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This article attempts to list the oldest extant, freestanding buildings constructed in the United States and its territories. The list includes sites in current states and territories which were not part of the original Thirteen Colonies when the United States of America was founded in 1776.

Pre-16th century[edit]

Building Image Location State First Built Use Notes
Ancestral Puebloan communities Dark Canyon Ruin.jpg New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah NM
750 – Pueblo construction began in AD 750, and ended around 1300 AD with the third era of the Pueblo people. Villages Majority of settlements abandoned, but some very well preserved. Buildings have been within the United States since the Mexican Cession of 1848.
Chaco Canyon Chaco Canyon Chetro Ketl great kiva plaza NPS.jpg New Mexico

(Between Albuquerque and Farmington)

NM 800 – "During the middle and late 800s, the great houses of Pueblo Bonito, Una Vida, and Peñasco Blanco were constructed, followed by Hungo Pavi, Chetro Ketl, Pueblo Alto, and others."[1] Residential,



"The cultural flowering of the Chacoan people began in the mid 800s and lasted more than 300 years."[2]
Taos Pueblo USA 09669 Taos Pueblo Luca Galuzzi 2007.jpg north of the modern city of Taos NM 1000 – Built between 1000 and 1450 Residential Said to be the oldest continuously inhabited houses still occupied. Buildings have been within the United States since the Mexican Cession of 1848.[3]
Acoma Pueblo AcomaPuebloReflection.gif on top of a 367-foot (112 m) sandstone mesa in Cibola County NM 1000 – Built between 1000 and 1200 Residential Said to be the oldest continuously inhabited site in the United States. Buildings have been within the United States since the Mexican Cession of 1848.
Ocmulgee Earth Lodge Macon Ocmulgee Earth Lodge.jpg Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park GA 1015 Religious Native American earth lodge. Restored by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s.
Cliff Palace Cliff Palace Dwellings.jpg Mesa Verde National Park CO 1190 Residential Largest cliff dwelling in North America. Buildings have been within the United States since the Mexican Cession of 1848.
De Vargas Street House De Vargas Street House, ca. 1880.jpg 215 East De Vargas Street, Santa Fe NM 1200 Residential An ancient Indian Pueblo dating from around 1200 AD
Casa Grande CasaGrandeRuin.jpg Coolidge AZ c. 1200s Religious Hohokam structures built in the 13th century that includes a large 4 story structure that's protected by a New Deal era canopy.
House of Taga Tinian latte stone at Taga House with man.jpg Tinian MP before 1500 Residential The latte stone structure is believed to have been the home of a Chamorro chief. The structure has been on US territory since 1978 when the Northern Mariana Islands became a US commonwealth.

16th century[edit]

Building Image Location State First Built Use Notes
Cathedral of San Juan Bautista San Juan Cathedral.JPG Old San Juan PR 1521 Religious Part of the San Juan National Historic Site. Oldest church building in the U.S. and its territories, originally built in its modern day location (extensive additions and renovations). The Cathedral has been on U.S. territory since Puerto Rico was annexed in 1898.
San José Church San José Catholic Church - San Juan.jpg Old San Juan PR 1532 Religious Part of the San Juan National Historic Site. Additions and renovations over the centuries. The church has been on U.S. territory since Puerto Rico was annexed in 1898.
La Fortaleza LA FORTALEZA.jpg Old San Juan PR 1533 Government Part of the San Juan National Historic Site. Oldest executive mansion in the New World. Extensive reconstructions took place over the centuries. Building has been within the U.S. since 1898 when Puerto Rico was annexed.
Castillo San Felipe del Morro FortElMorro SanJuan PuertoRico.jpg Old San Juan PR 1539 Government Part of the San Juan National Historic Site. Construction started in 1539, with extensive additions over the centuries. Building has been within the U.S. since 1898 when Puerto Rico was annexed.

17th century[edit]

