica started a polyamorous relationship with her husband and Svetlana.
2011 – 2013 Happy Endings Jane Kerkovich-Williams Dated both men and women.
2011 – present Game of Thrones Oberyn Martell
Ellaria Sand
Yara Greyjoy
During their visit in King's Land on behalf of Oberyn's brother, Prince Doran Martell, Oberyn and Ellaria are shown engaging in a threesome with Olyvar, a spy for Littlefinger and prostitute usually engaging in homosexual relationships. Yara Greyjoy, queen of the iron island stated that she gets with men or women as the mood hits her.
2011 – present Teen Wolf Caitlin
Jackson Whittemore
Caitlin is a young woman who is first introduced as having been in a relationship with Emily. Caitlin later kisses Stiles and reveals she is bisexual. Jackson was dating Lydia in season 2, in season 6 he was dating Ethan. Brett is a bisexual lacrose player.
2011 – 2015 Revenge Nolan Ross
Tyler Barrol
Claims to be "about a three on the Kinsey scale." Tyler dates Ashley Davenport but later seduces a male character.
2011 – 2013 Whitney Neal He starts the series dating Lily and they later get engaged. After they break up he begins a relationship with a man. His sexuality is described as fluid.
2011 – 2014 Suburgatory Dalia Royce She is shown to have dated guys and at least one girl.
2011 – present American Horror Story Countess Elizabeth
Ramona Royale
Natacha Rambova
Will Drake[27]
All of these characters appear during the shows fifth season titled American Horror Story: Hotel.
2012 – 2013 Smash Ellis Boyd
2012 – 2014 The Legend of Korra Korra
Asami Sato
Both Korra and Asami are two women portrayed as being in relationships with male characters throughout the series but by season 4 it becomes evident that the duo feel more than just platonic attraction to one another. The last scene of the show implies heavily that the two are in a relationship together. The creators of the show have both confirmed that the last scene of the show does in fact mean that the two have romantic feelings for each other.[28][29][30]
2012 – present Arrow Sara Lance Sara was in relationship with Oliver Queen before the boat accident. In season two it's revealed she had a relationship with Nyssa al Ghul while with the League of Assassins.
2013 – 2017 East Los High Camila Barrios Season 2 episode 1 Camila hooked up with her best friend Jocelyn Reyes and continues this way for a short stint in the following episodes.
2013 – present House of Cards Frank Underwood In Season 1, it is revealed that as a young man, Frank had a romantic relationship with a male classmate at his military college. Though Frank is married to a woman, Claire Underwood, their relationship is depicted as a political and emotional alliance to which sex is essentially peripheral. It isn't until Season 2, when a male third party is involved, that any intercourse is implied. Frank's relationship with reporter Zoe Barnes in Season 1 is physical but highly calculated, and he is open with his wife about the dalliance and its value to their long-term political objectives.
2013 – present Orphan Black Delphine Cormier
Sarah Manning
Delphine acknowledges that sexuality is a spectrum and that she's never been with a woman before after she begins developing feelings for Cosima and enters a relationship with Cosima.
2013 – 2015 Hannibal Alana Bloom
Hannibal Lecter
Alana is in a relationship with a man in the second season, but marries a woman in the third. Hannibal is shown having relationships with women as well as being in love with a man, and is described by show runner Bryan Fuller as omnisexual.[31]
2013 – 2015 Hemlock Grove Destiny Rumancek Although she is engaged in the later series—in the first series, Destiny has a physical and sexual relationship with Dr Clementine Chasseur.
2013 – 2016 The Fall Stella Gibson Initiates sexual relations with both women and men; doesn't identify her sexual orientation.
2013 – present The Fosters Monte Porter Monte has an ex-husband and at one point kisses Lena. On her online dating profile, Monte describes herself as bisexual.
2013 – present Orange Is the New Black Piper Chapman
Lorna Morello
possibly Brook Soso
Sexuality portrayed as fluid. Piper mentions the Kinsey scale but the word "bisexual" is never used. In the second season, Vee warns Taystee not to be "gay-for-the-stay."
2013 – present Brooklyn Nine-Nine Rosa Diaz Rosa has dated two men on the series, Marcus and Adrien Pimento. In the 99th episode, it is revealed that she is bisexual and dating a woman.
2013 – 2014 Witches of East End Joanna Beauchamp Joanna has had a husband, Victor. While the two were separated she had a relationship with a woman named Alex in the 1970s.
2014 – present The 100 Clarke Griffin At the beginning of the show she sleeps with a male character. In the second season, she kisses a female character. In the third season she sleeps with two female characters and falls in love with one. This was also confirmed by writer and producer Jason Rothenberg.[32]
2015 Banana[33] Freddie Baxter Described by roommate Dean Monroe as being "kind of anything" in reference to his sexuality.[34] He is confirmed as being bisexual by actor Freddie Fox.[35]
2014 – 2017 Black Sails Eleanor Guthrie

Anne Bonny

Eleanor was in a relationship with a woman, Max, at the beginning of the first season.

