List of television stations in Vermont

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This is a list of broadcast television stations serving cities in the U.S. state of Vermont.

Full-power stations[edit]

VC refers to the station's PSIP virtual channel. RF refers to the station's physical RF channel.

Area served City of license VC RF Callsign Network Notes
Burlington Burlington 3 22 WCAX-TV CBS Movie channel on DT2
Burlington ~North Pole NY 5 14 WPTZ NBC Me-TV/CW on DT2
Burlington Burlington 22 13 WVNY ABC
Burlington Burlington 33 32 WETK PBS
Burlington ~Saranac Lake NY 40 40 WYCI RTV
Burlington Burlington 44 43 WFFF-TV Fox
Rutland Rutland 28 9 WVER PBS satellite of WETK ch. 33 Burlington
St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury 20 18 WVTB PBS satellite of WETK ch. 33 Burlington
Windsor Hartford 31 25 WNNE NBC semi-satellite of WPTZ ch. 5 North Pole, NY
Windsor Windsor 41 24 WVTA PBS satellite of WETK ch. 33 Burlington

LPTV stations[edit]


Vermont Cable Networks[edit]


The following stations or translators were once licensed in the state, but have been closed or merged with other stations:

  • Channel 19: W19BR (class A, RTV, translator for WNMN) - Monkton
  • Channel 30: WBVT-CA (class A, RTV, was translator for WNMN) - Burlington
  • Channel 36: W36AX (PBS, was translator for WVER) - Manchester
  • Channel 39: WGMU-LP (class A, RTV, translator for WNMN) - Burlington
  • Channel 47: W14CK (unknown ) - Newport[1]
  • Channel 51: W51CB (?) - Burlington
  • Channel 53: W53AS (PBS, was translator for WVTA) - Pownal
  • Channel 61: W61CE (RTV, was translator for WNMN) - Rutland
  • Channel 63: W63AD (ABC, was translator for WVNY) - Rutland
  • Channel 69: W69AR (CBS, was translator for WCAX-TV) - Rutland (will move to DTV channel 20)


  1. ^ Licensed channel 14; was operating under a Special Temporary Authority from Mount Mansfield on channel 47. See FCC application BSTA-20061027ADB.