Building Image Location State First Built Use Notes
Porta Coeli Porta Coeli in San Germán (Puerto Rico).jpg San Germán PR 1609 Religious The church has been on US territory since Puerto Rico was annexed in 1898.
Palace of the Governors NewMexicoPalaceSantaFe.jpg Santa Fe NM 1610 Government Oldest seat of colonial government (Spanish). Building has been within the United States since the Mexican Cession of 1848.[4]
San Miguel Mission Santa Fe San miguel chapel.jpg Santa Fe NM 1610 Government/religious Said to be the oldest church structure built in the United States. The original adobe walls and altar were built by the Tlaxcalan of Mexico, but much of the structure was rebuilt in 1710. Building has been within the United States since the Mexican Cession of 1848.[5]
Fairbanks House FairbanksHouse2013.jpg Dedham MA 1641 Residential Oldest house in the United States of timber-frame construction. Date verified using dendrochronology.[6]
C. A. Nothnagle Log House Nothnagle Log House.JPG Gibbstown NJ c. 1638–1643 Residential Purportedly the oldest surviving log house in the U.S. and the oldest house in New Jersey.
A carpenter's shed Gardiners Island NY 1639 Residential The oldest surviving wooden structure built in New York and was purportedly built when Lion Gardiner first settled on the island.
Henry Whitfield House Henry-whitfield-house-ct.png Guilford CT 1639 Residential Oldest stone American Colonial house;[7] oldest house in Connecticut.
Jamestown Church Jamestown Church, Historic Jamestowne, Colonial National Historical Park, Jamestown, Virginia (14239034848).jpg Jamestown VA 1639–1643 Religious Oldest church building in the original 13 colonies (though only the foundations remain from the original brick building).
Loomis Homestead PostcardWindsorCTLoomisHomestead1910.jpg Windsor CT 1640 Residential One of the oldest timber-frame houses in America. The oldest part of the house was built in 1640 by Joseph Loomis, who came to America from England in 1638. Later additions to the Loomis house were made around the turn of the 18th century. It is now a part of the Loomis Chaffee School.
Richard Sparrow House Richard Sparrow House in Plymouth Massachusetts.jpg Plymouth MA 1640 Residential Oldest house in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Broad Bay Manor Broad Bay Manor 2017.jpg Virginia Beach VA c. 1640 or c. 1660 Residential Purportedly the oldest extant European-built house in the southeastern United States. Built by Thomas Allen either c. 1640[8] or c. 1660[9] on land granted to him by Governor Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr. The small center portion of what is now a much larger structure, it was primarily constructed from Flemish bond brick. Corroborative dating efforts have not been performed. It has always been a private residence. It is located in the Broad Bay Colony part of northeastern Virginia Beach.[10]
Lower Swedish Cabin LowerSwedishCabin.JPG Drexel Hill PA c. 1640–1650 Residential One of the earliest extant examples of Swedish log construction in the United States.[11]
Wing Fort House Wing Fort House exterior.jpg East Sandwich MA 1641[12] Residential Oldest home in New England continuously owned by the same family; now a museum.[12]
Thomas Wheeler House BridgeportCT BlackRockHD JohnWheelerHouse.jpg Bridgeport CT 1644–1680 Residential Core from 1644, expanded 1680, oldest house in Bridgeport Black Rock Harbor, residence.
James Noyes House James Noyes House in Winter 030813 PK7 (14) TM B W.jpg Newbury MA 1646 Residential Reverend James Noyes left Wiltshire, England, with his brother, Nicholas Noyes and cousin, Thomas Parker, bound for MA in the mid 1630s and built this house, which still stands, in 1646.
De Vargas Street House Oldest House in Santa Fe New Mexico.jpg Santa Fe NM 1646 Residential Previously claimed to be oldest house in the United States and Santa Fe.
General Israel Putnam House Putnam House, Danvers, Massachusetts - front view.JPG Danvers MA c. 1648 Residential Recorded in the National Register of Historic Places. The house is now operated by the Danvers Historical Society and open by appointment.
Pickering House Pickering House - Salem, Massachusetts.JPG Salem MA 1651 Residential Located in the Chestnut Street District.
Wyckoff House Wyckoff-house.jpg Brooklyn NY 1652 Residential Oldest house in New York City.[13]
White Horse Tavern White Horse Tavern Newport.JPG Newport RI 1652 Tavern Oldest tavern in America.[14] Originally constructed in 1652 as a residence for judge Francis Brinley, converted to a tavern in 1673.[15]
Block House Block house02.jpg Claymont DE 1654 Residential One of the oldest structures in Delaware, built by the Swedish.
Ryves Holt House Oldestindela.jpg Lewes DE 1655 Residential Purportedly the oldest house in Delaware.
Lent-Riker-Smith Homestead Lent Homestead 01.JPG East Elmhurst NY 1656 Residential Oldest occupied residential structure in Queens, New York.
Newman-Fiske-Dodge House Newman-Fiske-Dodge House.jpg Wenham MA 1658 Residential Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.
Bellingham-Cary House Bellingham-Cary House Chelsea MA.jpg Chelsea MA 1724 Residential The Bellingham-Cary House is an historic house museum at 34 Parker Street in Chelsea, Massachusetts. The building, now a Federal style mansion, incorporates in its structure the 1659 hunting lodge of colonial governor Richard Bellingham, and is the only surviving 18th-century building in the city. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.
Old Halsey House OldHalseyHouseSouthhampton.jpg Southampton NY 1683 Residential Built by Thomas Halsey, an English pioneer, the house is now a museum.
Stephen Northup House Stephen Northrup House North Kingstown RI.jpg North Kingstown RI ca. 1660–1661 (possibly rebuilt) Residential possibly burned during King Philip's War in the 1670s and rebuilt, later modifications 1712, 1850, 2004
Thomas Lee House Thomas Lee House, East Lyme (New London County, Connecticut).jpg East Lyme CT 1660–1664 Residential One of the oldest wood-frame houses in Connecticut still in its primitive state.
James Blake House James Blake House, Dorchester, Massachusetts - exterior.JPG Boston MA c. 1661 Residential Oldest house in the city of Boston.
John Bowne House John Bowne House (WTM by official-ly cool 078).jpg Flushing, Queens NY c. 1661 Residential Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.
Reverend James Keith Parsonage Reverend James Keith Parsonage, West Bridgewater MA.jpg West Bridgewater MA 1662 Residential Preserved and maintained by the Old Bridgewater Historical Society.
Bronck House Bronck-house.jpg Coxsackie NY 1663 Residential Oldest house in upstate New York.
Richard Jackson House Jackson House, Portsmouth, NH.jpg Portsmouth NH 1664 Residential Oldest house in New Hampshire.[16]
Pickman House PickmanHouse Salem Massachusetts.jpg Salem MA 1664 Residential Located on Charter Street behind the Peabody Essex Museum, the oldest continually operated museum in America. The house abuts the Witch Memorial and is also next to the second oldest burying ground in America. The house is private, owned by the Peabody Essex Museum and not open for tours.
Gedney House Gedney House (exterior) - Salem, Massachusetts.JPG Salem MA 1665 Residential Allegedly the second oldest house in the City of Salem, located in the Chestnut Street District and operated as a non-profit museum by Historic New England. The house is rarely open to the public, though private tours can be arranged.
Bacon's Castle Bacons Castle 2006.jpg Surry VA 1665 Residential Located at 465 Bacon's Castle Trail, this is perhaps the oldest intact building with satisfactorily credible age authentication still standing in the Commonwealth of Virginia (and perhaps the entire Southeastern region of the US) and one of the oldest brick buildings still standing in the United States. If Broad Bay Manor's age is authenticated, it could predate Bacon's Castle by up to 25 years.
