List of terrorist incidents in May 2019

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This is a list of some of the terrorist, alleged terrorist or suspected terrorist incidents which took place in May 2019, including incidents by violent non-state actors for political, religious, or ideological motives.


  • Types of incidents are selected from the Tactics of terrorism page.
  • Casualties figures in this list are the total casualties of the incident including immediate casualties and later casualties (such as people who succumbed to their wounds long after the attacks occurred).
  • Casualties listed are the victims. Perpetrator casualties are listed separately (e.g. x (+y) indicate that x victims and y perpetrators were killed/injured).
  • Casualty totals may be underestimated or unavailable due to a lack of information. A figure with a plus (+) sign indicates that at least that many people have died (e.g. 10+ indicates that at least 10 people have died) – the actual toll could be considerably higher. A figure with a plus (+) sign may also indicate that over that number of people are victims.
  • If casualty figures are 20 or more, they will be shown in bold. In addition, figures for casualties more than 50 will also be underlined.
  • Incidents are limited to one per location per day. If multiple attacks occur in the same place on the same day, they will be merged into a single incident.
  • In addition to the guidelines above, the table also includes the following categories:
  0 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  1–19 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  20–49 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  50–99 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  100+ people were killed/injured by the incident.


Total incidents: 274

Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
1 Shooting 1 0 Multan, Pakistan Unidentified assailants shot dead a local reporter in what appears to be an incident of targeted killing in Parowa area of the district on Tuesday.[1][2] Militant Insurgency in Balochistan
1 Arson 0 0 Santiago, Chile An arson attack against a Mall and various business premises during 1st May celebrations which saw the attack against the Fashion Park leaving substantial material damage.[3][4] Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje Terrorism in Chile
1 Bombing 0 1 Srinagar, India Police constable was critically injured in a suspected militant attack in Khanyar area of Srinagaa.[5][6] Militants Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
1 Bombing 16 Unknown Gadchiroli, Gadchiroli district, India 2019 Gadchiroli Naxal Attack: 15 police personnel and a driver were killed when Naxalites triggered a powerful explosive device near their vehicle.[7] Naxalite Naxalite-Maoist insurgency
1 Shooting 6 0 Samangan, Afghanistan Unidentified gunmen killed 6 civilians in the town of Samangan, including a local politician.[8] Taliban (suspected) War in Afghanistan
1 Shooting, kidnapping 1 0 Tanguiéta, Benin Two French tourists were kidnapped by unidentified jihadists in the Pendjari National Park in the Atakora Department of Benin. Their tour guide was killed and their car burned.[9] Militants (suspected) Insurgency in the Maghreb
1 Shooting 3 (+Unknown) 7 (+Unknown) Alwara, Pakistan Three soldiers were killed and seven others were injured when militants from the Afghan side of the Durand Line attacked the soldiers. Several militants were also killed or injured.[10][11] Militants Terrorism in Pakistan
1 Shooting 4 (+Unknown) 2 (+Unknown) Lash Wa Juwayn District, Afghanistan Four police officers were killed and two injured after Taliban fighters attacked a police checkpoint in the Law Wa Juwayn District in western Farah Province. The Taliban also suffered casualties.[12] Taliban War in Afghanistan
1-2 Shootings, ambush 18 0 Mopti Region, Mali 18 ethnic Dogons were killed in two related attacks in central Mali. Several Dogons were killed in an ambush on Wednesday. A day later, more people were killed while trying to retrieve the bodies from the previous day's attack.[13] Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (suspected) Northern Mali conflict
2 Shooting 0 1 Pulwama, India Militants shot at and injured a civilian, identified as Abdul Rashid Bhat, in Tral area of Pulwama District of Jammu and Kashmir.[14][15] Militants Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
2 Attack 6 Several Girei, Nigeria Suspected Fulani herdsmen stormed several villages in the Girei area, killing at least 6 people and injuring several others.[16] Fulani herdsmen Communal conflicts in Nigeria
2 Bombing, Shooting 1 0 Ghazni, Afghanistan Taliban militants blew up one of the oldest shrine in Ghazni city two other shrines were blown up in the Moqor district and another and the shrine of Sakhi Sahib was also blown up. In other attack Taliban attacked a local police outpost in Chahar Dara District, killing one police officer. The police were able to push the Taliban back.[17] Taliban War in Afghanistan
2 Bombing 1 1 Shortepa District, Afghanistan A National Directorate for Security vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Shor Tapa District. The explosion killed one N.D.S. officer and injured another N.D.S. officer, a member of the border police and a civilian. The Taliban claimed credit for the attack.[18] Taliban War in Afghanistan
2 Bombing 1 0 Panare District, Thailand One Thailand Ranger was killed after the blast of a roadside bombing in Panare district, Pattani Province.[19] Barisan Revolusi Nasional (suspected) South Thailand insurgency
2 Bombing 0 8 al-Bab, Syria A motorcycle bomb exploded in the Turkey-controlled city of al-Bab, injuring 8 people. The Kurdistan Workers' Party was blamed.[20] Kurdistan Workers' Party (suspected) Kurdish–Turkish conflict
3 Shooting 15 19 Magumeri, Nigeria At least 15 soldiers were killed and 19 others injured after Boko Haram militants attacked a military base near Magumeri, Nigeria. The militants also stole military equipment during the attack.[21] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
3 Bombing 1 0 Aurangabad, India A 56-year-old villager was killed on Friday when an improvised explosive device (IED), suspected to be planted by Maoists to target security personnel, exploded in Aurangabad district of Magadh region.[22][23] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
3 Shooting 0 0 Ercilla, Chile Militants shots against a police headquarters in the commue of Ercilla, La Araucania Region. The attack no left casualties.[24][25] Mapuche Militants Mapuche conflict
3 Bombing 0 3 Jharkhand, India Suspected Maoist Communist Party's cadres triggered an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blast to damage a portion of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) election office in Seraikela-Kharsawan District of Jharkhand.[26] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
3-5 Shooting, plundering, arson 7 0 Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique 7 civilians were killed and several villages and registration centers were plundered when they were attacked by Islamist Militants in the Cabo Delgado Province. Ansar al-Sunna is carrying out attacks in this region.[27][28] Ansar al-Sunna (suspected) Islamist insurgency in Mozambique
3–6 Rocket attacks 19 (+10) 270–400+ Southern Israel Gaza–Israel clashes (May 2019): Clashes between Gaza and Israel escalated when two Israeli soldiers were shot by a Palestinian Islamic Jihad sniper[29][30] and militants from Gaza fired more than 600 rockets into Israel. This resulted in 4 Israelis dead and reportedly more than 125 injured. In return Israel Defense Forces conducted several operations inside Gaza in which more than 10 militants and 15 civilians were killed and reportedly injured more than 150 people.[31][32][33][34][35][30] Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, National Resistance Brigades, Tawhid al-Jihad, and Israel Defense Forces Israeli–Palestinian conflict
4 Bombing 0 2 Mosul, Iraq Two civilians were wounded when a booby-trapped motorcycle exploded in middle of Mosul.[36] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
4 Shooting 1 0 Bajaur District, Pakistan Union council polio officer of the World Health Organization (WHO), Abdullah Jan,35, was killed when unidentified assailants opened fire on him in Umary area of Mamond tehsil (revenue unit) in Bajaur District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.[37][38] Tehrik-i-Taliban (suspected) Insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
4 Shooting 1 0 Jammu and Kashmir, India Suspected rebels kill Gul Mohammad Mir, head of a local unit of the Hindu nationalist party, ahead of new round of vote.[39][40] Militants Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
