List of terrorist incidents, January–June 2012

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This is a timeline of individual violent attacks which took place from January to June 2012, including attacks by state and non-state actors for political or other unknown motives. Ongoing military conflicts are listed separately.

For attacks in the second half of the year see List of terrorist incidents, July–December 2012


Total Incidents: 39

Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator State Non-
1 Shootings 6 28 Kenya Garissa, Kenya Suspected Al-Shabab militants fired on New Year revellers in two bars in northeastern Kenya on Sunday, killing 5 people and injuring at least 28. In a separate attack at the Dadaab refugee camp, unidentified gunmen shot dead a member of the local security committee.[1] Al-Shabab
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2 Ambush 7 0 Pakistan Gujrat, Pakistan Seven people, including a police officer, were killed after gunmen on motorcycles opened fire in the town of Gujrat.[2] Symbol confirmed.svg
3 Suicide bombing, bombing 11 35 Afghanistan Kandahar, Afghanistan A suicide bomber on a motorcycle detonated his explosives at a checkpoint in the city of Kandahar. Four children and a police officer were killed and 16 more were wounded in the bombing. Later in the day there were two more blasts in the Chawk Madad market, killing 6 and injuring 19 more, including 7 police officers.[3] Symbol confirmed.svg
3 Bicycle bombing 2 24 Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A bicycle bomb exploded outside an internet cafe in the city of Peshawar. Two people were killed and 24 more wounded in the bombing. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.[4] Symbol confirmed.svg
3 Grenade attack 2 16 Rwanda Kigali, Rwanda A grenade explosion at a busy market in Rwanda's capital Kigali killed 2 and injured at least 16 in the latest in a string of similar attacks. Since 2010 the city has been hit by numerous grenade bombings, which the government blames on two high-ranking army officers in exile.[5] Symbol confirmed.svg
3 Shootings, sticky bombs, IEDs 3 13 Iraq Mosul and Baghdad, Iraq Shootings and sticky bomb attacks across the north of the country and the capital killed 2 and injured 12 more. Suspected militants shot dead a member of the Sons of Iraq and injured his wife in an attack in the city of Muqdadiya northeast of Baghdad.[6] Symbol confirmed.svg
4 Shootings, bombings 8 17 Iraq Mosul, Baqubah and Baghdad, Iraq A number of shootings across Baghdad and Mosul left 5 people dead, including 3 off-duty soldiers and a member of the Sons of Iraq and his wife. In the city of Samarra militants armed with hand grenades attacked a police checkpoint, killing one officer and injuring three others. At least 12 bombs exploded in Baqubah, including a booby trapped mobile phone. Two children were killed and 12 people were injured in these bombings.[7] Symbol confirmed.svg
5 Suicide bombings, bombings 73+ 149 Iraq Nasiriyah and Baghdad, Iraq A wave of bombings targeting Shia Muslims across Iraq killed more than 70 and injured almost 150 others. A suicide bomber blew himself up in Nasiriyah, killing 44 and injuring 81. In Baghdad at least 4 bombs exploded in the northern districts of Kadhimiya and Sadr City, killing 29 and injuring 68.[8] Islamic State of Iraq
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5–6 Shootings 37 unknown Nigeria Mubi, Gombi and Yola, Nigeria A series of shootings took place in northeastern Nigeria after a three-day deadline by Boko Haram for all Christians to leave expired. The radical group claimed responsibility for the attacks against churches in Mubi, Gombi and Yola, as well as the shooting of a Christian couple in the insurgent stronghold of Maiduguri. Hundreds of terrified residents started fleeing the affected areas shortly after the attacks, fearing further violence.[9] Boko Haram Symbol confirmed.svg
6–7 Shootings, mortar attacks, IEDs 8 50 Iraq Baghdad, Mosul and Balad, Iraq A string of shootings and bombings followed the wave of bombings two days earlier. Most of the attacks appeared to target Shia Muslims and there was a mortar attack directed at the Green Zone during a military parade. At least 8 were killed in two days of violence and dozens more were injured.[10][11] Symbol confirmed.svg
6 Suicide bombing 26+ 63+ Syria Damascus, Syria A suicide bomber blew his explosive vest in the Al-Midan district of the Syrian capital. State TV showed images of chaos after the attack near a police station and a bus full of recruits, while senior officials vowed to strike back with an "iron fist". The Syrian National Council, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Free Syrian Army accused the government of orchestrating this to reduce attention on its crackdown and to justify its alleged brutality.[12] Al-Nusra Front to Protect the Levant Symbol confirmed.svg
8 Firefight 8 16 Russia Vedensky District, Chechnya, Russia Four members of the Russian Army and four suspected militants were killed after an intense firefight in the southeastern Vedensky District of the Chechen Republic. Sixteen soldiers were wounded during the clash, while Interior Ministry[which?] officials said they suspected several senior figures were in the group of 10 to 15 militants that encountered them. Additional personnel and hardware were being brought to the area and the officials told staff they believe the insurgents are "blocked."[13] Symbol confirmed.svg Symbol confirmed.svg
9 Shootings, car bombs, suicide bombings, IEDs 21 92 Iraq Baghdad and Kirkuk, Iraq In Baghdad two car bombs killed at least 16 people, most of them Shia Muslims. More than 50 others were injured. In Hilla, a sticky bomb blew up under a bus of Afghan pilgrims, injuring 15. A bombing in Fallujah killed an Iraqi soldier and left 3 wounded, while gunmen shot dead a Baghdad bank director and her husband in the city's Karrada district. Militants also shot and killed 2 policemen and injured 2 more in Kirkuk.[14][15] Islamic State of Iraq
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10 Shootings, suicide bombings 7 3 Afghanistan Sharan, Afghanistan Three suicide bombers attacked a government building in the eastern city of Sharan, sparking a six-hour firefight that left four government employees and three policemen killed. Three other people were injured in the attack, which the Taliban later claimed responsibility for.[16] Afghan Taliban Symbol confirmed.svg
10 Car bombing 29 50 Pakistan Jamrud, Khyber Agency, Pakistan A suspected car bombing near a fueling station in Jamrud killed at least 29 and left 50 injured. The city, which lies 25 km west of Peshawar, is considered the gateway to the Khyber Pass used by NATO fuel convoys to bring supplies into Afghanistan. This is the first major attack in the country in almost four months, an unusually quiet period in recent years.[17][18] Symbol confirmed.svg
10 Shooting 8 unknown Nigeria Potiskum, Nigeria Suspected members of Boko Haram opened fire on a bar in the northeastern Yobe State, shooting eight people to death, including four policemen. Boko Haram has a long history of attacks against such establishments, which it views as a sin.[19] Boko Haram
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12 Suicide bombings, bombings 9 46 Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan A suicide bomber on a motorcycle blew himself up close to the parliament building in the capital Kabul, killing two and injuring 36 others. An additional suicide attack in the country's southern parts killed the governor of Panjwai District, two of his bodyguards and his two young sons. A roadside bombing in the western Farah Province killed two civilians.[20][21] Symbol confirmed.svg
