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This is a list of some of the terrorist, alleged terrorist or suspected terrorist incidents which took place in December 2018, including incidents by violent non-state actors for political, religious, or ideological motives.


  • Types of incidents are selected from the Tactics of terrorism page.
  • Casualties figures in this list are the total casualties of the incident including immediate casualties and later casualties (such as people who succumbed to their wounds long after the attacks occurred).
  • Casualties listed are the victims. Perpetrator casualties are listed separately (e.g. x (+y) indicate that x victims and y perpetrators were killed/injured).
  • Casualty totals may be underestimated or unavailable due to a lack of information. A figure with a plus (+) sign indicates that at least that many people have died (e.g. 10+ indicates that at least 10 people have died) – the actual toll could be considerably higher. A figure with a plus (+) sign may also indicate that over that number of people are victims.
  • If casualty figures are 20 or more, they will be shown in bold. In addition, figures for casualties more than 50 will also be underlined.
  • Incidents are limited to one per location per day. If multiple attacks occur in the same place on the same day, they will be merged into a single incident.
  • In addition to the guidelines above, the table also includes the following categories:
  0 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  1–19 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  20–49 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  50–99 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  100+ people were killed/injured by the incident.


Total incidents: 57

Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
1 Shooting 7 (+11) 11 Faryab Province, Afghanistan The Taliban attacked security checkpoints in the Faryab Province causing clashes in which seven security forces died and eleven were wounded. Eleven Taliban insurgents were also killed.[1] Taliban War in Afghanistan
1 Arson,