4 Mortar attack 3 1 Hakkâri Province, Turkey PKK militants fired mortars into Turkey from northern Iraq, killing three Turkish soldiers and injuring a fourth one.[41] Kurdistan Workers' Party Kurdish–Turkish conflict
4 Shooting, bombing 0 7 Camarines Sur province, Philippines Insurgents from the New People's Army ambushed a group of government security officers and civilians repairing a busted water pipe in a remote village. Seven people were wounded during the ambush, all of them by shrapnel from an improvised explosive device.[42] New People's Army Communist rebellion in the Philippines
4 Shooting, melee attack 9 0 Sabha, Libya Nine soldiers were killed when Islamic State militants attacked an army training center in southern Libya.[43][44] Islamic State Libyan Civil War
5 Suicide bombings, shooting 13 (+9) 55 Puli Khumri, Afghanistan Taliban militants attacked a police station in the northern Afghanistan city of Puli Khumri. The attack began when a suicide car bomber detonated his car bomb, after which 8 attackers stormed the police station. Three attackers detonated their suicide vests, while the other 5 were shot and killed after a 6-hour gunbattle.[45] Taliban War in Afghanistan
5 Shooting 1 0 Faisalabad, Pakistan Unidentified assailants shot dead a police constable in the Mullanpur area of Nishatabad Police station in Faisalabad District of Punjab.[46][47] Militants Terrorism in Pakistan
5 Shooting 2 0 Şırnak Province, Turkey PKK militants clashed with Turkish soldiers, killing two.[48] Kurdistan Workers' Party Kurdish–Turkish conflict
5 Arson, Attack 0 0 Sukma district, India Maoist Communist Party's cadres allegedly set ablaze one vehicle and three machines engaged in a road construction work in Sukma District of Chhattisgarh.[49] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
5 Shooting 1 0 Dadu, Pakistan A journalist, Ali Sher Rajpar, who was affiliated with Sindhi newspaper Awami Awaz, was killed in an attack on the Pad Eidan Press Club.[50][2] Unknown Terrorism in Pakistan
5 Bombing 0 2 Jammu and Kashmir, India Two soldiers were injured on Sunday in an improvised explosive device (IED) explosion near the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir's Kupwara district.[51] Militants Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
5 Shooting 1 1 Gadchiroli district, India A tribal person was killed while another was critically injured in two separate incidents of Maoist Communist Party's violence in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra.[52] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
5 Melee attack, arson 10 6 Kwilu Province, DR Congo Ten people were killed and six, including two police officers, became injured in a fighting between rival clan members. The Bakwamanda and Ngundu communities attacked each other with machetes and set to houses on fire.[53] Bakwamanda and Ngundu communities Communal violence in DR Congo
5–6 Shooting 25 2 Gulistan District, Afghanistan Taliban militants attacked army posts in the Gulistan District of Afghanistan, setting off clashes. 25 soldiers were killed and two other soldiers were kidnapped.[54][55] Taliban War in Afghanistan
6 Shooting 1-4 3-10 Miramshah, Pakistan One to four soldiers were killed and three to ten others were injured in a two attacks on security forces in North Waziristan tribal districts on Monday.[56][57][58][59] Tehrik-i-Taliban Insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
6 Bombing 0 0 Guayaquil, Ecuador An improvised device detonate in the parking of the University of Guayaquil no left injuries in Guayaquil in Ecuador. The authorities called the incident a terrorist attack and the investigations still ongoing.[60][61] Unknown Terrorism in Ecuador
6 Shooting 1 0 Şırnak Province, Turkey A clash between Turkish soldiers and PKK militants killed one Turkish soldier. At least one PKK member was "neutralized" after the clash.[62] Kurdistan Workers' Party Kurdish–Turkish conflict
6 Landmine attack 3 2 Gulran District, Afghanistan Three children were killed after stepping on a landmine set by Taliban insurgents in the Chah-e-Kohsani village in the Gulran district. Two others were injured.[63] Taliban War in Afghanistan
6 Bombing 0 1 Diyala Governorate, Iraq An Iraqi police officer was injured when a police convoy hit a roadside bomb in the Diyala Governorate.[64] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
6 Shooting 3 1 Altun Kupri, Iraq Suspected Islamic State gunmen attacked a security checkpoint in the Kirkuk Governorate, killing three policemen and injuring one other.[65] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
6 Shooting 2 0 Gadchiroli district, India Maoist Communist Party's cadres have allegedly killed two villagers on the suspicion of them being ‘Police informer’s, in two separate incidents.[66] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
7 Shooting 1 2 Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso Multiple militants on motorcycles attacked a toll booth in the city of Ouahigouya, killing an operator and wounding two others.[67] Militants Insurgency in the Maghreb
7 Shooting, arson 11 Unknown Maiduguri, Nigeria Eleven people including five soldiers were killed when Boko Haram militants attacked a military base in the Molai community on the outskirts of Maiduguri, after burning down the town center.[68] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
7 Bombing 4 2 Alingar District, Afghanistan Four police officers were killed and two others wounded when a bomb exploded near a police vehicle in the Alignar district in Afghanistan.[69] Taliban War in Afghanistan
7 Shooting 2 0 Sukma district, India Two person including civilian identified as Kadti Ganga (35), a resident of Maraiguda village under Errabor Police Station limits, was thrashed to death by Maoist Communist Party's cadres.[70][71] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
8 Shooting 0 2 shopian, India Two persons who were running a chemist shop were injured after militants fired at them at Zainapora area in Shopian District of Jammu and Kashmir.[72][73] Militants Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
8 Shooting 0 0 Tinsukia district, India An encounter took place on May 8 at Nagadubi village near Jagun in Tinsukia (Tinsukia District) in Assam between Para Special Forces and unidentified militants, no casualties were reported. Unknown Insurgency in Northeast India
8 Arson, Attack 0 0 Gadchiroli district, India Maoist Communist Party's cadres set ablaze a mixer machine used in road construction work and a water tanker in Karka village.[74] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
8 Suicide bombing 13 (+1) 24 Lahore, Pakistan 2019 Lahore bombing: A suicide bombing occurred at the gate for female visitors at the Sufi Data Darbar shrine in Lahore. The attack was claimed by the Hizbul Ahrar or Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a splinter group of the Pakistan's Taliban.[75][76][77][78] Jamaat-ul-Ahrar Terrorism in Pakistan
8 Suicide bombings, shooting 9 (+4) 24 Kabul, Afghanistan Taliban militants attacked the offices of Counterpart International in Kabul. A car bomb was first detonated at the gates of the office, after which four attackers entered the building before special forces arrived. All four attackers were killed after a nearly five hour battle.[79][80] Taliban War in Afghanistan
8 Shooting 3 4 Saladin Governorate, Iraq Unidentified gunmen attacked a house in the Saladin Governorate, killing three and injuring four others.[81] Unknown Iraqi insurgency
8 Bike bombing 2 4 Manbij, Syria Two people were killed and four others were injured when a motorcycle bomb blew up in the city of Manbij in Northern Syria, the security forces usually blame ISIS group for similar attacks.[82] Islamic State (suspected) Syrian Civil War
8 Bombing 0 2 Miqdadiyah, Iraq Two Iraqi paramilitary fighters were wounded while patrolling, in a bomb explosion.[83] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
8 Attempted Mail-Bombing 0 0 Las Condes, Chile The president of the Metro board, Louis de Grange, leaves unscathed from an attempted attack when he receives an explosive package that is deactivated by the police.Shortly afterwards ITS publishes a statement showing images of the alleged explosive package and claiming the action. Chilean authorities condemn the action and announce the start of the investigation.[84][85][86][87][88] Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje Terrorism in Chile
8 Shooting 1 1 Shopian,


