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Granada Studios, former home to Granada Television - the most successful ITV franchise and one of the most successful British television production companies
New Broadcasting House on Oxford Road, former home of BBC Manchester, now demolished

The City of Manchester and its surrounding area has a strong heritage for television broadcasting. The city is home to the oldest television studios in the UK and the most successful ITV franchisee, Granada Television. Manchester's most famous television exports include Coronation Street, Seven Up!, Songs of Praise, University Challenge, A Question of Sport and Mastermind - all of which are still broadcasting to large audiences today. Granada's productions gradually waned in the 2000s, but it is hoped the BBC move to Salford Quays in 2011 will spawn a new era of television broadcasting in the area. Manchester also has a high correlation of successful television drama series,[1] with many being produced and filmed in Manchester and the surrounding areas.[2]

Television broadcasting in Manchester is currently undergoing a major transition with the famous Granada Studios and New Broadcasting House being demolished by 2013 to be replaced by MediaCityUK and The Sharp Project. Both the BBC and ITV have promised to invest more in the North and Manchester will be the base for these operations. MediaCityUK, located two miles from Manchester City Centre, will act as a new second home for the BBC and ITV away from London.

This is a list of television programmes that are/were either set, produced or filmed in Manchester.[3][4] The Media in Manchester page provides a more in depth look at the history of broadcasting and media in Manchester.


The city has had a long heritage of producing programmes at various studios, most notably at ITV's Granada Studios and the BBC's New Broadcasting House. Dock10 studios is located in MediaCityUK, Salford Quays, a couple of miles (about three kilometres) outside Manchester city centre. The Studios at Dock10 is now home to BBC North and ITV Granada since 2013, along with other departments transferred north.

Most television programmes produced in Manchester have been done so by Granada Television, the most successful ITV franchisee who are based at Granada Studios in Manchester. The BBC through BBC North also have a key influence in Manchester and the corporation sees Manchester along with Bristol and London as its main broadcasting centres.

Productions in Manchester[edit]

Fiction produced and/or set in Manchester[edit]

Manchester has two main production units in Granada Television at The Manchester Studios and BBC North at New Broadcasting House and both share a joint venture in 3SixtyMedia. Smaller Manchester based production companies such as Red Production Company and more recently RSJ Films led by writer Jimmy McGovern have consistently used Manchester and north as a background for drama.

Manchester has been used as a setting for many TV programmes with its industrial past, quirky cultural modern atmosphere or working roots. Some programmes are set in Manchester but weren't filmed or produced there, as in the case of Father & Son, a 2010 drama which was broadcast on ITV.