Anne Bonny has a fusional relationship with Jack Rackham but falls in love with Max in season 2.

2014 – 2019 Broad City Ilana Wexler Abbi Abrams Throughout the series, Ilana has relationships with men, women and non-binary people, and she regularly makes her feelings towards Abbi known. In season 2 she enters a relationship with a woman who looks identical to her. Abbi has relationships with men exclusively until the final season, in which she begins dating a female doctor.
2014 – 2015 Chasing Life Brenna Carver A 16-year-old girl who develops feelings for both Kieran, a boy she met in the aftermath of a party, and Greer, a classmate who is an out lesbian. After quickly coming to terms with her simultaneous feelings for both, she attempts to maintain romantic relationships with the two. Although initially reluctant to assign labels to herself, she eventually comes to self-identify as bisexual.
2015 – present Code Black Noa Kean Mentions having dated both boys and girls.
2015 – present Crazy Ex-Girlfriend[36] Darryl Whitefeather Previously divorced from a woman. Upon hanging out with Rebecca and her friends, he starts developing a crush on White Josh. After White Josh kisses him on the cheek, Darryl begins to questioning his sexuality, eventually realizing during a cardio class that he is attracted to both genders. He proudly exclaims to White Josh that he is a "both-sexual", and the two of them begin dating.[37]
2015 Cucumber[33] Freddie Baxter Described by roommate Dean Monroe as being "kind of anything" in reference to his sexuality.[34] He is confirmed as being bisexual by actor Freddie Fox.[35]
2016 –present Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (TV series) Tina Tevetino She announces her bisexuality explicitly in the show.
2014 Z Nation Addison "Addy" carver In an episode she develops a bond with a woman called "dana" in series 2 despite her feelings for mack thompson a male hockey player which throughout the first half of series is her boyfreind.
2016 – present The Good Place Eleanor Shellstrop In the Season 1 finale, Eleanor says that Tahani is a "hot, rich fraud with legs for days" and then confesses, "Side note, I might legit be into Tahani". In Season 2, episode 2, Eleanor and Tahani are briefly shown as soulmates in one of the reboots. In the Season 3 episode "Janet(s)", Eleanor (in the form of Janet) says that she "would hit this this", while pointing to her Janet-body. She has been confirmed bisexual by William Jackson Harper, who plays Chidi.[38]
2014 – present Gotham Barbara Kean Has a bisexual relationship with Major Crimes Division Officer Renee Montoya and fiancé Jim Gordon.
2014 – present Halt and Catch Fire Joe MacMillan Initiates a season-long sexual relationship with female programmer Cameron Howe in episode 1. In episode 3, seduces the trophy boyfriend of wealthy widow in order to avoid a business deal with her. In episode 7, his ex-boyfriend Simon re-enters his life briefly to inform Joe he has AIDS.
2014 – present How to Get Away with Murder Annalise Keating Annalise kisses her ex-girlfriend Eve Rothlow in Season 2. It is later revealed that they were in a serious relationship during law school. They briefly rekindle their relationship, until Eve finishes her case in Philadelphia and needs to return home.
2016 – present The Loud House Luna Loud Seen having a crush on a girl in the second season, after having a crush on a boy in the first season.
2016 – present Lucifer Lucifer Morningstar In episode 2, Lucifer wakes up in bed with women and a man. In season 2 episode 11, when being interrogated, one of his male exes discussed their sexual relations.
2015 – present Mr. Robot Tyrell Wellick Although married to Joanna, Tyrell seduces his boss' male secretary in order to find out who the new CTO candidate is. He's in love Eliott.[39]
2014 – 2016 Penny Dreadful Dorian Gray
Ethan Chandler
Sexuality in Victorian era portrayed as having more freedom. Showrunner John Logan perceives sexuality as fluid and has implied that all characters could potentially be depicted as such.[40]
2015 – present Scream Audrey Jensen
Zoe Vaughn
Audrey has had a relationship with Rachael Murray and describes herself as bi-curious. Zoe has a relationship with Noah. Audrey, Zoe and Noah share a three-way kiss.
