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This article attempts to list the oldest extant buildings surviving in the state of Florida in the United States of America, including the oldest houses in Florida and any other surviving structures. Some dates are approximate and based upon dendochronology, architectural studies, and historical records. Sites on the list are generally from the First Period of American architecture or earlier. To be listed here a site must:

  • date from prior to 1821; or
  • be the oldest building in a county, large city, or oldest of its type (church, government building, etc.),
Building Image Location First Built Use Notes
St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church St bernard de clairvaux church yard 2006.jpg North Miami Beach, Florida 12th century Monastery Built in Sacramenia in Segovia, Spain in the 12th century but dismantled in the 20th century and shipped to New York City in the United States. It was eventually reassembled in North Miami Beach.
Castillo de San Marcos Fort2.jpg St. Augustine 1672-1695 Government Oldest masonry fortification in the United States
Government House Government House St. Augustine.gif St. Augustine Before 1713 Government East wing dates from ca. 1706 - 1713
Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse Oldestschool.jpg St. Augustine 1716 School
Gonzalez-Alvarez House St Aug NHL Gonzalez-Alvarez01.jpg St. Augustine c.1723 House Oldest house in St. Augustine, the oldest continuously occupied European-established city in the continental United States.[2] [1]
Don Raimundo Arrivas House February 1965 GENERAL VIEW FROM THE NORTHEAST - Don Raimundo Arrivas House, 44 South George Street, Saint Augustine, St. Johns County, FL HABS FLA,55-SAUG,23-4.jpg St. Augustine c.1725 House Located at 44 St. George Street. First completed restoration project of the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board (HSAPB)
Fort Matanzas Ft Matanzas 2008.JPG St. Augustine area 1740 Government Spanish fort
Avero House St Aug Avero House02.jpg St. Augustine 1749 House
Pena-Peck House St Aug FL Pena-Peck House01.jpg St. Augustine 1750 House
Segui-Smith House SeguiKirbySmithHouse.JPG St. Augustine 1754 House
O'Reilly House St Aug O'Reilly House02.jpg St. Augustine 1760-1785 House
Rodriguez-Avero-Sanchez House St Aug Rod-Av-San01.jpg St. Augustine 1762 House
Llambias House St Aug NHL Llambias02.jpg St. Augustine Before 1763 House
González-Jones House Oldest existing photograph of 56 Marine with wire fence.jpg St. Augustine Before 1763 House
Lindsley House St Aug Lindsley House01.jpg St. Augustine Before 1763 House
Perez-Sanchez House Historic American Buildings Survey Prime A. Beaudoin, Photographer August 1961 GENERAL VIEW (CHARLOTTE STREET SIDE) FROM NORTHWEST - Perez-Sanchez House, 101 Charlotte Street, HABS FLA,55-SAUG,27-1.tif St. Augustine Before 1763 House
Paredes-Segui-MacMillan House St. Augustine Before 1764 House
Tovar House TovarHouseStAugustine.JPG St. Augustine Before 1764 House
Gaspar-Papy House June 1958 EAST (FRONT) AND NORTH (SIDE) ELEVATIONS - Gaspar Papy House, 36 Aviles Street, Saint Augustine, St. Johns County, FL HABS FLA,55-SAUG,38-1.tif St. Augustine Before 1764 House
DeMesa-Sanchez House February 1965 WEST (FRONT) FACADE - De Mesa-Sanchez House, 43 Saint George Street, Saint Augustine, St. Johns County, FL HABS FLA,55-SAUG,33-2.tif St. Augustine 1764 House
Don Manuel Solana House Historic American Buildings Survey Prime A. Beaudoin, Photographer August 1961 WEST (REAR) ELEVATION - Don Manuel Solana House, 20 Charlotte Street, Saint Augustine, St. Johns HABS FLA,55-SAUG,31-2.tif St. Augustine 1788-1821 House
Sanchez House North (Bridge Street) Elevation - Long-Sanchez House, 43 Marine Street, Saint Augustine, St. Johns County, FL HABS FLA,55-SAUG,30- (sheet 4 of 9).png St. Augustine 1791 House
Cathedral of St. Augustine St. Augustine Cathedral, St. Augustine, Florida, USA1.jpg St. Augustine 1793-1797 Church
St. Francis Inn St Aug St Francis Inn02.jpg St. Augustine 1798 House
Ximenez-Fatio House Ximenez-Fatio House across Aviles Street.jpg St. Augustine 1798 Inn
Kingsley Plantation TEHP Kingsley Plantation house01.jpg Jacksonville 1798 House
Francisco Marin House St. Augustine 1799 House Located at 47 Marine Street
Julee Panton House Pensacola HD Julee01.jpg Pensacola 1805 House
Charles Lavalle House Pensacola FL Lavalle House01.jpg Pensacola 1805 House
Tivoli High House Pensacola HD Tivoli02.jpg Pensacola 1805 Tavern
Antonio Triay House Historic American Buildings Survey Prime A. Beaudoin, Photographer August 1961 EAST (FRONT) FACADE AND NORTH SIDE - Antonio J. Triay House, 42 Spanish Street, Saint Augustine, St HABS FLA,55-SAUG,37-1.tif St. Augustine 1806 House
Joaneda House
Joaneda House.jpg
St. Augustine 1807 House Located at 57 Treasury Street
Paredes-Dodge House St. Augustine 1808 House
Quina House Pensacola FL Quina House01.jpg Pensacola 1810 House
Prince Murat House St Aug Murat House01.jpg St. Augustine 1815 House

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