A People's Democratic Party (PDP) activist, identified as Irfan ahmad Lone injured in a suspected militant attack on May 8 in Zainapora area of Shopian District of Jammu and Kashmir succumbed to his injuries on May 16.[89][90] Militants Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
8 Bombing 1 0 Kirkuk, Iraq A shepherd was killed in an explosion west of Kirkuk.[91] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
8 Bombing 3 0 Chaman, Pakistan Three people including a tribal elder were killed when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb in the Balochistan province.[92] Militant Insurgency in Balochistan
9 Attempted Bombing 0 0 Providencia, Chile An improvised explosive were found in front of the Internal Tax Service officeslocated in General del Canto street #281, in the commune of Providencia, Santiago. Days later anarchist claimed responsibility for the incident.[93][94][95] Anarchist Terrorism in Chile
9 Shooting 3 Unknown Ghadduwah, Libya Suspected Islamic State militants attacked the town of Ghadduwah, near the southern Libyan city of Sabha. The attackers entered the town and opened fire, killing three and injuring several others, before retreating.[96] Islamic State (suspected) Libyan Civil War
9 Shooting 8 0 Mosul, Iraq Eight people, including an elder, were killed when Islamic State militants attacked their house with gunfire.[97] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
9 Ambush 3 (+Unknown) 2 (+Unknown) Qarabagh District, Afghanistan Taliban militants attacked a military convoy, killing three police officers and injuring two others. Several Taliban militants were also killed or injured.[98] Taliban War in Afghanistan
9 Suicide bombing 8 (+1) 15 Baghdad, Iraq 8 people were killed and 15 others were wounded when a suicide bomber detonated at the crowded Jamila market in Eastern Baghdad. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack.[99][100] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
9 Bombing 4 5 Dawlat Abad District, Afghanistan Four children were killed and five others wounded after setting off a landmine near a village in the Dawlat Abad District.[101] Taliban (suspected) War in Afghanistan
10 Bombing 5 4 Daykundi Province, Afghanistan Five people were killed and four wounded after their vehicle set off an explosive device in central Daykundi Province.[101] Taliban (suspected) War in Afghanistan
10 Shooting 24 (+Unknown) 11 (+Unknown) Murghab District, Afghanistan 24 soldiers were killed and 11 injured when Taliban militants attacked security posts in the Murghab District. Several militants were also killed or injured.[102] Taliban War in Afghanistan
10 Shooting, Bombing 5 0 Balochistan, Pakistan At least five people were killed in a gun and bomb attack on a coal mine in southwest.[103] Balochistan Liberation Army Insurgency in Balochistan
10 Shooting 11 Several Borno State, Nigeria Several Nigerian soldiers were killed and others injured when Islamic State militants attacked a military base in the town of Gajiganna in northeastern Borno State.[104] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
10 Shooting 2 (+4) 0 Sahel Region, Burkina Faso Two French soldiers were killed during a hostage rescue in Burkina Faso. The soldiers rescued two French tourists, kidnapped on May 1, along with an American and a South Korean woman. Four terrorists were also killed.[105][9][106][107] Militants Insurgency in the Maghreb
10 Shooting 1 0 Kirkuk, Iraq Islamic State militants attacked a security station west of Kirkuk, killing a federal police officer.[108] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
10 Bombing 1 1 Aralık, Turkey An improvised explosive device planted by PKK insurgents detonated, killing a Turkish soldier and wounding another.[109] Kurdistan Workers' Party Kurdish–Turkish conflict
10 Shooting 2 0 Al-Shirqat District, Iraq Two civilians riding a motorcycle were shot dead in a village in the Al-Shirqat District.[110] Unknown Iraqi insurgency
11 Shooting 5 (+3)[111] 6[111] Gwadar, Pakistan 2019 Pearl Continental Hotel attack: Three terrorists wearing security uniform and armed with rifles and grenades attacked a luxury hotel in the southwestern coastal town of Gwadar on Saturday, triggering an intense, hours-long shootout in which eight[112] people, including four hotel employees including one security guard, one navy soldier and all terrorists were killed. Six people were injured when gunmen stormed the Pearl Continental Hotel on Saturday.[113][114][115][116][117][118][119][120] Balochistan Liberation Army Insurgency in Balochistan
11 Bombing 1 2 Baghdad, Iraq A child was killed and two other people were injured when a bomb exploded in southeastern Baghdad. Islamic State militants were suspected.[121] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
11 Shooting, execution 4 1 Maiduguri, Nigeria Four people were executed when Boko Haram militants attacked Njimtilo, on the outskirts of Maiduguri. The militants carted away valuable items and food, along with kidnapping five people. Four of the five people were later executed outside of the city, with one man surviving his gunshot wounds.[122] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
11 Bombing 0 3 Odisha, India Three personnel of Special Operations Group (SOG) were injured when a landmine allegedly triggered by Maoist Communist Party's cadres exploded in Maithili area in Malkangiri District of Odisha.[123][124] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
11 Landmine attack 7 2 Ghazni Province, Afghanistan Seven children were killed and two children wounded when they stepped on a landmine while playing along the side of a road. The Taliban was blamed.[125] Taliban (accused) War in Afghanistan
11 Shooting 1 0 Kama District, Afghanistan An Afghan security official was shot dead in the Kama District of Afghanistan.[126] Taliban (suspected) War in Afghanistan
11 Landmine attack 1 2 Al-Ghizlaniyah, Syria A militant-planted landmine exploded in the village of Al-Ghizlaniyah, killing a child and injuring his two brothers.[127] Militants Syrian Civil War
12 Bombing 0 2 Pishin, Pakistan Two personnel of the Frontier Corps, Balochistan, were injured in a bomb blast in the Huramzai area of Pishin district on Saturday evening.[128] Balochistan Liberation Army (suspected) Insurgency in Balochistan
12 Bombing 0 0 Odisha, India Maoist Communist Party's cadres triggered two blasts targeting a security team and a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) camp at two separate places.[129] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
12 Shooting 1 0 Meghalaya, India A villager succumbed to bullet injuries after two unidentified assailants shot at him on Sunday night along the Indo-Bangla border in Meghalaya's East Khasi Hills.[130][131][132][133] Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council Insurgency in Meghalaya
12 Arson 0 0 Estación Central, Chile Militants burned a Transantiago bus in the commune Estación Central, Santiago, after the attack the gunmen threatened the driver with guns and left pamphlets outside the truck. Soon the "Informal band Giannis Dimitrakis/Afines al Fuego" would reindicate the attack by email.[134][135][136] Banda Informal Giannis Dimitrakis/Afines al Fuego Terrorism in Chile
12 Shooting 0 3 Dibis District, Iraq A guard and two civilians were injured when Islamic State militants attacked the house of a leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan with gunfire.[137] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
12 Shooting 1 1 Dushi District, Afghanistan An Afghan security official was killed and an intelligence officer seriously injured when gunmen ambushed their vehicle in the Dushi District of Afghanistan.[126] Taliban (suspected) War in Afghanistan
12 Shooting, arson 6 Unknown Dablo Department, Burkina Faso The attackers, estimated to be between 20 and 30, burned down the church and killed six people including a priest as Mass was being celebrated in a church in Dablo in northern Burkina Faso.[138][139] Ansar ul Islam (suspected) Insurgency in the Maghreb
12 Bombing 0 1 Kabul, Afghanistan A police officer was injured when a bomb planted on a van exploded near his police vehicle in the western part of Kabul.[140] Taliban (suspected) War in Afghanistan
12 Rocket attacks 5 6 Al-Suqaylabiyah, Syria A woman and four children were killed and five children injured when rebels fired rockets at the city of Al-Suqaylabiyah.[141][142] Jaysh al-Izza (accused) Syrian Civil War
12 Arson 0 0 Tirana, Albania Albanian opposition protesters hurled petrol bombs at the entrance of Prime Minister Edi Rama's office in Tirana, Albania. No injuries were reported in the incident.[143][144] Opposition Militants 2019 Albanian political crisis