Programme Year Production Broadcaster Notes
The Army Game 1957–1961 Granada Television ITV
Biggles 1960 Granada Television ITV Produced at Granada Studios
Coronation Street
Coronation Street: Episode 1
Coronation Street Live (2000)
Coronation Street Live (2010)
1960-present Granada Television ITV Filmed in at MediaCityUK in Salford. Longest running serial TV soap drama in the world
All Our Yesterdays 1960–1973
Granada Television ITV
The Odd Man 1962–1967 Granada Television ITV
Pardon the Expression 1965–1967 Granada Television ITV Spin-off of Coronation Street
The Corridor People 1966 Granada Television ITV
Turn Out the Lights 1967 Granada Television ITV
The Caesars 1968 Granada Television ITV
Spindoe 1968 Granada Television ITV
Nearest and Dearest 1968–1973 Granada Television ITV
The Dustbinmen 1969–1970 Granada Television ITV Produced by Granada[5]
The Lovers 1970–1971 Granada Television ITV
A Family at War 1970–1972 Granada Television ITV
Play for Today
1970–1984 BBC BBC
Crown Court 1972–1984 Granada Television ITV
Sam 1973–1975 Granada Television ITV
The Nearly Man 1974 Granada Television ITV
The Cuckoo Waltz 1975–1977, 1980 Granada Television ITV
Arrows 1976–77 Granada Television ITV
Strangers 1978–1982 Granada Television ITV
Brideshead Revisited 1981 Granada Television ITV
Wood and Walters 1981–1982 Granada Television ITV
Travelling Man 1984 Granada Television ITV Set and filmed in Manchester[6]
The Jewel in the Crown 1984 Granada Television ITV
Sherlock Holmes 1984–1994 Granada Television ITV
Albion Market 1985–1986 Granada Television ITV A planned companion soap for Coronation Street but was met with indifference and cancelled after a year
The Practice 1985–1986 Granada Television ITV Produced, filmed and set in Manchester.
Lost Empires 1986 Granada Television ITV Produced by Granada in Manchester.[7]
Watching 1987–1993 Granada Television ITV Produced by Granada in Manchester.
Red Dwarf 1988–1999
BBC Manchester BBC Produced by BBC Manchester and BBC North at New Broadcasting House
Surgical Spirit 1989–1995 Granada Television ITV Produced at Granada in Manchester. The programme was set at an anonymous location.
Making Out 1989–1991 BBC Manchester BBC One
Jeeves and Wooster 1990–1993 Granada Television ITV
Prime Suspect 1991–2006 Granada Television ITV Series was produced by Granada Television in Manchester and set in London with the exception of series 5 which was set in Manchester
Cracker 1993–1996, 2006 Granada Television ITV
Common As Muck 1994–1997 BBC BBC One Filmed in parts of Manchester
The Perfect Match 1995 Granada Television ITV Written by Mike Bullen who later wrote Cold Feet[8]
Children's Ward 1989–2000 Granada Television CITV Location filming at Bolton Royal Hospital with indoor scenes recorded at Granada Studios
Band of Gold 1995–1997 Granada Television ITV
Hillsborough 1996 Granada Television ITV Docu-drama produced by Granada in Manchester. Voted #54 in BFI 100 Greatest British Television Programmes in 2000.
Reckless 1997 Granada Television ITV Set in Manchester and London
Cold Feet 1998–2003 Granada Television ITV Filmed and set in Manchester. Won over 20 major awards in its 5 series
The Royle Family Main: 1998–2000
Christmas: 1999–
Granada Television BBC Produced, set and filmed in Stockport at Vector Television, although later series were filmed at Ealing Studios and more recent episodes have been filmed at The Pie Factory, in MediaCityUK.
Dinnerladies 1998–2000 BBC Television Centre BBC Set in Manchester but produced and filmed elsewhere
Sex, Chips & Rock n' Roll 1999 BBC Drama Set and filmed in various places around Greater Manchester including the City of Manchester
The Last Train 1999 Granada Television ITV Produced in Manchester by Granada
Queer as Folk 1999–2000 Red Production Company
Clocking Off 2000–2003 Red Production Company BBC Produced, set and filmed in Manchester
Bob & Rose 2001 Red Production Company ITV Produced, set and filmed in Manchester
Linda Green 2001–2002 Red Production Company BBC Produced, set and filmed in Manchester[9]
Having It Off 2002 Red Production Company BBC Produced and set in Manchester
Doctor Zhivago 2002 Granada Television ITV Produced in Manchester at Granada Studios
The Stretford Wives 2002 BBC BBC One Set in Stretford, Greater Manchester
The Second Coming 2003 Red Production Company BBC One Produced and filmed in Manchester
Burn It 2003 Red Production Company BBC Produced, set and filmed in Manchester
The Deal 2003 Granada Television Channel 4 Produced by Granada at Granada Studios
Early Doors 2003–2004 Ovation Entertainment BBC Set in Manchester, but produced and filmed elsewhere
Blue Murder 2003–2009 Granada Television/ITV Studios ITV Produced and filmed in Manchester
Conviction 2004 Red Production Company ITV Produced in Manchester with some filming in Manchester but primirily filmed in nearby Lancashire
Sex Traffic 2004 Granada Television co-production Channel 4 Joint commissioning with Big Motion Pictures, produced from Granada Studios.
