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This is a timeline of incidents in 1984 that have been labelled as "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces (see state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism).


Date Dead Injured Location and description Perpetrator Part of
January 1 0 3 Lebanon Tripoli: Guerrillas bomb a French cultural center and the car of an Israeli-backed militia leader. Three Lebanese were injured in the two attacks.[1] Islamic Jihad Lebanese civil war
January 1 0 0 United Kingdom Cookstown: Two bombs exploded at a gas station and a factory in Cookstown and a third bomb was defused. The bombings caused little damage and no one was injured.[2] INLA The Troubles
January 18 1 0 Lebanon Beirut: Malcolm Kerr, president of the American University of Beirut was killed by gunmen belonging to Islamic Jihad.[3] Islamic Jihad Lebanese civil war
January 23 1 5 El Salvador San Miguel: The bombing of a commuter plane by leftist rebels killed one person and injured another five.[4] FMLN Salvadoran Civil War
January 31 2 0 United Kingdom Forkhill: Two police officers were killed when driving by a 500 kg-bomb planted in a roadside ditch by the IRA.[5] Provisional IRA The Troubles


Date Dead Injured Location and description Perpetrator Part of
February 6-7 15 (+7) Unknown Colombia Cimitarra: FARC militants shoot dead at least 15 peasants on two farms (La Traviata and Las Palmas) located in rural Cimitarra, Santander. In other incident the army shot dead seven militants of the M-19.[6] FARC Militants and M-19 Colombian conflict
February 23 1 0 Spain Guipuzcoa Senator Enrique Casas was murdered at the door of his house on February 23, 1984, on the third anniversary of the failed 23-F state coup by the terrorist group Mendes of the Comandos Autónomos Anticapitalistas. This group made him responsible for the repression of the left of the Basque Country because of his status as a member of the Basque Country Security Board.[7] Comandos Autónomos Anticapitalistas Basque conflict
February 28 18 21 El Salvador San Antonio Grande: The bombing of two trains by leftist guerrillas left 18 people dead and 21 injured.[8] FMLN Salvadoran Civil War
February 28 0 21 Israel Jerusalem: 21 people were injured after two grenades exploded outside a clothing store on Jaffa Road.[9] PLO Israel-Palestine conflict


Date Dead Injured Location and description Perpetrator Part of
March 7 3 9 Israel Ashdod: Three killed and nine injured in the bombing of a civilian bus in Ashdod.[10] PLO Israel-Palestine conflict


Date Dead Injured Location and description Perpetrator Part of
April 2 0 (+1) 48 Israel Jerusalem: 48 people are wounded by a machine gun attack on a crowded shopping mall in Jerusalem. One attacker was shot by armed civilians.[9] DFLP Israel-Palestine conflict
April 12-13 1 (+4) 8 Israel Tel Aviv, Bus 300 affair: Four PFLP members hijacked an Egged bus near Tel Aviv. During a counter-operation, one civilian and two hijackers were killed and eight more civilians injured. The remaining two hijackers were captured than immediately executed by IDF soldiers. PFLP Israel-Palestine conflict
April 19 24-200 30 Angola Huambo: The bombing of barracks housing Soviet and Cuban military officers killed at least 24 people and injured 30 more, though some news agencies reported up to 200 people dead. The National Union for the Total Independence of Angola claimed responsibility for the bombing.[11][12] UNITA Angolan civil war
April 20 0 22 United Kingdom London, 1984 Heathrow Airport bombing: A bomb exploded in the baggage area of Terminal 2 at London Heathrow Airport. The bomb exploded at 7:55 pm, as 60 people were inside the baggage area. The blast injured 22, one seriously. No one has claimed responsibly for the bombing. Unknown


Date Dead Injured Location and description Perpetrator Part of
May 13 0 13 France Alfortville, Alfortville Armenian Genocide Memorial bombings: Three bombs explode at a recently dedicated memorial to the Armenian Genocide in the Paris suburb of Alfortville, injuring thirteen people, two seriously. The attack was organized by Grey Wolves member Abdullah Çatlı and the Turkish MİT. Grey Wolves


Date Dead Injured Location and description Perpetrator Part of
July 6 12+ 20+ Iraq Baghdad: A truck bomb exploding at the Iraqi Popular Army headquarters in Baghdad leaves dozens dead and scores injured.[13] Iran-backed rebels Iran-Iraq war
July 10 1 0 Lebanon Sarafand: A bomb planted in his car killed Jawad Khalifeh, mayor of Sarafand.[14] Islamic Jihad Lebanese civil war
July 12 5 26 South Africa Durban: A car bomb exploding at an industrial area in Durban kills 5 and injures 26.[15] ANC (suspected) Internal resistance to apartheid
July 15 10-22 55 Angola Chimbolo: A bomb exploding near a major pipeline in Cabinda province killed 10 to 22 people. 55 others were injured.[16][17] UNITA Angolan civil war
July 15 21 4 El Salvador San Antonio Grande: Guerrillas bombed an empty freight train before firing at the 25 treasury policemen aboard, killing 21 of them and leaving the other four injured.[18] FMLN Salvadoran Civil War


