List of the most common U.S. place names

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This is a list of the most common U.S. place names (cities, towns, villages, boroughs and census-designated places (CDP)), with the number of times that name occurs (in parentheses).[1] Some states have more than one occurrence of the same name. Cities with populations over 100,000 are in bold.

Postal Service data[edit]

The United States Postal Service has published a list of the most common city[2] and post office[3] names within the United States, as of 2017:

Cities Post Offices
1 Franklin (31) 1 Clinton (26)
2 Clinton, Washington (29 each) 2 Madison (25)
3 Arlington (28) 3 Franklin, Washington (24 each)
4 Chester, Georgetown, Madison, Salem (27 each) 4 Chester, Marion (23 each)
5 Fairfield, Greenville, Kingston, Marion, Riverside, Springfield (26 each) 5 Greenville, Springfield (22 each)

All place names[edit]

Washington (88)[edit]

Place Type
Washington, Connecticut city
Washington, D.C. federal district
Washington, Georgia city
Washington, Illinois city
Washington Park, Illinois village
Washington, Indiana city
Washington, Iowa city
North Washington, Iowa city
Washington Mills, Iowa unincorporated community
Washington Prairie, Iowa unincorporated community
Washington, Kansas city
Washington, Kentucky village
Mount Washington, Kentucky city
Washington, Louisiana town
Washington, Maine town
Washington, Massachusetts town
Mount Washington, Massachusetts town
Washington Grove, Maryland town
Washington, Michigan town
Washington, Mississippi unincorporated community
Washington, Missouri city
Washington, Nebraska village
Washington, New Hampshire town
Washington, New Jersey borough
Washington, New York town
Port Washington North, New York village
Washingtonville, New York village
Washington, North Carolina city
Washington Park, North Carolina town
Washington, Ohio city
Port Washington, Ohio village
Old Washington, Ohio village
Washingtonville, Ohio village
Washington Court House, Ohio city
Washington, Oklahoma town
Washington, Pennsylvania city
Washingtonville, Pennsylvania borough
Washington-on-the-Brazos, Texas unincorporated community
Washington, Utah city
Washington Terrace, Utah city
Washington, Vermont town
Washington, Virginia town
Washington, West Virginia CDP
Washington, Wisconsin unincorporated community
Port Washington, Wisconsin city

Springfield (41)[edit]

Place Type
Springfield, Alabama town
Springfield, Arkansas town
Springfield, Colorado town
Springfield, Florida city
Springfield, Georgia city
Springfield, Idaho unincorporated community
Springfield, Illinois capital
Springfield, Kentucky city
Springfield, Louisiana town
Springfield, Maine town
Springfield, Massachusetts city
Springfield, Michigan city
Springfield, Minnesota city
Springfield, Missouri city
Springfield, Nebraska city
Springfield, New Hampshire town
Springfield, New York town
Springfield, New Jersey (Burlington County) township
Springfield, New Jersey (Union County) township
Springfield, Ohio city
Springfield, Oregon[4] city
Springfield, Pennsylvania CDP
Springfield, South Carolina town
Springfield, South Dakota city
Springfield, Tennessee city
Springfield, Vermont town
Springfield, Virginia CDP
Springfield, West Virginia CDP
Springfield, Wisconsin (Dane County) town
Springfield, Wisconsin (Jackson County) town[5]
Springfield, Wisconsin (Marquette County) town
Springfield, Wisconsin (St. Croix County) town
Springfield, Wisconsin (Walworth County) town

Franklin (35)[edit]