12 Shootings, grenade attacks, kidnappings 7 2+ Kenya Wajir District, Kenya Suspected members of the Somali militant group Al Shabaab attacked a police camp in the city of Gerille in Wajir District, about 7 km from the border with Somalia. Around 100 attackers swarmed the village and the camp, throwing grenades into bars and a church and killing at least 7 people, including four policemen. They abducted three others, two of which are reported to be members of the police. After the raid the group confirmed it was behind the attacks which were in retaliation of the "aggressive Kenyan invasion". The rebels planned to identify the prisoners later.[22][23] Al Shabaab Symbol confirmed.svg
14 Suicide bombing, IEDs, car bombing 55 141 Iraq Basra, Iraq A suicide bomber dressed as a policemen attacked a crowd of Shiite pilgrims and security forces at a checkpoint in the southern city of Basra, killing at least 53. At least 130 others were injured in the blast, which coincided with several other small attacks in Tikrit, Mosul and Baqubah. At least two were killed and 11 injured in these incidents.[24][25] Symbol confirmed.svg
15 Suicide bombings, car bombings 13 10 Iraq Ramadi, Iraq A series of coordinated attacks took place in Ramadi as at least six suicide bombers stormed a counter terrorism unit building in an attempt to free several senior prisoners. Several car bombings and roadside bombs exploded before and during the suicide attack, which is the latest in a series of incidents during January.[26] Symbol confirmed.svg
15 Bombing 18 20 Pakistan Rahim Yar Khan District, Pakistan A roadside bombing hit a Shia Muslim religious procession, killing 18 people and injuring at least 20 others.[27] Symbol confirmed.svg
16 Car bombings, IEDs 15 26 Iraq Bartella and Al Hillah, Iraq A powerful car bomb struck a Shabak refugee camp in Bartella near the northern city of Mosul, killing 11 and injuring at least six others. A car bomb detonated prematurely in Hilla, leaving 3 dead and 18 wounded. Roadside and sticky bomb attacks elsewhere left 1 person dead and two injured.[28][29][30] Symbol confirmed.svg
17 Shootings, bombings 10 5 Iraq Mosul and Rutba, Iraq Gunmen attacked a police checkpoint in the city of Rutba, 360 km west of Baghdad, killing five policemen. A bomb attack at another security post in Mosul left 3 police officers dead and 3 others injured. A drive-by shooting and roadside bombings in Fallujah and the area north of the capital left two other people dead and two Iraqi soldiers injured.[31] Symbol confirmed.svg
17 Shooting, kidnapping 5 3 Ethiopia Afar Region, Ethiopia Unidentified attackers shot and killed at least 5 foreign tourists and kidnapped 4 people near the Erta Ale volcano in Ethiopia's northern Afar Region. At least three other tourists were injured and two Germans were among the kidnapped together with 2 Ethiopians. The dead included two Germans, two Hungarians and one Austrian. The government placed the blame on "members of a group that was trained and armed by the Eritrean government. A number of insurgent groups from Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti operate in the area.[32][33] Symbol confirmed.svg
18 Suicide bombing, IED 17 22 Afghanistan Kajaki District, Afghanistan A suicide bomber on a motorcycle tried to target an ISAF patrol passing through a market in Kajaki District in the southern Helmand Province. At least 13 people were killed in the blast, including 3 police officers, and 22 were injured. Hours later a mine blew up in Nad Ali District while a convoy carrying Wali Mohammad, the district head of the National Directorate of Security was passing by. The explosion killed him and a local shura member, as well as a security agent and a civilian that were travelling in the vehicle.[34][35] Symbol confirmed.svg
19 Suicide bombing 15 50+ Iraq Baquba, Iraq A suicide bomber driving an ambulance attacked a police training center in the city of Baquba, killing at least 15 and injuring more than 50.[36] Symbol confirmed.svg
19 Suicide bombing 9 10 Afghanistan Kandahar, Afghanistan A suicide bomber attacked the main gate of the Kandahar International Airport, killing seven civilians and injuring at least eight more. Insurgents attacked a police post in Nawzad District, sparking a firefight that killed two police officers and left two others injured. More than 10 militants were believed killed in this attack, including a local commander.[35][37] Symbol confirmed.svg
19 Suicide bombing 6 unknown Somalia Mogadishu, Somalia A bomb exploded close to a camp for displaced people in the Somalian capital, killing four refugees and two local policemen. A second device was found nearby but it had failed to detonate properly. A military base belonging to the Burundi peacekeeping mission is close to the blast site, as well as a police checkpoint.[38] Symbol confirmed.svg
20 Shooting 4 17 Afghanistan Tagab District, Kapisa, Afghanistan A rogue Afghan soldier opened fire on French military personnel serving as part of ISAF forces, killing at least four and injuring 17 more. The incident took place in the Tagab Valley in the northeastern Kapisa district. French President Nicolas Sarkozy threatened to pull out the country's troops early and military operations were temporarily suspended. The Afghan Taliban praised the attack, but could not confirm whether the attacker was a member of the movement.[39][40] Symbol confirmed.svg
20 Shootings, bombings 185 unknown Nigeria Kano, Nigeria Militants belonging to Boko Haram attacked Nigeria's biggest northern city Kano, freeing prisoners from police stations and bombing at least 8 government security buildings as well as churches and others in a heavily coordinated assault. The assault continued throughout the day as insurgents battled with local police and military units. The day-long siege killed at least 185 and left many more injured, although the true extent of the damage will likely take days to assess. A 24-hour curfew was imposed in the sprawling city of 9 million after the deadliest strike yet by the radical Islamic group.[41][42] Boko Haram Symbol confirmed.svg
22 Shootings, bombings 10 unknown Nigeria Tafara Balewa, Nigeria Suspected Islamic militants attempted to rob a bank in the city of Tafawa Balewa in Nigeria's Bauchi State, starting a firefight that left 10 people dead at a police checkpoint and a nearby hotel. Eight civilians, a police officer and an army colonel were among the casualties on a day that also saw bomb blast hit two churches in the area, destroying one of them completely.[41] Symbol confirmed.svg
24 Shootings, car bombs, IEDs 20 87 Iraq Baghdad and Mosul, Iraq A series of car bombs struck the Iraqi capital, killing at least 14 and injuring 75. A number of roadside bomb, sticky bomb and shooting attacks took place in the northern city of Mosul, as well as Baqubah, Kirkuk and several smaller towns. At least 6 people were killed in these incidents with 12 others injured.[43] Symbol confirmed.svg
24 Grenade attack 0 10 Rwanda Muhanga, Rwanda A grenade explosion at a taxi rank in the southern city of Muhanga injured at least 10 in the latest in a string of similar attacks. Since 2010 the country has been hit by numerous grenade bombings, which the government blames on two high-ranking army officers in exile.[44] Symbol confirmed.svg
26 Shootings, bombings 26 34 Iraq Kirkuk, Baghdad and Mosul, Iraq At least 26 people were killed in a series of attacks across northern and central Iraq, including a policemen and 9 of his relatives who died when their house got bombed in the city of Musayyib. Shootings and bombings in Kirkuk left 7 killed and 6 injured, including two off-duty policemen, while unidentified gunmen shot the son of a prominent Sunni leader in Mosul. Several shootings and bombings in the Baghdad area left 8 dead and 18 injured.[45] Symbol confirmed.svg