Dirty Filthy Love 2004 Granada Television ITV Produced at Granada Studios
Life Begins 2004–2006 Granada Television ITV Produced by Granada Television[10]
Shameless 2004–2013 Company Pictures Channel 4 Produced, set and filmed in Manchester
Casanova 2005 Granada Television BBC Three Jointly produced by Red Production Company and Granada Television, both are based in Manchester
Pierrepoint 2005 Granada Television ITV Drama film produced by Granada Television[11]
Vincent 2005–2006 Granada Television ITV Set in Manchester[12]
City Lights 2007–2008 Granada Television ITV
Northern Lights 2004–2008 Granada Television ITV
Christmas Lights 2004 Granada Television ITV
Cutting It 2002–2005 BBC North BBC One
Colditz 2005 Granada Television[13] ITV
Funland 2005 BBC Comedy North BBC Three Location filming in Blackpool with interiors shot at New Broadcasting House in Manchester
Ideal 2005–2011 BBC Comedy North, Baby Cow Productions BBC Three Interiors shot at New Broadcasting House in Manchester
Grownups 2006 BBC North BBC Three
Dracula 2006 Granada Television BBC
I'm with Stupid 2006 BBC North BBC Three
See No Evil: The Moors Murders 2006 Granada Television ITV Docu-drama based on the Moors murders
Eleventh Hour 2006 Granada Television ITV Produced and filmed in Manchester
Sinchronicity 2006 Shine Productions BBC Three Set and filmed in Manchester, but not produced there[14]
Sorted 2006 BBC BBC One Set in Manchester, filmed in Stockport
Lewis 2006–2015 Granada Television co-production[15] ITV Filmed on location in and around Oxford
New Street Law 2006–2007 Red Production Company BBC One Produced by Red Production Company based at The Manchester Studios with some filming done in Manchester
The Innocence Project 2006–2007 Tightrope Pictures BBC One Set and filmed in Manchester[16] and Salford but commissioned through BBC Northern Ireland.
Drop Dead Gorgeous 2006–2007 Hat Trick North Productions
Life on Mars 2006–2007 BBC North (amongst others) BBC A collaboration between many production companies such as Kudos and Red Planet Pictures. Manchester based companies BBC North and 3SixtyMedia were also involved and the programme was set and filmed in Manchester
The Street 2006–2009 Granada/ITV Studios BBC One Set in an unnamed street in Manchester, it was produced and filmed in the city and at The Manchester Studios.
Waterloo Road 2006–2015 BBC North (BBC Manchester) BBC One Filmed and set in Rochdale until 2012.
Boy A 2007 Film4 Channel 4 Not set but mostly filmed in Manchester with final scenes filmed in Blackpool
True Dare Kiss 2007 BBC Productions BBC Set and filmed in Manchester
Mobile 2007 ITV Studios ITV Set and filmed and Manchester[17] along with Liverpool. BBC/ITV venture 3SixtyMedia were also involved in production
Cold Blood 2007–2008 ITV Studios ITV Produced and filmed in Manchester
Poppy Shakespeare 2008 Cowboy Films Channel 4 Filmed in Manchester
Spooks: Code 9 2008 BBC BBC Three Set in Manchester
Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen 2008 BBC BBC Four Set in Manchester at the time of the 1918 flu pandemic
Survivors 2008 BBC BBC One First series filmed in Manchester[18]
Wired 2008 Granada Television[19] ITV
Britannia High 2008 ITV Studios ITV
Massive 2008 BBC Comedy North BBC Three
Sunshine 2008 BBC BBC One
Paradox 2009 BBC BBC One Filmed and set in Manchester
Father & Son 2010 Left Bank ITV Set in Manchester, but mainly filmed in Dublin, which was criticised
The Road to Coronation Street 2010 BBC Drama BBC Four Granada Studios used and programme set and filmed in Manchester
Accused 2010–present RSJ Films BBC Produced and filmed in Manchester[20]
United 2011 World Productions in conjunction with BBC North BBC Docu-drama based on the struggles Manchester United faced after the Munich Air Disaster in 1958
Scott & Bailey 2011–2016 Red Production Company ITV Produced and filmed in Manchester
Exile 2011 Red Production Company BBC Produced in Manchester with some parts filmed in Manchester[21]
Bedlam 2011–2012
White Van Man 2011–2012 ITV Studios BBC Three Filmed in Manchester and Greater Manchester
In with the Flynns 2011–2012 BBC BBC One Produced and filmed at Teddington Studios but set in Manchester
Appropriate Adult 2011 ITV Studios ITV Filmed in Manchester[22]
Mount Pleasant 2011–present Tiger Aspect Productions Sky1 Filmed at The Sharp Project and set in Manchester
The Body Farm 2011 BBC BBC One Filmed in Manchester[23] and Macclesfield
Fresh Meat 2011–2016 Lime Pictures Channel 4 Filmed at The Sharp Project[24] and also set in Manchester.[25]
Blackout 2012 Red Production Company BBC
The Fuse 2012 Red Production Company BBC One Produced (by Red Production Company) and filmed in Manchester[26]
Skins 2013 Company Pictures Channel 4 Although the series is set and filmed in Bristol, some scenes in the final series were filmed in Manchester
No Offence 2015 AbbottVision Channel 4

