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This is a list of broadcast television stations serving cities in the U.S. state of West Virginia.

Full-power stations[edit]

VC refers to the station's PSIP virtual channel. RF refers to the station's physical RF channel.

Area served City of license VC RF Callsign Network Notes
Beckley/Bluefield Oak Hill 50 50 WOAY-TV ABC
Beckley/Bluefield Bluefield 6 46 WVVA NBC CW on DT2, MeTV on DT3
Beckley/Bluefield Grandview 9 10 WSWP-TV PBS satellite of WVPB-TV ch. 33 Huntington
Beckley/Bluefield Bluefield 40 40 WLFB Ind. satellite of WLFG ch. 68 Grundy VA
Beckley/Bluefield Lewisburg 59 8 WVNS-TV CBS Fox/MNT on DT2
Charleston/Huntington Huntington 3 23 WSAZ-TV NBC MyNetworkTV/MeTV on DT2
Charleston/Huntington Charleston 8 29 WCHS-TV ABC Antenna TV on DT2, Charge! on DT3, TBD on DT4
Charleston/Huntington Charleston 11 19 WVAH-TV Fox Stadium on DT2, Comet on DT3
Charleston/Huntington Huntington 13 13 WOWK-TV CBS Escape on DT2, Laff on DT3, Grit on DT4
Charleston/Huntington Charleston 29 39 WLPX-TV ION
Charleston/Huntington ~Portsmouth OH 30 17 WQCW CW
Charleston/Huntington Huntington 33 34 WVPB-TV PBS
Charleston/Huntington ~Ashland KY 61 44 WTSF DTN
Clarksburg Weston 5 5 WDTV CBS MeTV on DT2. Heroes & Icons on DT3
Clarksburg Clarksburg 10 10 WVFX Fox CW on DT2, Start TV on DT3
Clarksburg Clarksburg 12 12 WBOY-TV NBC ABC on DT2, Escape on DT3, Laff on DT4
Clarksburg Morgantown 24 33 WNPB-TV PBS satellite of WVPB-TV ch. 33 Huntington
Martinsburg Martinsburg 60 12 WWPX-TV ION
Parkersburg Parkersburg 15 49 WTAP-TV NBC CBS (simulcast of WIYE-LD) on DT2, Fox (simulcast of WOVA-LD) on DT3
Wheeling Wheeling 7 7 WTRF-TV CBS MyNetworkTV on DT2, ABC on DT3, Escape on DT4
Wheeling ~Steubenville OH 9 9 WTOV-TV NBC Fox on DT2, MeTV on DT3

Defunct full-power stations[edit]

  • Channel 35: WJPB-TV - ABC/DuMont/NBC - Fairmont (3/17/1954-2/28/1955)
  • Channel 49: WKNA-TV - ABC/DuMont - Charleston (9/17/1953-2/12/1955)

Low-power stations[edit]

Area served City of license VC RF Callsign Network Notes
Clarksburg Clarksburg 13 13 WVUX-LD This TV 24-hour Premium Movies on broadcast TV
Clarksburg Clarksburg 16 16 WUSV-LD Antenna TV
Clarksburg Clarksburg 21 24 W46EJ-D Cornerstone
Clarksburg Clarksburg 22 W22CY
Clarksburg Clarksburg 24 24 W24DN-D Religious independent
Clarksburg Clarksburg 30 W30CH TBN
Elkins Elkins 31 W31CQ
Huntington Huntington 14 30 W30DG-D HSN
Huntington Charleston 16 W16CE NBC
Huntington Charleston 21 WOCW-LP Silent
Parkersburg Parkersburg 8 8 WVMY-LD
Parkersburg Parkersburg 16 16 W16CV-D
Parkersburg Parkersburg 22 22 WOVA-LD Fox
Parkersburg Parkersburg 24 24 W24DS-D
Parkersburg Parkersburg 47 47 WIYE-LD CBS MyNetworkTV/MeTV on 47.2
Wheeling Wheeling 56 8 WWVW-LD Silent
Williamson Williamson 27 27 WHJC-LP Retro TV Tuff TV on 27.2


Cable-only stations[edit]

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