List of television stations in Thailand

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This is a list of television stations in Thailand.

Broadcast channels[edit]

Analogue terrestrial television[edit]

  • Channel 3 (BEC-Bangkok Entertainment Company, under license from MCOT)

Analogue terrestrial television that have completely switched over to Digital[edit]

Digital terrestrial television[edit]

Public broadcasting[edit]

Channel 4-9 and 12 would be chosen through a beauty contest.


  • 13. Channel 3 Family (BEC Multimedia)
  • 14. MCOT Family
  • 15. Not on Air (Formerly Broadcast by LOCA TV/MVTV Family (TV Pool) (Now Closed))


  • 16. TNN 24(TNN)
  • 17. Not on Air (Formerly Broadcast by Thai TV (TV Pool) (Now Closed))
  • 18. new 18 (By Dailynews)
  • 19. Spring News
  • 20. Bright TV
  • 21. Voice TV 21

General entertainment Standard-definition[edit]

General entertainment High-definition[edit]

Cable, satellite, and IPTV channels[edit]


TrueVisions channels[edit]

Channels provided by TrueVisions[edit]

Defunct Channels provided by TrueVisions[edit]

Defunct television station[edit]

Terrestrial television[edit]

Analogue Stations[edit]

Digital Stations[edit]

by TVPool, TV Pool broadcast 2 TV Stations on ThaiPBS MUX4 (Service Channel 15, 17)

Cable and satellite television[edit]

Logo of Television stations in Thailand[edit]

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