27 Suicide bombing, shootings, bombings 37 71 Iraq Baghdad, Iraq A suicide bomber exploded his vehicle near a passing Shiite funeral procession at a market in the city's southern Al-Za'franiya district. At least 32 were killed and more than 70 injured in the huge blast that according to authorities originally targeted a nearby police station. A number of other attacks took place in the capital and in the northern city of Mosul, killing five people.[46][47][48] Symbol confirmed.svg
28 Shootings, bombings 7 10 Iraq Baghdad and Tuz Khormato, Iraq The wave of deadly attacks in Iraq continued with a number of shootings and sticky bombs that left seven dead and ten others injured. January has seen one of the highest death tolls in Iraq in the last few years – the last time more than 300 Iraqi civilians and security forces lost their lives in a single month was in August 2010.[47][49] Symbol confirmed.svg
30 Shootings, bombings, suicide bombing 8 11 Iraq Baqubah, Mosul and Basra, Iraq A number of bombings and shootings across central and southern Iraq left at least 8 people dead and 11 more injured. In the day's deadliest single attack, a suicide bomber blew himself up close to a police checkpoint in Baqubah, killing three officers and wounding two others, as well as a civilian.[50] Symbol confirmed.svg
30–31 Suicide bombings 6 20+ Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan Two suicide bombings rocked the city of Peshawar, both aimed at senior security officers. On 30 January a suspected suicide bomber destroyed the house of a leading tribal militia member, killing 3 and injuring 8 others. The next day another bombing targeted a high ranking police officer who was killed together with his driver and bodyguard. Over a dozen people were reported injured in this incident.[51][52] Symbol confirmed.svg
31 Suicide bombing 2 0 Somalia Galkayo, Somalia A suicide bomber attempted to kill former military commander and powerful warlord Abdi Hasan Awale Qeybdiid in the town of Galkayo about 500 kilometers north of the capital Mogadishu. He first shot the driver of the car he was travelling in and proceeded to blow up his explosives when the other bodyguard jumped on him. The attack was claimed by Al-Shabaab whose spokesman Abdiasis Abu Musab said "He escaped today but we shall not stop targeting till we get rid of him."[53] Al-Shabaab Symbol confirmed.svg


Total Incidents: 18

Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator State Non-
1 Motorcycle bomb 5 20 Colombia Tumaco, Colombia A motorcycle packed with explosives was detonated in front of a police station in the Pacific port city of Tumaco, killing at least 5 people and injuring 20 others. Government officials placed the blame on FARC, although no group has so far claimed responsibility. Ten soldiers were killed in a mortar attack close to the same city in October 2011.[54] Symbol confirmed.svg
8 Car bombing 15 20+ Somalia Mogadishu, Somalia A car bomb exploded next to a cafe in the center of the Somalian capital, killing 15 and injuring more than 20. Islamist group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack and two days later officially joined al Qaeda.[55][56] Al Shabaab Symbol confirmed.svg
10 Suicide car bombings 28 235 Syria Aleppo, Syria Two huge bombings shook the city of Aleppo, targeting the security and military headquarters in the Syrian city. Government sources and state media said the blasts were caused by two suicide car bombs. Among the 28 victims were 24 members of the security forces and 4 civilians, and at least 235 others were wounded. At first, deputy commander of the FSA Malik al-Kurdi claimed the bombings.[57] The Al-Nusra Front to Protect the Levant later claimed responsibility for this and other attacks in Syria.[58] Al-Nusra Front to Protect the Levant or Free Syrian Army Symbol confirmed.svg
11 Bombing 7 3 Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A homemade bomb exploded in a house on the outskirts of Peshawar, killing 7 and injuring 3 more.[59] Symbol confirmed.svg
13 Car bomb 0 4 India New Delhi, India An Israeli diplomat's car exploded near the Indian prime minister's residence in New Delhi on Monday, injuring the wife of an embassy staff member and at least three other people, in what appeared to be a coordinated, two-pronged terror attack against Israeli missions in India and Georgia. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately blamed the strikes on Iran and Lebanon-based Hezbollah.[60] In an investigation report, Delhi Police concluded that the perpetrators were members of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.[61] Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution Symbol confirmed.svg
17 Suicide Bombing 39 67 Pakistan Parachinar, Pakistan A suicide bomber on a motorcycle blew himself up close to a crowded marketplace in the frontier town of Parachinar in the Kurram Valley close to the border with Afghanistan. At least 39 people were killed and almost 70 injured in the attack, with a significant number of casualties remaining in a dangerous condition.[62] Symbol confirmed.svg
19 Bombing 7 5 Pakistan Khyber Agency, Pakistan A bomb killed seven members of a pro-government militia and critically injured five others in northwestern Pakistan, near the Afghan border.[63] Symbol confirmed.svg
19 Suicide bombing 19 26 Iraq Baghdad, Iraq A suicide car bomber killed 19 police officers and cadets in front of a Baghdad academy in the deadliest attack in the country since 27 January. At least 26 others were injured in the blast, most of them new recruits for the security forces.[64] Symbol confirmed.svg
23 Suicide bombings, car bombs, shootings, IEDs 60 200+ Iraq Baghdad, Tikrit, Baqubah and others, Iraq At least 60 people were killed and scores more injured after a string of near-simultaneous attacks across Baghdad and several other cities in the north and south of the country. Witnesses reported more than 10 explosions within the capital that killed at least 32, mainly targeting police patrols and crowded shopping areas in Shiite neighborhoods. A number of car bombs and shootings were reported throughout Iraq, including Kirkuk, Baqubah, Tikrit, Hilla, Taji and Dujail. The Islamic State of Iraq took responsibility for the attacks two days later and promised to disrupt the upcoming Arab League Summit.[65][66][67] Islamic State of Iraq Symbol confirmed.svg
23 Car bombing 12 dozens Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A powerful bomb at a bus stand killed at least 12 people and injured dozens more, including 10 left in critical condition. Local officials were investigating whether the incident was a suicide bombing or just a car equipped with a bomb. Initial reports suggest that at least 45 kg of explosive material was used together with mortar shells aimed at maximizing the damage.[68] Symbol confirmed.svg
24 Bombings, attempted jailbreak 12 1 Nigeria Gombe, Nigeria Unidentified gunmen set off bombs in an attempt to help inmates break out of a prison in the northeast city of Gombe. After a lengthy firefight the attackers bombed a local police station, killing two officers. At least 10 others were killed in the violence, most of them civilians. On 16 February attackers stormed a prison in the central Kogi State, killing the warden and releasing 119 inmates, most of them members of Boko Haram.[69] Symbol confirmed.svg
25 Bombing 6 12 Afghanistan Badghis Province, Afghanistan A remote controlled mine exploded in the northwestern Badghis Province, killing six members of the Afghan Army and injuring 12 more.[70] Symbol confirmed.svg
