List of television stations in Rhode Island

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This is a list of broadcast television stations serving cities in the U.S. state of Rhode Island.

Full-power stations[edit]

Current full-power stations[edit]

VC refers to the station's PSIP virtual channel. RF refers to the station's physical RF channel.

Area served City of license VC RF Callsign Network Notes
Providence New Bedford, Massachusetts 6 49 WLNE-TV ABC Grit TV on 6.2, Escape on 6.3
Providence Providence 10 50 WJAR NBC Me-TV on 10.2, Comet on 10.3
Providence Providence 12 13 WPRI-TV CBS Bounce TV on 12.2, GetTV on 12.3
Providence New Bedford, Massachusetts 28 22 WLWC CW Movies! on 28.2, Decades on 28.3
Providence Providence 36 21 WSBE-TV PBS Learn on 36.2, PBS Kids on 36.3, V-me on 36.4
Providence Providence 64 12 WNAC-TV Fox MyNet TV on 64.2, Laff TV on 64.3
Providence Block Island 69 17 WPXQ-TV Ion Qubo on 69.2, Ion Life on 69.3, Ion Shop on 69.4

Defunct full-power stations[edit]

  • Channel 16: WNET (ABC/DuMont) Providence (3/23/1954-7/10/1955) (same license as WNAC-TV)

LPTV stations[edit]

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