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This is a list of broadcast television stations serving cities in the U.S. state of Hawaii. Each of the three municipal counties — Honolulu County, Maui County and Hawaii County — has its own set of stations. Kauai County has repeaters which broadcast Honolulu's stations through its islands.

Full-power stations[edit]

VC refers to the station's PSIP virtual channel. RF refers to the station's physical RF channel.

Area served City of license VC RF Callsign Network Notes
Hilo Hilo 2 22 KHBC-TV NBC satellite of KHNL ch. 13 Honolulu
Hilo Hilo 9 9 KGMD-TV CBS satellite of KGMB ch. 9 Honolulu
Hilo Hilo 11 11 KHAW-TV Fox satellite of KHON-TV ch. 2 Honolulu; CW on 11.2
Hilo Hilo 13 13 KHVO ABC satellite of KITV ch. 4 Honolulu
Hilo Hilo 14 23 KWHD Ind. satellite of KWHE ch. 14 Honolulu
Honolulu Honolulu 2 8 KHON-TV Fox CW on 2.2 (first air date, as KONA: December 15, 1952)
Honolulu Honolulu 4 40 KITV ABC (first air date, as KULA: April 16, 1954)
Honolulu Honolulu 5 23 KGMB CBS (first air date, as KGMB, Hawaii's initial TV station: December 1, 1952)
Honolulu Honolulu 9 22 KFVE MNT (first air date: February 7, 1988)
Honolulu Honolulu 11 11 KHET PBS (first air date: April 15, 1966)
Honolulu Honolulu 13 35 KHNL NBC (first air date, as KTRG: July 4, 1962)
Honolulu Honolulu 14 31 KWHE Ind. (first air date: August 23, 1986)
Honolulu Honolulu 20 19 KIKU Ind. (first air date, as KHAI: December 30, 1983)
Honolulu Honolulu 26 27 KAAH-TV TBN (first air date, as KSHO, Hawaii's initial UHF station: December 23, 1982)
Honolulu Honolulu 32 33 KBFD-DT Ind. (first air date: March 24, 1986)
Honolulu Honolulu 38 38 KALO ETV (first air date, as KAIE: July 9, 1999)
Honolulu Honolulu 44 43 KWBN ETV (started broadcasting in 1999)
Honolulu Kailua 50 50 KKAI Ind. (started broadcasting in 2004)
Honolulu Waimānalo 56 15 KUPU Ind. (first air date, as KMGT: October 1, 2003)
Honolulu Kāne'ohe 66 41 KPXO-TV ION (first air date: August 31, 1998)
Kailua-Kona Kailua-Kona 6 25 KLEI-TV Ind (first air date: August 1, 1988)
Wailuku Wailuku 3 24 KGMV CBS satellite of KGMB ch. 9 Honolulu
Wailuku Wailuku 7 7 KAII-TV Fox satellite of KHON-TV ch. 2 Honolulu; CW on 7.2
Wailuku Wailuku 10 10 KMEB PBS satellite of KHET ch. 11 Honolulu
Wailuku Wailuku 12 12 KMAU ABC satellite of KITV ch. 4 Honolulu
Wailuku Wailuku 15 16 KOGG NBC satellite of KHNL ch. 13 Honolulu
Wailuku Wailuku 21 21 KWHM Ind. satellite of KWHE ch. 14 Honolulu

Defunct full-power stations[edit]

  • Channel 13: KHVH-TV (original) - Honolulu (5/5/1957-7/16/1958)

Low-power broadcasting stations[edit]


Island of Hawaii[edit]

from Hilo[edit]

  • Channel 10: K28JV-D - (PBS), "Hawaii Educational Television" (KHET retransmission, formerly K04FE Channel 4)[1]
  • Channel 34: K34HC - (RTN) (currently silent)
  • Channel 45: K45CT - (CBS) (KGMB retransmission)

Island of Maui[edit]

From Wailuku[edit]

Island of Kauai[edit]

From Anahola[edit]

  • Channel 36: K36IJ-D - PBS - Repeats KHET

From Kilauea[edit]

  • Channel 62: K62AQ - PBS - Repeats KHET

From Lihue[edit]

  • Channel 30: K30JE-D - PBS - Repeats KHET
  • Channel 51: K51BB - ABC - Repeats KITV
  • Channel 55: K55DZ - FOX - Repeats KHON
  • Channel 65: K65BV - NBC - Repeats KHNL
  • Channel 69: K69BZ - CBS - Repeats KGMB

From Princeville/Hanalei[edit]

  • Channel 29: K29HL-D - PBS - Repeats KHET

From Waimea[edit]

  • Channel 57: K57BI - CBS - Repeats KGMB

From Waipake[edit]

  • Channel 21: K21IA-D - PBS - Repeats KHET

Other islands[edit]

Many inhabited areas of Molokai and Lanai are within range of TV stations and repeaters located on facing areas of Oahu and Maui. Likewise, viewers on Niihau are served by transmitters on the west of Kauai.

Early conversion to digital[edit]

On January 15, 2009, Hawaii became the first state in the United States to permanently have its television stations switch from analog to digital early. Hawaii's full-power TV stations, including network affiliates and independent stations, ceased analog broadcasting at noon on that date. With the exception of residents on Kauai, households that receive TV signals over the air will need to connect a converter box to sets in order to continue watching TV, since Kauai is the only part of Hawaii that receives over-the-air television signals via low-power translators that are not affected by the DTV transition.

Existing analog facilities at Maui's Haleakalā volcano are to be removed due to ongoing interference with astronomy equipment operated under the watchful eye of the United States Department of Defense and the University of Hawaiʻi.[2] The digital stations are being deployed using new facilities at Ulupalakua and the old towers will be removed before the Hawaiian petrels' nesting season begins in March. By making the switch early, the broadcast towers atop Haleakalā near the birds' nesting grounds can be dismantled without interfering with their habits.[3]


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