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Analog television[edit]

Television in Slovenia was first introduced in 1958. The first TV station in Slovenia was launched by JRT RTV Ljubljana (now RTV Slovenija) in 1958 as TV Ljubljana 1 (now TV Slovenija 1). In 1970 TV Ljubljana 2 (now TV Slovenija 2) was launched and TV Slovenija 3 in 2008.

The first private TV station Kanal A was launched in May 1991. The second private channel POP TV was launched by the company PRO PLUS d.o.o. in December 1995. TV3 was also launched in 1995, and was originally owned by the Roman Catholic Church. It had a poor viewership until Ivan Caleta, a businessman from Croatia, purchased 75% ownership of the channel in 2003, and started to offer more popular programming. Kanal A became the sister channel of POP TV in 2001, when Pro Plus took over the channel. TV3 became the new player on the market, when Swedish company MTG bought it in 2006. On 29 February 2012, it ceased broadcasting due to uncompetitive environment and unresponsiveness of Slovenian authorities.

Slovenia used the analogue PAL standard until December 1, 2010 when analog broadcasting ceased and was replaced with DVB-T.

List of TV stations in Slovenia[edit]



Channel Type Owner Founded Headquarter Programming Website
TV SLO 1 Public Government of Slovenia 1958 Ljubljana newscasts, feature films, documentaries, talk shows, series, children's programming, variety shows, and live coverage of significant national events
TV SLO 2 Public Government of Slovenia 1970 Ljubljana sports, feature films, documentaries, series, children's programming, and repetition of past shows from RTV SLO 1
POP TV Private/commercial Pro Plus (CME) 1995 Ljubljana newscasts, reality shows, game shows, feature films, series, children's programming, and telenovelas
Kanal A Private/commercial Pro Plus (CME) 1991 Ljubljana newscasts, reality shows, feature films, series, children's programming, and sports
Planet TV Private/commercial
(could be deemed part public, since Telekom Slovenije is owned by Republic Of Slovenia)
Antenna TV SL

50.1%: TSmedia (Telekom Slovenije)
49.9%: Antenna Group
2012 Ljubljana newscasts, reality shows, feature films, series, children's programming, and sports

Formerly known as:
TV3Medias (2012-2017)
Pink Si
Private Currently: PRO TV (Bojan Požar) Originally launched in 2010 Currently: Ljubljana talk show, feature films, series, and telenovelas


Channel Type Owner Founded Headquarter Programming Website
TV SLO 3 Public Government of Slovenia 2008 Ljubljana current affairs/parliamentary channel

Formerly known as:
POP BRIO (2010-2013)

TV PIKA (1991-2010)
Private/commercial Pro Plus (CME) 2010
(originally in 1991, as a local TV station)
Ljubljana series channel

Formerly known as POP KINO
Private/commercial Pro Plus (CME) 2011 Ljubljana feature films channel

Formerly known as POP OTO
Private/commercial Pro Plus (CME) 2011 Ljubljana children's programming channel synchronized to Slovenian language
Nova24TV Private Nova hiša 2016 Ljubljana right-wing news channel, operated by conservative SDS party
TV Koper-Capodistria Public Government of Slovenia 1971 Koper Regional channel with programmes for the Italian minority in Slovenia, news, films, sports, shows from TV SLO 1, entertainment, documentaries
TV Maribor Public Government of Slovenia 2002 (as a 24-hour channel) Maribor Regional channel with news, films, sports, shows from TV SLO 1, entertainment, documentaries

Local or Regional[edit]

  • ATV signal (Litija)
  • Gorenjska televizija - GTV (Kranj) [1]
  • TV IDEA - Kanal 10 (Murska Sobota)
  • RTS (Maribor)
  • TV Celje (Celje)
  • TV Primorka (Šempeter pri Novi Gorici)
  • Vaš kanal (Novo mesto)
  • VTV - Vaša Televizija (Velenje)
  • EPTV (Ljubljana)
  • ETV (Kisovec) [2]
  • Gea TV (Domžale)
  • KTV (Ormož) [3]
  • Kanal 3 (Apače) [4]
  • Koroška TV (Dravograd) [5]
  • Media TV (Škofja Loka)
  • Moj TV (Selnica ob Dravi)
  • MTV Adria (Ljubljana) [6]
  • Net TV (Maribor) [7]
  • Net XXL (Maribor) [8]
  • Play TV (Ljubljana) [9]
  • R-Kanal (Ribnica)
  • (Portorož)
  • Studio AS (Murska Sobota)
  • Studio Signal (Ljubljana) [10]
  • Top RTV [11]
  • TV Galeja (Ilirska Bistrica) [12]
  • Golica TV (Ljubljana)
  • TV Kras (Sežana) [13]
  • TV Lep (Logatec) [14]
  • TV Petelin (Ljubljana) [15]
  • TV Plus (Komenda) [16]
  • TV Radgona - Kanal 11 (Gornja Radgona) [17]
  • TV Trbovlje (Trbovlje) [18]
  • Vascom (Pivka) [19]
  • ViTel (Dornberk)



Experimental DVB-T broadcasts began in 2001 using the MPEG-2 standard. In 2007 the Slovenian government decided to test DVB-T transmission in Ljubljana using the MPEG-4 standard, following the approval of the APEK (Agency for Post and Telecommunications Republic of Slovenia).

After that Radiotelevizija Slovenija had to determine which transmitter would be used for the 3-month test. They settled on the transmitters made by a Slovene company, Elti, who produces analog and digital TV transmitters. After the test, the RTV SLO decided to expand transmissions to TV SLO 2. In 2008, the RTV SLO launched a new channel: TV SLO 3 (a public affairs broadcast) to its digital offering. High-definition broadcast with AC-3 was experimented during the Beijing 2008 olympic games. The 2010 Winter Olympic Games were also broadcast in HD.

Currently, there are two multiplexes operating, Mux A and Mux C.

Mux A[edit]

The operator is Radiotelevizija Slovenija. Mux A is intended for public programs.


Mux C[edit]

Started on October 14, 2013. The operator is Radiotelevizija Slovenija. Mux C is intended for commercial programs.


  • TV3
  • Golica TV
  • Sponka Gold TV
  • TV Arena
  • Nova24TV
  • TV Petelin
  • Obvestilo C

Rating Shares[edit]

Rank Channel Owner Average Rating Share (7pm-11pm)[22]
1 POP TV United Group[23] 30.2%
2 TV Slovenija 1 RTVSLO 16.0%
3 Kanal A United Group 11.6%
4 Planet TV Antenna Group, Telekom Slovenije 10.83%
5 TV Slovenija 2 RTVSLO 5.0%
6 TV3 PRO TV 2.2%
7 TV Slovenija 3 RTVSLO 1.0%


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