12 Shooting 1 0 Mastung, Pakistan A Traffic Police sergeant named Muhammad Hanif was targeted and killed while he was performing his duty at Stadium Road of Mastung.[145][146][147] The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack.[148] Islamic State Terrorism in Pakistan
12 Arson 0 0 New Haven, Connecticut, USA A mosque in New Haven, Connecticut was set on fire in the evening. Only one person was inside of the building at the time and managed to escape unharmed, but the mosque sustained serious damage. The identity of the attacker or attackers is unknown, but far-right extremists are suspected.[149][150][151] Unknown Terrorism in the United States
12 Arson, Shooting 0 0 Collipulli, Chile An Arson and shooting attack against a police checkpoint in the commune of Curaco, in Collipulli, La Araucania Region. At the time of the attack, the attackers were repelled by police personnel without being detained or injured, only left material damage.[152][153] Resistencia Mapuche Malleco Mapuche conflict
12 Arson 0 0 Etapalli, India Maoist Communist Party's cadres set ablaze a water tanker and two other road construction machines at a road-construction site between Emli and Mangutha.[154] CPI Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
13 Shooting, arson 4 0 Kongoussi, Burkina Faso Several gunmen shot dead four adult worshippers at a Catholic church near the city of Kongoussi, after separating the children from the adults.[155] Unknown Insurgency in the Maghreb
13 Arson 0 0 Berlin, Germany Two vehicles beloging to a Securitas and the fire damages an electric distributor and a lamppost in the district of Wedding, in Berlin. The attack no left injuries and a cell beloging to the Federazione Anarchia Informale claimed responsibility for the attack.[156][157] Federazione Anarchia Informale Terrorism in Germany
13 Shooting 0 1 Shopian, India Militants fired at and injured a National Conference (NC) worker, identified as Sajjad Ahmad Ganai at his house in Shopian District of Jammu and Kashmir.[158][159][160] Militants Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
13 Bombing 0 1 Govindpalle, India A Border Security Force (BSF) trooper suffered injuries in a landmine explosion allegedly orchestrated by Maoist Communist Party's cadres near Govindpalli.[161] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
13 Shooting 0 1 Téra Department, Niger Militants shot and injured a Catholic priest in the village of Dolbel, located in the Téra Department of Niger.[162] Militants Insurgency in the Maghreb
13 Shooting 1 0 (+Unknown) Nduga Regency, Indonesia Rebels ambushed a group of soldiers securing the construction of a bridge, setting off a clash. One Indonesian soldier was killed, and the rebels may sustained injuries.[163] Free Papua Movement Papua conflict
13 Bombing 0 3 Şırnak Province, Turkey Three village guards were wounded by a PKK-planted explosive device.[164] Kurdistan Workers' Party Kurdish–Turkish conflict
13 Rocket attacks 1 5 Al-Suqaylabiyah, Syria Militants shelled the city of Al-Suqaylabiyah, killing a civilian.[165] Militants Syrian Civil War
13 Bombing 5 11 Quetta, Pakistan An improvised bomb rigged to a motorcycle and apparently targeting a police vehicle exploded near a mosque.[166][167][168][169] Tehrik-i-Taliban Insurgency in Balochistan
13 Bombings 3 20 Jalalabad, Afghanistan Three bombs detonated in the Afghan city of Jalalabad, killing three civilians and leaving 20 others wounded.[170] Unknown War in Afghanistan
13 Bombing 3 4 Damboa, Nigeria Three soldiers were killed and four other injured when their truck was struck by a roadside explosive device.[171] Boko Haram (suspected) Boko Haram insurgency
13 Attack 2 0 Khanaqin, Iraq Islamic State militants killed a father and his son in eastern Iraq.[172] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
13 Shooting 6+ 3+ Khartoum, Sudan Unidentified gunmen opened fire at a sit-in by pro-democracy demonstrators. At least six people, including a military police officer, were killed, and a large number of protestors became injured in the shooting. Three of those injured are members of the armed forces.[173] Unknown 2018–19 Sudanese protests
14 Bombing 0 4 Puli Khumri, Afghanistan Four civilians were injured when a bomb exploded in front of a provincial communication department in the city of Puli Khumri.[174] Unknown War in Afghanistan
14 Shooting 1 0 Hakkâri Province, Turkey A Turkish soldier was killed in an attempted PKK attack on a military base.[175] Kurdistan Workers' Party Kurdish–Turkish conflict
14 Arson, Attack 0 0 Kalahandi district, India A group of Maoist Communist Party's cadres set ablaze eight road construction vehicles in Nuamunda village under Madanpur Rampur Police limits in Kalahandi District of Odisha.[176][177] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
14 Arson, Attack 0 0 Dantewada, India The Maoist Communist Party's cadres set ablaze three trucks and an excavator near an Essar plant in Kirandul Police Station area in Dantewada District of Chhattisgarh.[178] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
14 Attempted bombing 0 0 Pune, India An object resembling an improvised hand grenade and containing explosive material was found and defused on the premises of the Air Force School at Lohegaon in Pune in Maharashtra.[179] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
14 Arson, shooting 0 0 Bihar, India 20 Maoists of Maoist Communist Party's cadres opened fire and set ablaze two vehicles of a private road construction company after the company management refused to meet their demand.[180] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
14 Rocket attacks 10 30 Aleppo, Syria Ten civilians were killed and thirty others injured when terrorists fired rocket shells towards the Al-Nayrab camp in Aleppo.[181][182] Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (suspected) Syrian Civil War
14 Kidnapping 0 0 Geedweyne, Somalia Two Christian aid workers were kidnapped by suspected Al-Shabaab militants in the remote town of Geedweyne in Somalia.[183] Al-Shabaab Somali Civil War
14 Suicide bombing 4 (+1) 9 Mogadishu, Somalia Five people were killed and nine others injured when a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb near the offices of the Warta Nabadda district of Mogadishu.[184][185] Al-Shabaab Somali Civil War
14 Ambush, shooting 28 0 Tongo Tongo, Niger 17 Niger soldiers were killed and 11 others were missing after militants ambushed them near the Malian border. The bodies of the 11 missing soldiers were discovered a day later, bringing the death toll to 28.[186][187] Islamic State in the Greater Sahara Insurgency in the Maghreb
14 Arson 0 0 Kaisariani, Greece A group of ten masked men attacked with homemade firebombs in a police station in the athenian suburb of no causing casualties. An unknown anarchist group so-called "Chaotic Harmony" claimed the attac and the investigations still ongoing[188][189] Chaotic Harmony Terrorism in Greece
14 Drone attack 0 0 Dawadmi and Afif, Saudi Arabia Two Saudi oil facilities were attacked with drones. The operation of the pipeline was stopped. The Houthis claimed responsibility for the attack, and said it was a response to the kingdom's "crimes" in Yemen.[190] Houthis Iran–Saudi Arabia proxy conflict
15 Shooting 3 1 Nasirabad District, Pakistan Militants indiscriminately opened fire on labourers working in an agriculture field in the Manjho Shori area of the Nasirabad District in Balochistan on May 15, killing three of them and injuring one.[191][192][193][194] The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that they attacked "elements of the Taliban movement".[148] Islamic State Insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
15 Shootings 0 (+5) 3 Calatrava, Philippines New People's Army militants clashed with government soldiers in the Calatrava municipality of the Philippines. Five rebels were killed and three soldiers sustained injuries.[195] New People's Army Communist rebellion in the Philippines
15 Shootings 13 0 Shamulzayi District, Afghanistan Taliban militants attacked the Shamulzayi District center before dawn, eventually capturing it after several hours of fighting in which 13 government soldiers were killed.[196] Taliban War in Afghanistan
15 Grenade attack 0 12 Guwahati, India Twelve people were injured after a grenade exploded in front of a shopping mall in Guwahati.[197][198] Unknown Insurgency in Meghalaya
15 Shooting 2 0 Bamenda, Cameroon Separatist fighters killed at least two government soldiers in Bamenda. Cameroonian soldiers responded with a crackdown, burning several houses, a church and health centre in the process.[199] Ambazonia Defence Forces Anglophone crisis
