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This is a timeline of incidents in 1970 that have been labelled as "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces (see state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism).

Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
January 13 Shotdown 7 0 Colombia Uraba, Colombia An UH-1 Iroquois helicopter from the Colombian Air Force disappears amidst strange circumstances in the Uraba Antioquia. The PLA was awarded its shotdown. The 7 crew members die.[1] EPL Colombian Conflict
February 21 Bombing 47 0 Switzerland Switzerland A bomb explodes in the rear of Swissair Flight 330, causing it to crash near Zürich, killing 38 passengers and all 9 crew members. The attack was carried out by Palestinian group PFLP-GC PFLP-GC Israeli–Palestinian conflict
March 6 Premature explosion 3 2 United States New York City, United States Three Weather Underground members Theodore Gold, Diana Oughton, Terry Robbins, are killed while preparing a bomb in a house in Greenwich Village. The bomb was to be used on Fort Dix. Two other Weathermen, Kathy Boudin and Cathy Wilkerson were injured in the explosion Weather Underground
March 31 Plane hijacking 0 0  Japan  South Korea
 North Korea
Japan Airlines Flight 351, carrying 131 passengers and 7 crew from Tokyo to Fukuoka, is hijacked by nine members of the Japanese Red Army group. 23 passengers were freed at Fukuoka Airport, mainly children or old aged. 108 passengers and all crew members with Red Army group left Fukuoka, bound for Gimpo Airport, near Seoul. Three days later, Red Army group asks to be flown to North Korean capital Pyongyang, before leaving from Seoul, 103 passenger and crew hostages are freed, and nine Red Army group members surrendered to North Korean authorities. Japanese Red Army
April Riot 0 0 United States Stanford, California, United States At Stanford University over a period of several nights bands of student radicals systematically set fires, break windows and throw rocks.[2] Left-wing student radicals Terrorism in the United States
May Bombing 0 0 United States Fresno, California, United States In reaction to the U.S. invasion of Cambodia, Kent State shootings, and Jackson State killings a Fresno State College computer center was destroyed by a firebomb. While reaction to these three events was massive, most were peaceful.[2] Left-wing student radicals Terrorism in the United States
May 1 Bombing 0 11  United StatesBronx, New York A terrorist group of Puerto Rico detonated two bombs in two movie theaters in Bronx, New York Mira
May 22 Ambush 12 25 Israel Avivim, Israel Two bazooka shells were fired at a school bus by Palestinian PLO members, killing 12, including 8 children and wounding another 25. PFLP-GC Israeli–Palestinian conflict
June 1 Shooting, Clash (1+) (2+) Argentina Cordoba, Argentina The so-called "Toma de la Calera" was an operation carried out by the Argentine guerrilla organization Montoneros on July 1, 1970, at 07:30 in the morning, in the town of La Calera in Cordoba. They took the police station, stormed the Bank of the Province of Cordoba, took the telephone switchboard. After the withdrawal, several planning and execution errors led to the arrest of several militants, some of them founders of the organization.[3] Montoneros Dirty War
July 22 Bombing 6 66 Italy Gioia Tauro, Italy a bomb attack caused six deaths and 66 injured on the train Palermo-Turin, near the Gioia Tauro railway station.[4] unknown
July 30 Shooting 1 Unknown Argentina Garín, Argentina At least one police died in an operation to get weapons and ammunition for ERP[disambiguation needed]´s militants. People's Revolutionary Army (Argentina) Dirty War
31 July–August 10 Assassination 1 0 Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay Dan Mitrione a agent of the FBI (who acted as security advisor to the United States in Latin America),it was kidnapped and shot dead for MLN-T militants. In the same day the group kidnapping the Brazilian consul Aloysio Dias Gomide, released on 21 February 1971 for ransom ($250,000). Movimiento de Liberación Nacional-Tupamaros