2015-2017 Skam Even Bech Næsheim Even was dating a girl, but he fell in love with Isak. It was hinted he considered himself as pansexual.
2015-2018 Sense8 Wolfgang Bogdanow At the end of series, Wolfgang ends in a relationship with both, Kala and Rajan.
2016 – present Shadowhunters Magnus Bane Magnus is an immortal warlock. Upon meeting Alec Lightwood he immediately shows an interest in him and the two eventually begin a relationship.
2016 – present The Shannara Chronicles Eretria Eretria once seduced Wil for information. In season 2, she is in a relationship with Princess Lyria.
2015 – present Stitchers Camille Engelson Has a male love interest on the show, and is open about having dated at least one woman in the past.
2016 – present This Is Us William Hill William married a woman with whom he had a son, Randall. Years after her death, he dated a man named Jessie. He said to Kevin, "I've always loved both men and women." when told he was "gay now."
2014 – present Transparent Sarah
2016 – present Wynonna Earp Waverly Earp Waverly dated a "boy-man", named Champ and later broke up with him, realizing she shouldn't have to lower her dating standards so far. She later begins secretly, at least at first, dating the new police deputy, Nicole Haught.
2016 – present The Magicians Eliot Waugh
Quentin Coldwater
Margo Hansen
In season 1 Quentin had a threesome with Margo and Eliot and in season 3 he hooks up with Eliot again when they are stuck in past Fillory. Even though Eliot slept with Margo in the threesome he is still gay not bisexual. Whilst going through Eliot's memory in season 4, Eliot kisses Quentin after admitting he was scared of Quentins feelings toward him.
2016 - 2017 Conviction Hayes Morrison Hayes has complicated relationships with her male ex, Conner, and her female ex, Naomi, especially when they begin to date each other.
2017 – present Riverdale Cheryl Blossom
Toni Topaz
Moose Mason
Cheryl came out to Toni Topaz season 2 episode 14 revealing she was in love with her former best friend Heather in middle school. Toni revealed to Jughead that she was "more into girls" season 2 of Riverdale. In one of the most recent episodes Toni and Cheryl save a kiss making them love interests as well. Mason is closeted and began a brief relationship with Kevin in season 1, they kissed in the finale of season 2.
2017 – present Big Mouth Jay Bilzerian Jay frequently made out with Jessi Klein in Season 1 and even decided to run away from home with her before realizing that they are not a compatible pair. He later kissed Matthew, the only openly gay guy at school, during a game of Smooch or Share, leading him to question his sexuality. He came to the conclusion at the end of Season 2 that he likes both males and females.
2017 – present Future Man Wolf/Torque In Season 2, Wolf/Torque has two husbands and three wives.
2016 – present Yuri on Ice Yuri Katsuki In Episode 1, Yuri clearly shows attraction to both men and women, revealing his crush on his female childhood friend, Yuuko, whilst also evidently showing attraction to his idol, Victor Nikiforov. In Episode 7, Victor, who has now become Yuri's coach, and Yuri share a dramatic kiss and begin their romantic relationship, which was later confirmed by show writer Mitsurō Kubo and show director Sayo Yamamoto on Twitter and at multiple press conferences.
2018 - present Skam France Eliott
He told Lucas he doesn't care if he's dating a girl, or boy. They fall in love. Alexis is openly bisexual.
2018 - present Skam Italia Niccolò Fares He was dating a girl, than he fell in love with a boy.
2019 - present Good Trouble Gael In Episode 1, Gael sleeps with Callie and then a male character later introduced as Brian. Gael confirms he is bisexual in the second episode.
2019 - present Roswell, New Mexico Michael Guerin
Isobel Evans-Bracken
Michael's major love interest is a man starting in the pilot episode.
2019 - present Abby's Abby The titular character in the series, a Latina ex-United States Marine Corps sergeant who runs a unlicensed San Diego bar from her backyard home, is a admitted and unabashed bisexual.
2019 - present Proven Innocent Madeline Scott Madeline dates a male reporter, and then is revealed to have been in at least one serious relationship with a woman. She comes out as bisexual to her parents in the 8th episode of the series.

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