List of the oldest buildings and structures in Hong Kong

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The following is a list of the oldest buildings and structures in Hong Kong.

Before 1800[edit]

Although Hong Kong was sparsely populated prior to the arrival of the British, the area has a number of historic structures:

Building Year completed Builder Source Location
Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum 25-220AD Sham Shui Po District
Tung Chung Fort 1174–1189 Tung Chung
Tin Hau Temple, Joss House Bay 1266 Sai Kung District
Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda 15th century Ping Shan
Tang Ancestral Hall 14th century Ping Shan
Yu Kiu Ancestral Hall 16th century Ping Shan
Sau Choi Mansion Ping Shan
Law Uk Folk Museum 18th century Chai Wan
Tung Lung Fort 1719–1724 Sai Kung
Fan Lau Fort 1729 Lantau
Entrance Tower of Ma Wat Wai Fanling
Kun Lung Gate Tower 1744 Fanling
Sam Tung Uk 1786 Tsuen Wan

19th century[edit]

Most of the buildings built during this period was by the British and mostly on Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula:

Building Year completed Builder Style Source Location
Yeung Hau Temple 1811 Ha Tsuen
Tung Chung Battery 1817 Tung Chung
Stanley Fort 1840s? Victorian Stanley
Victoria Barracks, Hong Kong 1840s–1874 Victorian Central
Victoria Prison 1841 Victorian Central
Murray House 1844 Major Aldrich and Lieutenant Collinson of the Royal Engineers Classical re-located to Stanley from Central
Flagstaff House 1846 Colonial Central
remains of the Kowloon Walled City and Yamen Building 1847 Kowloon
St. John's Cathedral, Hong Kong 1847 Victorian Gothic Central
Bishop's House 1848 Tudor Revival Central
Government House, Hong Kong 1855 Charles St George Cleverly Colonial / Japanese Central
Old Stanley Police Station 1859 Victorian Stanley
University Hall (University of Hong Kong) 1861 Tudor and Gothic Douglas Lapraik
Central Police Station – Barracks block 1864 Colonial Central
Fat Tau Chau Old Chinese Customs Station 1868 Junk Island, Sai Kung
Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse 1875 Cape D'Aguilar
Green Island Lighthouse Compound 1875, 1905 Green Island, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Observatory 1883 Colonial Tsim Sha Tsui
Former Marine Police Headquarters Compound 1884 Colonial Tsim Sha Tsui
Lei Yue Mun Fort 1887 Lei Yue Mun
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Hong Kong) 1888 Crawley and Company Gothic Revival Mid-Levels
Old Dairy Farm Depot 1892 Danby & Leigh Eclectic architectural Central
Waglan Lighthouse 1893
Old Stanley Police Station 1899 Tai Po

Early 20th century[edit]

Building Year completed Builder Style Source Location
Ohel Leah Synagogue 1901–1902 Colonial Sephardic Mid-levels
Former Kowloon British School 1902 Victorian Tsim Sha Tsui
Gate Lodge 1902–1904 Renaissance Victoria Peak
Old British Military Hospital 1903 Mid-Levels
Old Pathological Institute 1905 Mid-Levels
Western Market 1906 Edwardian Central
St. Andrew's Church (Kowloon) 1906 Victorian-Gothic Tsim Sha Tsui
Old District Office North 1907 Tai Po
Signal Hill Tower 1907 Tsim Sha Tsui
Clock Tower, Hong Kong 1910 Greek-revival Tsim Sha Tsui
Central Police Station – HQ Block, Blocks A-D 1910 Central
University of Hong Kong Main Building 1910–1912 Leigh & Orange Mid-levels
Legislative Council Building 1912 Sir Aston Webb Neo-Classical Central
Old Wan Chai Post Office 1912–1913 Greek-revival Wan Chai
Former Central Magistracy 1913–1914 Greek-revival Central
Elliot Hall, University of Hong Kong 1914 Edwardian Mid-Levels
Ex-Commodore's House 1914 Neoclassicism Central
Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum 1914 Greek-revival Central
May Hall, University of Hong Kong 1915 Edwardian Mid-Levels
The Main Building, The Helena May 1916 Central
Former French Mission Building 1917 Neoclassical Central
Hung Hing Ying Building, the University of Hong Kong 1919 Neoclassical
North Block of St. Joseph's College 1920 Central
Old Kowloon Fire Station 1920 Tsim Sha Tsui
Main Building at St. Stephen's Girls' College 1923 Mid-Levels
Pedder Building 1923 Central
Sham Shui Po Police Station 1924 Sham Shui Po
Central Police Station Stable Block 1925 Tsim Sha Tsui
West Block of St. Joseph's College 1925 Central
Yau Ma Tei Police Station 1925 Yau Ma Tei
The Church of Christ in China Hop Yat Church 合一堂 1926 Tsim Sha Tsui
The Peninsula Hong Kong 1928 Tsim Sha Tsui
Tang Chi Ngong Building, the University of Hong Kong 1929
Diocesan Boys' School 1929 Mongkok/ Ho Man Tin
Fanling Lodge 1934 Public Works Department Mixed Fanling
The Haw Par Mansion 1935 Chinese Renaissance Tai Hang
Tung Lin Kok Yuen 1935 Chinese Renaissance Happy Valley
Morrison Building in Hoh Fuk Tong Centre 1936 Tuen Mun
King Yin Lei 1937 A.R. Fenton-Rayen Chinese Renaissance Mid-Levels
Holy Trinity Cathedral 1937 Chinese Traditional Kowloon City

Post-World War II[edit]

Building Year completed Builder Source Location
Bank of China Building 1952 Central
City Hall, Hong Kong 1962 Central
Edinburgh Place Ferry Pier 1957 Central
Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier 1957 Tsim Sha Tsui
Queen's Pier 1957 Ron Phillips and Alan Fitch Central
Central Government Offices 1957 Central

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