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This article attempts to list the oldest buildings extant in the U.S. state of Connecticut, including the oldest houses and any other surviving structures. Construction dates are based upon tax records, dendrochronology, architectural studies or other public records. If the exact year of initial construction is estimated, it will be shown as a range of dates. Location is the original township where building was constructed.

Building Image Township Built Notes
Henry Whitfield House Henry-whitfield-house-ct.png Guilford 1639 Oldest surviving stone American Colonial house in New England, museum since 1899.[1]
Captain David Judson House Judson House Stratford CT.jpg Stratford 1639–1723 Stone fireplace and foundation (cellar) from 1639, later Georgian Architecture modifications, Stratford Historical Society museum.[2][3][4]
Loomis Homestead PostcardWindsorCTLoomisHomestead1910.jpg Windsor 1640–1688 Ell from 1640, main house from 1688, oldest wooden house in Connecticut, now Loomis Chaffee School.
Thomas Wheeler House BridgeportCT BlackRockHD JohnWheelerHouse.jpg Fairfield 1644–1680 Core from 1644, expanded 1680, oldest house in Bridgeport Black Rock Harbor, residence.
Comfort Starr House Comfort Starr House.jpg Guilford 1645–1695 Original oak clapboard in lean-to attic, residence.[5] Dendrochronology in 2014 confirmed a construction date of 1695.[6]
Thomas Lee House Thomas Lee House, East Lyme (New London County, Connecticut).jpg Lyme 1660–1664 Began as a one-room house, oldest wooden saltbox still in its primitive state, museum since 1897.[7]
Deacon John Moore House Deacon John Moore House, Windsor CT.jpg Windsor 1664 Moore was also a woodworker known for using the foliated vine design, which depicts vines and blossoms carved in shallow relief with flat surfaces.
Ephraim Hawley House Ephraim Hawley House Jan 2011.JPG Stratford 1670–1690 Began as a 1 1/2 story Cottage, original oak clapboard lean-to attic, saltbox residence.[8][9][10]
Stanton-Davis Homestead Museum StantonDavis.JPG Stonington 1670–1700 A working farm for the last 340 years.
Nehemiah Royce House Nehemiah Royce House front spring 2016.png Wallingford 1672 Saltbox, General George Washington slept here in 1775, once a residence for Choate Rosemary Hall.[11]
Elisha Bushnell House Old Saybrook 1678 The Colonial property includes two contributing buildings, the second being termed the "Slave House".
Joshua Hempsted House JOSHUA HEMPSTEAD HOUSE, NEW LONDON COUNTY.jpg New London 1678 One of the earliest documented houses in Connecticut, now a museum.[12]
Parker House Old Saybrook 1679 Deacon William Parker House.
Swain-Harrison House Swain-Harrison House HABS 1938.jpg Branford 1680–1724 Saltbox with overhang serves as the Branford Historical Society museum.[13]
Deacon John Graves House Deacon John Graves HABS.jpg Guilford 1681 Saltbox saved from demolition and fully restored in 1983 by a private foundation, now a museum in Madison.[14]
Zachariah Curtiss Houses Zachariah Curtiss House ca. 1721.JPG Stratford 1686–1721 Early Georgian architectural style, residence.[8][9]
Acadian House Acadian House Northwest View HABS 1936.jpg Guilford 1690 Saltbox named after the Acadians who lived there following 1755 deportation from Canada.[15]
Hyland House Hylandhouse guilfordct.jpg Guilford 1690–1713 Saltbox with framed overhang, now a museum.[16] Dendrochronology in 2014 confirmed a 1713 construction date.[17]
Thomas Lyon House Thomas Lyon House.JPG Greenwich 1690 Oldest unaltered saltbox house in Greenwich.
Meigs-Bishop House MeigsBishopHouse MadisonCT.jpg Guilford 1690 English tea room in Madison.[18]
Jonathan Murray House JMurrayHouse-Madison-CT.jpg Guilford 1690 Private residence in Madison listed on the NRHP
John Whittlesey Jr. House JOHN WHITTLESEY JR HOUSE, OLD SAYBROOK.jpg Old Saybrook 1693 Private residence listed on the NRHP.
General David Humphreys House DavidHumphreysHouse.jpeg Ansonia 1695–1698 Home of the first U.S. Ambassador, now a museum.
Hoyt-Barnum House Hoyt-BarnumHouse.jpg Stamford 1699 Early Cape Cod Cottage, Stamford Historical Society museum.[19]
Eells-Stow House Eells-Stow House -- Milford, CT.jpg Milford 1700–1720 Served as a hospital during Revolutionary War, now a museum.[20]
Pond-Weed House OldestHouseInDarienCT9July2007.jpg Darien 1700 Saltbox residence.
Samuel Huntington Birthplace Samuel Huntington Birthplace, Scotland (Windham County, Connecticut).jpg Scotland 1700–1722 Saltbox home of a signer of the Declaration of Independence and Governor of Connecticut, now a museum.[21]
Stanley-Whitman House Stanley-Whitman House, 37 High Street, Farmington (Hartford County, Connecticut).jpg Farmington 1709–1720 Saltbox with framed overhang style with carved pendants, now a museum.[22]
John Tyler House John Tyler House 1 - Branford Connecticut.jpg Branford 1710 Private residence listed on the NRHP.
Buttolph-Williams House Buttolph-Williams House.jpg Wethersfield 1711 Connecticut Landmark museum.[23]
Black Horse Tavern (Old Saybrook, Connecticut) BLACK HORSE TAVERN - OLD SAYBROOK.jpg Old Saybrook 1712 Private residence listed on the NRHP.[24][25]


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