Billiou-Stillwell-Perine House Perine-house.JPG Staten Island NY 1665 c. Residential Built by Pierre Billiou, a French Huguenot pioneer, the house is now a museum.
Fort Christian USVI St. Thomas Charlotte Amalie Fort Christian.JPG Charlotte Amalie VI 1666–1680 Military Fort originally built by the Danish, oldest building in the US Virgin Islands. Has been on US soil since the 1917 purchase of the Virgin Islands from Denmark.
Jabez Howland House Jabez Howland House in Plymouth MA.jpg Plymouth MA 1667 Residential Only extant house in Plymouth occupied by Pilgrims. John Howland and his wife, Elizabeth Tilley Howland, who both came over on the Mayflower, spent their winters here with their son, Jabez, one of their ten children. Also a National Historic Landmark.[17]
Peter Tufts House Peter Tufts House, Medford, Massachusetts.JPG Medford MA 1667–1668 Residential Some historians consider it to be the oldest all-brick house in the United States.
House of the Seven Gables House of the Seven Gables (front angle) - Salem, Massachusetts.jpg Salem MA 1668 Residential National Historic Landmark, setting of the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel.
Timothy Knapp House Knapp House Rye NY DSCN2033.jpg Rye NY 1670 Residential Considered the oldest residential property in Westchester County, New York. The property has been owned by only five families between 1663 and 1992. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992.
Abraham Manee House Maneeseguine5.jpg Staten Island NY 1670 Residential The Abraham Manee House, also known as the Manee-Seguine Homestead, is a three-part Colonial Dutch dwelling similar to the Billiou-Stillwell-Perine House in Old Town, and was designated a New York City landmark in 1984.
Stanton-Davis Homestead Museum StantonDavis.JPG Stonington CT ca. 1700 Farmhouse The farm has been worked every year since 1654.
Newport Tower DSCN3887 newporttower e.jpg Newport RI 1670 c. (disputed to be older) Commercial Colonial windmill.[18] No roof or floors since the mid-18th century.
Nehemiah Royce House Nehemiah Royce House, Wallingford, Connecticut.JPG Wallingford CT 1672 Residential A typical saltbox, this house was visited by George Washington in 1775.
John Woodward House John Woodward House, Waban MA.jpg Newton MA c. 1671 Residential Built by John Woodward in what is now the Waban neighborhood, this is one of the oldest homes in Newton. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Castillo de San Marcos Fort2.jpg St. Augustine FL 1672–1695 Government Oldest masonry fortification in the United States.
Old Trinity Church, Maryland Maryland Cambridge Old Trinity Church01.jpg Church Creek MD 1675 Religious Church building in continuous use; as such, oldest in the United States.[19]
Narbonne House Narbonne House - Salem, Massachusetts.JPG Salem MA 1675 Residential The house is on the waterfront in Salem and is part of the Salem Maritime National Historic Site. The site has 12 historic structures, including the Customs House, and a replica of the sailing ship Friendship of Salem.
Conference House Conference-house-staten-island.jpg Staten Island NY c. 1675 Residential Only pre-Revolutionary manor house still surviving in New York City.
Hoxie House Hoxie House, Sandwich, Massachusetts.jpg Sandwich MA c. 1675 Residential One of the oldest houses on Cape Cod.
The Witch House The witch house salem 2009.JPG Salem MA c. 1675 Residential Also called the Jonathan Corwin House, this was the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin[20] and is the only structure still standing in Salem, Massachusetts with direct ties to the Salem witch trials of 1692.[21] Even though Jonathan Corwin's descendants claim the house was built in 1642, most historians now believe the house was built c. 1675.[22] The house, located in the Chestnut Street District, is now a museum operated by the City of Salem and is open seasonally.
John Hollister House JohnHollisterHouseGlastonburyCT.png South Glastonbury CT c. 1675 Residential Seventeenth century deeds describe this house being on "The Great River".
Edward Sewall Garrison ExeterNH EdwardSewallGarrison.jpg Exeter NH 1676 Residential
Harlow Old Fort House Harlow Old Fort House in Plymouth MA.jpg Plymouth MA 1677 Residential Built in 1677 by Sergeant William Harlow, using timbers from the Pilgrims' original fort on Burial Hill.
Edward Searle House Searle.Edward.House.Oaklawn.RI.20110721.jpg Cranston RI 1677 Residential The house was rebuilt in 1677 on the site of the original 1670 structure, destroyed by Native Americans during King Philip's War.
John Whipple House Ipswich 004.jpg Ipswich MA 1677 Residential In 2005 a dendrochronology test determined that the earliest surviving part of the house was actually built in 1677. A major addition of roughly equal size was built in 1690, and there are various later additions.
Joshua Hempstead House JOSHUA HEMPSTEAD HOUSE, NEW LONDON COUNTY.jpg New London CT 1678 Residential Built about 1678 and altered several times during the 18th century, it is one of the Connecticut's oldest surviving buildings, and provides a virtual catalog of early construction methods due to its state of preservation.[23]
Coffin House Coffinhouse2007.jpg Newbury MA c. 1678 Residential Built by Tristram Coffin, Jr., in 1678, the property remained within the Coffin family until acquired by Historic New England in 1929. It is now a museum.
Boelson Cottage A598, Boelson Cottage, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, 2018.jpg Philadelphia PA c. 1678–84 Residential Built sometime between 1678 and 1684; oldest extant structure in Fairmount Park and possibly the oldest extant house in Philadelphia.
Smith's Castle Smith's Castle, Wickford, RI.jpg Wickford RI 1678 Residential One of the oldest houses in Rhode Island, now a museum.
Blackbeard's Castle Blackbeard's Castle in Charlotte Amalie.jpg Charlotte Amalie VI 1679 Military Watchtower used by the Danes to protect the harbor from attacks. Has been on US soil since the 1917 purchase of the islands from Denmark.
Clement Weaver House Clement Weaver House Daniel Howland House in East Greenwich RI.jpg East Greenwich RI 1679 Residential Oldest privately owned house in Rhode Island.[24]
John Balch House John Balch House - Beverly, Massachusetts.JPG Beverly MA c. 1679 Residential John Balch received the deed to the land on which the house sits in 1635; the building was constructed by Balch's son and grandson in 1678/1679,[25] and is one of the oldest continuously privately deeded properties in the United States. The original structure in the front dates to 1679, while the back half addition is dated to 1721;[25] these data have been verified using dendrochronology.
Paul Revere House Paul Revere House side view.jpg Boston MA c. 1680 Residential Oldest building in downtown Boston.[26]
William Penn Guest House New Castle DE c. 1680 Residential Oldest buildings in New Castle.[citation needed] Purportedly where William Penn lodged after first arrival in America.
Hurd House Woodbury CT c. 1680 Residential The older, north section, dates to around 1680 and was the home of John Hurd, who became the town’s miller in 1681. The south section, which may have originally been the home of Hurd’s son, was added to the older structure in 1718, to increase the overall size of the house.
John Adams Birthplace John Adams birthplace, Quincy, Massachusetts.JPG Quincy MA 1722[27] Farmhouse Oldest existing building within which a future President of the United States was born (John Adams, October 30, 1735)


