List of threatened reptiles and amphibians of the United States

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According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), 93 reptile and amphibian species in the United States are threatened with extinction.[1] The IUCN has classified each of these species into one of three conservation statuses: vulnerable VU, endangered EN, and critically endangered CR.

Order Crocodilia (crocodilians)[edit]

Family Crocodylidae (crocodiles)

Order Testudines (turtles)[edit]

Family Chelydridae (snapping turtles)

Family Kinosternidae (mud turtles and musk turtles)

Family Emydidae (pond turtles)

Family Testudinidae (tortoises)

Family Cheloniidae (sea turtles)

Family Dermochelyidae (leatherback sea turtle)

  • Leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) VU IUCN (East Pacific Ocean subpopulation - i.e. Hawaiian Is.: CR IUCN, West Pacific Ocean subpopulation: CR IUCN, Northwest Atlantic Ocean subpopulation: LC IUCN)

Family Trionychidae (softshells)

Order Squamata (scaled reptiles)[edit]

Family Crotaphytidae (collared lizards)

Family Phrynosomatidae (horned lizards and spiny lizards)

Family Teiidae (whiptails)

Family Scincidae (skinks)

Family Xantusiidae (night lizards)

Family Anguidae (glass lizards, alligator lizards, and relatives)

Family Colubridae (colubrid snakes)

Family Pythonidae (pythons)

Order Caudata (salamanders)[edit]

Family Proteidae (waterdogs)

Family Ambystomatidae (mole salamanders)

Family Rhyacotritonidae (torrent salamanders)

Family Salamandridae (newts)

Family Plethodontidae (lungless salamanders)

Order Anura (frogs)[edit]

Family Bufonidae (toads)

Family Ranidae (true frogs)

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