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This is a timeline of incidents in 2003 that have been labelled as "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces (see state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism).


Date Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
January 5 23 (+2) 100+  Israel Tel Aviv Central Bus Station massacre: Two Palestinian suicide bombers from the Islamic Jihad detonated about 2 minutes apart, the explosions ripped through a crowded neighborhood near the old Tel Aviv bus station.[1] Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades Second Intifada
January 27 1 28  India 2003 Mumbai bombing: An unknown person(s) placed a bomb on a bicycle near a busy Mumbai train station. Unknown


Date Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
February 7 36 200+  Colombia 2003 El Nogal Club bombing: A car bomb blew up in the parking garage of an elite club in Bogota. FARC Colombian conflict


Date Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
March 5 17 (+1) 53  Israel Haifa bus 37 suicide bombing: A Hamas bomber detonates on a bus in Haifa Hamas Second Intifada
March 5 6 68  Colombia A car bomb kills six and injures 68 in a covered parking lot in Cúcuta. Rebel group ELN is blamed for the attack.[2] ELN Colombian conflict
March 13 10 70  India 2003 Mumbai train bombing: A bomb exploded on a train as it pulled into Mulund railway station in Mumbai. Unknown
March 23 24  India 2003 Nadimarg massacre: 24 Hindus villagers are massacred by Lashkar-e-Taiba militants. Lashkar-e-Taiba Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
March 30 0 (+1) 40  Israel In the first suicide bombing since the start of the Iraq war, a Palestinian suicide bomber detonated himself outside a crowded cafe in the Mediterranean coastal city of Netanya, wounding nearly 40 people, two of them critically.[1] Palestinian Second Intifada


Date Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
April 10 0 20  Israel An Israeli settler detonated a bomb in the playground of a Palestinian school, injuring 20 children.[3] Israeli settler Second Intifada
April 30 3 (+1) 50  Israel Mike's Place suicide bombing: A Muslim British citizen suicide bomber blows himself up at "Mike's Place", a restaurant in Tel Aviv.[1] Hamas Second Intifada


Date Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
May 12 14 (+2) 43  Russia Two female suicide bombers attacked Chechen Administrator Mufti Akhmed Kadyrov during a religious festival in Iliskhan Yurt. Kadyrov escaped injury, but 14 people were killed and 43 were wounded. Chechen rebel leader Shamil Basayev claimed responsibility.[4] Riyad-us Saliheen Second Chechen war
May 12 59 (+3) 200+  Russia 2003 Znamenskoye suicide bombing: Three suicide bombers rammed a truck into a government building housing the regional headquarters of the Federal Security Service Riyad-us Saliheen Second Chechen war
May 12 39 160+  Saudi Arabia Riyadh compound bombings: Three teams of suicide attackers opened fire on and blew themselves up at residential compounds mostly housing westerners. Al-Qaeda
May 16 33 (+12) 100+  Morocco 2003 Casablanca bombings: A number of suicide bombers target restaurants, a hotel, the Belgian consulate and Jewish centers in Casablanca Salafia Jihadia Insurgency in the Maghreb
May 17 2 (+1) 0  Israel A suicide bomber detonated himself next to a pregnant Israeli woman and her husband at a public square in Hebron. Hamas claimed responsibility.[5] Palestinian Second Intifada
May 18 7 (+2) 20  Israel 2003 French Hill suicide bombings: A suicide bomber disguised as a religious Jew detonated on a bus in Jerusalem. A second bomber prematurely detonated, only killing himself.[1] Hamas Second Intifada
May 19 0 (+1) 3  Israel A suicide bomber on a bicycle attacked an Israeli checkpoint on the Gaza Strip. Hamas claimed responsibility.[5] Hamas Second Intifada
May 19 3 (+1) 70  Israel Afula mall bombing: In the fifth suicide bombing in two days, a female Palestinian student suicide bomber detonated at the main entrance to the Shaarei Amakim mall in Afula.[1] Islamic Jihad Second Intifada


