List of things named after James Clerk Maxwell

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This is a list of things named for James Clerk Maxwell.



Thermodynamics and kinetic theory[edit]

Solid mechanics[edit]



  • Maxwellian view, a method of illuminating the eye by focusing an image at the plane of the pupil[4]


  • Maxwell's Spot, a reddish spot seen in the centre of a visual field when a white surface is viewed through a dichroic filter transmitting red and blue lights. In 1856, Maxwell observed a dark spot in the blue region of a prismatic spectrum. The spot moved with his eye but disappeared upon looking elsewhere in the spectrum. He concluded that the spot was entoptic, being produced by a localized reduction of retinal illuminance that resulted from absorption of blue light by the yellow macular pigment, as the combined effects of the macular pigment and the distribution of short wavelength cones results in the fovea centralis having a lower sensitivity to blue light.


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