Place Type
Franklin, Alabama town
Franklin, Arkansas town
Franklin, Connecticut town
Franklin, Georgia city
Franklin, Idaho city
Franklin, Illinois village
Franklin, Indiana city
Franklin, Iowa city
Franklin, Kansas town
Franklin, Kentucky city
Franklin, Louisiana town
Franklin, Maine town
Franklin, Massachusetts city
Franklin, Michigan village
Franklin, Minnesota city
Franklin, Missouri city
Franklin, Nebraska city
Franklin, New Hampshire city
Franklin, New Jersey borough
Franklin Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey town
Franklin Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey town
Franklin Township, Somerset County, New Jersey town
Franklin Township, Warren County, New Jersey town
Franklin, Delaware County, New York village
Franklin, Franklin County, New York town
Franklin County, North Carolina county
Franklin County, Ohio county
Franklin County, Missouri county
Franklin, North Carolina town
Franklin, Oregon town
Franklin, Ohio city
Franklin, Cambria County, Pennsylvania borough
Franklin, Venango County, Pennsylvania city
Franklin, South Dakota town
Franklin, Tennessee city
Franklin, Texas city
Franklin, Vermont town
Franklin, Virginia city
Franklin County, Washington
Franklin, West Virginia town
Franklin, Wisconsin city
Franklin, Louisiana parish

Lebanon (35)[edit]

Place Type
Lebanon, Alabama
Lebanon, Arizona
Lebanon, Arkansas
Lebanon, Colorado CDP
Lebanon, Connecticut town
Rising Sun-Lebanon, Delaware CDP
Lebanon, Georgia unincorporated community
Lebanon, Illinois city
Lebanon, Indiana city
Lebanon, Iowa
Lebanon, Kansas city
Lebanon, Kentucky city
Mount Lebanon, Louisiana town
Lebanon, Maine town
Lebanon Township, Michigan
Lebanon, Mississippi
Lebanon, Missouri city
Lebanon, Nebraska village
Lebanon, New Hampshire city
Lebanon, New Jersey town
Lebanon, New York town
New Lebanon, New York town
Lebanon Township, North Carolina township
Lebanon, North Dakota
Lebanon, Ohio city
Lebanon, Oklahoma CDP
Lebanon, Oregon city
Lebanon, Pennsylvania city
Lebanon, South Carolina
Lebanon, South Dakota town
Lebanon, Tennessee city
Lebanon, Virginia town
Lebanon, Dodge County, Wisconsin town
Lebanon, Waupaca County, Wisconsin town
Old Lebanon, Wisconsin unincorporated community

Clinton (30)[edit]

Place Type
Clinton, Arkansas city
Clinton, Connecticut town
Clinton, Illinois city
Clinton, Indiana city
Clinton, Iowa city
Clinton, Kentucky city
Clinton, Louisiana town
Clinton, Maine town
Clinton, Maryland CDP
Clinton, Massachusetts town
Clinton, Macomb County, Michigan CDP
Clinton, Lenawee County, Michigan village
Clinton, Minnesota city
Clinton, Mississippi city
Clinton, Missouri city
Clinton, Montana CDP
Clinton, Nebraska village
Clinton, New Jersey town
Clinton County, New York county
Clinton County, Illinois county
Clinton, Clinton County, New York town
Clinton, Dutchess County, New York town
Clinton, Oneida County, New York village
Clinton, North Carolina city
Clinton, Ohio village
Port Clinton, Ohio city
Clinton, Oklahoma city
Clinton, South Carolina city
Clinton, Tennessee city
Clinton, Utah city
Clinton, Washington CDP
Clinton, Wisconsin village

Greenville (31)[edit]

Place Type
Greenville, Alabama city
Greenville, California CDP
Greenville, Delaware CDP
Greenville, Florida town
Greenville, Georgia city
Greenville, Illinois city
Greenville, Indiana town
Greenville, Iowa city
Greenville, Kentucky city
Greenville, Maine town
Greenville, Massachusetts city
Greenville, Michigan city
Greenville, Mississippi city
Greenville, Missouri city
Greenville, New Hampshire town
Greenville, New Jersey former township
Greenville, Greene County, New York town
Greenville, Orange County, New York town
Greenville, Westchester County, New York CDP
Greenville, North Carolina city
Greenville, Ohio city
Greenville, Pennsylvania borough
Greenville, Rhode Island CDP
Greenville, South Carolina city
Greeneville, Tennessee city
Greenville, Texas city
Greenville, Utah town
Greenville, Virginia CDP
Greenville, Logan County, West Virginia CDP
Greenville, Monroe County, West Virginia CDP
Greenville, Wisconsin CDP

