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This is a list of the youngest mayors in Canada. This list is inclusive of individuals nearest to the age of majority at the time of their election; usually under the age of 35. The people listed here are notable because of the rarity of their age category holding elected office of any type, particularly mayorships.

Name Municipality Year Elected Age Years Notes
David Scott Seaforth, Ontario 1997 32 1998-2000 Won first election, beating incumbent Irwin Johnson. No previous political history.
Nicolas Malette Cayamant, Quebec November 5, 2017 22 2017–present Malette was first elected to council at the age of 18 and is the youngest mayor in Quebec history at 22 years of age when elected.
Christopher Ewen R.M. of Ritchot, Manitoba 2017 29 2017–present Won first term in by-election, beating encumbent Jackie Hunt. No previous political history.
Sean Harvey Vernon, British Columbia 1969 29 1999–2005 At 29, he was Vernon's youngest mayor when he was first elected in 1999. In 2005, he resigned as mayor after questionable expense claims came to light.[1]
Sean McIntyre Sylvan Lake, Alberta September 30, 1983 30 2013–present He was first elected to council in 2010 at the age of 27, and unseated a two-term incumbent to be elected mayor in 2013 at the age of 30 with 71% of the popular vote.[2]
Lisa Holmes Morinville, Alberta February 22, 1980 33 2013–present She was first elected to Municipal Council in 2010 and was serving as deputy mayor in 2013 when the current mayor, Paul Krauskopf, died from cancer.[3] She was declared the winner after a recount was held.[4] She is currently believed to be the youngest female mayor in Canada.
Robert Vagramov Port Moody, British Columbia October 20, 2018 26 2018–present First elected as city councillor at the age of 22. [5]
Steve Black Timmins, Ontario April 20, 1982 32 2014–present First elected as member of the City of Timmins Council in 2010.
Sébastien Després Witless Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador January 28, 1980 33 2013–present He had never served on a municipal council before being elected as Mayor of Witless Bay.
Amanda Shatzko Regional District of North Okanagan, British Columbia October 20, 2018 32 2018–present Won election as a first-time candidate for office. She is the youngest electoral area director in the history of RDNO. The youngest director to be elected to an executive board position (vice-chair), and the first new-director to be elected to an executive board seat.
Luke Strimbold Burns Lake, British Columbia 30 May 1991 21 2011–2016 First elected as a member of the Burns Lake Town Council in 2010. Resigned in 2016.
Don Iveson Edmonton, Alberta 30 May 1979 34 2013–present First elected as member of the Edmonton City Council in 2007.
Herbert Charles Wilson Edmonton, Alberta 7 December 1859 35 1895-1896 (resigned)
Claudette Millar Cambridge, Ontario 35 One of the few female mayors in Canada when elected.
Steve Peters St. Thomas, Ontario 19 January 1963 28 1991-2000 After starting on the local city council at 25, Peters went to provincial politics and now serves as Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.[6]
William Antrobus Griesbach Edmonton, Alberta January 3, 1878 – January 21, 1945 28 1906-1907 (resigned) Griesbach was referred to as "Edmonton's boy mayor."[7]
Frank N. Darke Regina, Saskatchewan 1863 – 1940 35 1898-1899 [8][9]
André Bachand Asbestos, Quebec 8 December 1961 25 1986-1997 Was the youngest mayor in Quebec history when elected.
Priscilla Mooney Branch, Newfoundland and Labrador 1976 30 2006–present [10]
Eddie Francis Windsor, Ontario 1974 29 2003–2014
Steve Kent Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador May 7, 1978 25 2003-2007 Elected to Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly in 2007 at age 29.
Christine Nussey Rose Blanche-Harbour le Cou, Newfoundland and Labrador October 29, 1983 25 2009–2011 Perhaps the youngest female mayor in Canadian history
Eric Duncan Winchester, Ontario November 10, 1987 22 2011–present Duncan was first elected at the age of 19 as councillor, then defeated the two-term incumbent mayor in a landslide with 72% of the vote.
Steve Clark Brockville, Ontario - 22 1982-1991
Jerrod Schafer Swift Current, Saskatchewan - 32 2010–present Was first elected to council at 26 years of age.
Thomas Sierzycki La Ronge, Saskatchewan April 10, 1988 21 2009–present Was first elected to council at 18 years of age in 2006.
Clayton Smith New Norway, Alberta - 19 1995-1998 First served on village council at the age of 18 in August 1994 after being acclaimed in a by-election. Ran successfully in the general election of October 1995 and was appointed mayor later that month by his fellow councillors.
Gerry Taft Invermere, British Columbia June 15, 1982 26 2008–present First elected to Invermere council at the age of 20 in 2002. After serving two three year terms, ran and won as mayor in 2008.
Ryan Windsor Central Saanich, British Columbia December 27, 1979 34 2014–present First elected to council in a by-election in 2013. Elected Mayor of the Vancouver Island municipality in November 2014.
Bill Given Grande Prairie, Alberta March 13, 1977 33 2010–present First elected to council in 2001 at age 24 as the youngest council member in Grande Prairie's history. Elected in October 2010 as the city's youngest mayor.[11]
Kurtis Smith Adelaide Metcalfe, Ontario October 2014 25 2014–Present First elected as councillor in 2010 as the youngest councillor in Adelaide Metcalfe at age 21. Then in 2014 was elected as mayor defeating the incumbent at the age of 25[12] as the youngest mayor and county councillor in Middlesex County.
Sharie Minions Port Alberni, British Columbia October 2018 30 2018-Present Youngest mayor ever elected to Vancouver Island
Mark Sager West Vancouver, British Columbia November 1990 32 1990-1996 First elected to council in 1986 at age 29 as the youngest council member in West Vancouver. After serving two terms, he ran and won for mayor in November 1990 making him the municipality's youngest mayor at age 32. [13]

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