25 Suicide car bombing 26 30+ Yemen Mukalla, Yemen A car bomb exploded in the southern port city of Mukalla just hours after president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Al-Hadi was sworn in, killing at least 26 and injuring dozens more. The attack took place in front of the old presidential palace and most of the casualties were members of the Republican Guard. The Yemeni offshoot of Al-Qaeda has taken responsibility for the bombing and blamed it on the atrocities committed by the presidential guard during the last few months.[71][72] Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Symbol confirmed.svg
26 Suicide car bombing, bombing 2 43 Nigeria Jos, Nigeria A suicide bomber drove his explosive-packed car into a church on the outskirts of the city of Jos, killing two and injuring 38 in the ensuing blast. Christian youths from the area later set up roadblocks and killed two Muslims in retaliation for the attack. An additional blast at a church outside the capital Abuja left at least five people wounded.[71] Symbol confirmed.svg
27 Suicide car bombing 9 23 Afghanistan Jalalabad, Afghanistan A suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden vehicle into the gates of Jalalabad Airport, killing at least nine people in the ensuing blast. Six of the victim were civilians, two were airport guards and one was a member of the Afghan Army. At least 23 others (including 4 NATO soldiers) were injured in the attack which was claimed by the Taliban in revenge for the burning of copies of the Quran at the Bagram Airfield.[73] Afghan Taliban Symbol confirmed.svg
27 Bombing 3 7 Nepal Kathmandu, Nepal A powerful bomb exploded in front of the main offices of Nepal Oil in the capital Kathmandu, killing at least three people and injuring six more in the first major attack in the city in three years. The building targeted is very close to the fortified Singhadurbar complex housing several key ministries. A little-known militant organisation called the Unified National Liberation Front (Samyukta Jatiya Mukti Morcha) claimed responsibility the attack, which it claimed happened because of the government's inability to curb corruption and rising fuel prices.[74] Unified National Liberation Front Symbol confirmed.svg
27 Bombing 6 14 Pakistan Nowshera, Pakistan Six people were killed and 14 wounded after a homemade bomb placed on a motorcycle exploded after a political rally in the northwestern town of Nowshera.[75] Symbol confirmed.svg
27 Stabbings 24 18 China Yecheng, China At around 6 p.m. on February 28, 2012, a group of eight Uyghur men led by religious extremist Abudukeremu Mamuti attacked pedestrians with axes and knives on a crowded street. Local police fought with Mamuti's group, ultimately killing all and capturing Mamuti. One police officer died and four police were injured, while 15 pedestrians died from Mamuti's assault and 14 more civilians were injured.[76] East Turkestan Islamic Movement (suspected) Symbol confirmed.svg


Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator State Non-
1 Bombing 0 16 Turkey Istanbul, Turkey An explosion near the ruling party's headquarters in Istanbul wounded at least 16 people, most of them policemen that were passing by in a bus. No claim of responsibility has been received yet.[77] Symbol confirmed.svg
1 Shooting 4 0 Nigeria Bayelsa State, Nigeria Gunmen ambushed a police patrol in the Niger Delta, shooting 4 officers to death. Responsibility was claimed by the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta in a press release the next day.[78] MEND Symbol confirmed.svg
2 Suicide bombing 7 5 Pakistan Khyber Agency, Pakistan A suicide bomber detonated his explosives vest at a training camp belonging to the Lashkar-e-Islam terrorist group, killing 7 militants and injuring at least 5 more. The organization has been in frequent conflict with parts of the Pakistan Taliban and back and forth attacks have been common in recent years.[79] Pakistan Taliban suspected Symbol confirmed.svg
2 Gunbattle 33 unknown Pakistan Tirah, Pakistan A group of militants attacked a newly established Pakistan Army post in the Khyber Agency near the border with Afghanistan, killing at least 10 soldiers and sparking a firefight that ultimately left 23 militants dead. The region is home to several terrorist groups and no claim of responsibility has been received yet.[79] Symbol confirmed.svg Symbol confirmed.svg
3 Suicide \ Car bombing (unconfirmed) 7 8 Syria Deraa, Syria At least 7 people were killed and 8 others injured after an explosion near a military checkpoint in the southern city of Deraa. Government officials blamed the attack on a suicide bomber, which the opposition quickly denied, though this time they did not directly accuse the ruling party of staging the bombing.[80]
3 Suicide bombing 0 23 Algeria Tamanrasset, Algeria A suicide bomber detonated his explosives filled vehicle at a paramilitary base in a southern oasis town nearly 2,000 km south of the capital Algiers. At least 23 people were injured in the attack, most of them members of the security forces.[81] Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa Symbol confirmed.svg
5 Shootings, assassinations 27 3 Iraq Haditha, Iraq Gunmen dressed in police uniforms and driving security vehicles attacked several checkpoints in the city of Haditha, killing at least 27 police officers and left 3 more injured. The murder spree took place in the middle of the night and included a colonel and a lieutenant who were dragged out of their houses and executed. Flyers left in one of the vehicles belonged to the Islamic State of Iraq and warned security forces to quit or face death.[82] Islamic State of Iraq Symbol confirmed.svg
7 Car bomb, suicide bombing 14 23 Iraq Tal Afar, Iraq At least 14 people were killed and 23 more injured after a car bombing and a subsequent suicide attack near a restaurant in the northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar.[83] Symbol confirmed.svg
7 Suicide bombing 5 unknown Russia Karabudakhkent, Dagestan, Russian Federation A female suicide bomber approached a group of police officers in the village of Karabudakhkent and detonated her explosive vest, killing at least 5 of them. Officials suspected this attack was in retaliation for the death of Ibragimkhalil Daudov, also known as "Saleh". The leader of Shariat Jamaat was killed in a special forces operation in the same district on February 17.[84] Shariat Jamaat suspected Symbol confirmed.svg
7-9 Bombing, kidnappings, firefight 7 12 Thailand Yala Province, Thailand At least 50 militants attacked an army base, kidnapping 2 soldiers and injuring twelve more. The missing officers were later discovered shot to death, with their hands bound and their weapons gone. The attack comes two days after a roadside bombing killed 4 soldiers and a civilian was shot dead.[85] Patani United Liberation Organisation suspected Symbol confirmed.svg
10-15 Shootings 3 1 France Toulouse and Montauban, France Mohammed Merah shot and killed three French paratroopers in two separate incidents in and around the city of Toulouse in the south of the country. On March 10 a lone paratrooper was killed in Toulouse and five days later three other soldiers were attacked near a cash machine in Montauban, 50 kilometers south of Toulouse. Merah, who drove a black motorbike, managed to kill two of them and critically injure the third. In all cases the soldiers were from immigrant families.[86] Mohammed Merah Symbol confirmed.svg
10 Grenade attack 6 68 Kenya Nairobi, Kenya At least four grenades were thrown at a bus station in the Kenyan capital by unidentified attackers, killing 6 people and injuring almost 70 more. Police sources confirmed 4 people were still missing after the blasts and several of the injured are in critical condition. The Somali Al-Shabaab group is suspected of being behind the attack, as well as other recent bombings inside Kenya in response to Operation Linda Nchi.[87] Al-Shabaab suspected Symbol confirmed.svg
