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The first television signal broadcast in Bangladesh was in 1964 by the then state-owned television network Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV). From then onwards Bangladesh Television (BTV) had a virtual monopoly until the late 1990s. Since then a number of stations have arrived. Many have also shut down in the process.

This is a list of television stations in Bangladesh available on digital terrestrial, satellite and cable systems.

Public service broadcasters

Multichannel broadcasters[edit]

Bangladesh Television[edit]

Multimedia production company[edit]

  • Asian Television Network (ATN)
    • ATN Bangla – privately owned 24-hour entertainment channel founded in 1997.
    • ATN UK – available in Europe as well as Bangladesh, ATN UK holds the official broadcasting rights of Emmy Award in Bangladesh.
  • ATN Music TV – 24-hour music channel.
  • ATN News – 24-hour news channel.
  • ATN Islamic TV – 24-hour online religious-based channel.

International Television Limited[edit]

  • National Television (NTV)
    • NTV – 24-hour entertainment channel founded in 2003 by International TV Limited.
    • NTV2 – broadcast expected in 2016.
    • NTV Europe – only available in Europe.
    • Fashion TV – 24-hour fashion channel founded in 2015 by Fashion Television Bangladesh Ltd.

Impress Group[edit]

  • Channel I
    • Channel I – 24-hour entertainment channel founded in 1999, owned by Impress Group
    • Channel I Europe – only broadcasts in Europe

SA Group[edit]

  • SA TV – 24-hour entertainment channel founded in 2013.
  • SA TV Europe – only available in Europe.

Other channels[edit]

Currently broadcasting[edit]

Unlicensed broadcasters[edit]

In August 2015, there were 43 authorized TV channels in Bangladesh. Pirate television stations also exist. In August 2015, they included: Ananda Bangla TV, Bangla Music TV, Bengali Movie SK TV, Channel 5, Channel 7, Ctg TV, CTN TV, DM TV, Filmy Bangla TV, Movie Bangla TV, Rang TV, and SB TV. The Ministry of Information has sought action against them.[1]

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