List of the last monarchs in Oceania

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This is a list of last monarchs of Oceania.[1]

Nation / territory Monarch Title Birth Ruled from Rule Ceased Reason Death Arms
Flag of the Kingdom of Fiji (1871-1874).svg Fiji Cakobau, died February 1883, photograph by Francis H. Dufty.jpg Seru Epenisa Cakobau King of Fiji 6th Vunivalu of Bau King of Bau 1815 5 June 1871 10 October 1874 Deposed by British colonialists 1883 Kingdom of Fiji 1871-1874 Coat of arms.svg
Fiji Fiji Queen Elizabeth II - 1953-Dress.JPG Elizabeth II Queen of Fiji 21 April 1926 10 October 1970 6 October 1987 Deposed living Coat of arms of Fiji.svg
Flag of the Kingdom of Tahiti.svg Tahiti Pomare V.jpg Pōmare V King of Tahiti 3 November 1839 17 September 1877 29 June 1880 Abdicated 12 June 1891 Pomare Arms.svg
Hawaii Hawaii Liliuokalani sitting on chair draped with feather cloak.jpg Liliuokalani Queen of the Hawaiian Islands September 2, 1838 January 29 1891 January 17 1893 Deposed November 11 1917 Royal Coat of Arms of Hawaii.svg


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