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This article attempts to list the oldest buildings in the state of Rhode Island in the United States of America, including the oldest houses in Rhode Island and any other surviving structures. Some dates are approximate and based on architectural studies and historical records, other dates are based on dendrochronology. All entries should include citation with reference to: architectural features; a report by an architectural historian; or dendrochronology.


Building Location First Built Notes
White Horse Tavern (Rhode Island) White Horse Tavern Newport.JPG Newport, Rhode Island 1652/1673 Oldest tavern in America, originally built in 1652 as a residence and expanded into a tavern in 1673, likely including parts of the original structure[1]
Stephen Northup House Stephen Northrup House North Kingstown RI.jpg North Kingstown, Rhode Island c. 1660–1661 (possibly rebuilt in 1670s) possibly burned during King Philip's War in the 1670s and rebuilt, later modifications 1712, 1850, 2004
Newport Tower (Rhode Island) DSCN3887 newporttower e.jpg Newport, Rhode Island c. 1670 or pre-1492 Viking structure[2] or colonial windmill.[3] No roof or floors since the mid-18th century
Thomas Fenner House Thomas Fenner House Rhode Island.jpg Cranston, Rhode Island 1677 early stone ender
Edward Searle House Edward Searle House.jpg Cranston, Rhode Island 1670–1720 early stone ender
Capt. John Mawdsley House John Mawdsley House Newport RI.jpg Newport, Rhode Island c. 1677–1680 with a large 18th-century modification
Smith's Castle Smith's Castle, Wickford, RI.jpg Wickford, Rhode Island 1678 house museum, site of Roger Williams trading post, National Historic Landmark
Clement Weaver House Clement Weaver House Daniel Howland House in East Greenwich RI.jpg East Greenwich, Rhode Island 1679 early stone ender.

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John Bliss House Bliss House Newport.JPG Newport, Rhode Island c. 1680 early stone ender
Forge Farm WarwickRI ForgeFarm.jpg Warwick, Rhode Island 1684 oldest part of house dates to 1684
Daggett House Slater Park Daggett House 2 2009.JPG Pawtucket, Rhode Island 1685 oldest house in Pawtucket
Gorton-Greene House Gorton-Greene House in Warwick Rhode Island built around 1685.jpg Warwick, Rhode Island 1685
Palmer-Northrup House Palmer-Northrup House in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.jpg North Kingstown, Rhode Island c. 1685
Hopelands WarwickRI Hopelands.jpg Warwick, Rhode Island c. 1686 western ell of building, dates to 1686, now part of Rocky Hill School
Peleg Arnold Tavern Peleg Arnold tavern North Smithfield RI.JPG North Smithfield, Rhode Island c. 1690 home of Peleg Arnold
Wilbor House Wilbor House in Little Compton RI.jpg Little Compton, Rhode Island 1690 oldest house in Little Compton
Clemence-Irons House IronsHouse.JPG Johnston, Rhode Island 1691 primitive stone ender
Samuel Clarke House and Farm Samuel Clarke Farmhouse - Today.jpg Kenyon, Rhode Island 1691 Retains original exterior wide oak weatherboards – on the north side, early 18th-century window sash and frames, a granite central chimney with four fireplaces and original period interior architectural detail.
Eleazer Arnold House Stone ender.JPG Lincoln, Rhode Island c. 1693 National Historic Landmark
Valentine Whitman House ValentineWhitman.JPG Lincoln, Rhode Island 1694 early stone ender
Smith-Appleby House Smith Appleby House.jpg Smithfield, Rhode Island 1696 museum
Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House, Newport, RI edit1.jpg Newport, Rhode Island 1697 one of the oldest houses in Newport, currently a museum
Great Friends Meeting House Newport Friends Meetinghouse.JPG Newport, Rhode Island 1699 Quaker Meeting House, oldest surviving church building in Rhode Island
Portsmouth Friends Meetinghouse Parsonage and Cemetery Portsmouth Friends Meetinghouse in Rhode Island.jpg Portsmouth, Rhode Island 1699–1700 Quaker Meeting House, original site of Moses Brown School, likely oldest church building in RI used continuously as a church
Samuel E. Perry House [4] South Kingstown, RI 1696–1716. Foundation purportedly dates from 1661. Located in Matunuck[4]
Nathaniel Daggett House Nathaniel Daggett House corner view.jpg East Providence, Rhode Island ca. 1700 Likely oldest house in East Providence
Perry-Carpenter Grist Mill PERRY-CARPENTER GRIST MILL, WASHINGTON COUNTY, RI.jpg South Kingstown, Rhode Island 1703 Located in Matunuck[4][5]
Six Principle Baptist Church Six Principle Baptist Church North Kingstown RI.jpg North Kingstown, Rhode Island 1703 oldest Baptist church building in RI, possibly oldest Baptist church building in the U.S.
Saylesville Meetinghouse Quaker meeting house built in 1704 in Lincoln RI.jpg Lincoln, Rhode Island 1704 Possibly oldest church building in Providence County, RI
Old Narragansett Church Old Narragansett Church Episcopal in Wickford Rhode Island.jpg Wickford, Rhode Island 1707 oldest surviving colonial Episcopal church in Northern USA
Henry Palmer House [4] South Kingstown, RI 1721 Private home in East Matunuck[4]
Dr. Charles Cotton House DR. CHARLES COTTON HOUSE.jpg Newport, RI c. 1720 Dr. Charles Cotton, a great-grandson of Josiah Cotton and surgeon aboard the USS Constitution, owned the house in the early 19th century.
Peter Greene House WarwickRI PeterGreeneHouse.jpg Warwick, Rhode Island c. 1720–1750
Carr-LeValley House West Warwick, Rhode Island 1722 Possibly oldest building in West Warwick, RI
Phillip Walker House Philip Walker House in East Providence RI.jpg East Providence, Rhode Island 1724 research site used by Roger Williams University
Trinity Episcopal Church Exterior of Trinity Church, Newport, RI.jpg Newport, Rhode Island 1726 Oldest Parish in Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island
Captain John Warren House Captain John Warren French Artillery Headquarters House Newport RI.jpg Newport, Rhode Island 1737 French Navy Artillery Headquarters 1780–1781[6]
Gilbert Stuart Birthplace Saunderstown, RI 1750 Birthplace of Gilbert Stuart, one of 18th-century America's most noted master portrait artists. Stuart is best known for his unfinished Athenaeum portrait of George Washington (seen on the US one dollar bill).
Weeden Farm House (Willow Dell) [4] South Kingstown, RI 1753 Located in Matunuck[4]
Rocky Meadows Farm House [4] South Kingstown, RI 1754 Rumored to have been a tavern. Located on Old Post Road (Route 1)[4] The farm land is now protected by the South Kingstown Land Trust.[7]
Henry Marchant House [4] South Kingstown, RI pre 1760 Located off of South County Trail (Route 2). Henry Marchant was Rhode Island's Attorney General from 1771 to 1777. Between 1777 and 1780, he represented Rhode Island in the Continental Congress, and after the Revolution, Marchant served in the Rhode Island General Assembly.[4]
Touro Synagogue Touro external.png Newport, Rhode Island 1759–1763 Oldest surviving synagogue building in the United States

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