Bristol (29)[edit]

Place Type
Bristol, Colorado unincorporated community
Bristol, Connecticut city
Bristol, Florida city
Bristol, Georgia city
Bristol, Illinois unincorporated community
Bristol, Indiana town
Bristol, Iowa township
Bristol, Louisiana Populated place
Bristol, Maryland unincorporated community
Bristol, Maine town
Bristol, Michigan unincorporated community
Bristol, Minnesota township
Bristol, Missouri populated place
Bristol, Nevada ghost town
Bristol, New Hampshire town
Bristol, New York town
Bristol, Ohio unincorporated community
Bristol, Pennsylvania borough
Bristol Township, Pennsylvania township
Bristol, Rhode Island town
Bristol, South Dakota city
Bristol, Tennessee city
Bristol, Texas community
Bristol, Vermont town
Bristol, Virginia city
Bristol, Washington community
Bristol, Dane County, Wisconsin town
Bristol, Kenosha County, Wisconsin town
Bristol, West Virginia town

Fairview (29)[edit]

Place Type
Fairview, Alabama town
Fairview, California CDP
Fairview, Georgia CDP
Fairview, Illinois village
Fairview Park, Indiana town
Fairview, Kansas city
Fairview, Christian County, Kentucky town
Fairview, Kenton County, Kentucky city
Fairview, Lyon County, Kentucky town
Fairview, Maryland CDP
Fairview, Missouri town
Fairview, Montana town
Fairview, Bergen County, New Jersey borough
Fairview, Monmouth County, New Jersey CDP
Fairview, Dutchess County, New York CDP
Fairview, Westchester County, New York CDP
Fairview, North Carolina CDP
Fairview, North Carolina town
Fairview, Ohio village
Fairview, Oklahoma city
Fairview, Oregon city
Fairview, Pennsylvania borough
Fairview, South Dakota town
Fairview Crossroads, South Carolina Unincorporated Place
Fairview, Tennessee city
Fairview, Texas town
Fairview, Utah city
Fairview, Marion County, West Virginia town
Fairview, Wetzel County, West Virginia Unincorporated Place
Fairview, Wyoming CDP

Salem (26)[edit]

Place Type
Salem, Fulton County, Arkansas city
Salem, Saline County, Arkansas CDP
Salem, Connecticut town
Salem, Georgia CDP
Salem, Illinois city
Salem, Indiana city
Salem, Iowa city
Salem, Kentucky city
Salem, Massachusetts city
Salem, Michigan village
Salem, Missouri city
Salem, Nebraska village
Salem, New Hampshire town
Salem, New Jersey city
Salem, New Mexico CDP
Salem, New York village
Salem, North Carolina CDP
Salem, Ohio city
Salem, Oklahoma CDP
Salem, Oregon capital
Salem, South Carolina town
Salem, South Dakota city
Salem, Utah city
Salem, Virginia city
Salem, West Virginia city
Salem, Kenosha County, Wisconsin town
Winston-Salem, North Carolina city

Madison (25)[edit]

Place Type
Madison, Alabama city
Madison, Arkansas city
Madison, California CDP
Madison, Connecticut town
Madison, Florida city
Madison, Georgia city
Madison, Illinois city
Madison, Indiana city
Madison, Kansas city
Madison, Maine town
Madison Heights, Michigan city
Madison, Minnesota city
Madison, Mississippi city
Madison, Missouri city
Madison, Nebraska city
Madison, New Hampshire town
Madison, New Jersey borough
Madison, New York village
Madison, North Carolina town
Madison, Ohio village
Madison, Pennsylvania borough
Madison, South Dakota city
Madison, Tennessee village
Madison, Virginia town
Madison, West Virginia city
Madison, Wisconsin capital