Old Ship Church Old Ship Church Postcard.jpg Hingham MA 1681 Religious Oldest church in continuous ecclesiastical use in the United States; only remaining 17th-century Puritan meeting house in America.[29]
St. Luke's Church Newport parish west facade.jpg Smithfield VA 1682 Religious Recent dendrochronology studies confirm the 1682 date of this National Historic Landmark.[30]
Wall House Wall house front.JPG Cheltenham Township PA 1682 Residential Possibly the oldest stone house in Pennsylvania. Built for Richard Wall, the founder of Cheltenham Township.
Third Haven Meeting House Thirdhaven.jpg Talbot County MD 1682 Religious Oldest Quaker meeting house in the United States.
Parson Capen House Parson Capen House - Topsfield, Massachusetts.JPG Topsfield MA 1683 Residential The house was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1960.[31] The Topsfield Historical Society currently operates it as a historic house museum.[32]
Caleb Pusey House ACalebPuseyHouse.JPG Upland PA 1683 Residential Only extant building known to have been visited by William Penn. Completed in 1696.
Sgt. George Flint House North Reading MA prior to 1684 Residential The Sgt. George Flint House is owned by the North Reading Historical and Antiquarian Society, which also owns the Rev. Daniel Putnam House in North Reading (built in 1720).
Old Indian Meeting House Old Indian Meetinghouse.jpg Mashpee MA 1684 Religious Oldest Native American church.
John Ward House John Ward House.jpg Salem MA 1684 Residential The John Ward House is a National Historic Landmark at 132 Essex Street in Salem, Massachusetts, located in the Downtown Salem District and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1968.
Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow Old Dutch Church, Sleepy Hollow, NY.jpg Sleepy Hollow NY 1685 Religious Oldest church in the State of New York.
Sign of the Bird in Hand BIHv3jpg.jpg Newtown Borough PA 1686 Tavern Originally a residence, then tavern with other uses. Oldest frame house still standing in Pennsylvania. Famous as the site of the 1778 Newtown Skirmish during which Loyalists killed 5 and captured 16 to acquire cloth being manufactured for use by Washington's troops at Valley Forge. Now a private residence.[citation needed]
Jethro Coffin House Jethro Coffin House, Sunset Hill, Nantucket (Nantucket County, Massachusetts).jpg Nantucket MA 1686 Residential Oldest house on Nantucket.[33] It was declared a National Historic Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1968.[34][35]
William Murray House William Murray House.jpg Salem MA 1688 Residential A historic house at 39 Essex Street.
Wilbor House Wilbor House in Little Compton RI.jpg Little Compton RI 1690 Residential Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2007, the house serves as the headquarters of the Little Compton Historical Society.
Acadian House Acadian House Northwest View HABS 1936.jpg Guilford CT c. 1690 Residential The house gets its name after the Acadians who resided there following the 1755 Great Expulsion.[36]
Farmar Mill MathersMillPA.JPG Fort Washington PA c. 1690 Mill Oldest surviving mill in Pennsylvania.
Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm (front) - Newbury, Massachusetts.JPG Newbury MA c. 1690 Residential One of the oldest stone buildings in New England, now a nonprofit museum.
Dickinson-Pillsbury-Witham House Dickinson-Pillsbury-Witham House 092118.jpg Georgetown MA c. 1694 Residential The Dickinson-Pillsbury-Witham House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.
Parker Tavern Parker Tavern Reading MA.jpg Reading MA 1694 Tavern Parker Tavern is now a museum owned by the Reading Antiquarian Society.
Old Quaker Meeting House Old-quaker-house-flushing.jpg Flushing, Queens NY 1694 Religious The only surviving example in New York State of a typical 17th-century ecclesiastical frame structure of medieval design.[37]
Pink House Pink-house-charleston-sc1.jpg Charleston SC 1694–1712 Residential Built by John Breton in the city's French Quarter, the house is one of the oldest buildings in South Carolina and the oldest building in Charleston.
Abraham Browne House Browne House - Watertown, Massachusetts.JPG Watertown MA c. 1694–1701 Residential Built by Abraham Browne, the house is the oldest remaining in Watertown. It is owned by Historic New England and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Wren Building Rear view of the Wren Building, College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA (2008-04-23).jpg Williamsburg VA 1695 School Oldest school building in America, original The College of William & Mary structure.[38]
Merion Friends Meeting House Merion Friends Meeting House, 615 Montgomery Avenue (changed from Montgomery Avenue & Meetinghouse Lane), Merion Station (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania).jpg Merion Station PA 1695 Religious One of the oldest Quaker meeting houses in America.
John Sherburne House Strawbery Banke Museum, Portsmouth, New Hampshire LCCN2011631411.tif Portsmouth NH 1695 Residential
Holy Trinity Church Old Swedes Front.JPG Wilmington DE 1698–99 Religious Oldest Swedish church in the United States. The building was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961.[39]
Great Friends Meeting House Newport Friends Meetinghouse.JPG Newport RI 1699 Religious Expanded in 1730, 1807, 1857, and 1867 to accommodate the New England Yearly Meeting of Friends.
Hoyt-Barnum House Hoyt-BarnumHouse.jpg Stamford CT c. 1699 Residential The builder was a descendant of one of the original founders of Stamford. The structure is owned and maintained as a museum by the Stamford Historical Society.
Middleburg Plantation Middleburg Planation (Berkeley County, South Carolina).jpg Huger SC c. 1699 Residential Possibly the oldest building in South Carolina. It was a plantation built by a French Huguenot Benjamin Simons in 1699 on the Cooper River near Huger, South Carolina.
Old House The-old-house-cutchogue.jpg Cutchogue NY 1699 Residential One of the oldest houses in the state; previously thought to have been built in 1649. 2003 dendrochronology surveys yielded a date of 1699.
Strawbery Banke JeffersonSt.jpg Portsmouth NH numerous structures – 17th–19th centuries Residential and Industrial Strawbery Banke is a collection of 37 historic buildings dating back to the 17th century.

