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This is a timeline of incidents in 1975 that have been labelled as "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces (see state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism).

Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
January 24 Bombing 4 53 United States New York City, United States At 1:29 p.m., a bomb explodes at the historic Fraunces Tavern at the corner of Pearl and Broad streets in the Financial District, Manhattan. The Puerto Rican nationalist group Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña (FALN) claimed responsibility in message found in a nearby telephone booth. Four people were killed (three of them immediately and a fourth at a hospital) and 53 others were injured.[1][2] FALN
January 28 Bombings 0 0 United States Washington and Oakland, United States A bomb explodes at the Vietnam section of the U.S. Agency for International Development in Washington, D.C. A second bomb was planted at the Department of Defense Supply Agency building in Oakland, California, but fails to detonate. The extremist Weather Underground group was responsible for both attacks.[3][4] Weather Underground
January 31 Kidnapping 0 1 Colombia Cali, Colombia FARC guerrillas kidnap Dutch consul in Cali, Erick Leupin.[5] FARC Colombian Conflict
February 26 Shooting 1 0 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom Police Constable Stephen Tibble, 22, of the London Metropolitan Police Service, was fatally shot three times at point-blank range by Liam Quinn, a Provisional Irish Republican Army gunman escaping from an IRA bomb factory in Baron's Court, West London. Quinn fled to San Francisco and was extradited to face trial in Britain thirteen years later. Sentenced to life with a recommended minimum sentence of 30 years in 1988, Quinn was freed in April 1999 under the Good Friday Agreement.[6] Liam Quinn
The Troubles
March 1 Bombing 26 60 Kenya Nairobi, Kenya An explosion aboard a Nairobi-Mombasa regular route bus in Nairobi kills 26 and injures another 60. The Kenyan People Liberation Front claimed responsibility for the blast. Kenyan People Liberation Front
March 2 Bombings 0 0 France Toulouse and Lyon, France Air Algérie's offices in Toulouse and Lyons were bombed by the Charles Martel Group. No one was killed or injured in either attack.[7] Charles Martel Group
March 3 Plot 0 0  The Netherlands Two Moluccan youths were arrested after weapons were discovered in their car. It was later discovered they intended on kidnapping Queen Juliana of the Netherlands along several other Moluccans. Moluccans
March 4–5 Shooting, hostage-taking 11 (+7 terrorists) Israel Tel Aviv, Israel In the Savoy Operation, Palestine Liberation Organization gunmen from Lebanon take dozens of hostages at the Tel Aviv Savoy Hotel, eventually killing eight hostages and three IDF soldiers, and wounding eleven hostages.[8] PLO Israel-Palestine conflict
April 10 Attack 2 Unknown Colombia Caquetá, Colombia Nearly 50 guerrillas assault the population of Puerto Rico (Caqueta). Two policemen die.[9] FARC Colombian conflict
April 19 Bombing 0 5+ *United States New York City, United States FALN sets off four bombs within a forty-minute period in Manhattan, New York, injuring at least five people. FALN
April 24 Hostage-taking 2 (+2 terrorists) 10 (+4 terrorists) Sweden Stockholm, Sweden West German embassy siege: In Stockholm, Sweden, six Red Army Faction (Baader-Meinhof) terrorists hold 11 people (including the German ambassador to Sweden) hostage for almost 12 hours in the West German embassy. During the siege, two of the hostages (military attaché Colonel Andreas von Mirbach and economics attaché Heinz Hallagaart) were killed by faction members. Shortly before midnight on April 24, dynamite exploded and set the building on fire. The German ambassador and the other nine hostages escaped from the embassy, mostly with only light injuries.[10] Red Army Faction
May 28 Shooting, Clash (+2) 1(+3) Argentina Tucuman, Argentina ′′′Part of Operativo Independencia′′′: An armed confrontation between members of the People's Revolutionary Army (ERP) and the Argentine Army in Manchalá, near the Tucuman town of Rio Colorado. The fact marks a turning point in favor of the Army, that happened to an offensive action. Most of the combat data are collected by the repressor Acdel Vilas. ERP Dirty War