Georgetown (24)[edit]

Place Type
Georgetown, Arkansas town
Georgetown, California CDP
Georgetown, Colorado town
Georgetown, Connecticut CDP
Georgetown, Delaware town
Georgetown, Chatham County, Georgia CDP
Georgetown, Quitman County, Georgia city
Georgetown, Idaho city
Georgetown, Illinois city
Georgetown, Indiana several places
Georgetown, Floyd County, Indiana town
Georgetown, St. Joseph County, Indiana CDP
Georgetown, Kentucky city
Georgetown, Louisiana village
Georgetown, Maine town
Georgetown, Massachusetts town
Georgetown Township, Michigan township
Georgetown, Minnesota city
Georgetown, Mississippi town
Georgetown, New York town
Georgetown, Ohio village
Georgetown, Beaver County, Pennsylvania borough
Georgetown, South Carolina city
Georgetown, Tennessee village
Georgetown, Texas city
Georgetown, Washington, DC district

Arlington (22)[edit]

Place Type
Arlington, Arizona town
Arlington, Georgia city
Arlington, Illinois village
Arlington Heights, Illinois village
Arlington, Iowa city
Arlington, Kansas city
Arlington, Kentucky city
Arlington, Massachusetts town
Arlington, Minnesota city
Arlington, Nebraska village
Arlington, New York CDP
Arlington, North Carolina town
Arlington, Ohio village
Arlington, Oregon city
Arlington, South Dakota city
Arlington, Tennessee town
Arlington, Texas city
Arlington, Vermont town
Arlington County, Virginia urban county
Arlington, Northampton County, Virginia CDP
Arlington, Washington city
Arlington, Wisconsin village
Arlington, Wyoming CDP

Ashland (24)[edit]

Place Type
Ashland, Alabama city
Ashland, California CDP
Ashland Township, Indiana town
Ashland, Illinois village
Ashland, Kansas city
Ashland, Kentucky city
Ashland, Louisiana village
Ashland, Maine town
Ashland, Massachusetts town
Ashland, Mississippi town
Ashland, Missouri city
Ashland, Montana CDP
Ashland, Nebraska city
Ashland, New Hampshire town
Ashland, New Jersey CDP
Ashland, Chemung County, New York town
Ashland, Greene County, New York town
Ashland, Ohio city
Ashland, Oklahoma town
Ashland, Oregon city
Ashland, Pennsylvania borough
Ashland City, Tennessee town
Ashland, Virginia town
Ashland, Wisconsin city

Dover (23)[edit]

Place Type
Dover, Arkansas city
Dover, California city
Dover, Delaware city
Dover, Florida CDP
Dover, Idaho city
Dover, Illinois village
Dover Hill, Indiana cdp
Dover, Kansas
Dover, Kentucky city
Dover, Massachusetts town
Dover Foxcroft, Maine town
Dover Township, Michigan (Lake County) township
Dover Township, Michigan (Lenawee County) township
Dover Township, Michigan (Otsego County) township
Dover, Minnesota city
Dover, Missouri town
Dover, New Hampshire city
Dover, New Jersey town
Dover, North Carolina town
Dover, Ohio city
Dover, Oklahoma town
Dover, Pennsylvania borough
Dover, Tennessee city
Dover, Vermont town

Oxford (22)[edit]

Place Type
Oxford, Alabama city
Oxford, Arkansas city
Oxford, Connecticut town
Oxford, Florida city
Oxford, Georgia city
Oxford, Idaho city
Oxford, Indiana town
Oxford, Iowa city
Oxford, Kansas city
Oxford, Kentucky village
Oxford, Maine town
Oxford, Maryland town
Oxford, Massachusetts town
Oxford, Michigan village
Oxford, Mississippi city
Oxford, Missouri village
Oxford, Nebraska village
Oxford, New Jersey CDP
Oxford, New York village
Oxford, North Carolina city
Oxford, Ohio city
Oxford, Pennsylvania borough
Oxford, Wisconsin village