18th century[edit]

Building Image Location State First Built Use Notes
Jonathan Young Windmill Orleans windmill.jpg Orleans MA Early 1700s Industrial The Jonathan Young Windmill is a restored, working early eighteenth-century windmill with its original machinery intact, located next to Town Cove in Orleans.
Benoni Fox House Benoni fox farm house 1700.jpg Concord MA 1700 Residential This is one of the oldest buildings of the Fox family in the United States.
Gloria Dei (Old Swedes') Church Gloria Dei Church.jpg Philadelphia PA 1700 Religious Oldest surviving church in Philadelphia.
Edward Morgan Log House Morgan Log House.jpg Towamencin PA 1700 Residential Home to the maternal grandfather of Daniel Boone and Daniel Morgan
Brinton 1704 House Brinton 1704 House & Historic Site.jpg West Chester PA 1704 Residential One of the oldest houses in Pennsylvania. Built by a Quaker family. A National Historic Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (Charleston, South Carolina) St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, State Route 61, Charleston vicinity (Charleston County, South Carolina).jpg Charleston SC 1706 Religious Oldest church building in South Carolina.
Wayside Inn Historic District Wayside Inn1.jpg Sudbury MA 1707 Residential/Tavern Located on the Old Boston Post Road and made famous in a collection of poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
The Hosmer Homestead Hosmer Homestead, Concord MA.jpg Concord MA c. 1707–1710 Residential The Hosmer Homestead, also known as the Hosmer/Baker Farm, is an historic house at 138 Baker Avenue in Concord, Massachusetts. The oldest portion of this 2-1/2 story wood frame house was probably built c. 1707 – 1710 by Stephen Hosmer, based on architectural evidence. The property has a long association with the Hosmer family, who were early settlers of Concord and who have played a significant role in the growth and civic life of the town. The house interior has well-preserved Georgian woodwork and plaster.
McIntire Garrison House YorkME McIntireGarrisonHouse.jpg York ME 1707 or later Residential/Military Possibly the oldest building in Maine.
Buckman Tavern Buckman Tavern, Lexington, Massachusetts.JPG Lexington MA 1709–1710 Tavern It played a prominent role in the Battle of Lexington and Concord in 1775. It was declared a National Historic Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Capt. Jonathan Parker House Reading MA ca 1710 Residential Still a private residence at Charles and Pearl Sts.
Buttolph-Williams House Buttolph-Williams House.jpg Wethersfield CT 1711 Residential One of the oldest surviving homes in Wethersfield, declared a National Historic Landmark in 1968.[40]
The Powder Magazine PowderMagazine.jpg Charleston SC 1713 Government Oldest public building in South Carolina. The Powder Magazine Museum.
Old State House Old State House Boston Massachusetts2.jpg Boston MA 1713 Government Oldest surviving public building in Boston. The Bostonian Society Museum.
Hyland-Wildman House Hylandhouse guilfordct.jpg Guilford CT ca. 1713 Residential Open to the public since 1918.[41] Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.
Perth Amboy City Hall Perthamboycityhall.JPG Perth Amboy NJ 1714–1717 Government Oldest city hall in US.
Samuel Chase House Samuel Chase House, West Newbury MA.jpg West Newbury MA 1715 Residential A rare brick house of the period. A story passed down in the Chase family says that bricks for the house were made on the family's farm and carried to the job site by Hannah Chase in her apron.
Colonial Inn Colonial Inn Concord.jpg Concord MA 1716 Commercial Still an operating inn and restaurant.
Benjamin Flagg House Benjamin Flagg House Worcester MA.jpg Worcester MA c. 1717 Residential Built by Capt. Benjamin Flagg, it is the oldest remaining home in Worcester. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Lane House Lane House (1719).JPG Edenton NC 1718–19 Residential Oldest house in North Carolina identified by dendrochronology.
Massachusetts Hall Harvard University Massachusetts Hall.jpg Cambridge MA 1718–1720 School Oldest extant building at Harvard University.
Thomas Hastings House NewtonMA 215BrooklineStreet.jpg Newton MA ca. 1719 Residence
King of Prussia Inn King of Prussia Inn February 2017.jpg King of Prussia PA 1719 Tavern Granted its name to the town that grew up around it.
Rev. Daniel Putnam House Rev. Daniel Putnam House, North Reading MA.jpg North Reading MA 1720 Residential Headquarters of the North Reading Historical and Antiquarian Society. The society also owns the Sgt. George Flint House in North Reading, which was built prior to 1684.
Garretson Forge and Farm PeterGarretsonFarmhouse.jpg Fair Lawn NJ 1720 Residential One of the oldest homes in Bergen County, New Jersey.
Bray House Old Bray House, Kittery Point, ME.jpg Kittery Point ME c. 1720 Residential Built on the site of an earlier structure built in c. 1662, it is among the oldest houses in Maine.[42]
Jonathan Green House StonehamMA JonathanGreenHouse.jpg Stoneham MA c. 1720 Residential It is one of the oldest structures in Stoneham. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Wayside Cottage Wayside Inn, Post Road and Wayside Lane, Scarsdale, Westchester County, NY HABS NY,60-SCARD,2-2.tif Scarsdale NY c. 1720 Residential One of the oldest houses in Westchester County, NY. Owned and operated by the Junior League of Central Westchester.
Strode's Mill Strodes Mill.jpg West Chester PA c. 1721 Industrial/Residential A fieldstone gristmill that is currently a residence.
Bull Stone House Bull Stone House.jpg Hamptonburgh NY c. 1722 Residential One of the oldest houses in Orange County, NY. Built by early settlers William Bull and Sarah Wells; continuously owned by Bull family descendants.
González–Alvarez House St Aug NHL Gonzalez-Alvarez01.jpg St. Augustine FL c. 1723 Residential Probably constructed between 1723 and 1790.[43] Oldest house in St. Augustine, the oldest continuously occupied city in the continental United States.[44]
Alamo Mission Long Barracks Alamo 1920.jpg San Antonio TX c. 1724 Religious The Alamo Chapel and Priests quarters and convent (Long Barracks) in San Antonio. In the center of the surrounding area are the remains of the "Long Barracks" which were constructed 20 years before the Chapel. Founded in 1718 and moved to present site 1724.
Reuben Brown House ReubenBrownHouse.JPG Concord MA 1725 Residential Built in 1725 by the town saddler, Reuben Brown. There is also a strong tradition that the house was the home of Peter Bulkeley, which is why the house is often referred to as the Peter Bulkeley / Reuben Brown House. The evidence is still unclear whether or not the Bulkeleys did build the house some 300 years ago. What historians can conclude, however, is that the house was either completely updated or built by Reuben Brown in 1725, since most of the house's present features are typical of houses from 1700 to 1730.
Fort Niagara French castle at Fort Niagara 2.JPG Youngstown NY 1726 Fortification Built in 1726 by the French as a "house of peace". Taken by the British in 1759, the fledgling United States regained control by treaty in 1796. It was lost to the British in 1813, but was relinquished as a result of the Treaty of Ghent, and has remained in the hands of the United States ever since.
James Smith House NeedhamMA JamesSmithHouse.jpg Needham MA 1727–1728 Residential The house was built by James Smith, a recent Irish immigrant. HIs son, Captain Robert Smith, who commanded one of the militia companies from Needham engaged in the fighting the day of the Battle of Concord Bridge, may have been born and lived here.
48 Hudson Avenue 48 Hudson Ave Albany.jpg Albany NY 1728 Residential Oldest stand-alone structure in Albany.
Findowrie Findowrie house, Albemarle County, Virginia circa 1730.jpg Albemarle County VA 1730 Residential Claimed as the oldest unaltered residence in Virginia.[citation needed]
Hampton Plantation Hampton-plantation-south-facade-sc1.jpg McClellanville SC 1730 Residential Historic Southern plantation house. Now state historic park.
Newbold-White House Newbold-White House (1730).JPG Hertford NC 1730 Residential Oldest brick house in North Carolina.[45]
Williams House, Historic Deerfield Old Main Street Looking North, Deerfield, MA.jpg Deerfield MA c. 1730 Residential One of the oldest houses in Old Deerfield, although extensively remodeled in the 19th century. The original area of Deerfield has been preserved and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Ephrata Cloister Ephrata cloister.jpg Lancaster County PA 1732 Religious Last surviving resident of the Ephrata Cloister religious community died on July 27, 2008, at the age of 98.
Quackenbush House Quackenbush House 2011 1.jpg Albany NY 1736 Residential Until recently considered the oldest house and structure in the city of Albany and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Currently the location of the Olde English Pub & Pantry.
339 Beechwood St. Cohasset MA 1739 Residential Still a private residence. The story passed down is that the large buttonwood tree in front of the house was planted on the day one of the sons in the family marched off to go fight in the Revolutionary War.
Old Cahokia Courthouse Old Cahokia Courthouse.JPG Cahokia IL 1740 Government One of the oldest French Colonial Poteaux-sur-solle style buildings in Illinois.
Oxford Furnace Oxford NJ USA Oxford Furnace Tom ZmudaIMG 5709.jpg Oxford Township NJ 1741 Furnace First hot blast furnace in the United States.
St. John’s Episcopal Church, Richmond, Va. StJohnsRichmond.JPG Richmond, Virginia VA 1741 Religious Site of Patrick Henry’s “give me liberty or give me death” with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson among other notables in attendance.
Fort Matanzas Ft Matanzas 2008.JPG St. Johns County FL 1740–42 Presidio Designated a United States National Monument on October 15, 1924.[46]
Amos Chase House Amos Chase house, 144 Ferry Road, Saco, ME.JPG Saco ME ca 1743 Residential Oldest building in Saco. It was actually two houses, one of which was brought over on logs used as rollers, and joined to the other by the industrious Amos Chase to accommodate his large family.
Old Ursuline Convent Chartres14Jan2008UrsulineConvent.jpg New Orleans LA 1748 (or 1752) Religious Considered the oldest building in Louisiana, and perhaps the oldest building in the Mississippi River Valley[47]