Date Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
June 9 5 (+1) 10  Afghanistan A suicide bomber in a taxi cab filled with explosives slams into a bus carrying German ISAF troops, killing four soldiers and one Afghan national.[6] Taliban War in Afghanistan
June 11 17 (+1) 100  Israel Davidka Square bus bombing: A Hamas Palestinian suicide bomber, dressed as an ultra-Orthodox Jew, detonated his explosives belt on a bus in downtown Jerusalem.[1] Hamas Second Intifada
June 19 1 (+1) 0  Israel A Palestinian suicide bomber detonated a bag of explosives in a grocery store located in Moshav Sde Trumot, Israel. Avner Mordechai, 63, the owner of the store, was critically injured in the blast, and later died of his injuries.[1] Palestinian Second Intifada
June 20 1 3  Israel 2003 Route 60 Hamas ambush: Hamas gunmen ambush an open fire on a car driving along Route, killing the driver and wounding the three passengers. Hamas Second Intifada


Date Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
July 4 44 (+1) 65+  Pakistan 2003 Quetta mosque bombing: Three men entered a Shia mosque frequented by Hazara people and started shooting. One of the attackers blew himself up. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi Balochistan conflict
July 5 15 (+2) 60+  Russia 2003 Tushino bombing: Two female suicide bombers detonated during a rock festival at Tushino Airfield. Riyad-us Saliheen Second Chechen War
July 8 1 (+1) 3  Israel A Palestinian suicide bomber detonated his explosives inside the home of Mazal Afari, 65, a resident of Moshav Kfar Yavetz, east of Netanya, Israel, killing her and three of her grandchildren were lightly injured, the bombing caused the house to collapse.[1] Palestinian Second Intifada
July 21 1 0  Israel Murder of Oleg Shaichat: Two Israeli Arabs kidnap an murder IDF soldier Oleg Shaichat. Free People of the Galilee Second Intifada
July 28 4 32  India 2003 Mumbai bus bombing: A bomb explodes on a B.E.S.T. bus in Mumbai. Unknown


Date Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
August 5 12 (+1) 150  Indonesia 2003 Marriott Hotel bombing: Suicide car bombing of the Marriott hotel in Jakarta. Jemaah Islamiyah
August 7 17 40  Iraq 2003 Jordanian embassy bombing in Baghdad: Truck bombing of the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad. No group claimed responsibility but Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad is strongly suspected. Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad (suspected) Iraq War
August 10/14 3 0  United States 2003 West Virginia sniper: Three people were killed in a series of sniper shootings in West Virginia. Eight years after the shootings, a suspect named Shawn Lester was arrested and was eventually convicted and sentenced to 46 years in prison for the shootings. Shawn Lester
August 13 2 (+2) 12  Israel Two Palestinian suicide bombers blew themselves up in almost simultaneous attacks, in the Israeli towns of Rosh Ha'ayin and Ariel.[1] Palestinians Second Intifada
August 13 2 4  Serbia and Montenegro 2003 Goraždevac murders: Kosovo Albanian extremists opened fire on Serbian teenagers in Goraždevac killing 2 people. Kosovo Albanian extremists
August 19 23 (+1) 130+  Israel Shmuel HaNavi bus bombing: Hamas suicide bomber detonates on a Jerusalem bus killing 23 people, including a pregnant a several children. Hamas Second Intifada
August 24 6 28  Colombia Six die and 28 are wounded when a bomb explodes in a riverboat in the town of Puerto Rico. Rebel group FARC is blamed.[7] FARC Colombian conflict
August 25 52 244  India 25 August 2003 Mumbai bombings: Double car bombing of the Gateway of India and jewelry market Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai by Lashkar-e-Taiba operatives. Lashkar-e-Taiba
August 29 95 500+  Iraq Imam Ali mosque bombing: Double car bombing of the Shia Imam Ali mosque. Al-Qaeda in Iraq Iraq War