11 Suicide bombing 15 37 Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan At least 15 people were killed and 37 more injured after a suicide bomber blew up at a funeral in the northwestern Pakistani city. The target appears to be the local deputy council chief, who escaped unharmed.[88] Symbol confirmed.svg
11 Car bombing, reprisal killings 14 unknown Nigeria Jos, Nigeria At least 4 people were killed and an unknown number were wounded after a car bomb exploded close to a church in the central city of Jos. Seucirty officials appear to have stopped the bomber at the gates of the church before he could approach the building itself. In the aftermath of the attack Christian youths set up roadblocks and killed at least 10 people in reprisal attacks.[89] Boko Haram suspected
Christian mobs
Symbol confirmed.svg
12 Petrol bomb 1 1 Belgium Anderlecht, Belgium A petrol bomb was thrown in a Shia mosque resulting in the death of the imam through smoke inhalation, according to the city's mayor. Police spokeswoman Marie Verbeke said that one person was reported to have "taken into custody at the scene." Interior Minister Joelle Milquet said that she was "very shocked by the events that have occurred."[90]
12 Shootings, robberies 14 14 Iraq Baghdad and Tarmiyah, Iraq A group of unidentified gunmen attacked a government office and a police patrol in the city of Tarmiyah north of Baghdad, killing 5 policemen. Several hours later two carloads of militants armed with grenade launchers and automatic weapons attacked one of the main gold markets, robbing merchants of their valuables. At least 9 people were killed, including two policemen and two soldiers. Fourteen other were injured during the raid.[91] Symbol confirmed.svg
13 Shooting 19 8 Ethiopia Gambela Region, Ethiopia Unknown gunmen attacked a public bus in the southwest of the country, killing 19 passengers and injuring eight more.[92] Symbol confirmed.svg
14 Suicide bombing 4 10 Somalia Mogadishu, Somalia A suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest near the gates of Villa Somalia, the country's presidential palace. Security officials reported at least 4 deaths and 10 injuries after the blast went off near a building used by the parliament speaker. The hardline Islamist group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility and promised further attacks within the capital.[93] Al-Shabaab Symbol confirmed.svg
14 Motorcycle bomb, IED 9 3 Afghanistan Helmand Province, Afghanistan A motorcycle bomb in the southern city of Kandahar killed an Afghan intelligence official and wounded 3 other people, two of whom were colleagues of his. Additionally, a powerful blast destroyed a minivan near Lashkar Gah, killing all 8 passengers inside.[94] Symbol confirmed.svg
17 Car bombings 27 140 Syria Damascus, Syria Two large explosions shook the Syrian capital early in the day after car bombs were detonated in front of the aviation intelligence and criminal security departments. At least 27 people were confirmed killed and scores more injured. The government was again quick to place the blame on terrorists, while the opposition maintained that the attacks are orchestrated. The Al-Nusra Front to Protect the Levant later claimed responsibility for this and several other high-profile attacks.[95][96] Al-Nusra Front to Protect the Levant Symbol confirmed.svg
17 Ambush 11 2 Colombia Arauca, Colombia Eleven members of the Colombian Army were killed and 2 injured in an ambush by FARC rebels in the eastern department of Arauca. The group claimed responsibility for this latest attack, even as they recently denounced civilian kidnappings and promised to release all remaining hostages.[97] FARC Symbol confirmed.svg
18 Shooting 1 0 Yemen Taiz, Yemen Two men on a motorcycle shot and killed an American English teacher working as the deputy director of a Swedish institute in the Yemeni city of Taiz. The attackers fled after the attack, although authorities believe them to be aligned with Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.[98] Symbol confirmed.svg
18 Car bombing 3 25 Syria Aleppo, Syria An explosion caused by a car bomb rocked the Syrian city of Aleppo just a day after twin blasts in the capital killed almost 30 people. The blast took place near a state security office and left at least 3 people dead and 25 injured.[99]
20 Suicide bombings, car bombs, shootings 52 ~250 Iraq Baghdad and 10 other cities, Iraq A wave of attacks across the country took the lives of at least 50 people and left scores injured. Numerous car bombings and suicide attacks shook Baghdad, as well as Karbala in the south and Kirkuk in the north, among others. The Islamic State of Iraq claimed responsibility for the wave of bombings and promised to disrupt the upcoming Arab League summit.[100][101] Islamic State of Iraq Symbol confirmed.svg
26 Mortar attack 2 8 Somalia Mogadishu, Somalia Two people were killed and at least eight others wounded after a mortar attack aimed at the presidential palace missed its intended target and hit a nearby refugee camp. This is the third attack against the palace in the last two weeks, including a suicide bombing on March 14 which left four people dead.[102] Al-Shabaab Symbol confirmed.svg
31 Bombings 1 24 Kenya Mombasa, Kenya At least one person was killed and more than 20 injured after two explosion in and around the coastal city of Mombasa. The bombings targeted a Christian meeting and a bar and were the first attacks to hit the popular tourist destination. Most recent bombings in the country have occurred close to the border with Somalia and are the work of Al-Shabaab.[103] Al-Shabaab suspected Symbol confirmed.svg
31 Firefight, aerial bombardment 27 unknown Yemen Lahij Governorate, Yemen A large group of militants attacked an Army checkpoint in the middle of the night, killing at least 20 soldiers before fleeing with heavy weapons and at least two tanks. Government forces called in airplanes that successfully destroyed one of the captured tanks. At least seven insurgents were killed during the attack.[104] Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula suspected Symbol confirmed.svg
31 Bombings 16 321 Thailand Yala and Hat Yai, Thailand Three large bombs went off in the business district of the southern city of Yala around lunchtime, killing at least eleven and injuring more than 110 others. Separately, a powerful blast took place in a high-rise hotel in the neighboring Songkhla Province. Authorities initially believed this to be a gas leak, but further investigation produced the burnt out shell of a car bomb inside the hotel's parking lot. This second attack killed at least five and left more than 220 wounded.[105] Patani United Liberation Organisation suspected Symbol confirmed.svg


Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator State Non-
1 Ambush 7 unknown Yemen near Shibam, Hadhramaut Governorate, Yemen A group of militants attacked an Army checkpoint near the ancient city of Shibam in a pre-dawn raid and killed seven soldiers before escaping with weapons and ammunition.[106] Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula suspected Symbol confirmed.svg
4 Suicide bombing 10 20 Afghanistan Maymana, Afghanistan A suicide bomber attacked a group of people in a park in Afghanistan's northern Faryab Province, killing at least 10. Three of the victims were US troops who were taking pictures, despite previous warnings by Afghan forces not to wander around the city. Among the casualties were four civilians and two policemen, and at least twenty others were left injured.[107] Symbol confirmed.svg