Presidio La Bahía Presidio La Bahía.jpg Goliad TX 1749 Presidio The best preserved Spanish presidio in the United States.
Deacon Thomas Kendall House Deacon Thomas Kendall House, Wakefield MA.jpg Wakefield MA prior to 1750 Residential Deacon Thomas Kendall was among the earliest settlers of the area, and an influential member of the community, serving as a selectman, commissioner, and deacon of the church for 36 years. He and his wife, Rebecca, had 10 children, and when she died, at the age of 85, she had 175 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Danish West India and Guinea Company Warehouse DANISH WEST INDIA & GUINEA COMPANY WAREHOUSE.jpg Christiansted VI 1750 Commercial Built as a trading center for the Danish on the island of St.Croix. Has been on US soil since the 1917 purchase of the Virgin Islands from Denmark.
Parlange Plantation House Historic American Buildings Survey Richard Koch, Photographer, September, 1936 FRONT ELEVATION (NORTHEAST) - Parlange Plantation, State Highway 93, New Roads, Pointe Coupee HABS LA,39-NEWRO.V,1-2.tif Mix LA 1750 Plantation One of the oldest plantation homes in the South and perhaps the oldest building in the Mississippi Valley
Mount Holly Firehouse Old firehouse mt holly.jpg Mount Holly NJ 1752 Firehouse Oldest firehouse in the United States, established by what is now the country's oldest continuously operating volunteer fire department.[48][49]
Fort de Chartres Powder Magazine Fort de Chartres powder magazine 1-02Aug07.jpg Prairie du Rocher IL 1753–1756 Government Oldest building in Illinois.
Pirates' House Pirates House (8062128383).jpg Savannah GA c. 1754 Mix Possibly the oldest building in Georgia, and the oldest building in the city of Savannah.
Josiah Day House Josiah Day House.jpg West Springfield MA c. 1754 Residential It is believed to be the oldest known brick saltbox style house in the U.S. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Fort William Henry William Henry side.jpg Lake George NY 1755 Military Built during the French and Indian War, it was featured in James Fenimore Cooper's novel, The Last of the Mohicans.
LaPointe-Krebs House OldSpanishFort Pascagoula July 2006.jpg Pascagoula MS 1757 Mix The oldest building in Mississippi, and the state's only surviving French Colonial structure.
General Rufus Putnam House RutlandMA RufusPutnamHouse.jpg Rutland MA 1760–1765 Residential Rufus Putnam was a Revolutionary War general and later instrumental in the founding of Ohio. His home is now a B&B.
Derby House Derby House.JPG Salem MA 1762 Residential Capt. Richard Derby was the first millionaire in America. The home is now part of Salem Maritime National Historic Site. The site has 12 historic structures, including the Customs House, and a replica of the sailing ship Friendship of Salem.
Proprietary House ProprietaryHousePerthAmboy.JPG Perth Amboy NJ 1762 Government Oldest remaining colonial proprietary governor's residence in the original Thirteen States.
Touro Synagogue Touro external.png Newport RI 1763 Religious Oldest synagogue building in the United States.[50]
Fort Pitt Blockhouse Bouquet blockhouse.JPG Pittsburgh PA 1764 Defense Oldest structure in Pittsburgh. One of the oldest colonial structures west of the Allegheny mountains.
Sandy Hook Light SH Light crop.jpg Sandy Hook NJ 1764 Lighthouse Oldest original lighthouse in US.
Old Stone House (Washington, D.C.) The Old Stone House.jpg Washington, D.C. DC 1765 Residential Oldest unchanged building in Washington, D.C.
St. John's Episcopal Church St John's Church Fort Washington, MD 1.jpg Fort Washington MD 1767 Religious Located in the Broad Creek Historic District. The building is the 4th iteration of the church since the original was erected in 1695.[51][better source needed]
Harmony Hall Harmony-Hall.jpg Fort Washington MD 1769 Residence Located in the Broad Creek Historic District. It was originally known as Battersea, and overlooked the colonial port of Aire.[52][better source needed]
William Henry House Henry House.jpg Bennington VT 1769 Residential
University Hall (Brown University) BrownUniversity-UniversityHall.jpg Providence RI 1770 School Oldest extant building at Brown University
Maryland State House 1Maryland State Capitol Bldg..JPG Annapolis MD 1772 Government Oldest state house in continuous use in the United States.
Josiah Bartlett House KingstonNH JosiahBartlettHouse.jpg Kingston NH 1774 Residential Josiah Bartlett was a medical doctor, governor of New Hampshire, and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Humphrey Bradstreet Farm Rowley MA ca 1774 Residential The Humphrey Bradstreet Farm is the second-oldest continuously operating farm in the United States. Humphrey Bradstreet was granted the property in 1635 by King Charles I, and it stayed in the Bradstreet family for the next 372 years, until purchased by the town of Rowley.
Mission San Juan Capistrano MSJC by John Gutzon-Borglum.jpg San Juan Capistrano CA 1776 Mission Oldest surviving building in California. Restored.
Fuller-Bemis House WalthamMA FullerBemisHouse.jpg Waltham MA c. 1776 Residential One of the oldest surviving homes in Waltham. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Christopher Taylor House Jonesborough-chris-taylor1.jpg Jonesborough TN 1778 Residential Possibly the oldest building in Tennessee, along with The Carter Mansion .[53]
Fort Putnam Ft. Putnam's West Wall and Guns May 2010.JPG West Point NY 1778 Military Ft. Putnam was built by the regiment of Rufus Putnam during the Revolutionary War to guard the Hudson River. It is now part of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.
Officer's Stone Quarters Fort Mackianc, 2014 n8.JPG Fort Mackinac MI 1780 Military Oldest building in Michigan.[54]
Hessian Barracks Hessian Barracks MD1.jpg Frederick MD c. 1780 Military Possibly dating back to the French and Indian Wars (1754–1763), used as barracks for Hessian mercenaries during the American Revolutiony War. On the grounds of the Maryland School for the Deaf.[55]
McGulpin House McGulpin House.jpg Mackinac Island MI c. 1780 Residential Oldest residential home in Michigan. Built in French Canadian style.
Biddle House (Mackinac Island) Biddle House - Mackinaw Island.jpg Mackinac Island MI c. 1780 Commercial House built for the fur trade in New France.
Morven Park Morven Park, Leesburg VA-1.jpg Leesburg VA c. 1780 Residential Home of Virginia Governor Westmoreland Davis. The earliest parts of the structure were built circa 1780 and the building was significantly expanded in the decades that followed. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Peirce–Nichols House Peirce-Nichols House.jpg Salem MA 1782 Residential Owned by the Peabody Essex Museum
Dyckman House Dyckman House 2007.jpg Inwood, Manhattan NY 1784 Residential Only remaining original farmhouse in Manhattan
Rehoboth Church Rehoboth Church.jpg Union WV 1785 Ecclesiastical Oldest extant church in West Virginia
Church of the Holy Family (Cahokia, Illinois) Holy Family Log Church Cahokia 063.jpg Cahokia IL 1786 Religious One of the few surviving French colonial buildings in Illinois. Oldest continuuously active Catholic parish in the United States, and oldest church west of the Allegheny Mountains.
Rufus Putnam House and Campus Martius Campus Martius - Lossing.jpg Marietta OH 1788 Residential/military Gen. Rufus Putnam's house was built as part of the Campus Martius fort. It is now part of the Campus Martius Museum.
Navarre–Anderson Trading Post NATradingPost.jpg Frenchtown MI 1789 Commercial/Residential Historic French homestead/trading post near present-day Monroe, Michigan.
Historic Locust Grove Locust Grove closeup.JPG Louisville KY 1790 Residential Possibly the oldest building in Kentucky. In close competition with Old Providence Church, Hawkins House, Jacob Eversole Cabin, John Andrew Miller House, Millspring, and the Zachary Taylor House
Carpenter House RehobothMA CarpenterHouse.jpg Rehoboth MA c. 1789 Residential Built by Thomas Carpenter III circa 1789 using older materials from a building that was already on the site. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Martin–Boismenue House Boismenue1.jpg East Carondelet IL 1790 Residential One of the oldest surviving French Colonial structures in Illinois.
Ohio Company Land Office Ohio Company Land Office 2010 08 25.JPG Marietta OH 1791 Commercial The oldest building in Ohio.
Stone-Tolan House StoneTolanHouseBrightonNewYork.JPG Brighton NY c. 1792 Residential A Federal-style structure said to be the oldest surviving building in Monroe County.
Louis Bolduc House Bolduc House and Detached Kitchen in Ste Genevieve MO.jpg Ste. Geneviève MO 1792 Residential The oldest building in Missouri.
White House White House north and south sides.jpg Washington, D.C. DC 1792–1800 Government The official residence of the President of the United States.
United States Capitol US Capitol west side.JPG Washington, D.C. DC 1793–1800 Government Location of U.S. Congress, and seat of the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government.
Mission San Xavier del Bac San Xavier del Bac 01.jpg Tohono O’odham San Xavier Indian Reservation AZ 1797 Mission Oldest European structure in Arizona.[56]
Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine Catholic Cathedral of St Augustine Florida .jpg St. Augustine, Florida FL 1798 Religious The Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine is the first parish in North America and is located in St. Augustine Florida. It is the seat of the Catholic Bishop of St. Augustine. The existing structure was constructed over five years (1793–1797) and was designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark on April 15, 1970.
Molalla Log House Molalla OR 1799–1813 Residential/military It is potentially the oldest building in Oregon and was possibly constructed by Russian colonists or other fur traders.[57] The next closest contenders are the Methodist Mission Parsonage c.1841, the Jason Lee House c.1841, the Delaney-Edwards House c.1845, the John McLoughlin House c.1846, and the John D. Boon House c. 1846
Mission San Diego de Alcalá
Mission San Diego de Alcalá – church
San Diego CA 1769–1941 Mission/Military The first Franciscan mission in The Californias. Ruined in the mid-1800's and restored by 1941.