August 7 Kidnapping 0 1 Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay Militants of Tupamaros kidnapping the US agronomist Dr. Claude Fly, released on 21 March 1971 after a health crisis following a heart attack inside the People's Prison. Movimiento de Liberación Nacional-Tupamaros
August 11 shooting 1 0 Chile Santiago, Chile Militants of the MIR, assassinated to the Cabo de Carabineros de Chile (uniformed police) Mr. Luis Fuentes, who served guard duty at the home of the Governor of the Department Pedro Aguirre Cerda, in Santiago. His submachine gun (A Karl Gusav smg) is stolen.[5] MIR Armed resistance in Chile (1973–90)
August 24 Bombing 1 3 United States Madison, Wisconsin, United States The Army Mathematics Research Center on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus was blown up resulting in one death and wounding another three. Anti-Vietnam War protestors
September 1 Ambush, Shooting 7 0 Colombia Cimitarra, Santander, Colombia 7 soldiers are killed ascribed to the army's Ricaurte battalion when they fell in an ambush of the FARC in the rural area of Cimitarra, (Santander). FARC Colombian Conflict
September 6 Plane hijacking 1 (perpetrator) 1 Jordan Zarqa, Jordan Coordinated hijacking of four airliners. One hijacking is foiled in midair and two planes are diverted to Jordan's Dawson Field. Nicaraguan Sandinista hijacker Patrick Argüello was killed and all passengers were freed after negotiated release of captured hijacker Leila Khaled and three PFLP prisoners. The following day a fifth aircraft was also hijacked. PFLP Black September
September 21 Shooting 1 0 Chile Chile One officer was shot dead when he tried to repel them during the assault on the branch of Avenida Irarrázabal of Banco Panamericano in Santiago. His service revolver and the submachine gun are taken away.[6] MIR Armed resistance in Chile (1973–90)
September 29 Bombing Unknown 1+ Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay bombing of the Carrasco Bowling Club, gravely injuring the elderly caretaker Hilaria Ibarra[7] (rescued from the rubble by Gustavo Zerbino who would later be a survivor of the Andes disaster).[7] Movimiento de Liberación Nacional-Tupamaros
October 5 – October 17 Kidapping, murder 1 1 (kidnapped) Canada Quebec, Canada FLQ murder of Pierre Laporte, kidnapping of James Cross. FLQ October Crisis
October 15 Hijacking 1 3 Soviet Union USSR Lithuanian father and son Pranas and Algirdas Brazinskas hijack Aeroflot Flight 244 in an attempt to defect to the west. They engage shootout with armed crew members and kill young flight attendant Nadezhda Kurchenko in the process. Pranas and Algirdas Brazinskas
October 22 Bombing 0 0 United States San Francisco, California, United States An antipersonnel time bomb explodes outside a San Francisco church, showering steel shrapnel on mourners of a patrolman slain in a bank holdup; no one is injured. The Black Liberation Army is suspected.[8] Black Liberation Army (suspected)
November 6 Bombing 1 24 Israel Tel Aviv, Israel Two bombs explode in Tel Aviv at the central bus station killing one person and injuring 24.[9] Fatah Israeli–Palestinian conflict
November 21 Bombing 0 1 United States Portland, United States Bombing of the City Hall of Portland, Oregon in an attempt to destroy the state's Liberty Bell replica. The late night explosion destroyed the display foyer, blew out the building doors, damaged the council hall, and blew out windows more than a block away. The night janitor was injured in the blast. The crime remains unsolved, though a number of local anti-war and radical leftist groups of the era remain the primary suspects. Left-wing students radicals (suspected) Terrorism in the United States

 United States, 1970–1972: The Jewish Defense League was linked with a bomb explosion outside Aeroflot's New York City office, and a detonation outside of Soviet cultural offices in Washington. Also a JDL member allegedly fired a rifle into the Soviet Union's mission office at the United Nations. Two JDL members were convicted of bomb possession and burglary in a conspiracy to blow up the Long Island residence of the Soviet Mission to The Bronx.

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