15 Melee attack 0 1 Ika North East, Nigeria Fulani herdsmen attacked the community of Owa-Alero in the Delta State of Nigeria, hacking a woman before fleeing. The woman survived with serious injuries.[200] Fulani herdsmen Communal conflicts in Nigeria
15 Shooting 21 11 Djugu, Democratic Republic of the Congo 21 people were killed when gunmen attacked a fish market in the village of Tara on the edge of Lake Albert. The area is known for having a presence of Lendu militias.[201][202] Patriotic Resistance Front of Ituri (suspected) Ituri conflict
15 Shootings 6 0 Kirkuk Governorate, Iraq Islamic State militants killed six Iraqi police officers in two separate incidents.[203] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
15 Bombing 0 1 Poonch district, India A soldier was injured in a landmine explosion near the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir's Poonch district.[204] Unknown Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
15 Shooting 5 (+10) 3 (+12) Shinkay District, Afghanistan Five security forces were killed and three others injured when Taliban militants attacked checkpoints in the Shinkay District of Afghanistan. 10 Taliban fighters were also killed and others injured.[205] Taliban War in Afghanistan
15 Shooting 0 14 Khartoum, Sudan 14 people became injured when soldiers from the Rapid Support Forces stormed a pro-democracy sit-in protest.[206] RSF 2018–19 Sudanese protests
16 Shooting 4 (+5) Unknown Jammu and Kashmir, India Troops and separatist militants clashed in Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday. During the clashes, Nine people were killed including two civilians, two soldiers and five terrorists.[207][208][209][210] Jaish-e-Mohammed, Hizbul Mujahideen Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
16 Shooting 0 (+9) 4 Mastung, Pakistan At least nine terrorists were killed and four security personnel were injured in a security forces and counter terrorism department's joint operation in Balochistan's Mastung area.[211][212][213][213][214][215][216][217] Balochistan Liberation Army Insurgency in Balochistan
16 Shootings 12 Unknown Ouaddaï Region, Chad 12 people were killed in an attack on the village of Katafa in the Ouaddaï Region by unknown attackers.[218] Unknown Insurgency in the Maghreb
16 Shooting 10 4 Shamulzayi District, Afghanistan Taliban militants attacked two checkpoints in the Shamulzayi District of Afghanistan, killing 10 soldiers and injuring four others.[219] Taliban War in Afghanistan
16 Shooting 1 1 Bhaderwah, India One Muslim man Nayeem Ahmed Shah, 50, was shot in the head and died on the spot while other Yasin Hussain injured by "Cow Vigilantes" over allegations of cow smuggling while families of both denied denied allegations. Police arrested suspects.[220] Hindu nationalists Cow vigilante violence
16 Shooting 7 0 Palmyra, Syria Seven Syrian soldiers were killed when Islamic State militants attacked them near the ancient city of Palmyra.[221] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
16 Attack 10 Unknown Maiduguri, Nigeria At least ten fishermen were killed and several others injured when Boko Haram attacked then near Maiduguri.[222] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
16 Car bombing 1 4 Manbij, Syria At least one person was killed and four others injured after a car bomb detonated in the city of Manbij, targeting a military convoy.[223] Unknown Syrian Civil War
16 Attack, arson 5 Unknown Madagali, Nigeria Boko Haram militants carried out an overnight attack on the village of Shuwa in the Madagali Local Government Area. The militants torched homes and shops, causing many villagers to flee, and shot many people. Five people were killed.[224][225][226] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
16 Shooting, arson 4 0 Kabul, Afghanistan Four soldiers were killed when unidentified militants attacked a remote outpost on the outskirts of Kabul. The gunmen ambushed them from all sides, eventually killing the four soldiers and burning down the structure.[227] Unknown War in Afghanistan
17 Shooting 8 11 Lashkargah, Afghanistan Eight police officers including a highway commander were killed and 11 injured when Taliban attacked their base in the suburbs of the city of Lashkargah.[228] Taliban War in Afghanistan
17 Bombing 0 0 Malkangiri, India Maoist Communist Party's cadres blew up a Panchayat (village level local self-Government institution) office building at Timurpalli under Maithili Police limits in Malkangiri District of Odisha.[229] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
17 Bombings 2 0 Khanaqin, Iraq Two people were killed in two separate bombings in the disputed Khanaqin District of Iraq. Islamic State sleeper cells are suspected.[230] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
17 Shooting 1 0 Belfast, Northern Ireland An former Irish National Liberation Army Martin McElkerney was shot dead in a cementery[231][232] Unknown Dissident Irish Republican campaign
18 Shooting, kidnapping 2 4 Zella, Libya Islamic State militants attacked the town of Zella, killing two guards at the nearby government-owned oil fields and kidnapping four other people. Three of them were rescued soon after.[233] Islamic State Libyan Civil War
18 Rocket attacks 1 2 Latakia Governorate, Syria One civilian was killed and two other injured when militants positioned in Idlib and Latakia fired rockets and shells towards the villages of Sharasher and Hweiz.[234] Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (suspected) Syrian Civil War
18 Bombing 5 21 Obe District, Afghanistan Five civilians including children were killed and 21 other people injured when a motorcycle bomb exploded near the vehicle of the district chief in the Obe District. The bombing took place near a market, killing and injuring mostly civilians.[235][236][237][238][239] Taliban War in Afghanistan
18 Bombing, Arson 0 2 Mosul, Iraq Two people were wounded when a booby trapped motorbike exploded in the Dawasa district, located in western Mosul. Islamic State militants are usually suspected of similar attacks.[240] In other incident, Islamic State militants set fire to several houses within the village of Tel Rumman in western Mosul, before fleeing.[241] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
18 Attempted bombing 0 0 Banbridge, United Kingdom A "viable" pipe bomb was found at an address in Banbridge, Northern Ireland. The bomb was successfully defused.[242][243] Unknown Terrorism in the United Kingdom
18 Bombing 0 4 Hawija District, Iraq Four police officers were injured near the city of Riyad in the Hawija District when their vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb.[244] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
18 Bombing 0 0 Imphal West district, India A bomb suspected to be hand grenade exploded at the residence of a doctor in Imphal late Saturday night.[245][246] Militants Insurgency in Northeast India
18 Shooting 1 2 Şanlıurfa Province, Turkey A Turkish police officer was killed and two others wounded during a clash with PKK militants. Two PKK were also "neutralized", meaning they either surrendered, were killed, or were captured.[247] Kurdistan Workers' Party Kurdish–Turkish conflict
18 Car bombings 20 Unknown Raqqa, Syria Twin car bombings in the city of Raqqa, targeting a security and military headquarters affiliated with the People's Protection Units and Kurdistan Workers' Party, killed at least 20 people.[248] Unknown Syrian Civil War
18 Shooting, kidnapping 1 2 Igabi, Nigeria Fulani herdsmen attacked a church with gunfire, killing one and kidnapping two others.[249] Fulani herdsmen Communal conflicts in Nigeria
19 Kidnapping 0 17 Birnin Gwari, Nigeria Fulani herdsmen attacked a church in the Dankande village of Kaduna State, kidnapping a reverend, his daughter and 15 others.[249] Fulani herdsmen Communal conflicts in Nigeria
19 Bombing 1 0 Bangalore, India A man was killed in a blast outside Karnataka Congress MLA Munirathna Naidu's residence in Vyalikaval in Bangalore on Sunday.[250][251] Unknown Terrorism in India
19 Bombing 7 26 Balad Ruz, Iraq Seven members of an Iraqi Shiite paramilitary group were killed and 26 wounded when their bus struck a roadside bomb in the eastern town of Balad Ruz. Attacks like this are often blamed on the Islamic State.[252] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
19 Shooting 1 1 Timbuktu, Mali A Nigerian UN peacekeeper was killed and another wounded in an armed attack in Timbuktu, central Mali.[253][254] Militants Northern Mali conflict
19 Bombing 0 3 Tessalit, Mali Three Chadian peacekeepers were wounded when their mine-protected vehicle struck a roadside explosive device.[253][254] Militants Northern Mali conflict