4 Suicide bombing 6 10 Somalia Mogadishu, Somalia A female suicide bomber detonated her explosive vest during an official ceremony to mark the first year anniversary of the launch of the country's new satellite TV channel. Among the casualties inside the newly reopened Somali National Theater were the head of the Somali Olympic Committee and the president of the Somali Football Federation. At least two ministers and one member of parliament were injured, but Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali escaped unhurt. Responsibility was quickly claimed by al-Shabaab, who promised further attacks.[108] al-Shabaab Symbol confirmed.svg
8 Suicide car bombing 41 dozens Nigeria Kaduna and Jos, Nigeria A car bomb went off near a church in the northern town of Kaduna on Easter Sunday, killing at least 36 and injuring dozens more, including 10 people left in critical condition. The driver of the vehicle reportedly tried to enter the church grounds but was stopped by security, after which he turned around and detonated the charge next to a group of taxi drivers. A smaller bombing took place in the city of Jos, where a number of people were injured. Some of the critically injured died in the days after the attack, raising the death toll to 41.[109] Boko Haram suspected Symbol confirmed.svg
9 Bombing 12 18 Somalia Baidoa, Somalia A bomb exploded at a busy market in the southern city of Baidoa, killing twelve people. Most of the victims were women shopping for food, although the intended target was likely a military patrol.[110] al-Shabaab Symbol confirmed.svg
10 Firefight 14 8 Yemen Ma'rib Governorate, Yemen At least nine soldiers and five militants were killed after an insurgent attack against an army checkpoint in the central Ma'rib Province. Meanwhile, members of AQAP announced they had captured a large cache of weapons and four tanks after yesterday's fierce battle on the outskirts of Lawdar. Fighting in the area was still ongoing and reports suggested more militants were on the way after leaving in a big convoy from Jaʿār. Yemeni airplanes bombed two positions later in the day, destroying one of the captured tanks.[111] Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula suspected Symbol confirmed.svg
10 Suicide bombings 15 27 Afghanistan Helmand and Herat Province, Afghanistan Suicide bombers struck two government offices in the west and south of the country, killing 15 and injuring at least 27. Four policemen died and five were wounded in the first attack, when three suicide bombers attacked a building in the Musa Qala district in the south. Hours earlier, a truck bomb with three bombers inside it exploded in front of a government office in Guzara district near Herat. Three policemen and eight civilians died in this blast, while another 22 people were injured. The Afghan Taliban claimed responsibility for both incidents.[112] Afghan Taliban Symbol confirmed.svg
13 Ambushes 7 12 Iraq outskirts of Baghdad, Iraq Unidentified gunmen blocked two roads on the north and south of the capital, stopping buses with Shiite pilgrims and opening indiscriminate fire. At least seven people were killed in the twin attacks and another twelve were left injured.[113] Symbol confirmed.svg
15 Suicide bombings, firefights, sieges 51 44 Afghanistan Kabul and Nangarhar, Paktia and Logar provinces, Afghanistan Numerous groups of armed militants staged highly coordinated attacks in four Afghan provinces and the capital Kabul. Among the targets were the U.S., German, British and Russian Embassies, NATO bases, the Afghan Parliament, airports and a military academy. The siege in Kabul's heavily guarded diplomatic quarter started around 1 PM and went on for 18 hours, with at least 51 casualties confirmed. Among the dead were 8 Afghan soldiers and four civilians. The Afghan Taliban claimed responsibility for the assault in a statement, adding that the attacks were in revenge for the recent burning of copies of the Quran and the Kandahar massacre. Many senior officials, as well as the lone captured attacker, placed the blame on the Haqqani Network.[114] Afghan Taliban, Haqqani Network suspected Symbol confirmed.svg
19 Car bombs, Suicide bombings, IEDs 36 ~150 Iraq Baghdad and at least 6 other cities, Iraq More than 20 bombs exploded in cities around the country, killing 36 people and injuring nearly 150 others. Most of the attacks appeared to target security patrols and buildings. There were at least six attacks in the capital Baghdad, leaving 15 dead and more than 60 injured. Additional bombings took place in Kirkuk, Fallujah, Samarrah, Baqubah, Mosul and Taji.[115] Symbol confirmed.svg
25 Shooting 4 4 Iran near Paveh, Iran Iranian media reported that four members of the elite Revolutionary Guards were killed and four others were wounded during an attack by suspected PJAK rebels near Paveh in Kermanshah province in western Iran. The attackers suffered casualties as well, though these are unknown.[116] Symbol confirmed.svg
26 Suicide bombings 9 30 Nigeria Abuja and Kaduna, Nigeria Suicide bombers attacked the offices Nigerian newspapers in Abuja and Kaduna, killing at least 9 and injuring dozens more. The first attack took place in Abuja, where a bomber exploded his car near the back entrance of the Thisday building, one of the country's most prominent and influential media outlets. Later two similar blasts took place in the city of Kaduna near a building housing a number of newspapers. Government officials late ordered round-the-clock security for all media houses in the country, while Boko Haram claimed responsibility, blaming the attack on lack of objectivity in media reports.[117][118][119] Boko Haram Symbol confirmed.svg
27 Bombings 0 27 Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine At least four explosions hit the Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk, leaving 27 people injured, including at least 9 children. No group has claimed responsibility and authorities are still searching for a motive. The city is the birthplace of jailed opposition leader Yulia Timoshenko.[120] Symbol confirmed.svg
27 Ambush, mortar attack 8 0 Colombia Caquetá Department, Colombia Suspected FARC rebels shelled a police station in the country's south, but missed the target and hit a local house instead, killing two adults and an infant. Later an army patrol was ambushed in the southern Caquetá Department. At least five soldiers were killed in that attack.[121] Symbol confirmed.svg
27 Ambush 3 2 Peru Apurímac Region, Peru Three soldiers were killed and two others seriously injured after an attack by Shining Path in the country's south-central region. This latest attack follows the kidnapping of 36 oil workers two weeks ago. That incident sparked a large military operation, during which a helicopter was downed by the rebels and at least six soldiers were reported dead.[122] Shining Path Symbol confirmed.svg
27 Suicide bombing 9 26 Syria Damascus, Syria A suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest near a mosque in central Damascus, killing at least 9 people, including several security officers. More than 20 others were injured in the blast, which took place close to the site of an earlier bombing in January. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.[123]
29 Shootings 21 unknown Nigeria Kano and Maiduguri, Nigeria Gunmen attacked religious services at a church and a university campus in two northern Nigerian cities, killing at least 21 people. The attackers reportedly used small explosive charges to draw out the worshipers before gunning them down.[124] Boko Haram Symbol confirmed.svg
