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This is a list of time capsules. The International Time Capsule Society estimates there are between 10,000 to 15,000 time capsules worldwide.[1]

By country[edit]


In celebration of its golden jubilee, Epping Boys High School of Sydney buried a time capsule in the foyer of its library, in 2007, to be unearthed in the centenary year. A previous time capsule was buried in 1982 to celebrate the silver jubilee. The town of Cowra in central Western New South Wales contained a time capsule which was buried near a sculpture of an eagle in the park not far from the town's information center. The capsule was opened in the year 2000 on an unspecified date, although the sculpture remains, there is no mention of the time capsule once buried there. [Source unavailable] A time capsule is also present on the grounds of Melbourne High School in Victoria.


In celebration of its 150th corporate anniversary, Bacardi Limited installed a 1.82m x 0.30m stainless steel time capsule, encased in a granite cap and cement pedestal, in front of the Bacardi worldwide headquarters in Bermuda. The capsule was placed in December 2012 and is intended to be opened in 2062, at the company's 200th anniversary.[2]




  • In Aktau, people of 1967 sent a message showing the chronology of the development of Mangyshlak Peninsula with the names of the people who helped to build the town in the desert. The letter was put in a metallic cylinder in a triangular marble urn. It is scheduled to be opened in November 2017.[4]


  • In December 17,2013 a time capsule in the form a wooden box and a cylinder was buried by the batch of III-GOLD class of 2014 of Cagayan National High School, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan with 54 students of the class present. This time capsule is filled with stuffs that has a sentimental value on each student that will soon be unearthed in the year 2020 its 7th anniversary. This time capsule will serve as an inspiration for them to look back on what happened in the past so that their bond will be stronger ever more. [5]



  • An 1834 time capsule was discovered in 2009 under a statue of Miguel de Cervantes in Madrid. It contains a guide and four volumes of the 1819 edition of Don Quixote.[7]
  • A time capsule was buried in Motril, Granada. It will be opened on July 22, 2023 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the cantonal movement.[8]

United Kingdom[edit]

  • Kingussie, Scotland: in August 2015 workers discovered a metal box containing a newspaper from 29 September 1894, a paper scroll and a bottle believed to contain whisky.|[9]
  • Macclesfield, Cheshire: in April 2010 an urn container from 1876 was found under a granite slab in the United Reformed Church. The content (newspapers and photographs) was perfectly preserved.[10]
  • The children's television show Blue Peter have buried several time capsules during the programme's run. Ones buried in London in 1971 and 1984 were opened in January 2000. A third was then buried to be opened in 2029, which has since been relocated to Salford, Greater Manchester. One was also placed under the Millennium Dome in London in 1998, to be opened in 2050.[11]

United States[edit]

In space[edit]



Timeline of openings[edit]

Date Event Location Note Cite
26 June 1905 Open Palatka, Florida
1957 Open Wall Street, New York City Installed 1888
February 2012 Open Salt Lake City, Utah Installed 1959 [22]
July 2012 Open Vulkanny in the Yelizovsky district of Kamchatka Installed 1979 [23]
January 2013 Open Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY Installed 1954 [15]
11 January 2013 Open Fort Collins, Colorado YMCA Installed 6 June 1907 [24]
22 April 2013 Open First Lutheran Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Installed 22 April 1913 [25]

Timeline of installations[edit]

Date Event Location Note Cite
22 April 1913 Install First Lutheran Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Opened 22 April 2013 [25]
1939 Install Flushing Meadows Park Westinghouse Time Capsules [14]
1940 Install Oglethorpe University, Brookhaven, Georgia Crypt of Civilization [13]
1964 Install Project Mercury
May, 1967 Install Titusville, Florida 100th anniversary of the town
3 May 1973 Install Alcatraz, California [26]
3 September 1976 Install 200th anniversary of the Nation, US Treasury Department
1991 Install Nackawic, New Brunswick In the head of the World's Largest Axe [27]
1998 Install Millennium Dome, London
27 September 1998 Install Cocoa Beach, Florida Public Library
2 February 2001 Install Fort Pierce, Florida Public Library 100th anniversary of the town
February, 2001 Install Cocoa Beach, Florida Doubletree Hotel
July 2003 Install Santa Clara, California Public Library
January 2005 Install Merrick Park, Coral Gables, Florida
2006 Install City Hall, Millville, Utah [28]
August 2009 Install Cocoa Beach, Florida
June 2010 Install Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, India [29]
10 October 2010 Install Viaduct Park, Canton, Massachusetts
2 June 2012 Install Tequesta, Florida
13 July 2012 Install Goodhue County, Minnesota
17 July 2012 Install Life Center, Tampa, Florida
September, 2012 Install Port Canaveral, Florida, new terminal
November 27, 2012 Install American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Headquarters, Bethesda, Maryland Dedicated in Recognition of APMA's 100th Anniversary; Time Capsule to be Opened in 2112 [30]
13 December 2012 Install Hamilton, Bermuda Bacardi worldwide headquarters [31]
23 March 2013 Install City Hall, Port Canaveral, Florida [32]

Timeline of scheduled openings[edit]

Date Event Location Note Cite
February, 2015 Pending Cocoa Beach, Florida, Doubletree Hotel Installed 2001
July 2018 Pending Santa Clara, California Installed 2003
22 March 2022 Pending Tequesta, Florida Installed 2012
2026 Pending Hubbard, Ohio, Public Library Building Installed 1976
13 July 2037 Pending Goodhue County, Minnesota Installed 2012
13 July 2037 Pending Alcatraz, California Installed 1973
July 2037 Pending Life Center, Tampa, Florida Installed 2012
August, 2045 Pending Cocoa Beach, Florida Installed 2009
27 September 2048 Pending Cocoa Beach, Florida Public Library Installed 1998
January 2055 Pending Merrick Park, Coral Gables, Florida Installed 2005
December 2062 Pending Bacardi corporate headquarters, Hamilton, Bermuda Installed 2012 [31]
16 May 2063 Pending City Hall, Cape Canaveral, Florida 2013 [32]
2064 Pending Project Mercury, Installed 1964
May 3-9, 2070 Pending In front of Douglas County Court House, Eastman, Georgia Installed 1970 [33]
3 March 2073 Pending Goodhue County, Minnesota Installed 2012
July 2075 Pending Cocoa Beach, Florida ?
March 2077 Pending Cape Canaveral, Florida ?
2092 Pending Liberty Bell Museum, Melbourne, Florida ?
2094 Pending Denver, Colorado, Denver International Airport Installed March 19, 1994
2 February 2101 Pending Fort Pierce, Florida public library Installed 2001
2968 Pending Helium Centennial Time Columns Monument Amarillo, Texas Built in 1968
31 December 2999 Pending Chinook Centre Calgary, Alberta, Canada Sealed in 2000
6939 Pending Flushing Meadow Park Westinghouse Time Capsules Installed 1939
8113 Pending Oglethorpe University, Brookhaven, Georgia Crypt of Civilization, Installed 1940 [13]

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