Jackson (21)[edit]

Place Type
Jackson, Alabama city
Jackson, California city
Jackson, Georgia city
Jackson, Kentucky city
Jackson, Louisiana town
Jackson, Maine town
Jackson, Michigan city
Jackson, Minnesota city
Jackson, Mississippi city
Jackson, Missouri city
Jackson, Montana village
Jackson, Nebraska village
Jackson, New Hampshire town
Jackson, New Jersey town
Jackson, New York town
Jackson, North Carolina town
Jackson, Ohio city
Jackson, South Carolina Town
Fort Jackson, South Carolina military base
Jackson, Tennessee city
Jackson, Wisconsin village
Jackson, Wyoming town

Burlington (22)[edit]

Place Type
Burlington, Colorado city
Burlington, Connecticut town
Burlington, Illinois village
Burlington, Indiana town
Burlington, Iowa city
Burlington, Kansas city
Burlington, Kentucky CDP
Burlington, Maine town
Burlington, Massachusetts town
Burlington, Michigan village
Burlington, New Jersey city
Burlington, New York town
Burlington, North Carolina city
Burlington, North Dakota city
Burlington, Ohio CDP
Burlington, Oklahoma town
Burlington, Pennsylvania borough
Burlington, Vermont city
Burlington, Washington city
Burlington, West Virginia CDP
Burlington, Wisconsin city
Burlington, Wyoming town

Manchester (22)[edit]

Place Type
Manchester, Connecticut town
Manchester, Georgia city
Manchester, Illinois village
North Manchester, Indiana town
Manchester, Iowa city
Manchester, Kansas city
Manchester, Kentucky city
Manchester, Maine town
Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts town
Manchester, Maryland town
Manchester, Michigan village
Manchester, Minnesota city
Manchester, Missouri city
Manchester, New Hampshire city
Manchester, New Jersey township
Manchester, New York village
Manchester, Ohio village
Manchester, Oklahoma town
Manchester, Pennsylvania borough
Manchester, Tennessee city
Manchester, Vermont town
Manchester, Virginia community
Manchester, Washington CDP

Milton (21)[edit]

Place Type
Milton, Delaware town
Milton, Florida city
Milton, Georgia city
Milton, Illinois village
Milton, Indiana town
Milton, Iowa city
Milton, Kentucky city
Milton, Louisiana town
Milton, Massachusetts town
Milton, New Hampshire town
Milton, Saratoga County, New York CDP
Milton, Ulster County, New York CDP
Milton, North Carolina town
Milton, North Dakota city
Milton, Ohio townships in 5 counties
Milton, Pennsylvania borough
Milton, Tennessee village
Milton, Vermont town
Milton, Washington city
Milton, West Virginia town
Milton, Wisconsin city

Newport (21)[edit]

Place Type
Newport, Arkansas city
Newport, California unincorporated community
Newport Beach, California city
Newport, Delaware town
Newport, Indiana town
Newport, Kentucky city
Newport, Maine town
Newport, Michigan town
Newport, Minnesota city
Newport, Nebraska village
Newport, New Hampshire town
Newport, New York village
Newport, North Carolina town
Newport, Ohio CDP
Newport, Oregon city
Newport, Pennsylvania borough
Newport, Rhode Island city
Newport, South Carolina CDP
Newport, Tennessee city
Newport, Vermont city
Newport, Washington city

Auburn (19)[edit]

Place Type
Auburn, Alabama city
Auburn, California city
Auburn, Georgia city
Auburn, Illinois city
Auburn, Indiana city
Auburn, Iowa city
Auburn, Kansas city
Auburn, Kentucky city
Auburn, Maine city
Auburn, Massachusetts city
Auburn, Michigan city
Auburn, Nebraska city
Auburn, New Hampshire town
Auburn, New York city
Auburn, Ohio township
Auburn, Pennsylvania borough
Auburn, Washington city
Auburn, West Virginia town
Auburn, Wyoming CDP