Date Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
September 9 16 (+2) 65+  Israel Tzrifin bus stop attack, Café Hillel bombing: Two Palestinian suicide bombings, the first at a crowded bus stop near Tel Aviv, the second five hours later at a popular Jerusalem nightspot. Among the victims of the bombings was the head of a Jerusalem hospital emergency room and his 20-year-old daughter who was going to get married later that evening.[1] Hamas Second Intifada
September 11 8 15  Colombia A bomb strapped to a horse kills eight and injures 15 in the village of Chita. The attack is blamed on FARC, as the same technique had been used in the past.[8] FARC Colombian conflict
September 29 10 54  Colombia A motorcycle packed with explosives kills ten and injures 54 in downtown Florencia, capital of Caquetá. Rebel group FARC is blamed.[9] FARC Colombian conflict


Date Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
October 4 21 (+1) 51  Israel Maxim restaurant suicide bombing: Female Islamic Jihad bomber blows herself up at a restaurant in Haifa. Islamic Jihad
Hanadi Jaradat
Second Intifada
October 8 6 11  Colombia A car bomb kills six and injures eleven in downtown Bogotá. FARC is blamed.[10] FARC Colombian conflict
October 27 35 (+4) 244 (+1)  Iraq 2003 Baghdad bombings: Suicide bombings targeting a Red Cross compound and three police stations. A fourth police station was also targeted but the bomber's explosives failed to detonate and he was wounded and arrested by police. Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad Iraq War


Date Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
November 8 17 (+1) 122 Saudi Arabia Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Riyadh compound bombings: A suicide car bomber targeted the Muhaya residential compound, which was occupied mainly by nationals of other Arab countries. The next day, Deputy Secretary of State Armitage said al-Qaeda was probably responsible.[4] Al-Qaeda
November 15/20 57 700+ Turkey Istanbul, Turkey 2003 Istanbul bombings: Two Istanbul synagogues, Bet Israel and Neve Shalom were hit with truck bombs on November 15. Five days later, the headquarters of the HSBC Bank of Turkey and the British consulate of Istanbul were also bombed. Al-Qaeda


Date Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
December 5 46 (+1) 170+  Russia 2003 Stavropol train bombing: A train traveling through Stavropol Krai is destroyed by a suicide bomber. Riyadus-Salihiin Second Chechen War
December 8 2 0  United States 2003 Abbeville, South Carolina right-of-way standoff: Two police officers are killed in 14-hour shootout and standoff with three self-proclaimed "sovereign citizens" in Abbeville, South Carolina. Arthur, Rita and Steven Bixby
December 9 6 (+1) 14  Russia 2003 Red Square bombing: A female suicide bomber blew herself up in the Red Square near the Kremlin Riyadus-Salihiin Second Chechen War
December 25 4 (+1) 16  Israel Geha Interchange bus stop bombing: A Palestinian suicide bomber, a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) blew himself up at a bus stop under the Geha Bridge in Tel-Aviv, Israel.[1] PFLP Second Intifada
December 25 14 (+2) 50  Pakistan Two suicide truck bombers killed 14 persons as President Musharraf's motorcade passed through Rawalpindi, Pakistan. An earlier attempt on December 14 caused no casualties. Pakistani officials suspected Afghan and Kashmiri militants.[4] JeM
December 27 17 (+4) 200+  Iraq 2003 Karbala bombings: Suicide bombings targeting Bulgarian, Thai and Iraqi barracks. Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad Iraq War
December 29 5 (+1) 0  Afghanistan A suicide bomber detonated when he was detained by five Afghan security officers, killing all five officers.[6] Taliban War in Afghanistan
December 31 10 45  Indonesia 2003 Aceh New Year's Eve bombing: A New Years Eve concert in Aceh is bombed by suspected Aceh separatists. Free Aceh Movement Insurgency in Aceh

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