29 Bombing 1 10 Kenya Nairobi, Kenya A bomb exploded near a church in the Kenyan capital, killing one and injuring at least ten others. The city has been hit by a series of similar attacks since late 2011, with the government blaming the Somali group al-Shabaab for orchestrating them.[125] al-Shabaab Symbol confirmed.svg
30 Bombing 9 ~100 Syria Idlib, Syria Nine people were killed and close to a hundred injured after two large explosions targeted buildings belonging to Syrian intelligence services. Unconfirmed reports put the death toll at 20, with a third blast occurring in the evening hours.[126] Symbol confirmed.svg


Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator State Non-
1 Suicide bombing, car bomb 9 12+ Somalia Dhusamareb and Mogadishu, Somalia A suicide bomber entered a hotel in the central Somalian town of Dhusamareb and detonated his explosive vest near the cafe, killing at least six others, including two Somali MPs. The government officials were in town for a special meeting to promote reconciliation within the torn nation. At least a dozen other people were injured in the attack, including several members of parliament and a journalist covering the event. The radical Islamist group al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the incident, as well as an earlier car bombing in the capital Mogadishu that left three civilians dead.[127][128] al-Shabaab Symbol confirmed.svg
1 Roadside bomb 3 7 Thailand Pattani Province, Thailand A roadside bombing in the south of the country killed three Thai rangers and left seven others wounded. Military officials suspected the attackers had inside information, as the route the patrol team took was confidential. The government has recently sent additional troops to the region to crush an insurgency that has flared up in the last decade.[129] Symbol confirmed.svg
1 Bombing 4 18 Nepal Janakpur, Nepal Four people were killed and eighteen others injured after a bomb went off near a political rally in the southeastern Nepalese city of Janakpur.[130] JTMM Symbol confirmed.svg
3 Car bombing, shootings 7 17 Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan A team of heavily-armed gunmen stormed a well guarded residential compound near Jalalabad Road in the Afghan capital. At least seven people were killed in the initial bombing and the ensuing firefight, and 17 others were wounded. The assault took place only a few hours after U.S. President Barack Obama had left the city. He was at Bagram Air Base earlier the same night to give a televised speech on the strategic agreement pact with Afghanistan and the war's progress. The Afghan Taliban claimed responsibility.[131] Afghan Taliban Symbol confirmed.svg
3 Suicide bombings 13 130 Russia Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia Two suicide bombers detonated explosive-filled cars near a traffic police checkpoint in Dagestan's capital, killing at least 13 people. More than 130 others were injured in the huge blasts, at least 67 of them seriously. Government sources speculated that the bombers may have been transporting the TNT to a downtown location in anticipation of the annual May Day parade on May 9.[132] Caucasus Emirate Symbol confirmed.svg
4 Suicide bombing 20 45 Pakistan Khaar, Pakistan A suicide bomber detonated his explosives at a crowded market in the Bajaur Agency, killing at least 20 bystanders. Three of the dead were policemen, and dozens more were injured by the blast. The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility.[133] Pakistani Taliban Symbol confirmed.svg
10 Suicide car bombings 55 ~400 Syria Damascus, Syria A pair of suicide bombers detonated two vehicles packed more than 1,000 kilograms of explosives in front of a military intelligence building in the Syrian capital Damascus. At least 55 people died in the attack and almost 400 others were injured, as the 10-story complex lost its complete facade. The Al-Nusra Front claimed responsibility for the bombing, which is the deadliest terrorist attack in the 16 month conflict and the fourth major attack in the capital.[134] Al-Nusra Front to Protect the Levant Symbol confirmed.svg
15 Bombing 2 39 Colombia Bogota, Colombia In a rare attack in the Colombian capital Bogota, a bomb targeting former interior minister Fernando Londoño Hoyos killed his driver and a police officer and left him and almost 40 bystanders injured. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but leftist rebels belonging to FARC are the main suspects. The government announced a 500 million peso ($277,000) award for any information regarding the attackers.[135] Symbol confirmed.svg
15 Suicide bombing, shootings, IEDs 12 55 Iraq Mosul and Kirkuk, Iraq Attacks across central and northern Iraq killed 12 people and injured more than 50 others in the first major violence in almost a month. The deadliest incidents occurred in Mosul, where a suicide bomber drove an explosive-laden tanker into an Iraqi Army base, killing six soldiers and injuring 28 others. In a separate attack, a member of the city's municipal council and his bodyguard were gunned down, and a booby-trapped car exploded near a police patrol, injuring nine people.[136] Symbol confirmed.svg
16 Suicide bombing, shootings 11 12 Afghanistan Farah, Afghanistan A team of four attackers dressed in police uniforms attacked the compound of the newly appointed governor Mohammad Akram Khpalwak in Farah, capital of the southwestern Farah Province. At least six policemen and a civilian were killed in the ensuing hour-long firefight, as well as all the militants. The governor and his deputy escaped the assassination attempt unharmed.[137] Afghan Taliban Symbol confirmed.svg
19 School Bombing 1 5 Italy Brindisi, Italy Giovanni Vantaggiato, a 68-year-old storekeeper, detonated three gas cylinder bombs hidden in a rubbish bin in front of the "Morvillo Falcone" vocational school. The attack killed one student and injured other 5 girls. Vantaggiato, arrested on June 8, justified his deed as a form of protest, giving generic answers.[138][139] Symbol confirmed.svg
21 Suicide bombing 120+ 350+ Yemen Sana'a, Yemen A suicide bomber dressed as a soldier blew himself up during a rehearsal for the annual Unity Day parade in the Yemeni capital Sana'a. At least 120 people were killed and hundreds more were injured, as several high-ranking officials escaped unharmed. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed responsibility for the attack.[140][141] Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Symbol confirmed.svg
31 Car bombings, bombings 18 53 Iraq Baghdad, Iraq Three separate bombings took place in the capital of Iraq. A car bomb detonated next to a crowded restaurant in a northwestern Shiite district, leaving 13 dead and 37 wounded. Roadside bombs in nearby residential neighborhoods killed four and injured sixteen others. In the northern city of Mosul, a police major was killed in a drive-by shooting.[142][143] Symbol confirmed.svg


Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator State Non-
3 Suicide car bombing 15 42 Nigeria Bauchi, Nigeria At least 15 people were killed and more than 40 others injured in an attack against churchgoers in the north of Nigeria. A suicide bomber rammed his explosives-filled vehicle into crowds outside two churches in the northern city of Bauchi. Authorities suspected Boko Haram is behind this latest sectarian attack.[144] Symbol confirmed.svg
4 Suicide car bombing 34 200 Iraq Baghdad, Iraq A massive suicide car bombing at the offices of the Shi’ite Endowment in Baghdad killed 26 and injured 190 others. The semi-government organisation manages Shi’ite religious affairs and cultural sites across the country. Additional attacks in Baqubah, Fallujah and Dujail left eight people dead and ten injured.[145] Islamic State of Iraq Symbol confirmed.svg
