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The Cornish peninsula is at the south-western tip of Great Britain

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Cornwall: Cornwallceremonial county and unitary authority area of England within the United Kingdom. Cornwall is a peninsula bordered to the north and west by the Celtic Sea,[1] to the south by the English Channel, and to the east by the county of Devon, over the River Tamar. Cornwall is also a royal duchy of the United Kingdom. It has an estimated population of half a million and it has its own distinctive history and culture.

General reference[edit]

Geography of Cornwall[edit]


Geography of Cornwall

Environment of Cornwall[edit]

Natural geographic features of Cornwall[edit]

Extreme points[edit]
Beaches of Cornwall[edit]
Bodies of water of Cornwall[edit]
Islands of Cornwall[edit]
Scilly Isles: map by John Bartholomew

Wildlife of Cornwall[edit]

Flora of Cornwall[edit]
Fauna of Cornwall[edit]
Wildlife conservation[edit]

Places in Cornwall[edit]

Places in Cornwall

Towns and settlements in Cornwall[edit]

Further places of interest[edit]

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Demography of Cornwall[edit]

Politics of Cornwall[edit]

Politics of Cornwall

Elections in Cornwall[edit]

Government of Cornwall[edit]

Local government districts in Cornwall[edit]


Cornish politicians[edit]

Current MPs

All of Cornwall's current MPs are Conservatives.

Past MPs
Other politicians

Law and order in Cornwall[edit]

Law enforcement in Cornwall[edit]

Royal titles[edit]

Military in Cornwall[edit]

History of Cornwall[edit]

History of Cornwall

History of Cornwall by period[edit]

History of Cornwall by subject[edit]


Culture of Cornwall[edit]

Culture of Cornwall

The arts in Cornwall[edit]

Architecture in Cornwall[edit]

Castles and houses in Cornwall[edit]
Lighthouses in Cornwall[edit]

Literature of Cornwall[edit]

Literature in Cornish

Cornish folklore[edit]

Cornish folklore

Media in Cornwall[edit]

Media in Cornwall

Music of Cornwall[edit]

Cornish music

Cuisine of Cornwall[edit]

Cuisine of Cornwall

Icons of Cornwall[edit]

Flag of Cornwall.

Language in Cornwall[edit]

Cornish words and names[edit]

Linguistics organizations[edit]


People of Cornwall[edit]

Noble and notable families[edit]

Religion in Cornwall[edit]

Sport in Cornwall[edit]

Economy and infrastructure of Cornwall[edit]

Economy of Cornwall

Mining in Cornwall[edit]

Mining in Cornwall

Transport in Cornwall[edit]

Transport in Cornwall

Air travel in Cornwall[edit]

Rail transport in Cornwall[edit]

Railways (present day)[edit]

Railways (heritage & history)[edit]

Roads in Cornwall[edit]

Buses and coaches in Cornwall[edit]

Maritime transport in Cornwall[edit]

Ships and boats in Cornwall[edit]

Healthcare in Cornwall[edit]

Healthcare in Cornwall

Education in Cornwall[edit]

Primary education
Secondary education
Tertiary education

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