Hostage Taking

0 0 Gadchiroli district, India At least 14 road constructions vehicles were burned down by Maoists while ten drivers were kept hostage until the sunrise in the district of Gadchiroli, Maharashtra state.[2] PLGA Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
1 Shooting 8 (+6) Several Gujba, Nigeria Boko Haram launched an attack on a military base in Buni Gari at Gujba, killing eight soldiers, while several were wounded in the attack. Six militants were also killed.[3][4][5][6] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
1 Shooting 1 2 Hawija District, Iraq Islamic State gunmen attacked and opened fire in the Nasr village, the attack killed a civilian and wounded the two others.[7] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
1 Shooting 1 1 Machh, Pakistan A Pakistani Shia coalmine worker was shot dead while another person was injured by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi terrorists in the Machh town of Pakistan.[8] Lashkar-e-Jhangvi War in North-West Pakistan
1 Suicide bombings 0 (+2) 5 Maiduguri, Nigeria Two suspected Boko Haram suicide bombers detonated their vests targeting a security patrol in Maiduguri, injuring five people.[9] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
1-2 Shooting, arson, melee attack 4 0 Mocímboa da Praia District, Mozambique Two attacks carried out by Ansar-al-Sunna terrorists left four people dead in two days: the first attack occurred when the armed men set on a fire a camp resulting in one person killed, while the next day, a group of armed men with machetes and machine guns attacked a similar camp nearby in the Mocímboa da Praia District, killing three.[10][11] Ansar al Sunna Islamist insurgency in Mozambique
2 Assassination 1 0 Rajnandgaon district, India An 28 year old farmer was shoot dead by Naxals who accused him of being a police informer in Rajnandgaon district, in [12] PLGA Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
2 Kidnapping 0 60 Dara-I-Suf District, Afghanistan Taliban militants abducted 60 drivers of coal-supplying trucks in Dara-i-Suf District in Samangan Province. Efforts were underway by security forces to release the abducted drivers.[13] Taliban War in Afghanistan
2 Artillery shelling 1 1 Hama Governorate, Syria Militants shelled parts of the Hama Governorate resulting in a Syrian Serviceman dead and another one wounded.[14] Guardians of Religion Organization (suspected) Syrian Civil War
2 Shooting 3 0 Khan Tuman, Syria Three Syrian soldiers were killed when Tahrir-al-Sham opened fire and attacked Syrian Army positions in the Khan Tuman village.[15] Tahrir al-Sham Syrian Civil War
2 Car bombing 1 2 Mogadishu, Somalia A person was killed and two others were wounded when a car bomb, planted by suspected Al-Shabaab militants, went off near the parliament in Mogadishu.[16][17] Al-Shabaab Somali Civil War
2 Shooting 1 1 Rawalpindi, Pakistan Multiple assailants on motorcycles opened gunfire on policemen killing one and injuring another one, the attack occurred as the policemen were doing a routine check in Rawalpindi, Hizbul-Ahrar claimed responsibility for the shooting.[18] Hizbul Ahrar War in North-West Pakistan
2 Shooting 31 0 Nduga Regency, Indonesia 31 construction workers were killed in a separatist militant attack in the Nduga Regency in Indonesia.[19][20][21] Free Papua Movement Papua conflict
3 Car bombing 0 0 Karachi, Pakistan A car bomb exploded near a market in Karachi, however no one was killed or injured due to the car bomb that failed to detonate completely.[22][23] Unknown War in North-West Pakistan
3 Shooting 5 (+13) 7 Sayyad District, Afghanistan The Taliban stormed a police checkpoint in the Sayyad District, the attack killed 5 policemen including a district chief and also injured 7 people, 13 Taliban were also killed in the attack.[24] Taliban War in Afghanistan
4 Shooting 1 0 Nineveh Governorate, Iraq A tribal leader was gunned down by presumed Islamic State militants after they stormed his house located in the Al-Emrini village of the Nineveh Province.[25] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
4 Car Bombing 0 1 Mogadishu, Somalia A Somali journalist in Mogadishu was badly wounded when a bomb concealed in his car blew up as he was nearby, no group has claimed responsibility but Al-Shabaab militants are suspected to be behind[26][27] Al-Shabaab (suspected) Somali Civil War
4 Shooting, arson 0 3 Seytenga Department, Burkina Faso Jihadists attacked a gendarmerie by opening fire and wounding 3 gendarmes, 3 vehicles were also set on fire and burnt by the Jihadists in the Seytenga Department.[28][29] Islamic State (suspected) Insurgency in the Maghreb
4 Shooting 2 0 Bastar district, India Maoists killed two police informers who were visiting a market in the Bastar District, the police informers were two ex-Maoists who had surrendered earlier and had started to work with the police.[30] PLGA Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
4 Shooting 4 (+6) 0 Herat Province, Afghanistan The Taliban attacked a police checkpoint in the Herat Province, killing 4 people including 3 civilians and one police officer, 6 Taliban attackers were also killed.[31][32] Taliban War in Afghanistan
4 Bombing 2 1 Zhari District, Afghanistan Two police officers were killed and another one was wounded when a roadside bomb detonated in the Zhari District, the blast was blamed on the Taliban.[33] Taliban War in Afghanistan
4-5 Shootings 1 2 Borno State, Nigeria Boko Haram terrorists affiliated with the Islamic State attacked several army bases in the Borno State, the attacks left a soldier dead and a two others wounded.[34][35] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
5 Shooting 6 (+7) 0 Tadmur District, Syria The Islamic State attacked the desert area of Homs resulting in the deaths of 6 Syrian Soldiers and also the deaths of 7 insurgents.[36] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
5 Shooting 3 Several Abu Kamal, Syria The Islamic State launched an attack on an area close to Abu Kamal resulting in the 3 deaths of the Syrian Army and several others wounded.[37][38] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
5 Melee attack, arson 1 0 Dantewada district, India Maoists slit the throat of a mining contractor in the Dantewada District, his vehicle was also set on fire by the Maoists.[39] PLGA Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
5 Shooting 1 (+6) 0 Bankass, Mali Assailants attacked a gendarmerie in Bankass leaving a soldier killed the attack however, was mostly repelled with 6 gunmen dead and other weapons seized by the army from the gunmen.[40][41] al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Northern Mali conflict
5 Bombing 0 4 Al-Hilla District, Iraq Four people belonging to the Popular Mobilization Forces were injured when their vehicle was bombed close to the Hilla area.[42] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
6 Bombing 1 3 Kohlu District, Pakistan One security officer was killed and three others were injured when an explosive device detonated while they were patrolling in the Kohlu District, no group has claimed responsibility yet for the attack.[43] Hizbul Ahrar (suspected) War in North-West Pakistan