June 1 Hostage-taking 3 (+4 terrorists) Israel Kfar Yuval, Israel Kfar Yuval hostage crisis Arab Liberation Front Israel-Palestine conflict
July 4 Bombing 15 77 Israel Jerusalem, Israel A bomb detonates in Zion Square killing 13 people and wounding 72.[11] The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs states the death toll at 14 with 80 injured.[12] PLO Israel-Palestine conflict
July 14-August Shooting 2 1 Spain Spain A FRAP command kills a member of the Armed Police. Shortly afterwards another police officer is seriously injured and in August members of the FRAP assassinate a lieutenant of the Civil Guard.[13] FRAP
July 26 Shooting 10 Unknown Colombia Boyacá, Colombia Members of the FARC attack a column of civilians at the site known as Guaduas Negras in rural Otanche (Boyacá) that was preparing to rescue the corpse of a farmer accused of being an informant in the Army. Ten civilians die in the attack.[14] FARC Colombian conflict
July 31 Shooting, bombing 3 (+2 terrorists) 2 United Kingdom County Down, United Kingdom Members of the Ulster Volunteer Force attempt to plant a bomb on the tourbus of popular Irish band Miami Showband at a bogus military checkpoint. The bomb exploded prematurely and killed two UVF members. Other UVF members then opened fire killing three band members and injuring two others. Ulster Volunteer Force The Troubles
August 5 Hostage-taking 0 0 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Five Japanese Red Army members took 53 hostages at the American Insurance Association in Kuala Lumpur. The siege ended after five other JRA members were released from prison. Japanese Red Army
August 12 Shooting, bombing 5 50+ United Kingdom Belfast, United Kingdom Members of the Provisional IRA open fire and bomb a bar in Belfast that was frequented by Ulster Volunteer Force members. 1 UVF member and four civilians were killed. PIRA The Troubles
August 26 Shooting, Assassination 1 0 Argentina Cordoba, Argentina A militant was shot dead for delivering internal information, while arrested by the military.[15] Montoneros Dirty War
August 27 Bombing 0 33 United Kingdom Caterham, United Kingdom Bombing of the Caterham Arms public house by the Provisional IRA. PIRA The Troubles
August 28 Bombing 6 29 Argentina San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina The Operation Gardel was the key name given by the guerrilla organization Montoneros to the demolition of a Lockheed C-130 Hercules of Group 1 of Transport of the First Air Brigade, while this one took off of the International Airport Lieutenant General Benjamín Matienzo, 28 of August 1975, Carrying 114 gendarmes, kill six and wound 29.[16] Montoneros Dirty War
September 5 Assassination attempt 0 0 United States Sacramento, United States Former Manson Family member Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme attempts to assassinate U.S. president Gerald Ford due to his failure to protect ATWA. Her gun failed to fire and she was arrested. Lynette Fromme
September 8 Assassination 1 0 Colombia Colombia The ELN kills in an attack to the Inspector General of the Armed Forces. General Ramón Arturo Rincón Quiñónez. ELN Colombian conflict
September 22 Assassination attempt 0 1 United States San Francisco, United States Sarah Jane Moore tries to assassinate President Gerald Ford in San Francisco, California. The attempt fails when a bystander grabs her arm and deflects the shot. Moore has stated the motive was to create chaos to bring "the winds of change" because the U.S. government had declared war on the left wing.[17][18] Sarah Jane Moore
October 5 Shooting, Attack 17 (+15) 30+ Argentina Formosa, Argentina A group of 50 guerrillas assaulted the Infantry Regiment of Monte 29, the Subofficers' Casino of that force and the Airport El Pucú, of the city of Formosa in the homonymous province of Argentina. In the event, whose key name given by the organizers was that of Operation Primicia.[19] Montoneros Dirty War
October 6 Attempted assassination 0 2 Italy Rome, Italy Attempted to assassinate Bernardo Leighton by the Chilean secret police and National Vanguard. Leighton and his wife were seriously injured. National Vanguard