Centerville (20)[edit]

Place Type
Centerville, Delaware unincorporated
Centerville, Georgia city
Centerville, Illinois city
Centerville, Indiana town
Centerville, Iowa city
Centerville, Kentucky village
Centerville, Massachusetts village
Centerville, Minnesota city
Centerville, Missouri city
Centerville, North Carolina town
Centerville, Gallia County, Ohio village
Centerville, Montgomery County, Ohio city
Centerville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania borough
Centerville, Washington County, Pennsylvania borough
Centerville, South Carolina CDP
Centerville, South Dakota city
Centerville, Tennessee town
Centerville, Texas city
Centerville, Utah city
Centerville, Virginia town
Centerville, Washington CDP

There are 4 Centerville, Wisconsin locations.

Clayton (20)[edit]

Place Type
Clayton, Alabama town
Clayton, California city
Clayton, Delaware town
Clayton, Georgia city
Clayton, Idaho city
Clayton, Illinois village
Clayton, Indiana town
Clayton, Iowa city
Clayton, Kansas city
Clayton, Louisiana town
Clayton, Michigan village
Clayton, Missouri city
Clayton, New Jersey borough
Clayton, New Mexico town
Clayton, New York village
Clayton, North Carolina town
Clayton, Ohio city
Clayton, Oklahoma town
Clayton, Washington CDP
Clayton, Wisconsin village

Dayton (21)[edit]

Place Type
Dayton, Alabama town
Dayton, Idaho city
Dayton, Henry County, Illinois unincorporated village
Dayton, LaSalle County, Illinois CDP
Dayton, Indiana town
Dayton, Iowa city
Dayton, Kentucky city
Dayton, Maine town
Dayton, Minnesota city
Dayton, Missouri village
Dayton, Montana CDP
Dayton, Nevada CDP
Dayton, New Jersey CDP
Dayton, New York town
Dayton, Ohio city
Dayton, Oregon city
Dayton, Pennsylvania borough
Dayton, Tennessee city
Dayton, Texas city
Dayton, Virginia town
Dayton, Washington city
Dayton, Wisconsin (disambiguation) two towns
Dayton, Wyoming town

Lexington (19)[edit]

Place Type
Lexington, Alabama town
Lexington, Georgia city
Lexington, Illinois city
Lexington, Kentucky city
Lexington, Massachusetts town
Lexington, Michigan village
Lexington, Minnesota city
Lexington, Mississippi city
Lexington, Missouri city
Lexington, Nebraska city
Lexington, New York town
Lexington, North Carolina city
Lexington, Ohio village
Lexington, Oklahoma city
Lexington, Oregon town
Lexington, South Carolina town
Lexington, Tennessee city
Lexington, Texas town
Lexington, Virginia city

Milford (20)[edit]

Place Type
Milford, Connecticut city
Milford, Delaware city
Milford, Illinois village
Milford, Kosciusko County, Indiana town
Milford, Iowa city
Milford, Kansas city
Milford, Kentucky village
Milford, Maine town
Milford, Massachusetts town
Milford, Michigan village
Milford, Missouri village
Milford, Nebraska city
Milford, New Hampshire town
Milford, New Jersey borough
Milford, New York village
Milford, Ohio city
Milford, Pennsylvania borough
Milford, Texas town
Milford, Utah city
New Milford, Connecticut town

Mount Vernon (19)[edit]

Place Type
Mount Vernon, Alabama town
Mount Vernon, Arkansas city
Mount Vernon, California town
Mount Vernon, Georgia city
Mount Vernon, Illinois city
Mount Vernon, Indiana city
Mount Vernon, Iowa city
Mount Vernon, Kentucky city
Mount Vernon, Maine town
Mount Vernon, Maryland CDP
Mount Vernon, Missouri city
Mont Vernon, New Hampshire[6] town
Mount Vernon, New York city
Mount Vernon, Ohio city
Mount Vernon, Oregon city
Mount Vernon, South Dakota city
Mount Vernon, Tennessee village
Mount Vernon, Texas town
Mount Vernon, Virginia CDP
Mount Vernon, Washington city