6 Suicide car bombing 2 (+1) 48 Chabahar, Iran 2018 Chabahar suicide bombing: A suicide car bomb exploded near a police post in Iran's southeastern port city of Chabahar, leaving two police officers dead and 48 other people wounded, the Ansar Al-Furqan group claimed responsibility.[44][45] Ansar Al-Furqan Sistan and Baluchestan insurgency
6 Bombing 9 Several Mogadishu, Somalia A bomb blast struck a military vehicle leaving 7 soldiers dead and two generals killed, several others were wounded, Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility.[46] Al-Shabaab Somali Civil War
6 Melee attack 17 0 Beni, Democratic Republic of the Congo 17 and soldiers civilians were killed when presumed members of the Allied Democratic Forces attacked villages near Beni with machetes.[47][48] Allied Democratic Forces Allied Democratic Forces insurgency
6 Shooting 0 (+1) 2 (+1) Dera Ghazi Khan District, Pakistan Terrorists attacked a security patrol prompting an exchange of fire in which a terrorist was killed and another one was wounded, while two police officers were also injured in the attack that took place in the Dera Ghazi Khan District.[49][50] Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (suspected) War in North-West Pakistan
6 Shooting, grenade attack 0 6 Arakan, Cotabato, Philippines NPA insurgents attacked a banana processing plant in Arakan by throwing grenades and prompting a brief gun battle with security forces that resulted in 6 officers injured, the attackers later left.[51][52] New People's Army Communist rebellion in the Philippines
6 Shooting, looting 5 1 Diafarabé, Mali A village near Diafarabe was attacked by gunmen who opened fire causing the deaths of 5 civilians and a 70-year-old man sent into a coma, the attackers also took away motorcycles and other things.[53] Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (suspected) Northern Mali conflict
6 Shooting 1 0 Al-Shu'ala, Iraq A commander of a Shiite militia was assassinated by several gunmen in the area of Al-Shuala, the commander had fought against ISIS.[54] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
6 Shooting, ambush 2 0 Kiembara, Burkina Faso Two policemen were killed in an ambush attack launched by suspected jihadists in the area of Kiembara.[55][56] Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (suspected) Insurgency in the Maghreb
6-7 Shootings, arson 7 Dozens Borno State, Nigeria A spate of attacks by Boko Haram in the Borno State left 7 people dead including soldiers and civilians as well as dozens of people injured, many homes were also burnt in the attacks.[57] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
7 Shooting, kidnapping 14 21 Shindand District, Afghanistan The Taliban attacked army outposts in the Shindand District, leaving 14 Afghan soldiers killed and 21 others captive in the attack.[58][59] Taliban War in Afghanistan
7 Bombing 6 0 Daraa Governorate, Syria Six Syrian Soldiers were killed as a result of a mine explosion in the Daraa Governorate, not much details were released afterwards.[60] Militants (suspected) Syrian Civil War
8 Bombing 3 0 Guzara District, Afghanistan A roadside bomb struck a civilian vehicle in the Guzara District, killing all 3 occupants that were from the same family and the attack was also blamed on the Taliban.[61][62] Taliban War in Afghanistan
8 Car bombing 1 2 Azaz District, Syria A civilian was killed and two others were injured due to a bomb blast in a car in a village at the Azaz District, no group has claimed responsibility for the bombing yet, but the attack was blamed on YPG.[63][64] YPG (suspected) Syria Civil War
8 Shooting 2 2 Rawalpindi, Pakistan Gunmen opened fire on a security patrol in Rawalpindi, killing a policeman and a civilian while also injuring two others, the act is considered an act of terrorism and Hizbul-Ahrar claimed responsibility.[65][66] Hizbul Ahrar War in North-West Pakistan
8 Shooting 1 3 Longding district, India A soldier was killed and three others were wounded in an encounter with presumed insurgents in the Longding district.[67][68] National Socialist Council of Nagaland Insurgency in Northeast India
8 Shootings, bombings 44 (+56) 0 Hajin, Syria An Islamic State counterattack against the SDF in Hajin resulted in 44 members of the SDF killed and 56 of the Islamic State killed.[69] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
8 Bombing 1 2 Al-Nashabiyah, Syria A child was killed and two others were wounded when a landmine left behind by unspecified terrorist groups detonated in a village of the town of Al-Nashabiyah.[70] Islamic State (suspected) Syrian Civil War
8 Bombing 0 3 Lamu County, Kenya Three civilians were injured when their truck carrying merchandise struck a roadside bomb in the Lamu County, Al-Shabaab is suspected to be behind the attack.[71] Al-Shabaab (suspected) Spillover of Somali Civil War
8 Shooting 2 2 Bama, Nigeria Boko Haram launched an attack on a military base in the town of Gulumba located in Bama, the attack caused the death of two soldiers and the injuries of two others.[72][73] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
8-9 Shooting 0 (+3) 5 Srinagar, India 3 militants were killed and 5 policemen were injured in a shootout between security forces and the militants in Srinagar.[74][75] Lashkar-e-Taiba Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
9 Bombing 3 2 Mogadishu, Somalia A bomb blast ripped through a military vehicle in Mogadishu, causing the deaths of 3 soldiers and 2 others wounded and Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the bombing.[76] Al-Shabaab Somali Civil War
9 Shelling 1 1 Hama Governorate, Aleppo and Latakia Governorate, Syria Militants shelled several provinces of Syria resulting in a Syrian serviceman dead and another one injured.[77] Tahrir al-Sham Syrian Civil War
9 Shooting 12 10 Farah Province, Afghanistan 12 Afghan soldiers were killed and 10 others were captured in a Taliban attack on a security checkpoint in the Afghan province of Farah.[78][79][80] Taliban War in Afghanistan
9 Shooting 0 7 Ofra, West Bank Seven people were injured including a pregnant woman in a drive by shooting in the Israeli settlement of Ofra by a presumed Palestinian Nationalist.[81][82] Palestinian Nationalist Israeli–Palestinian conflict
9 Shooting 1 0 Kirkuk, Iraq Gunmen shot dead a Peshmerga fighter in Central Kirkuk, no group has claimed responsibility yet for the attack but the Islamic State is suspected.[83] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
9 Shooting 10 3 Khost Province, Afghanistan 10 security forces were killed and 3 others were wounded in a Taliban attack on a military checkpoint in the Khost Province.[84] Taliban War in Afghanistan
9 Shooting 8 5 Faryab Province, Afghanistan 8 policemen were killed in an attack by Taliban in the Province of Faryab and 5 other policemen were left wounded in the attack.[85][86] Taliban War in Afghanistan
10 Shooting 2 0 Fayzabad District, Afghanistan Two policemen were killed after the Taliban stormed and attacked a checkpoint in Jowzjan's Fayzabad District.[87] Taliban War in Afghanistan


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