List of terrorist incidents in 1971

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This is a timeline of incidents in 1971 that have been labelled as "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces (see state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism).

Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
Shootings, bombings 3 6  United States During this year, The Black Liberation Army is suspected of killing three policemen (one at his desk), shooting four others, opening fire on three patrol cars and rolling a grenade which heavily damaged a police car and injured two officers. An attempt is made to bomb a police station. These incidents happen in various cities around the country. In August the group runs a one-month-long guerrilla warfare school in Fayetteville, Georgia. Seven arrested in January 2007 in relation to the shooting of the policeman at his desk.[1][2] Black Liberation Army
January 2 Grenade 2 2 Gaza Strip Members of the Palestine Liberation Organization threw a grenade into a random car in the Gaza Strip, killing two children. PLO Israel-Palestine conflict
January 8 Kidnapping 0 1 Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay Kidnapping of the British ambassador Geoffrey Jackson.[3] Tupamaros
February 15 Arson,Vandalism 0 1 Argentina Tucumán, Argentina Was an action of the Montoneros guerilla that occurred on February 15, in which members of this organization copied the House of Tucumán (historical national monument since 1941) where in 1816 was declared the Independence of Argentina. In his interior they made several graffiti with aerosol. In the assault took part 4 guerrillas who after the attack fleeing in a car. Montoneros
April 1st Bombing 0 0 France Saint-Malo, France A bomb exploded In the customs offices of Saint-Malo, in the region of Brittany ARB
April 7 Torture murder 1 0 Sweden Stockholm, Sweden Miro Baresic and another Ustasa-supporter takes the Yugoslavian ambassador hostage at the embassy in Stockholm. They tie a rope to his neck around a chair, fire shots against his head and body until he bleeds and chokes to death. First terror act on Swedish soil by foreigners made this deed become very big in the media. Miro Baresic
Anđelko Brajković
April 29 Shooting 1 1 Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina A assault eld on National Route 8 near the location of Pilar, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, against a military truck that transported weapons and ammunition to the military garrison of Campo de Mayo by a group of about thirty people belonging to the organization Guerrilla group Revolutionary Armed Forces that killed a lieutenant and seriously wounded a conscript soldier and stole the cargo, including 193 .45 caliber pistols and 344 spare chargers, and those traveling in the truck, three pistols, two Halcon M-1943 submachine guns and three FN FAL rifles.[4] FAR Dirty War
August 21 Bombing 9 95 Philippines Manila, Philippines Plaza Miranda bombing kills nine at a rally of the Liberal Party in Manilla. Communist Party of the Philippines
September 26 Shooting 10 Unknown Colombia Tolima, Colombia At the site known as San Miguel in rural Gaitania (Tolima) members of the FARC attack a patrol of 23 soldiers assigned to the Caicedo Battalion. 10 uniformed men die in action. FARC Colombian Conflict
October 31 Bombing 0 0 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom A bomb explodes in the Post Office Tower in London, causing extensive damage but no injuries. The "Kilburn Battalion" of the IRA claimed responsibility for the explosion.[5] Provisional IRA The Troubles
December 4 Bombing 15 17 United Kingdom Belfast, United Kingdom The Protestant Ulster Volunteer Force bomb McGurk's bar in Belfast, in a Catholic neighbourhood, killing 15 and injuring 17. Ulster Volunteer Force The Troubles
December 11 Bombing 4 19 United Kingdom Belfast, United Kingdom To retaliate for the McGurk's bar bombing, the Provisional IRA set off a bomb in front of a furniture showroom in the mainly Protestant Shankill Road area, killing 4 and injuring 19. Provisional IRA The Troubles
December 21 Assassination 1 0 Uruguay Uruguay Killing of rural laborer Pascasio Báez by sodium pentothal injection. Tupamaros

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