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This is a list of theatres and stages in Hamburg.

The city of Hamburg, Germany, is home to several theatres, stages and related cultural institutions and entertainment venues. In 2009, 31 theatres, 6 music halls, and 10 cabarets were located in Hamburg proper.[1][2] This list contains the most famous or well-regarded organizations.

Theatres and stages[edit]


In 2005/6, 4.2 mil. visits to a theatre were counted in Hamburg, 2,380 visits per 1000 inhabitants, so Hamburg had more visits than Bremen (920) and Berlin (920). The average for the German states was 420 visits.[3]

Hamburger Kammerspiele front view in 2005
Postcard of the Hansa-Theater in 1900[?]
  State owned theatres.
German name Description Date[Note 1] Location[Note 2] Notes Website
Altonaer Theater
DAS SCHIFF Theatre ship 1975 (in German)
Deutsches Schauspielhaus St. Georg
English Theatre 1976 (in English)
Ernst-Deutsch-Theater 1951
(in German)
Hamburger Kammerspiele 1918 (in German)
Hansa-Theater Vaudeville theatre, with acts from Josephine Baker (in 1930) and Siegfried & Roy (in 1964). Closed 2001–2009.[4] 1894 St. Georg (in German)
Imperial Theater Theatre playing detective fiction 1994 St. Pauli
(in German)
Komödie Winterhuder Fährhaus Comedy 1854
Winterhude (in German)
Monsun Theater Theatre for children
Neues Theater am Holstenwall
Ohnsorg-Theater A theatre in which the actors speak Low Saxon (but they speak Missingsch-infused German for national television broadcasts, since Low Saxon is not comprehensible to most German speakers)[citation needed] 1902 (in German)
Rote Flora 1888–1953[?] Closed
Theater Allee
Theater für Kinder Theatre for children
Theater Imago
Theater im Zimmer 1948–1999 Closed
Theater in der Basilika
Thalia Theater 1843 (in German)
Thalia Gaußstraße 2000 (in German)
Schilleroper 1891 Closed
Schmidts Tivoli
and Schmidt Theater
St. Pauli
(in German)
St. Pauli Theater 1841 St. Pauli
(in German)


  State owned
German name Description Date[Note 1] Location[Note 2] Notes Website
Hamburgische Staatsoper Opera
Beatlemania Hamburg Devoted to The Beatles 2009 St. Pauli (in English)
Elbphilharmonie Hamburg Philharmonic hall HafenCity Under construction
Laeiszhalle Philharmonic hall and concerts of popular music
Neue Flora Musicals 1990 (in German)
(TUI Operettenhaus)
Musicals St. Pauli
(in German)
Theater im Hafen Hamburg Musicals (in German)

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