6 Suicide bombings 22 50 Afghanistan Kandahar, Afghanistan Three suicide bombings killed 22 civilians and left at least 50 others injured in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar. The explosions took place at a local market, not far from a major Afghan Army base.[146] Afghan Taliban Symbol confirmed.svg
7 Motorcycle bomb 14 40 Pakistan Quetta, Pakistan A motorcycle bomb exploded next to a madrassa in the southern city of Quetta, killing 14 people and injuring at least 40 others.[147] Symbol confirmed.svg
8 Bombing 21 42 Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A bus carrying government employees was blown up by a remote-controlled device on the outskirts of Peshawar. At least 21 people perished in the attack, and more than 40 others were reported injured. Among the dead were nine women and two children.[148] Symbol confirmed.svg
8 Ambush 15 unknown Ivory Coast Moyen-Cavally, Côte d'Ivoire Unidentified militiamen ambushed a UNOCI patrol in a remote southwestern province, killing seven UN peacekeepers and eight civilians. The Ivorian government promised a military operation to hunt down those responsible.[149] Symbol confirmed.svg
10 Mortar attack 6 38 Iraq Baghdad, Iraq At least six people were killed and 38 others injured when two mortar rounds struck a square filled with Shi'ite pilgrims in Iraq's capital.[150] Symbol confirmed.svg
13 Car bombings, shootings 93 312 Iraq Baghdad and six other cities, Iraq A wave of attacks across Iraq killed 93 people and injured scores more in the country's bloodiest day since coordinated attacks in January 2011 left more than 130 dead. At least 10 bombings took place across the capital, most of them aimed at Shi'ite pilgrims celebrating a religious holiday. In the central and southern parts of the country, attacks took place in Karbala, Balad, Taji and Hillah, where two car bombs killed at least 22 at a local restaurant frequented by policemen. Bombings shook Kirkuk as well, including an explosion at the headquarters for Kurdish President Massoud Barzani that killed a bystander and left several others injured. Separately, unidentified gunmen shot and killed at least three security officers in the capital Baghdad.[151][152] Islamic State of Iraq Symbol confirmed.svg
16 Car bombings 26 68 Iraq Baghdad, Iraq In the third major attack on Shi'ite pilgrims in a week, twin car bombings killed at least 26 people in Iraq's capital. More than 60 others were injured in the attacks, which came on the last day of a major religious pilgrimage.[153] Symbol confirmed.svg
16 Car bombings 26 65 Pakistan Landi Kotal, Pakistan A bomb in a pickup truck killed at least 26 people at a market in the northwestern Pakistani town of Landi Kotal. At least 65 others were injured in the attack, which apparently targeted a tribal leader allied with the government against the Pakistani Taliban.[154] Symbol confirmed.svg
17 Suicide bombings 21 100 Nigeria Zaria and Kaduna, Nigeria Three suicide bombers attacked churches in two northern Nigerian cities, killing at least 21 people and injuring more than a hundred others. The first two blasts occurred within minutes of each other and targeted two churches in the city of Zaria, according to Kaduna State police chief Mohammed Jinjiri. A third blast hit worshippers in the city of Kaduna about half an hour later.[155] Symbol confirmed.svg
18 Suicide bombing 3 12 Yemen Aden, Yemen A suicide bomber killed the commander of military forces in the south of Yemen in the port city of Aden. The attack took place only days after government troops drove Islamist militants linked to al-Qaeda from their strongholds. The offensive was planned by the target of the bombing, Major General Salem Ali Qatan. Two soldiers were killed during the attack and at least 12 bystanders were injured, three of them being civilians.[156] Symbol confirmed.svg
18 Suicide bombing 22 50 Iraq Baqubah, Iraq A suicide bomber killed 22 people at a Shi'ite gathering of mourners in central Baqubah, north of the capital Baghdad. Among the casualties were at least 11 members of the security forces.[157] Symbol confirmed.svg
21-22 Shootings, hostage crisis 21 unknown Afghanistan Lake Qargha, near Kabul, Afghanistan A team of heavily armed Taliban militants attacked a popular lakefront resort on Lake Qargha near Kabul shortly before midnight, shooting the guards dead and taking dozens of hostages. Some of the 300 guests at a wedding party jumped into the lake and spent hours hiding before the last of the militants was dealt with by a combined force of ANA and ISAF troops and air support. Hours later, the death toll stood at 21 - including 17 civilians inside the hotel, a policemen and three security guards. At least four or five militants took place in the brazen assault, which was claimed by the Afghan Taliban. Several Afghan and US officials expressed their belief that the Haqqani Network was behind this latest high-profile attack.[158] Norwegian soldiers from the Forsvarets Spesialkommando was heavely involved in dealing with the situation and rescue of guests.[159][160] Afghan Taliban Symbol confirmed.svg
22 Bombings, shootings 18 119 Iraq Baghdad, Iraq Twin bombings at a market on the northeastern outskirts of Baghdad killed at least 14 people and injured at least 106 others. Also in the capital, insurgents shot dead three officers at a police checkpoint. In the country's south, a car bomb exploded near the gates of the Al-Askari Mosque in Samarra, killing one person and injuring 13 others. June has been particularly deadly in the country, with a spate of bombings and suicide attack leaving nearly 200 civilians dead and hundreds of others wounded.[161] Symbol confirmed.svg
25 Bombings 14 29 Iraq Hillah and Baqubah, Iraq A minibus full of young players exploded next to a football field in the city of Hilla, killing 9 and injuring 26 others. In Baqubah, north of the capital Baghdad, a bomb outside a pet store killed five and injured three others.[162] Symbol confirmed.svg
28 Bombings, shootings 21 113 Iraq Baghdad, Taji and Baqubah, Iraq At least 21 people were killed and more than 100 injured in a series of car bomb attacks, roadside bombings and shootings across Iraq. A bomb concealed in a parked car exploded a marketplace in a Shi'ite neighborhood in the capital Baghdad, killing 8 and injuring 30 others. Later a similar bombing took place in Baqubah, killing 6 and leaving 51 wounded. Insurgents targeted a government building in the predominantly Sunni city of Taji, killing 4 and injuring 20. A roadside bomb in southern Baghdad killed a police officer and injured 5 bystanders. In the former militant stronghold of Fallujah a suicide bombing and an IED left 2 policemen dead and 7 injured.[163][164][165] Symbol confirmed.svg
29 Suicide bombings, shooting 11 49 Iraq Balad, Iraq Three suicide bombers struck targets in the center of the Shi'ite city of Balad, north of the capital Baghdad. The explosions took place at a market, a post office, and a local police station. At least seven were killed and 45 others injured. In addition to this attack, four Awakening Council members were killed and four others were wounded Friday when gunmen attacked a checkpoint in Diyala province near Khan Bani Saad City.[166][167] Symbol confirmed.svg
29 Airplane hijacking 2 13 China Hotan, Xinjiang, China On Tianjin Airlines Flight GS7554 between Hotan and Urumqi, six ethnic Uyghur men, one of whom allegedly professed his motivation as jihad, announced their intent to violently hijacking. In the ensuing resistance by passengers, two hijackers were killed, and a second two hospitalized; 13 passengers and crew were injured by the aluminum crutch and explosive-armed hijackers, according to Chinese media.[168][169][170] Symbol confirmed.svg


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