19th century[edit]

Building Image Location State First Built Use Notes
Fort Nuestra Senora de la Soledad Fort Nuestra Señora de la Soledåd - Umatac, Guam - DSC00948.JPG Umatac GU 1802–1819 Military Built by the Spanish, and was used to protect the trade route of the Manila Galleons between Acapulco, Mexico, and Manila, Philippines. Fort has been on US soil since 1898 when Guam was annexed along with Puerto Rico.
Grouseland Grouseland front and southern side.jpg Vincennes IN 1804 Residential Possibly the oldest building in Indiana. It is in close competition with the Indiana Territorial Capitol.
Joel Eddins House Joel Eddins House.jpg Huntsville AL 1808 Residential The oldest documented building in Alabama.[58]
Woolwich Historical Society Woolwich ME 1810 Residential The society's headquarters is an 1810 farmhouse. It is possible that elements of the building date back further, since the property was occupied by the James Savage family half a century before that.
Nicholas Jarrot Mansion Jarrot Mansion.JPG Cahokia IL 1810 Residential Mansion built by French colonialists in the Illinois Country. Extremely rare example of Federal architecture in the upper Mississippi River valley.
Baranov Museum Russian-American Magazine (19925068093).jpg Kodiak AK c. 1810 Commercial The oldest building in Alaska. It was built as a storage facility by the Russian American Company.
St. John's Episcopal Church, Lafayette Square St. John's Church, Washington, D.C LCCN2011631449.tif Washington, D.C. DC 1816 Religious Episcopal church being known for being the main house of worship for several U.S. presidents.
Russian Fort Elizabeth View on the fortress from a bird's eye view.jpg Waimea HI 1817 Military Fort built by the Russian-American Company to protect Russian interests in the Pacific.
Ka Hale Lāʻau Honolulu-Mission-Houses-Bingham.JPG Honolulu HI 1820 Residence The oldest wood frame structure still standing in Hawaii. It was shipped ready-made for assembly from Boston and used as a communal home by Christian missionaries.
Oak Hill OakHillfront.jpg Aldie VA 1820–1822 Residence The mansion and plantation of President James Monroe where he lived, on and off, for 22 years. It is privately owned and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Fort Snelling Round Tower FortSnellingTower.jpg Hennepin County MN 1820–1824 Military The oldest building in Minnesota.
Rockland Rockland, Leesburg, Virginia.jpg Leesburg VA c. 1822 Residence Home of the locally prominent Rust family. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Woodruff Print Shop Little Rock AR 1824 Commercial The oldest building in the state of Arkansas.[59]
Charles Trowbridge House Trowbridge House Detroit MI.jpg Detroit MI 1826 Residential Oldest documented building in the city of Detroit.
The Basilica of Saint Mary Saint Mary's Church - Alexandria, Virginia.JPG Alexandria_Virginia VA 1826 Religious The oldest catholic parish in the state of Virginia.[60]
Fort Leavenworth 'The Rookery' SOUTH and WEST (FRONT) ELEVATIONS, LOOKING NORTHEAST. - Fort Leavenworth, Building No. 19, 12-14 Sumner Place, Leavenworth, Leavenworth County, KS HABS KANS,52-LEAV,1-M-2.tif Leavenworth KS 1829 Military The oldest building in Kansas.[61]
Fort Gratiot Light Fort Gratiot Lighthouse (2).jpg Port Huron MI 1829 Lighthouse First lighthouse in Michigan.
Louis Arriandeaux Log House Mathias Ham House 01.jpg Dubuque IA 1833 Residential The oldest building in the state of Iowa.[62]
St. Thomas Synagogue Synagogue of Beracha Veshalom Vegemiluth Hasidim, Krystalgade 16A & B, Charlotte Amalie (St. Thomas County, Virgin Islands).jpg Charlotte Amalie VI 1833 Religious Second oldest synagogue in on US soil, and has the longest continuous use as a Jewish congregation in the nation. Has been on US soil since the 1917 purchase of the Virgin Islands from Denmark.
Rancho Petaluma Adobe Photo-CA-RanchoPetaluma.jpg Petaluma CA 1835–1857 Residential/Military This large adobe ranch house was built by Colonel Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, Commandante General of the "Free State of Alta California" (Northern California). Now known as the Petaluma Adobe State Historic Park, it is owned by the State of California and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Log Cabin Bellevue, Nebraska log cabin from SW 1.JPG Bellevue NE c. 1835 Residential The oldest building in Nebraska. It originally served as a fur trapper's home.
Hulihee Palace Hulihee Kailua.jpg Kailua, Kona HI 1838 Residential Originally built by John Adams Kuakini, it was later acquired by Princess Ruth Keʻelikōlani and used as a vacation home for Hawaiian royalty.
Judge Robert S. Wilson House RobertWilsonHouseAnnArborMI.JPG Ann Arbor MI c. 1839 Residential
President's House, University of Michigan President's House University of Michigan Ann Arbor.JPG Ann Arbor MI 1840 Residential The oldest building at Michigan's oldest university.[63]
Fort Gibson Barracks Fort Gibson, Barracks Building, Garrison Avenue, Fort Gibson, Muskogee County, OK HABS OKLA,51-FOGIB,1A- (sheet 3 of 14).png Fort Gibson OK c. 1840 Military The oldest building in Oklahoma.[64] In close competition with the Cherokee National Supreme Court building.[65]
South Manitou Island Lighthouse Southmanitoulighthouse.jpg South Manitou Island MI 1840 Lighthouse Lighthouse built to help guide ship traveling through the Great Lakes.Deactivated 1958. Now part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.
Kawaiahaʻo Church Kawaiahao Church, Honolulu, in 1857.jpg Honolulu HI 1842 Religious Formerly the national church of the Hawaiian Kingdom and chapel of the royal family. Designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark (NHL) in 1962.
Punahou School Old School Hall at Punahou School.jpg Honolulu HI 1842 Educational Punahou was founded in 1941 for the children of Christian missionaries and is the first formal English language school west of the Rocky Mountains.
Wakely Home at Point Basse Wakeleys Tavern.jpg Nekoosa WI 1842 Residential/Tavern This is possibly the oldest frame house in the state of Wisconsin.
Ladies' Literary Club Building Arden H. Ballard House 089694pu-adjusted.jpg Ypsilanti MI c. 1843 Residential The Ladies' Literary Club Building, also known as the William M. Davis House or the Arden H. Ballard House, was built as a private home, and is currently used as the meeting place for the Ladies' Literary Club.
Kittson Trading Post Walhalla Trading Post.JPG Walhalla ND 1843 Commercial The oldest building in North Dakota. It was constructed by an agent of the American Fur Company.
Old Fort Benton Blockhouse Fort Benton MT 1844 Military The oldest building in Montana. It was the last fur trading post on the Upper Missouri River and the terminus of the Mullan Road, the overland route that linked the Missouri and Columbia rivers.[66]
Ballard-Breakey House Ballard House historic site Ypsilanti Michigan.JPG Ypsilanti MI 1845 Residential Construction may have started in 1830s. One of the oldest houses in Ypsilanti. Now home to a law firm and two apartments.
Castillo San Felipe del Morro Lighthouse Faro del Morro (San Juan, Puerto Rico).jpg San Juan PR 1846-1908 Lighthouse First lighthouse built in Puerto Rico. Rebuilt and remodeled over several decades until the U.S. government rebuilt it after annexing Puerto Rico.
Cataldo Mission Cataldo Church.JPG Cataldo ID 1848 Mission Oldest standing building in Idaho.
Washington Monument Washington October 2016-6 (cropped) (cropped).jpg Washington, D.C. DC 1848–1888 Monument Built to commemorate the first president of the United States, George Washington.
Fort Laramie 'Old Bedlam' Building Fort Laramie NHS Old Bedlam Haus.jpg Torrington WY 1849 Military Oldest documented building still standing in Wyoming. It served as a major fur trading post and diplomatic site during the 19th century.
Smithsonian Institution Building SmithsonianCastel 07120014.jpg Washington, D.C. DC 1849–1855 Institutional Headquarters of the Smithsonian Institution and main information center.
