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List of think tanks in the United States

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Brookings Institution, founded in 1916 in Washington, D.C.
The Heritage Foundation, founded in 1973 in Washington, D.C.

This is a list of think tanks in the United States.[1]

Politics and economy

US-based Think Tanks focused on Politics and Economy
Name Location Bias/Affiliation Founded Date
City State
Acton Institute Grand Rapids Michigan Conservative/Libertarian 1990
Allegheny Institute for Public Policy Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Conservative 1995
American Action Forum Washington, D.C. Conservative 2009
American Civil Rights Union Alexandria Virginia Conservative 1998
American College of Pediatricians Gainesville Florida Socially Conservative 2002
American Enterprise Institute Washington, D.C. Center-Right 1938
American Institute for Economic Research Great Barrington Massachusetts Conservative/Libertarian 1933
Atlas Network Arlington Virginia Conservative/Libertarian 1981
Ayn Rand Institute Santa Ana California Center-Right/Libertarian 1985
Beacon Center of Tennessee Nashville Tennessee Free market/Libertarian 2004
Beacon Hill Institute Medway Massachusetts Free market/Libertarian 1991
Berggruen Institute Los Angeles California Liberal 2010
Bipartisan Policy Center Washington, D.C. Bipartisan 2007
Brookings Institution Washington, D.C. Nonpartisan 1916
Buckeye Institute Columbus Ohio Free market 1989
Caesar Rodney Institute Newark Delaware Right-wing 2008
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Washington, D.C. Nonpartisan 1910
Cascade Policy Institute Portland Oregon Libertarian 1991
Cato Institute Washington, D.C. Libertarian 1977
Center for a Just Society* Washington, D.C. Conservative 2004
Center for American Progress Washington, D.C. Liberal 2003
Center for Automotive Research Ann Arbor Michigan Nonpartisan 2003
Center for Development and Strategy Buffalo New York Nonpartisan 2014
Center for Economic and Policy Research Washington, D.C. Left-leaning 1999
Center for Freedom and Prosperity Alexandria Virginia Conservative
Center for Governmental Research Rochester New York Nonpartisan 1915
Center for Immigration Studies Washington, D.C. Right-wing 1986
Center for International Policy Washington, D.C. Progressive 1975
Center for Media and Democracy Madison Wisconsin Progressive 1993
Center for National Policy Washington, D.C. Center 1981
Center for Public Integrity Washington, D.C. Independent 1989
Center for Public Justice Washington, D.C. Christian 1977
Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments Washington, D.C. Independent 1983
Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress Washington, D.C. Nonpartisan 1965
Center of the American Experiment Golden Valley Minnesota Conservative 1990
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Washington, D.C. Progressive 1983
Century Foundation New York New York Progressive 1919
Claremont Institute Claremont California Conservative 1979
Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget Washington, D.C. Nonpartisan 1981
Committee for Economic Development New York New York Nonpartisan 1942
Competitive Enterprise Institute Washington, D.C. Libertarian 1984
Concord Coalition Arlington Virginia Nonpartisan 1992
Conference Board New York New York Nonpartisan 1916
Constitution Project Washington, D.C. Bipartisan 1997
Council on Competitiveness Washington, D.C. Nonpartisan 1986
Demos New York New York Liberal 2000
Drum Major Institute New York New York Progressive 1961
Economic Opportunity Institute Seattle Washington Liberal 1998
Economic Policy Institute Washington, D.C. Left-leaning 1986
Employment Policies Institute Washington, D.C. Conservative 1991
Eno Center for Transportation Washington, D.C. Nonpartisan 1921
Every Texan Austin Texas Nonpartisan 1985
Federation for American Immigration Reform Washington, D.C. Right-wing 1979
Florida Institute for Sustainable Energy Gainesville Florida Nonpartisan
Foundation for Economic Education Atlanta Georgia Conservative/Libertarian 1946
Future of American Democracy Foundation Nonpartisan
Goldwater Institute Phoenix Arizona Conservative/Libertarian 1988
Gravel Institute New York New York Left-leaning 2020
Group of Thirty Washington, D.C. Free market 1978
Guttmacher Institute New York New York Liberal 1968
Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement Des Moines Iowa Nonpartisan 2013
Heartland Institute Arlington Heights Illinois Conservative/Libertarian 1984
Heritage Foundation Washington, D.C. Conservative 1973
Hispanic American Center for Economic Research Washington, D.C. Center-Right 1996
Hoover Institution Stanford California Free market/Libertarian 1919
Hudson Institute Washington, D.C. Conservative 1961
Idaho Freedom Foundation Boise Idaho Conservative/Libertarian 2009
Independence Institute Denver Colorado Libertarian 1985