Date Dead Injured Location and description Perpetrator Part of
August 3 33 27 India Kancheepuram district, Meenambakkam bomb blast: Bold textA time bomb blast in counter of Air Lanka, Chennai International Airport, Tirusulam, Kancheepuram district, India, killed at least 29. Blame placed on LTTE.[citation needed] LTTE Sri Lankan civil war
August 15 3 11 Turkey Siirt: Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) forces attacked the gendarmerie station in Eruh in Siirt and killed one gendarmerie soldier and injured six soldiers and three civilians. Simultaneously, PKK forces attacked a gendarmerie open-air facility, officer housings and a gendarmerie station in Şemdinli, Hakkâri[19] and killed two police officers[20] and injured one police officer and a soldier.[19] PKK Turkish-Kurdish conflict
August 21 18 300 Iran Teheran: A powerful blast in Rah Ahan railroad station, Iranian capital of Teheran, kills 18 and injures 300. Blame placed on Mujahadin Khalq guerrilla group.[21] Mujahadin Khalq Iran-Iraq war
August 29 – October 10 0 751 United States The Dalles, 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack: The Rajneeshee cult spreads salmonella in salad bars at ten restaurants in The Dalles, Oregon to influence a local election. Health officials say that 751 people were sickened and more than 40 hospitalized.[22] See also 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack Rajneeshee


Date Dead Injured Location and description Perpetrator Part of
September 20 23 (+1) Lebanon Beirut, 1984 United States embassy annex bombing: Hezbollah suicide car bombing of the U.S. embassy annex. Hezbollah Lebanese civil war


Date Dead Injured Location and description Perpetrator Part of
October 12 5 31 United Kingdom Brighton: Brighton hotel bombing by the IRA: five are killed in an attempt to kill members of the British cabinet. PIRA The Troubles
October 27 0 5 Chile Santiago: A car bomb exploded near a military base in the city of Santiago. The blast wounded five people. [1] Unknown
October 31 1 (+1) 0 India New Delhi: Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards. The killing was in retaliation for the Indian army's entry into the Golden Temple at Amritsar the temple complex in 3 days. The incidents have not been covered well by western press as they were ejected from Amritsar before the events took place. Satwant Singh and Beant Singh


Date Dead Injured Location and description Perpetrator Part of
November 3 4 11 Chile Valparaíso: A bomb exploded next to a bus filled with riot police in the city of Valparaís. The bomb killed four and wounded 11. [2] Unknown
November 26 1 6 Colombia Bogota: A car bomb explodes in front of the US embassy in Bogota. 1 dead and 6 wounded is the balance of the attack attributed to the Extraditables and the guerrilla command Ricardo franco. The Extraditables or Guerrilla Command Ricardo Franco Colombian conflict
November 30 33 Sri Lanka Dollar Farm village, Kent and Dollar Farm massacres: 33 civilians which included women and children were attacked in Dollar Farm village in the night by an armed group made up of LTTE cadres.[23] LTTE Sri Lankan civil war
November 30 29 Sri Lanka Kent Farm village, Kent and Dollar Farm massacres: 29 civilians including women and children were massacred by LTTE cadres.[23] LTTE Sri Lankan civil war


Date Dead Injured Location and description Perpetrator Part of
December 3 11 Sri Lanka Kokilai, 1984 Kokkilai massacre: LTTE cadres kill eleven Sinhalese civilians in the fishing village of Kokilai.[24] LTTE Sri Lankan civil war
December 18 0 12 Chile VI Region of Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins, A bomb explodes in the Intendance of the Region of O'Higgins, leaving 12 wounded.[25] Unknown Armed resistance in Chile (1973–90)
December 23 17 267 Italy Florence, Train 904 bombing: A bomb placed on the Naples-Milan Express Train 904 explodes, killing 17 and wounding 250. The attack is attributed to the Mafia. The Italicus Express bombing in 1974 took place on the same line Sicilian Mafia
December 31 30 Sri Lanka Batticaloa: LTTE members kill 4 Tamil civilians and dump them outside of Batticaloa for refusing to fight for the group. Altogether 30 Tamil civilians were killed for similar reasons in 1984.[26] LTTE Sri Lankan civil war

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