19 Bombing 0 17 Giza, Egypt Seventeen people were injured - 10 Egyptians and 7 South African tourists - when a roadside bomb exploded next to a tourist bus near the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, Egypt.[255][256] Unknown Terrorism in Egypt
19 Shooting 7 0 Koury, Mali Four civilians, two Malian police officers and a customs officer were killed when militants attacked a border post in the town of Koury, near the border with Burkina Faso. The gunmen arrived on three motorcycles and in a car before opening fire on soldiers and civilians waiting at the border post.[257] Militants Insurgency in the Maghreb
19 Rocket attack 0 0 Baghdad, Iraq A rocket was fired into the Iraqi capital Baghdad's heavily-fortified Green Zone, which houses government buildings and foreign embassies, on Sunday but caused no casualties.[258][259] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
19 Arson 0 0 Gadchiroli district, India Maoist Communist Party's cadres set ablaze two ‘jungle depots’, a road roller, blocking several internal roads, shutting markets.[260] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
19 Shooting 1 0 Jammu and Kashmir, India Suspected terrorists shot at Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party's worker Mohammad Jamal, 65, near his home at Zungalpora village of south Kashmir's Kulgam district.[261][262][263] Militants Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
19 Car bombing 0 0 Mogadishu, Somalia A car bomb detonated near the El-Gabta junction in Mogadishu.[264] Al-Shabaab (suspected) Somali Civil War
19 Shooting 3 (+2) 3 Kabul, Afghanistan Three police officers were killed when Taliban militants attacked their checkpoint during the evening Itftar meal in Kabul.[265][266] Taliban War in Afghanistan
19 Arson 0 0 Haidari, Greece Anarchists set fire tho te Eurobank Ergasias at Athinon Avenue in a suburb of Athens.[267] Anarchists Anarchism in Greece
19-20 Prison riot 8 (+24) 0 Vahdat, Tajikistan 24 Islamic State terrorists started a riot and a fire on a prison located in Vahdat, Tajikistan. They initially killed three prison guards, and then they killed five other prisoners, before taking others hostage. The 24 terrorist were shot dead by other guards. 25 other members of the Islamic State were arrested. Two of those killed by the terrorists were members of the banned Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan.[268][269] Islamic State Terrorism in Tajikistan
20 Bombing 4 3 Tal Afar, Iraq Four farmers were killed and three injured in an explosion caused by a bomb in a farmland west of Mosul.[270][271] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
20 Bombing 4 0 Nijrab District, Afghanistan Four members of one family were killed when a roadside bomb detonated near their vehicle. Taliban insurgents were blamed.[272] Taliban War in Afghanistan
20 Suicide bombing 0 (+1) 0 Al-Shaddadah, Syria An Islamic State suicide bomber detonated his explosives near a convoy of US and Kurdish vehicles. No one besides the suicide bomber was injured or killed.[273] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
20 Bombing 1 1 Harasta, Syria A landmine allegedly planted by militants exploded in a farmland near Harasta, killing a 60-year-old man and injuring another person.[127] Militants Syrian Civil War
20 Shooting 0 0 Gadchiroli district, India An exchange of fire took place between Security Forces (SFs) and Maoist Communist Party's cadres in Koparshi forest area under Bhamragad area in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, no casualties were reported.[274][275] Naxalites Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
20 Bombing 0 0 Imphal West district, India An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) exploded at the residential gate of a village headman identified as Maisnam Manikchand, at Phumlou Mamang Leikai in Imphal West District.[276] Unknown Insurgency in Northeast India
21 Bombing 0 0 Shopian district, India Militants hurled a grenade towards a Police Station in Shopian District of Jammu and Kashmir, no casualties were reported.[277][278] Militants Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
21 Bombings 0 0 Diyala Governorate, Iraq Two bombs exploded in the Muqdadiyah police chief's garage. No casualties were reported.[279] Unknown Iraqi insurgency
21 Shootings 26 (+18) 0 Kafr Nabudah, Syria Hayat Tahrir al-Sham militants allied with Al-Qaeda launched a counterattack against Syrian government positions, setting off clashes that killed 26 soldiers and 18 militants.[280] Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Syrian Civil War
21 Shooting 11 Unknown Tirap district, India On May 21, 11 people including the National People's Party (NPP) Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Tirong Aboh and his son were killed in an ambush at 12th mile in Khonsa-Deomali road in Tirap District in Arunachal Pradesh.[281][282][283] National Socialist Council of Nagaland(suspected) Insurgency in Northeast India
21 Massacres 50 0 Ouham-Pendé, Central African Republic In response to the killing of a man, 3R ("return, reclamation, reconciliation") militants attacked several villages, massacring over 50 people.[284][285] 3R Central African Republic Civil War
21 Bombing 0 0 Pulwama district, India Terrorists on Tuesday evening hurled grenade at a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) post situated at State Bank of India (SBI) in Jammu and Kashmir's Pulwama district.[286][287] Militants Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
21 Rocket attacks 0 6 Aleppo, Syria Rebels shelled Aleppo, leading to six injuries.[288] Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (suspected) Syrian Civil War
21 Bombing 0 3 Jamshedpur, India Three police personnel were injured, one of them seriously, after Maoists triggered a series of low-intensity IED blasts along a road near an upcoming dam under Kharsawan thana area in adjoining Seraikela-Kharsawan district.[289][290] Naxalites Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
21 Bombing 0 2 Sukma district, India Two District Reserve Guard (DRG) personnel were injured when Maoist Communist Party's cadres detonated an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) near Gogunda village in Sukma District of Chhattisgarh.[291][292] Naxalites Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
21 Shooting 3 0 Macomia District, Mozambique Three people were killed wen gunmen attacked the village of Simbolongo at sunset when the victims were breaking the Ramadan fast.[293] Ansar al-Sunna (suspected) Islamist insurgency in Mozambique
22 Suicide bombing 20 (+1) 32 Mogadishu, Somalia At least twenty-one people were killed when a car bomber attacked a police checkpoint in the Bondhere District of Mogadishu.[294][295][296] Al-Shabaab Somali Civil War
22 Suicide bombing 4 (+4) 15 Ghazni, Afghanistan Four people - two police officers and two civilians - were killed when a Humvee filled with explosives exploded near the Afghan city of Ghazni. The Humvee was attempting to enter the city, but security forces managed to disable it before it entered, after which the car was detonated. Four Taliban were also killed.[297][298] Taliban War in Afghanistan
22 Bombing 0 10 Jarabulus, Syria A booby-trapped motorcycle bomb exploded in the northern Syrian city of Jarabulus, injuring ten people.[299] Militants Syrian Civil War
22 Shootings, executions 29 0 Gubio, Nigeria Around 20 Nigerian soldiers were killed when Islamic State militants attacked a military base in Borno State. ISIL later released a video, showing the execution of 9 additional soldiers.[300][301][302] ISWAP Boko Haram insurgency
22 Bombing 1 7 Poonch, India 1 army soldier killed, 7 injured in blast on LoC during army's training in Mendhar sector of Poonch district in Jammu and Kashmir.[303][304] Militants Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
22 Bombing 1 0 Mosul, Iraq A civilian was killed when a roadside bomb exploded in the city of Mosul.[305] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
22 Shooting 1 (+Unknown) 4 Saladin Governorate, Iraq Islamic State militants attacked a checkpoint near the Alas oilfield north of Baghdad. One policeman was killed, four injured, and several militants were also killed.[306] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
22 Attack 0 3 Seoni, India Three Muslims were badly thrashed by "Cow Vigilantes", made to hit an accompanying woman and chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ in Seoni of Madhya Pradesh on the suspicion of carrying beef. Police arrested suspects.[307] Hindu nationalists Cow vigilante violence