Independent California Institute Carlsbad California Independent 2018
Independent Institute Oakland California Libertarian 1986
Institute for New Economic Thinking New York New York Liberal 2009
Institute for Policy Studies Washington, D.C. Progressive 1963
Institute for Women's Policy Research Washington, D.C. Progressive 1987
Institute on Religion and Democracy Washington, D.C. Conservative/Christian 1981
Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy Washington, D.C. Liberal 1980
International Food Policy Research Institute Washington, D.C. Nonpartisan 1975
James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy Houston Texas Nonpartisan 1993
James Madison Institute Tallahassee Florida Free market 1987
John S. Watson Institute for Public Policy Union Township New Jersey Nonpartisan
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Washington, D.C. Nonpartisan 1970
Kansas Policy Institute Wichita Kansas Free market 1996
Levy Economics Institute New York New York Nonpartisan 1986
Lexington Institute Arlington Virginia Center-Right 1998
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Cambridge Massachusetts Nonpartisan 1946
Lugar Center Washington, D.C. Bipartisan
Mackinac Center for Public Policy Midland Michigan Free market 1987
Maine Policy Institute Portland Maine Free market 2002
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research New York New York Conservative 1978
MassINC Boston Massachusetts Nonpartisan 1995
McCain Institute Washington, D.C. Center-Right 2012
Mercatus Center Arlington Virginia Free market/Libertarian 1980
Migration Policy Institute Washington, D.C. Center-Left 2001
Milken Institute Santa Monica California Independent 1991
Mises Institute Auburn Alabama Free market/Libertarian 1982
National Association of Scholars New York New York Conservative 1987
National Bureau of Asian Research Seattle Washington Nonpartisan 1989
National Bureau of Economic Research Cambridge Massachusetts Center-Right 1920
National Center for Policy Analysis Dallas Texas Free market/Libertarian 1983
National Endowment for Democracy Washington, D.C. Free market 1983
National Policy Institute Alexandria Virginia Right-wing, Extremist 2005
New America Washington, D.C. Center-Left 1999
New Democrat Network Washington, D.C. Center 1996
Niskanen Center Washington, D.C. Liberal 2015
Oklahoma Policy Institute Tulsa Oklahoma Nonpartisan 2008
Oregon Center for Public Policy Portland Oregon Nonpartisan 1995
Pacific Research Institute Pasadena California Free market/Libertarian 1979
Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women Providence Rhode Island Nonpartisan 1981
People's Policy Project Washington, D.C. Left-leaning 2017
Peterson Institute for International Economics Washington, D.C. Nonpartisan 1981
Pew Research Center Washington, D.C. Nonpartisan 2004
Philadelphia Society Grand Rapids Michigan Conservative/Libertarian 1964
Pioneer Institute Boston Massachusetts Free market 1988
Policy Matters Ohio Cleveland Ohio Progressive 2000
Population Research Institute Front Royal Virginia 1989
Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Arlington Virginia Independent 1994
Progressive Policy Institute Washington, D.C. Center-Left 1989
Prosperity Now Washington, D.C. Center-Left 1979
Public Citizen Washington, D.C. Progressive 1971
Public Policy Institute of California San Francisco California Independent 1994
R Street Institute Washington, D.C. Center-Right 2012
RAND Corporation Santa Monica California Nonpartisan 1948
Reason Foundation Los Angeles California Libertarian 1978
Reform Institute Alexandria Virginia Center 2001
Ripon Society Washington, D.C. Conservative 1962
Rockefeller Institute of Government Albany New York Nonpartisan 1981
Rockford Institute Rockford Illinois Conservative 1976
Rockridge Institute Berkeley California Progressive 1997
Rocky Mountain Institute Basalt Colorado Nonpartisan 1982
Roosevelt Institute New York New York Liberal 1987
Seven Pillars Institute Kansas City Missouri Nonpartisan 2010
Show-Me Institute St. Louis Missouri Free market 2014
Social Science Research Council Brooklyn New York Independent 1923
SRI International Menlo Park California Nonpartisan 1946
Sunwater Institute North Bethesda Maryland Nonpartisan 2017
Tax Foundation New York New York Center 1937
Texas Public Policy Foundation Austin Texas Conservative 1989
Third Way Washington, D.C. Center-Left 2005
Thomas B. Fordham Institute Washington, D.C. Conservative 2007
Urban Institute Washington, D.C. Liberal 1968
W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research Kalamazoo Michigan Nonpartisan 1945
Washington Policy Center Seattle Washington Nonpartisan
Yankee Institute for Public Policy Hartford Connecticut Conservative 1984

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Environment, science and technology


Arts and humanities


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