Non-Fiction programmes produced or filmed in Manchester[edit]

Programme Year Genre Production Broadcaster Notes
What the Papers Say 1956–2008 Newspaper Granada Television ITV (1956–83)
Channel 4 (1983–89)
BBC Two (1989-2008)
Produced at The Manchester Studios. Became the first programme made by an ITV company for the BBC (Continues as a Radio Broadcast on BBC Radio 4).
Criss Cross Quiz 1957–1967 Quiz show Granada Television ITV
Songs of Praise 1961–present Religion BBC Religion and Ethics (BBC Manchester) BBC Produced at New Broadcasting House at BBC Manchester
University Challenge 1962–1987
Quizshow Granada Television ITV
Broadcast from Granada Studios
World in Action 1963–1998 Current affairs Granada Television ITV Hard-hitting and controversial programme on current affairs. Often featured investigative journalism. Produced at Granada Studios
Up series
Seven Up!
Seven Plus 7
21 Up
28 Up
35 Up
42 Up
49 Up
56 Up
63 Up
Documentary, social experiment Granada ITV (1964–91)
BBC One (1998)
ITV (2005–19)
Longest running documentary series in the world, listed as one of the Greatest British documentaries in 2005 poll by Channel 4, listed as one of the great movies by critic Roger Ebert
Top of the Pops 1964–2006 Music show BBC North (BBC Manchester) BBC One First three series (1964–67) filmed at disused church in Rusholme, Manchester before being considered a "hit", after which it moved to the BBC Television Centre
It's a Knockout 1966–1988
Game show BBC North (BBC Manchester) for 1972–1988 series BBC
Channel 5
Came to prominence under BBC Manchester's lead and Stuart Hall's presenting and in 1972. Viewing figures soon reached over 15 million compared to the lowly 100,000 the show got pre-1972
The Comedians 1971–1993 Comedy Granada Television ITV
A Question of Sport 1972–present Sport quiz show BBC North (BBC Manchester) BBC One Originally produced at New Broadcasting House, but transferred to The Manchester Studios in 2000 and split production between Manchester and BBC Television Centre. Transferred again to Dock10, MediaCityUK in late 2012.
Mastermind 1972–present Quiz show BBC North (BBC Manchester) BBC One
Discovery Channel
Includes spin-offs such as Celebrity Mastermind, International Mastermind, Junior Mastermind and Sport Mastermind. Originally recorded on location at a different venue each week. The Discovery Channel version was recorded at New Broadcasting House and the revived BBC series was recorded at The Manchester Studios, before transferring to Dock10, MediaCityUK.
The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club 1974–1977 Variety show Granada Television ITV
So It Goes 1976–1977 Music show Granada Television ITV
The Krypton Factor 1977–1995
Game show Granada Television ITV Produced and recorded at the Granada Studios for both original and revived series in 2009. The final 2010 series was recorded at The London Studios.
Oxford Road Show 1981–1985 Music show BBC BBC One
Countdown 1982–present Game show Yorkshire Television/ITV Studios Channel 4 Originally produced and recorded at The Leeds Studios, before transferring to Granada Studios in 2009[27] and transferring again to Dock10, MediaCityUK in 2012.
Connections 1985–1990 Game show Granada Television ITV Produced and filmed at Granada Studios[28]
Busman's Holiday 1985–1993 Game show Granada Television ITV
Open Air 1986–1990 Current affairs BBC North BBC One Filmed at New Broadcasting House
Runway 1987–1993 Game show Granada Television ITV Produced and filmed at Granada Studios
Going for Gold 1987–1996 Game show Reg Grundy Productions BBC One Recorded at New Broadcasting House before moving to the BBC's studios in Elstree.
The Hit Man and Her 1988–1992 Music show Granada Television ITV Produced by Granada Television[29]
Cluedo 1990–1993 Game show Granada Television ITV Produced by Granada Television[30]
Stars in Their Eyes 1990–2006 Talent show Granada Television ITV Recorded at Granada Studios
You've Been Framed 1990–present Comedy Granada Television/ITV Studios ITV
The Mrs Merton Show 1994–1998 Comedy talk show Granada Television BBC One Recorded at The Manchester Studios
The Heaven and Earth Show' 1998–2007 Religion/spirituality BBC One BBC Religion and Ethics (based at BBC Manchester) Broadcast from both New Broadcasting House and later from Granada Studios
Tonight 1999–present Current affairs Granada Television/ITV Studios ITV
Loose Women 1999–present Talk show Granada Television (from 1999–2002) ITV Originally broadcast from Granada Studios but moved to Anglia Television and later The London Studios.
I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! 2002–present Reality game show Formerly Granada TV co-production with LWT. Now ITV Studios. ITV Created by Granada and produced by its subsidiary LWT
Living with Michael Jackson 2003 Documentary Granada Television ITV Documentary in which Martin Bashir interview American pop star Michael Jackson over a period of eight months. The UK airing had 15 million viewers, while 38 million watched the two-hour special on ABC.
Real Story 2003–2006 Current affairs BBC North BBC One Produced at New Broadcasting House
Hell's Kitchen 2004–2009 Reality Granada Television ITV Devised and produced by Granada Television[31]
Honey, We're Killing the Kids 2005 Documentary BBC North BBC Three
Come Dine With Me 2005–present Cookery LWT/Granada/ITV Studios Channel 4
Dragons' Den 2005–present Business BBC North (BBC Manchester) BBC Two Features Murrays Mills in Ancoats, Manchester for opening sequence. Dragons "lair" is in Dock10, MediaCityUK and the show is produced by BBC North in association with Sony Pictures Television.
The Jeremy Kyle Show 2005–2019 Talk show ITV Granada/ITV Studios ITV Originally recorded at The Manchester Studios but now transferred to Dock10, MediaCityUK.
Soapstar Superstar 2006–2007 Reality ITV Studios ITV Recorded at The Manchester Studios
Dancing on Ice 2006–present Game show ITV Granada/ITV Studios ITV Filmed at Elstree Studios
Peter Kay's Britain's Got the Pop Factor... 2008 Comedy Ovation Entertainment Channel 4 Filmed at The Manchester Studios[32]
Headcases 2008 Comedy Red Vision ITV Created by Manchester-based Red Vision
Deadliest Crash: The Le Mans 1955 Disaster 2009 Documentary BBC BBC Four Produced by Bigger Pictures based on Princess Street
Divided 2009 Game show Endemol ITV Filmed in Studio 8 at Granada Studios
Take Me Out 2010–present Game show Talkback Thames ITV First series filmed in Manchester at Granada Studios before moving to The Maidstone Studios.
John Bishop's Britain 2010–present Comedy Objective Productions North BBC One Filmed in Manchester at Granada Studios (series 1) and Dock10, MediaCityUK (series 2)[33]
The First Election Debate 2010 Political debate ITV Studios ITV The first-ever televised debate between the leaders of the three major political parties ahead of the 2010 General Election. Broadcast Studio 12 at the Granada Studios. The debate gained over 10 million viewers.[34]
Blue Peter Children show BBC Children's CBBC, BBC One Filmed at Dock10, MediaCityUK from 2011
High Stakes Gameshow ITV Granada ITV Filmed in Studio 12 at the Granada Studios
Newsround News BBC Children's CBBC, BBC One
Match of the Day Sport BBC Sport BBC One
Match of the Day 2 Sport BBC Sport BBC One
Football Focus Sport BBC Sport BBC One
Final Score Sport BBC Sport BBC One
Inside Sport Sport BBC Sport BBC One
Grand Prix: The Killer Years 2011 Documentary BBC BBC Four Produced by Bigger Pictures
BBC Breakfast News BBC BBC One

