List of television stations in Sinaloa

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The following is a list of all IFT-licensed over-the-air television stations broadcasting in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.[1] There are 17 television stations in Sinaloa which are independent or affiliated to at least one Televisa, TV Azteca, or Canal Once network.


Network Stations
Azteca Uno 3
Las Estrellas 3
Imagen Televisión 3
Canal 5 3
Azteca 7 3
Nu9ve 0
SPR/Canal Once 2
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Televisa local 3
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List of television stations[edit]

RF VC Callsign Location Network/name ERP Concessionaire
32 1 XHCUA-TDT Culiacán Azteca Uno
36.7 kW Televisión Azteca
38 2 XHBT-TDT Culiacán Las Estrellas 155 kW Televimex
33 3 XHCTCI-TDT Culiacán Imagen Televisión
(Excélsior TV)
100 kW[2] Cadena Tres I, S.A. de C.V.
24 5 XHCUI-TDT Culiacán Canal 5
(Nu9ve[3], FOROtv)
155 kW Radio Televisión
35 7 XHDO-TDT Culiacán Azteca 7
36.52 kW Televisión Azteca
30 10 XHQ-TDT Culiacán Televisa local 120 kW T.V. de Culiacán
21 11 XHSIN-TDT Culiacán Canal Once
(Once Niños)
44.45 kW Instituto Politécnico Nacional
13 XHPBCL-TDT Culiacán Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano
27 1 XHMSI-TDT Los Mochis Azteca Uno
45.49 kW Televisión Azteca
2 XHBS-TDT Los Mochis
Cd. Obregón, Son.[note 1][4]
Las Estrellas 110 kW
200 kW
33 3 XHCTLM-TDT Los Mochis Imagen Televisión
(Excélsior TV)
50.496 kW[5] Cadena Tres I, S.A. de C.V.
39 5 XHLMI-TDT Los Mochis Canal 5
110 kW Radio Televisión
31 7 XHMIS-TDT Los Mochis Azteca 7
45.21 kW Televisión Azteca
32 10 XHI-TDT[note 2] Los Mochis Televisa local 19.996 kW Televisora del Yaqui
21 11 XHSIM-TDT Los Mochis Canal Once
(Once Niños)
218.51 kW Instituto Politécnico Nacional
34 1 XHLSI-TDT Mazatlán Azteca Uno
38.31 kW Televisión Azteca
25 2 XHOW-TDT Mazatlán Las Estrellas 118 kW Televimex
21 3 XHCTMZ-TDT Mazatlán Imagen Televisión
(Excélsior TV)
34.656 kW[6] Cadena Tres I, S.A. de C.V.
28 5 XHMAF-TDT Mazatlán Canal 5 118 kW Radio Televisión
31 7 XHDL-TDT Mazatlán Azteca 7
38.52 kW Televisión Azteca
23 10 XHMZ-TDT Mazatlán Televisa local 100 kW Televisión del Pacífico
41 14 XHOPMS-TDT Mazatlán SPR multiplex
(11.1 Canal Once, 14.1 Canal Catorce, 14.2 Ingenio Tv, 20.1 TV UNAM, 22.1 Canal 22, 45.1 Canal del Congreso)
28.65 kW Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano


  1. ^ Normally, a shadow channel such as XHBS Ciudad Obregón would operate on the same physical channel as its parent station. However, channel 25 at Ciudad Obregón is reserved for future use and was part of the new network auction of 2014-15; see page 20 of the IFT listing of frequencies allocated for the new networks.
  2. ^ While XHI Los Mochis is licensed as a repeater of its Ciudad Obregón station, XHI Los Mochis features significant local content and often has a different schedule compared to Ciudad Obregón.