Oakland (19)[edit]

Place Type
Oakland, California city
Oakland, Florida city
Oakland, Illinois city
Oakland, Iowa city
Oakland, Kentucky city
Oakland, Maine town
Oakland, Maryland town
Oakland Township, Michigan (Oakland County) township
Oakland, Mississippi town
Oakland, Missouri city
Oakland, Nebraska city
Oakland, New Jersey borough
Oakland, New York town
Oakland, Ohio village
Oakland, Oklahoma town
Oakland, Oregon city
Oakland, Pennsylvania borough
Oakland, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania CDP
Oakland, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania borough
Oakland, South Carolina CDP
Oakland, Tennessee town

Winchester (19)[edit]

Place Type
Winchester, Arkansas city
Winchester, California CDP
Winchester, Connecticut town
Winchester, Idaho city
Winchester, Illinois city
Winchester, Indiana city
Winchester, Iowa city
Winchester, Kansas city
Winchester, Kentucky city
Winchester, Massachusetts town
Winchester, Missouri city
Winchester, Nevada town
Winchester, New Hampshire town
Winchester, New Jersey town
Winchester, Ohio village
Winchester, Oklahoma town
Winchester, Tennessee city
Winchester, Texas town
Winchester, Virginia city
Winchester, Wyoming CDP

Cleveland (18)[edit]

Place Type
Cleveland, Alabama town
Cleveland, Florida CDP
Cleveland, Georgia city
Cleveland, Illinois village
Cleveland, Minnesota city
Cleveland, Mississippi city
Cleveland, Missouri city
Cleveland, New York village
Cleveland, North Carolina town
Cleveland, North Dakota city
Cleveland, Ohio city
Cleveland, Oklahoma city
Cleveland, Tennessee city
Cleveland, Texas city
Cleveland, Utah town
Cleveland, Virginia town
Cleveland, West Virginia town
Cleveland, Wisconsin village

Hudson (18)[edit]

Place Type
Hudson, Colorado town
Hudson, Florida CDP
Hudson, Illinois village
Hudson, Indiana town
Hudson, Iowa city
Hudson, Kansas city
Hudson, Kentucky village
Hudson, Maine town
Hudson, Massachusetts town
Hudson, Michigan city
Hudson, New Hampshire town
Hudson, New York city
Hudson, North Carolina town
Hudson, Ohio city
Hudson, South Dakota town
Hudson, Texas city
Hudson, Wisconsin city
Hudson, Wyoming town

Kingston (18)[edit]

Place Type
Kingston, Georgia city
Kingston, Idaho village
Kingston, Illinois village
Kingston, Massachusetts town
Kingston, Michigan village
Kingston, Minnesota city
Kingston, Missouri city
Kingston, Nevada village
Kingston, New Hampshire town
Kingston, New Jersey CDP
Kingston, New York city
Kingston, Ohio village
Kingston, Oklahoma town
Kingston, Pennsylvania borough
Kingston, Rhode Island CDP
Kingston, Tennessee city
Kingston, Utah town
Kingston, Washington CDP
Kingston, Wisconsin village

Riverside (19)[edit]

Place Type
Riverside, Alabama town
Riverside, California city
Riverside, Connecticut neighborhood
Riverside, Georgia town
Riverside, Illinois village
Riverside, Iowa city
Riverside, Maryland CDP
Riverside Township, Michigan township
Riverside, Missouri city
Riverside, New Jersey town
Riverside, Steuben County, New York village
Riverside, Suffolk County, New York CDP
Riverside, Ohio city
Riverside, Umatilla County, Oregon CDP
Riverside, Pennsylvania borough
Riverside, Rhode Island village
Riverside, Texas city
Riverside, Utah CDP
Riverside, Washington town
Riverside, Wyoming town

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