22 Shooting 0 (+2) 0 Kulgam, India Two Hizb-ul-Mujahideen militants, identified as Zahir Ahmad and Irfan Manzoor were killed by Security Forces in an encounter at Gopalpora in Kulgam District of Jammu and Kashmir.[308][309] Hizbul Mujahideen Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
23 Shelling 0 1 Diyala Governorate, Iraq A woman was injured when 13 mortar shells landed in the city of Kana'an.[310] Unknown Iraqi insurgency
23 Car bombing 2 2 Al-Karābilah, Iraq A suspected Islamic State car bomb exploded in a car wash in the town of Al-Karābilah, killing an employee and a Popular Mobilization Forces militant and injuring two others.[311][312] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
23 Car bombing 0 10 Kandahar, Afghanistan A car bomb explosion in the city of Kandahar injured ten civilians.[313] Unknown War in Afghanistan
23 Shooting 0 (+2) 0 Pulwama, India Two militants including the ‘chief’ of Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind, Zakir Rashid Bhat alias Zakir Musa, were killed in an encounter with Security Forces (SFs) at Dadsara village in Tral in Pulwama District of Jammu and Kashmir.[314][315][316][317][318] Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
23 Shooting 1 0 Mastung District, Pakistan The bullet-riddled body of a prayer leader was found on 26 May in the Barg area of Mastung district, who went missing for four days. He is believed to be shot dead on 23 May.[319][320] Islamic State (suspected) Insurgency in Balochistan
23 Shooting 3 0 Barkhan District, Pakistan Police discovered three bullet-riddled bodies in Tehsil-Rakhni area of Balochistan's Barkhan district, bodies were found from Zadin area and all the victims had been shot dead with multiple bullet.[321] Islamic State, Balochistan Liberation Army (suspected) Insurgency in Balochistan
23 Attempted bombing 0 0 Quetta, Pakistan The law enforcement agencies foiled a terror bid by recovering a remote-controlled explosive device planted in the farmlands near  Essa Nagri area of Brewery Road on Saturday.[321] Balochistan Liberation Army (suspected) Insurgency in Balochistan
23 Shooting 0 (+2) 0 Lakki Marwat District, Pakistan Two militants identified as Wazir Zaman, a resident of Haramatala, Lakki Marwat, and Zubair of Jandola, Tank, were killed in a clash with Security Forces (SFs) in Lewanai Pewar village of Lakki Marwat District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.[322][323][324] Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan Insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
23 Shooting, arson, looting, kidnapping several several North Kivu, DR Congo ADF or Islamic State militants attacked army positions and killed and wounded several people. Afterwards they stole goods from a health center and set it on fire. 13 people were kidnapped in the attack. Islamic State claimed the attack, but locals are suspecting ADF.[325][326][327] Islamic State (claimed) or ADF (suspected) Allied Democratic Forces insurgency
24 Bombing 4 27 Quetta, Pakistan A bombing occurred on Friday at a mosque in Quetta, the capital of restive Balochistan province, killing four people, including the prayer leader, and wounding at least 28 worshippers.[328][329][330][331][332][333] Lashkar-e-Jhangvi or Islamic State (suspected) Insurgency in Balochistan
24 Bombing 3 20 Kabul, Afghanistan Kabul mosque bombing 2019: Three people, including a senior Muslim preacher, were killed and at least 20 wounded after an explosion in a mosque during Friday prayers in the Afghan capital, Kabul.[334][335][336][337] Taliban or Islamic State (suspected) War in Afghanistan
24 Shooting 1 0 Dohuk Governorate, Iraq A Turkish soldier was killed during an encounter with PKK militants.[338] Kurdistan Workers' Party Kurdish–Turkish conflict
24 Shooting 1 1 Tikrit, Iraq Islamic State militants attacked a security checkpoint manned by Popular Mobilization Forces militiamen in the village of al-Zouyah north of Tikrit. One member of the PMF was killed and another injured. The militants fled the scene.[339] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
24 Bombing 1 4 Baiji, Iraq A roadside bomb planted by suspected ISIL members struck a civilian vehicle, killing a woman and injuring her husband and three children.[339] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
24 Shooting, arson 5 0 Al-Shirqat, Iraq Islamic State militants attacked and killed five farmers on a road heading to Mosul, then burned their crop.[340] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
24 Bombing 1 1 Shawesh and Haditha, Iraq A roadside bomb planted by Islamic State militants exploded near a vehicle, killing a person and injuring another.In other incident a bomb detonated near a police patrol on a road between the city of Haditha and the village of Sineya, killing a police officer and wounding 3 others.[340] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
24 Bombing 0 13 Lyon, France 2019 Lyon bomb explosion: A 24-year-old Algerian man riding a bike dropped a bomb in front of a bakery. Minutes later, the bomb exploded, injuring 13 people. The suspect told investigators that he had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.[341][342][343] Islamic State Islamic terrorism in Europe
24 Shooting 1 0 Karachi, Pakistan In a suspected sectarian motive attack, a prayer leader, Mohammed Arbab, 55, was shot dead after sustaining 11 bullet wounds in a Karachi's Sachal area.[344][345] Unknown Sectarian violence in Pakistan
24 Bombing 0 0 Assam, India A mosque, located at Kachurtal near the inter-state boundary with Mizoram, was partially damaged in the explosion which occurred at 2 am.[346][347][348] Unknown Insurgency in Northeast India
24 Bombing 0 5 Kandahar Province, Afghanistan Five Romanian soldiers became injured when their MRAP vehicle was attacked by an IED during a mission.[349] Unknown War in Afghanistan
24-25 Attempted Bombing, Bombing 0 1 Gustavo A. Madero, México An improvised explosive blast an wounded an employee of a Cinemex Aragón hall, located in the mayor's office Gustavo A. Madero. The employee tried to defuced the explosive when de device. The group said be responsible for a bomb alert and another explosive that could not detonate and was not reported.[350][351][352] Eco-Terrorist Terrorism in Mexico
25 Shooting, ambush 25+ Unknown Borno State, Nigeria 25 soldiers and an unknown number of civilians were killed when Boko Haram militants ambushed a convoy of vehicles escorting civilians from several villages in Borno State.[353][354] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
25 Bombing 0 3 Chaman, Pakistan Three Frontier Corps personnel were injured in a bomb blast near the Shella Bagh area of Qila Abdullah district on Friday.[355] Balochistan Liberation Army Insurgency in Balochistan
25 Attack 4 0 Saladin Governorate, Iraq Four people were killed in an unspecified Islamic State attack in the Saladin Governorate.[356] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
25 Shooting 2 4 Nagaland, India Two Assam Rifles personnel were killed and four others injured during a gunfight with a group of militants in Mon area along the Indo-Myanmar border in Nagaland on Saturday.[357][358][359][360][361] National Socialist Council of Nagaland (K) Insurgency in Northeast India
25 Rocket attacks 0 2 Hama Governorate, Syria Terrorists shelled several towns and villages in northern Hama Governorate, sparking fires in fields and injuring two people in the village of Belhossein.[362] Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (suspected) Syrian Civil War
25 Attempted bombings 0 0 Chhattisgarh, India Five Improvised Explosive Devices were seized, planted near the well to target security personnel when they look for water resources during patrolling in forests.[363] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
25 Melee attack 0 1 Akure South, Nigeria Suspected Fulani herdsmen attempted to kidnap a pastor for the Redeemed Christian Church of God. After failing, the herdsmen attacked him with a machete, seriously injuring him.[364] Fulani herdsmen (suspected) Communal conflicts in Nigeria
25 Attack 1 0 Chhattisgarh, India Sahdev Samrat, 30, a native of Thothapara area, was attacked with sharp-edged weapons suspected by Naxals on Saturday night when he went to attend a wedding in the nearby Kostapara area in Bhairamgarh town.[365][366][367] Naxalite (suspected) Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
25 Shooting 0 (+1) 0 Kech District, Pakistan One terrorist was killed after being engaged in an exchange of fire in Tump area of Kech District in Balochistan.[368][369] Balochistan Liberation Army (suspected) Insurgency in Balochistan