Children's programming[edit]

Programme Year Genre Production Broadcaster Notes
Sooty and Co. 1993-1998 Comedy Granada Television ITV
Clapperboard 1972–1982 Cinema Granada Television ITV
Hickory House 1973–1977 Animation Granada Television ITV
Shang-a-Lang 1975 Music Granada Television ITV
Chorlton and the Wheelies 1976–1979 Animation Cosgrove Hall Films ITV Produced by Chorlton-based Cosgrove Hall Films, hence the name
Danger Mouse 1981–1992 Animation Cosgrove Hall Films/Thames Television ITV
Count Duckula 1988–1993 Animation Cosgrove Hall Films/Thames Television ITV
8:15 from Manchester 1990–91 Magazine BBC BBC Broadcast from New Broadcasting House
Blue Peter 1961–present Variety BBC Children's BBC Broadcast from Dock10, MediaCityUK from September 2011
Roary the Racing Car 2007–present Animation Cosgrove Hall Films Various including Channel 5 and Nick Jr.

Awards given to Manchester produced or filmed programmes[edit]


Since the introduction of the best drama series at the BAFTAs in 1992, Mancunian produced or filmed drama has won the award on 9 occasions out of the 19 awarded (up to 2011) - more than any other city. Cracker (Granada Television) won twice in 1995 and 1996, The Cops (filmed in Manchester) won twice in 1999 and 2000, Clocking Off (Red Production Company, Manchester production company based at Granada) in 2001, Cold Feet (Granada Television) in 2002, Shameless (filmed in Manchester) in 2005 and The Street (Granada Television) in 2007 and 2008.

Peggy Ashcroft won a BAFTA TV award for best actress in 1985 in her performance in The Jewel In The Crown and later Helen Mirren won best actress three consecutive times, a record, for her performance in the Granada-produced Prime Suspect series.

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