Sidetrack Bar & Grill Sidetrack rear.jpg Ypsilanti MI 1850 Commercial A restaurant located in Ypsilanti's Depot Town neighborhood that has been operated under several different names since 1850, until it became Sidetrack in 1980. Now currently a restaurant, which is named for its location near the main railroad line from Detroit to Chicago.
Fort Nisqually Granary The Fort Nisqually Granary.jpg Tacoma WA 1851 Military Oldest building in Washington State.
Stone House of John Marsh John Marsh House.jpg Brentwood CA 1855 Residential John Marsh was the first medical doctor in California, and was instrumental in California becoming part of the United States. His home was one of the first stone mansions in the state.
Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort Old Mormon Fort (8227858878).jpg Las Vegas, Nevada NV 1855 Military The oldest American structure in Nevada.[67]
Fort Garland Officer's Quarters and Barracks FORT GARLAND, COLORADO - NARA - 524031.jpg Fort Garland CO 1858 Military The oldest American buildings still standing in Colorado. In close competition with Four Mile House c. 1859.[67]
Brinkerhoff–Becker House Brinkerhoff-BeckerHouseYpsilantiMI.jpg Ypsilanti MI 1863 Residential House currently owned by Eastern Michigan University and used as student apartments. Was once owned by former Michigan State Normal School (now EMU) principal J.M.B Sill.
Ford's Theatre Ford's Theatre 2016.jpg Washington, D.C. DC 1863 Theatre Theatre where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated shortly after the end of the Civil War. Is still in use as a theatre.
Fort Sisseton Historic American Buildings Survey, Charles E. Peterson, Photographer July 29, 1940 VIEW FROM SOUTHWEST. - Fort Sisseton, North Barracks, Sisseton, Roberts County, SD HABS SD,55-SIST,1B-1.tif Britton SD 1864 Military The oldest structures still standing in South Dakota.[68]
Georgetown Market Georgetown Market, DC.jpg Washington, D.C. DC 1865 Commercial Historic market located in the Georgetown neighborhood.
Haab's Restaurant Haab's Restaurant Ypsilanti.JPG Ypsilanti MI c. 1870s Commercial Was originally built as a restaurant in the 1870s in downtown Ypsilanti on what would be U.S. Highway 12, the main highway between Detroit and Chicago. Current restaurant was established in 1934 by Otto and Oscar Haab, and has been under the current management of Mike Kabat and Harvey Glaze since 1991.
Delaware Building Delaware Blg Chicago.JPG Chicago IL 1872 Commercial One of the first buildings to be built after the 1871 Great Chicago Fire.
Michigan State Capitol Michigan state capitol.jpg Lansing MI 1879 Government Capitol building for Michigan's state government. Built in Italian Renaissance style.
'Iolani Palace Iolani Palace (15536110307).jpg Honolulu HI 1879 Government Royal residence of the rulers of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Only royal palace built on US territory.
Faro Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo Los Morrillos light.jpg Cabo Rojo PR 1882 Lighthouse Built to guide ships that pass through the Mona Passage into the Caribbean Sea. Lighthouse is currently automated.
Hume House Hume House.jpg Muskegon MI 1887 Residential Home of Charles Hackley's business partner, Thomas Hume. Part of Hackley-Hume Historic Site in Muskegon.
Star-Clipper-Canfield Building and Winding Stairway Star Clipper Canfield Building Traer, IA.jpg Traer IA 1888 Commercial Commercial building known for its one-of-a-kind exterior spiral staircase.
Charles H. Hackley House Hackley House.jpg Muskegon MI 1889 Residential Home of 19th Century Michigan philanthropist Charles H. Hackley.
Auditorium Building Auditorium Building Chicago June 30, 2012-92.jpg Chicago IL 1889 Theatre One of the first Chicago skyscrapers built. Currently owned by Roosevelt University.
Manhattan Building (Chicago, Illinois) 2010-03-03 2000x3000 chicago manhattan building.jpg Chicago IL 1889–1891 Commercial Oldest surviving skyscraper in the world. Currently residential condominiums.
Mona Island Light Mona Island Light.jpg Isla de Mona PR 1890s Lighthouse Only lighthouse built of iron and steel in Puerto Rico. Is believed to have been designed by Gustav Eiffel, who also designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
Hackley Library Hackley Public Library.jpg Muskegon MI 1890 Institutional Historic Richardsonian Romanesque style library that was a gift to the city of Muskegon by lumber baron Charles Hackley.
Ypsilanti Water Tower Ypsilanti Water Tower 2011.JPG Ypsilanti MI 1890 Water Tower The tower was designed by William R. Coats and built as part of a waterworks project that began in 1889. Located on the highest point in Ypsilanti, the tower was built in 1890 at a cost of $21,435.63. Today the tower is frequently joked about for its phallic shape.
Thomas Jefferson Building ThomasJeffersonBuildingLOC.jpg Washington, D.C. DC 1890–1897 Institutional Main building of the Library of Congress
Old Mackinac Point Light MackinawPoint.jpg Mackinaw City MI 1892 Lighthouse Lighthouse built to guide ships passing through the Straights of Mackinac. Deactivated 1957.
710–720 Steiner Street Painted Ladies San Francisco January 2013 panorama 2.jpg San Francisco CA 1892–1896 Residential The "Painted Ladies" of Alamo Square, San Francisco, an iconic row of houses that sometimes represent the city of San Francisco in modern media.
Union Depot (Muskegon, Michigan) Union Depot-Muskegon.jpg Muskegon MI 1895 Transportation Originally built as a train station serving the Muskegon area. Now home to the local convention and visitors bureau.
Amazon Hosiery Mill Amazon Knitting Mills.jpg Muskegon MI 1895 Industrial/Residential The factory for the Amazon Knitting Company, which was active until after World War II. Converted into apartments in 2001.
Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption (Covington, Kentucky) St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption in Covington, KY.JPG Covington KY 1895 Religious French Gothic style cathedral built for the Diocese of Covington.
Starkweather Hall Starkweather Hall.jpg Ypsilanti MI 1896 Institutional Starkweather Hall is the oldest building still standing on EMU's campus. Originally built for the Student Christian Association by a local philanthropist, Mrs. Starkweather. Eventually the building was given to the university and has housed various academic offices and programs.[69]
Fisher Building 2010-03-03 1968x2952 chicago fisher building.jpg Chicago IL 1896 Commercial Commissioned by local newspaper magnate Lucas Fisher. Currently apartments.
Arecibo Light Arecibo Lighthouse 2008.jpg Arecibo PR 1898 Lighthouse Last lighthouse built by Spanish colonial government.
Sullivan Center Carson Pirie Scott building, Chicago, Illinois - Louis Sullivan.jpg Chicago IL 1898–1899 Commercial Early Chicago skyscraper, built for the Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Store.
Old Courthouse (St. Louis)
Saint Louis MO 1839–1864 Government Oldest federal building built for the United States west of the Mississippi.
Pioneer Courthouse
Pioneer Courthouse Portland
Portland OR 1869–1903 Government Oldest federal building in the Pacific Northwest.
Old Customhouse (Monterey, California)
Custom House, Custom House Plaza, Monterey (Monterey County, California)
Monterey CA 1827 Government The oldest government building in present-day California, and one of the oldest in the western half of the US. Built by Mexico then won and operated by United States until it was transferred to the State of California in 1901.
Larkin House
Larkin House
Monterey CA 1835 Residence Oldest two-story house in California. The nearby Cooper-Molera Adobe was also built circa the same period.
Rotchev House
Commander's House, Fort Ross State Historical Monument, CA 7 May 2010 5-37-10 PM
Fort Ross CA 1836 Residence Oldest Russian building in California.

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