October 6 Shooting, Clash 1 (+12) 1(+Unknown) Argentina Acheral, Tucuman, Argentina At least one soldier 12 ERP militants were shot dead in a confrontation of the so-called Operativo Independencia.[20] ERP Operativo Independencia
November 18 Bombing 2 23 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom Bombing of Walton's Restaurant in the Chelsea neighborhood of London by the Provisional IRA. PIRA The Troubles
November 22 Ambush 3 1 United Kingdom County Armagh, United Kingdom Members of the Provisional IRA attack British soldiers near the Northern Ireland-Republic of Ireland border, killing three and wounding one. PIRA The Troubles
December 2 Shooting, Assassination 2 0 Argentina Paraná, Argentina The General Jorge Esteban Cáceres Monié and his wife Beatriz Isabel Sasiain were murdered by members of the guerrilla Montoneros (who called it "Operativo Cacerola") at approximately 19:00 hours on the way from Villa Urquiza to the city of Paraná (province of Entre Ríos), when they were in their pickup truck rafting the Las Conchas stream.[21] Montoneros Dirty War
December 2–14 Hostage-taking 3 Netherlands Wijster, The Netherlands Seven Moluccan youths hijack a train in hopes of forcing the Dutch government to recognize the Republic of South Maluku as an independent state. They kill three hostages before surrendering. Free South Moluccan Youths
December 4–19 Hostage-taking 1 (indirect) Netherlands Amsterdam, The Netherlands Seven Moluccan youths take dozens of hostages at the Indonesian Consulate in Amsterdam. One hostage died attempting to escape by climbing down a rope along the side of the building. Free South Moluccan Youths
December 6–12 Hostage-taking, siege 0 0 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom Four members of the Provisional IRA take two people hostage in a flat in London for six days before surrendering. PIRA The Troubles
December 21–22 Hostage-taking, siege 3  Austria Carlos the Jackal and his rebels attack OPEC headquarters in Vienna and take over 60 hostages - mostly they were OPEC countries' leaders. On December 22, the hostages and rebels are transported in a DC-9 to Algiers where 30 hostages were freed; the plane was then flown to Tripoli, Libya, where more hostages were freed before flying back to Algiers where the remaining hostages were freed and the rebels were granted asylum. Arm of the Arab Revolution
December 23 Shooting 1 Greece Athens, Greece U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Station Chief Richard Welch was shot dead outside his home in Athens by Marxist terrorist group Revolutionary Organization 17 November. Welch's murder led to the passage of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982, making it illegal to reveal the name of an agent who has a covert relationship with an American intelligence organization. Revolutionary Organization 17 November
December 23–24 Shooting, Air Raid 14-50 (92+) 34 (+25) Argentina Buenos Aires A failed assault on the Battalion Arsenals Depot 601 Domingo Viejobueno, in the town of Monte Chingolo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, happened on December 23, 1975, was the last great action of the People's Revolutionary Army. It aimed to appropriate 20 tons of weaponry. The attack was frustrated by the Argentine army, Federal Police and Police of the Province of Buenos Aires, and the Air Force. Thirty guerrillas who surrendered were later shot dead by the army.[22] ERP Dirty War
December 29 Bombing 11 75 United States New York City, United States 1975 LaGuardia Airport bombing: At 6:30 p.m., an explosion occurs at the lower-level TWA and Delta Air Lines baggage claim area at the La Guardia Airport, in Queens, New York, killing 11 and injuring more than 75. The blast set off a fire, which firefighters managed to suppress. The physical damage was estimated at $750,000. An investigation revealed that about 25 sticks (12.5 pounds) of dynamite were placed in a parcel locker between two luggage carousels. The crime remains unsolved today, although Croatian nationalists are believed to be the perpetrators.[23] Unknown

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