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The president of the autonomous government of the Basque Country, Spain is referred to as Eusko Jaurlaritzako lehendakaria in Basque ("president of the Basque Government"). The correspondent title in Spanish is Presidente del Gobierno Vasco and, since recently, lehendakari[1] or the Spanish form lendakari.[2]

List of lehendakaris[edit]

From To Picture Holder Party Notes
1st 7 October 1936 22 March 1960 Agirre Lekube lehendakaria (cropped).jpg José Antonio Aguirre y Lecube PNV-EAJ In exile from 1937 due to the advance of the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War and the subsequent dictatorship.
2nd 22 March 1960 2 May 1979 Leizaola Lehendakaria.jpg Jesús María de Leizaola Sánchez PNV-EAJ In exile. The Basque government-in-exile dissolved following the enacting of the new Statute of Autonomy in 1980.
7 February 1978 2 May 1979 Bilbao.Guggenheim20.jpg Ramón Rubial Cavia PSE-EE Appointed President of the Basque General Council, a multiparty organ preparing the restoration of Basque autonomy.

He used the title lehendakari [3] and the Basque Government lists him as one[4] However nationalists such as Iñaki Anasagasti point to the simultaneous presence of Leizaola to deny Rubial the title.[5]

3rd 2 May 1979 2 March 1985 Carlos Garaikoetxea (2011).jpg Carlos Garaikoetxea Urriza PNV-EAJ Served as president of the Basque General Council in 1979, then as Lehendakari after the enacting of the Statute of Autonomy.
4th 2 March 1985 2 January 1999 2011 Jose Antonio Ardanza.jpg José Antonio Ardanza Garro PNV-EAJ
5th 2 January 1999 7 May 2009 Ibarretxe.jpg Juan José Ibarretxe Markuartu PNV-EAJ
6th 7 May 2009 15 December 2012 El lehendakari Patxi López (4 de mayo de 2010).jpg Francisco Javier "Patxi" López Álvarez PSE-EE
7th 15 December 2012 Incumbent Iñigo Urkullu 2.jpg Iñigo Urkullu Rentería PNV-EAJ

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    (in English) "Freshly named, in February 1978, he was asked: "Lehendakari" or "Presidente"?. He answered: "Traditionally the President of the Basque Government has always been called Lehendakari. I would like to be called so; it seems logical"
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