25 Arson, bombing 5 10 Hawija District, Iraq 5 firefighters and farmers were killed and 10 others were injured when an Islamic State bomb exploded when they went out to extinguish the fires on farms that had been set by Islamic State militants in the al-Abbasi sub-district of the al-Hawija.[370] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
25 Shooting 2 7 Patikul, Philippines About 30 Abu Sayyaf militants attacked a village because the civilians were cooperating with the military. Two children were killed in a firefight between the militants and soldiers. Five soldiers and two civilians became injured.[371] Abu Sayyaf Civil conflict in the Philippines
26 Truck bombing 5 8 Rabia, Iraq Five people were killed and eight others were injured when a truck with explosives detonated near a village bazaar in Aweinat, Rabia District. Although nobody claimed responsibility the attack followed a string of attacks launched by the Islamic State group.[372] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
26 Shooting 4 +Several Loroum Province, Burkina Faso Four people were killed and several others were injured when heavily armed gunmen attacked a church in the town of Toulfe in the Loroum province in Burkina Faso. Most of these attacks are attributed to the Ansar ul Islam group.[373][374] Ansar ul Islam (suspected) Insurgency in the Maghreb
26 Bombing 0 3 Dhaka, Bangladesh A female assistant sub-inspector (ASI) and two other people were injured when an explosive was thrown at a police patrol in the Malibagh intersection area of Dhaka. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.[375][376] Islamic State Terrorism in Bangladesh
26 Bombing 4 7 Kathmandu, Nepal May 2019 Kathmandu bombings: Four perpetrators were killed and seven others injured in three separate accidental explosions by a splinter group of former Maoist rebels in the capital Kathmandu.[377][378] Communist Party (suspected) Category:Terrorism in Nepal
26 Shooting 4 Several Titao, Burkina Faso Gunmen burst into a church in the town of Titao during morning services, shooting dead four worshippers and injuring several before escaping.[379] Militants Insurgency in the Maghreb
26 Rocket attacks 5 12 Al-Suqaylabiyah, Syria Jihadists shelled the city of Al-Suqaylabiyah with 38 rockets, hitting a hospital and other areas, resulting in the deaths of 5 civilians and injury to 12 others.[380] Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Syrian Civil War
26 Shooting 0 (+1) 0 Dantewada, India A senior Naxal leader, who was allegedly involved in multiple attacks, killed in an encounter with security forces in jungles of Hiroli in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh.[381][382] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
26 Shooting 16 Unknown Maiduguri, Nigeria Boko Haram militants killed five members of a local security force and 11 civilians in an attack on several villages on the outskirts of Maiduguri. The militants drove in on motorcycles wearing black robes, and opened indiscriminately.[383] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
26 Shooting 5 0 North Waziristan, Pakistan During Army's patrolling in Boya, five dead bodies with bullet wounds had been found from a nullah approximately 1.5 Kilometres away from Khar Kamar post. Bodies were sent for Identification.[384][385][386] Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (suspected) War in North-West Pakistan
26-27 Shooting 8 (+9) 33 (+13) Sar-e Pol Province, Afghanistan Taliban militants launched several overnight attacks in the Sar-e Pol Province of Afghanistan. The attacks and subsequent clashes killed 8 soldiers and left 33 more injured. Many Taliban militants were also killed or injured.[387] Taliban War in Afghanistan
26 Shooting 1 0 New Delhi, India One soldier succumbed to his injuries in hospital, New Delhi, who suffered injuries by fighting terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir.[388] Militants Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
26 Shooting 1 (+Unknown) Unknown North Waziristan, Pakistan Several terrorists raided Makki Garh Post, Shawal Valley, North Waziristan. In exchange of fire between terrorists and soldiers, one soldier was killed.[389][390][391][392][393][394][395] Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan War in North-West Pakistan
26 Shooting 0 1 Begusarai, India Mohamamd Qasim, a Muslim Man was Shot at him in Bihar's Begusarai For ‘Muslim Name’ as a drunk Attacker Rajiv Yadav told him to ‘Go to Pakistan.’ This was the third incident of alleged hate crime reported within week.[396][397] Hindu nationalists Violence against Muslims in India
26 Shooting 1 0 Kabul, Afghanistan Unknown gunmen killed a prominent religious scholar Mawlavi Shabir Ahmad Kamawi in Kabul city, who served his full life for peace.[398][399] Islamic State War in Afghanistan
26 Bombing 0 2 Baghlan Province, Afghanistan As a result of a mine explosion in Pul-e-Khomri center of Baghlan province two NDS guards were injured.[400][401] Taliban War in Afghanistan
26-27 Shooting 4 4 Dand Aw Patan District, Afghanistan Taliban militants attacked a security checkpoint in the eastern district of Dand Aw Patan District, killing four police officers and injuring four others.[402] Taliban War in Afghanistan
27 Melee attack 7 0 Borno State, Nigeria Boko Haram militants attacked the Wulari Bulama-Isa in Borno State, slashing the throats of seven villagers and stealing food.[403] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
27 Bombing 0 10 Kabul, Afghanistan A magnetic IED blast targeted a bus carrying employees of the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs in Kabul city early Monday morning.[404][405] Islamic State (suspected) War in Afghanistan
27 Bombing 10 0 Bala Buluk District, Afghanistan A powerful roadside bomb detonated next to a Humvee carrying ten Afghan soldiers, resulting in the deaths of all 10 soldiers.[406][407] Taliban War in Afghanistan
27 Attempted bombing 0 0 Karachi, Pakistan A major terrorism bid has been foiled by the timely action of Karachi police as a suicide vest was recovered in the vicinity of Karachi's Lines Area.[408] Unknown Terrorism in Pakistan
27-28 Shooting 0 (+2) 0 Quetta, Pakistan Four terrorists opened fire at a checkpoint in Darwaishabad area near Quetta Airport. In exchange of fire two terrorists were killed and two to three terrorists managed to escape.[392][409][393][410][411][412] Balochistan Liberation Army (suspected) Insurgency in Balochistan
27 Bombing 1 4 Chana District, Thailand A bomb exploded near group of police officers near a train station in the Chana District of southern Thailand, killing a police officer and injuring three of his colleagues and a woman.[413] Unknown South Thailand insurgency
27 Shooting 18 0 Shahrak District, Afghanistan Taliban militants attacked several security posts providing protection to the Minaret of Jam, killing 15 members of pro-government militias and 3 police officers.[414][415] Taliban War in Afghanistan
27 Rocket attacks 0 2 Al-Suqaylabiyah and Mahardah, Syria Rebels shelled the city of Al-Suqaylabiyah, injuring 2 people. Shells also landed in Mahardah.[416] Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (suspected) Syrian Civil War
27 Shooting 9 2 Maidan Shar, Afghanistan Taliban insurgents attacked a security checkpoint in central Maidan Wardak Province, killing 9 police officers and capturing 2 others.[417] Taliban War in Afghanistan
27 Arson 0 0 Kaisariani, Greece Anarchists set fire to a service vehicle of MAN SE because they sell military vehicles to the Turkish army.[418] Lorenzo Orsetti Anarchist Revenge Team Anarchism in Greece
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30 Shooting 0 (+26) 1 North Kivu, DR Congo 26 militants from the ADF or Islamic State were killed when they launched an attack on an army base in Ngite-Mavivi. The Congolese army said it were ADF members, but the Islamic State claimed the attack. One South African peacekeeper became injured in the attack.[449][450][451] ADF and/or Islamic State Allied Democratic Forces insurgency
31 Suicide bombing 4 (+1) 7+ Kabul, Afghanistan Four Afghans were killed and seven people including four US servicemen were wounded when a Taliban car bomb detonated near a convoy of US forces in the city of Kabul.[452][453][454][455] Taliban War in Afghanistan
31 Shooting 1 0 Jolo, Philippines Ewold Horn, a Dutch photographer and birdwatcher, was killed by his captors as he tried to escape during a battle with the army. He was taken hostage by Abu Sayyaf in the southern Philippines in February 2012 together with a Swiss national, who escaped in 2014.[456] Abu Sayyaf Moro conflict
31 Stabbing 0 1 Bremen, Germany A Muslim teenager was insulted islamophobic in a tram and stabbed with a knife in the neck.[457] Anti-Muslim extremist Terrorism in Germany
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