List of things named after Ludwig Boltzmann

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This refers to a list of things named after physicist Ludwig Eduard Boltzmann (February 20, 1844 – September 5, 1906)

Science and mathematics[edit]


Streets, Houses[edit]

7 streets in Austria and 5 in Germany are named after him:

  • Boltzmanngasse in Austria: Vienna (since 27 February 1913)[1]
  • Boltzmannstraße in Austria: Linz, Klagenfurt; in Germany: Berlin-Dahlem,[2] Garching near Munich, Rhede.
  • Boltzmann-Straße in Austria: Baden
  • Ludwig-Boltzmann-Gasse in Graz
  • Ludwig-Boltzmann-Straße in Neusiedl am See; Germany: Potsdam, Berlin-Adlershof.[3]
  • Ludwig Boltzmann-Straße in Wiener Neustadt

1 house in Austria,

  • Hotel Boltzmann, Vienna, is named after the address: Boltzmanngasse.

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