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This is a list of professional and semi-professional theaters on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.


Photo Name Municipality/city, address Note
Atelje212.jpg Atelje 212 Belgrade,
Svetogorska 21
Eng 2243 bdp.jpg Belgrade Drama Theatre Belgrade,
Mileševska 64a
BITEF teatar.jpg Bitef Belgrade,
Square Mira Trailović 1
Operalogo.svg Đumrukana Belgrade,
City Park 2
The first regular Belgrade theater house; destroyed in bombing during WWII
TeatarJoe.jpg Knjaževsko Serpski Teatar Kragujevac,
Daničićeva 3
Oldest active theater in Serbia
Serbia, Belgrade - National Theatre, 01.04.2011.jpg National Theatre Belgrade,
Republic Square
This includes the artistic work units Opera, Ballet and Drama, played out on the stage and the scene Raša Plaović. Today it is one of the most representative and most important cultural institutions in Serbia.
Operalogo.svg National Theatre Jagodina,
Princess Milica Street 26
Narodno Pozorište, Niš, Srbija.jpg National Theatre Niš,
Sinđelić Square
Theatre in subotica.jpg National Theatre Subotica
Zrenjanin Toša Jovanović.JPG National Theatre "Toša Jovanović" Zrenjanin,
Freedom Square 7
Serbia-0296 - Serbian National Theatre.jpg Serbian National Theatre Novi Sad,
Theater Square 1
Pozoriste na Terazijama, Beograd. Centralni hol.jpg Terazije Theatre Belgrade,
Terazije 29
Operalogo.svg Theatre and Opera Madlenianum Belgrade,
32 Main Street, Zemun
The first private opera and theater company both in Serbia and in southeastern Europe
Bora Stanković theater after the fire.JPG Theatre Bora Stanković Vranje,
National Hero Square 1
Burned down in arson in 2012; currently under reconstruction
Operalogo.svg Theatre Dobrica Milutinović Sremska Mitrovica,
City Park 2
Yugoslav Drama Theater in Belgrade.jpg Yugoslav Drama Theatre Belgrade,
King Street Milan 50
Operalogo.svg Zvezdara Theatre Belgrade,
Milan Rakic 38
Private theater

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